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Aeon Centre of Cosmology is a collective field of application of the Integral and Supramental yoga of Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Thea.

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We offer educational and immersive experiences of Thea's supramental cosmology, through our ongoing activities, exhibitions, conferences and intensives.

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We present a growing collection of Thea's writings on the Supramental Yoga, the renewal of Vedic wisdom, the New Way, and India's unique destiny in the coming Age.

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The Magical Carousel, a Zodiacal Odyssey
Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea)
Republished, Notion Press, 2017

An Evolutionary Journey Through the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac

An Excerpt from CHAPTER 10

Chapter X


An enormous steep mountain rises before them, a majestic sight that juts up from the plains and stretches to the heavens. Silhouetted against the bright sky it would seem as if the mountain were living, actually breathing, for the shadows formed by the crests and crevices make it appear as the face of a very ancient and wise person.
The Centaur has fulfilled his mission and reluctantly takes his leave. And thus Val and Pom-pom are left alone, at the foot of this mountain, so steep it looks almost impossible to scale. And yet there seems to be no other way to go. They decide the only action possible is to climb the mountain, and so they begin the long and arduous ascent that they hope will lead them to the first of the last three realms.
Before long the journey proves too much and they stop to rest and view the land they have left below. It is already possible to see far, though they have not climbed so high – for the air is crisp and the atmosphere so clean, thus revealing on the far horizon a vast bed of water.
“Maybe that’s where we should have gone, Valie,” says Pom-pom.
But continuing to look they see a big splash and some sort of animal emerging from the water. The distance is too great to make out what form of creature he is, though they suspect it to be a crocodile. With a steady, persevering pace the animal moves ever closer, toward the very place Val and Pom-pom stand, for he too is scaling the mountain but with a strength much greater than the children’s.
Before long he reaches them and they are faced with a very strange animal, a Goat with the tail of a Fish! He halts his forceful climb just in front of Val and Pom-pom and looks at them in a quiet, penetrating silence. They are captivated by his profound and somewhat melancholic regard and the strength emanating from him, though his body is rather frail.
“Are you in difficulty?” the Goat-Fish asks.
Val and Pom-pom are delighted he has spoken to them and quickly tell him their reasons for being there. The Goat listens attentively and when they have finished says:
“You have arrived at the right place, you know. But the mountain is steep and the journey too arduous for such little people. However, this is my path and if you wish I will share the burden with you. If you ride with me it may take long but you can be sure you will arrive.”
They readily accept his offer and mount as the Goat-Fish indicates, and then the three begin ascending. The climb really is very difficult but the Goat does not complain, nor for a moment do the children feel he would give up. Many times he falls to his knees, stumbling on a rock or some other obstacle along the way, but the responsibility he has taken upon himself must be fulfilled. And so,with great effort, once again he rises and carries his load higher.
Eventually they arrive at the end of their journey. The children are surprised for it is not the top of the mountain as they expected. Instead they have come to a door about halfway up, which leads right into the mountain itself. The Goat-Fish asks them to dismount.
“But this isn’t the top!” they exclaim.
“Oh you cannot reach it by the outside. It is only through the inside that you may come to the peak, and this you must do alone. It is December 21st and on this day Capricornland awaits you within!”
He then begins descending and leaves the children to themselves, at the big wooden door with a symbol and the number 10.


Curious about what happens to our young protagonists as they enter Capricornland?
Find details below for purchasing The Magical Carousel and Commentaries.


To purchase The Magical Carousel in India directly from Aeon Centre of Cosmology, send an email to [email protected] and avail a 20% discount. Note ‘TMC20’ in the subject line.
Or purchase from Notion Press, India (discount does not apply):
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Happy Makar Sankranti, All! This excerpt comes from Thea's email correspondence, dated 3-4 November 2006 regarding the importance of the Makar Sankranti correctly celebrated on the December Solstice. ...

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Hello, Folks.
Facebook has done away with the 'notes' feature and we are, therefore, obliged to use 'posts' to share The Magical Carousel excerpts. The post for Sagittarius is late for other reasons, for which we offer our regrets.
Stay tuned for Val and Pom Pom's entry into Capricornland which will be posted on Makar Sankranti/ 21 December.
Have a great day!

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