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      Those who have studied my published works, including the numerous articles posted online, know that the core of the message I bring is the role Capricorn/Makar plays in the destiny of India. In fact, I can state most emphatically that without an in-depth knowledge of this tenth zodiacal sign, the role India is to play in the future, and the role played in the past and present can never be grasped in its truest and fullest dimensions. Being unaware of India’s connection with Capricorn, politicians and analysts of various ideological persuasions attempt to saddle her with a lesser destiny, ignoring as they all do the unique position to which Capricorn entitles India. No other nation on Earth has a zodiacal connection of this depth, nor is the day when the Sun is seen to enter a particular zodiacal sign celebrated as a national holiday such as Capricorn/Makar in India.

      Astrologers throughout the world unanimously consider Capricorn to be India’s zodiacal ruler; but none, it is safe to say, appreciate exactly how her destiny can be known so thoroughly by analysis of this particular sign; I repeat, the beginning of which is celebrated nationally. Moreover, no other nation displays a physical connection with the sign’s very hieroglyph as India does. In other words Capricorn, India’s ruler, is ‘located’ on Earth in her very physical dimensions, as seen in the superimposition of the glyph on the map of what is known as Akhand Bharat – that is, India as she stood before partition in 1947, or as indicated by the cultural breath that from very ancient times covered the entire area indicated by the Capricorn hieroglyph. This means that all the nations contemporary politics of divide-and-rule has created, respond to one force of destiny. They are inextricably tied together by the power of Mahakala, the Time-Spirit.

      Capricorn glyph on India

      This correspondence raises many questions. Foremost would be the origin of the glyph, both in time and space. There is no consensus on when it was first designated as the 10th, nor by whom: the zodiac as we know it today has been with us since time immemorial. Given the quality of the knowledge Capricorn contains, especially its relation to the destiny of India, I am fairly certain that the revelation of the zodiac, whole and entire, was through a Rishi in a pre-Vedic Age – i.e. much farther back in time than what scholars assume to be the Vedic era. For all practical purposes, it is a knowledge long lost, as if it arose on one of the now lost continents, Lemuria or Atlantis of remotest antiquity, submerged or otherwise destroyed without leaving hardly a trace. The actual records we have of that epoch are the four Vedas, still a vibrant foundation of the Sanatana Dharma, particularly the Rig Veda, the world’s oldest surviving scripture (if it can be so called). Though penned centuries after the actual Vedic Age at its peak, the verses are clearly descriptive of another age, a consciousness unknown to us today. One of the main reasons for this disconnect is precisely the loss of the knowledge captured in Capricorn, heart and soul of India’s destiny; indeed, the loss of the use of the zodiac itself in the corridors of astrology.

      Capricorn became irrelevant when some centuries ago the tenth sign was disconnected from the December Solstice at the behest of astronomers who were out to prove astrology was pseudo science and that only astronomy could rescue the ancient art from the tag of superstition – a label astronomers themselves had cast over astrology. The noted American astrologer, Julie Loar, summed up the problem succinctly: Over time our ability to measure objects and their motions overtook the way we gave them meaning. Astronomy became a science, and astrology became a quaint anachronism to those who merely view and measure the sky through instruments (Atlantis Rising Magazine, Nov/Dec 2014 – #108, ‘Signs or Stars – Will the Real Zodiac Please Stand Up?’ p. 73, emphasis mine).

      Ironically, the astrology practised in the West is closer to the ancient art. Today there is no real astrology practised in India, much less is there anyone who understands the conspiracy foisted on the civilisation and what it means for her unity and integrity (both territorially and as a cohesive atmosphere covering the entire area delineated by the hieroglyph) to have disconnected Makar from the Solstice. The result is that astronomers dictate terms to the pundits; it is their voice alone that matters in a nation that has been hounded by the label of superstition for the past 2000 years and which it seeks to overcome even at the cost of forsaking what it once cherished above all else. This attack intensified right through the Age of Pisces and the rise of the exclusivist orthodox religions that have dominated world affairs ever since. As pointed out by Julie Loar, they merely ‘view and measure the sky through instruments’; or, as I have written time and again, astrologers in India have lost sight of what they are measuring. That is, where has the zodiac gone that embraces the innermost dimensions of human consciousness above all else and that alone can give meaning to the awe-inspiring harmonious workings of the universe? Astronomers do not resonate with harmony; they cannot perceive correspondences and equivalencies of the Vedic order beyond the surface phenomena, and since these form the woof and warp of astrology, it would be best if they leave the ancient system of knowledge to those who have been initiated into the sacred art.

      An astronomer can never fathom the inner meaning and essence of the zodiac; much less understand the critical role Capricorn plays for the fulfilment of India’s destiny. However we do not need to search far and wide for evidence of a cloak and dagger plot to derail the civilisation from the purpose she must serve in the comity of nations. The facts are evident: the way to derail the Sanatana Dharma as the fount of a vibrant and eternal foundation in the cultural fabric of the civilisation was to secure this disconnect through astronomy. For a nation obsessed with the ‘scientific temper’, this was easily done. That the new popes of the Dharma stand up united in arms against any attempt to repair the damage astronomers have inflicted is proof enough of its importance and why a correction now is of the utmost importance, given the crossroads of destiny India faces.

      On these auspicious first five day of this significant 9-power year, 2016, Aeon Forum sets in motion a discussion inviting all to participate who would like to be appraised of the importance of this topic, avoiding any polemic as to which of the two zodiacs is correct or not, sidereal or tropical, for the simple reason that there is only one zodiac – and that is the sacred zodiac handed down to us by Rishi of a long-lost era. The usurpation by astronomers of the tropical zodiacal signs and symbols was part of the strategy to rid the world of meaning and purpose in the evolution we are part of on planet Earth – that is, to render our lives purposeless and our sojourn on Earth entirely meaningless. This is the collective void we harbour, no where more evident than in India today for 80% of her population saddled with this falsehood. The purpose of this discussion is not to entertain disparate views that serve to add to the reigning chaos, but to further an understanding of the role Capricorn plays in India’s destiny, because of which I have declared that she is the soul-centre of the Earth. It is all written in Capricorn. Let us proceed together to see how. Let us explore the issue with the serious intent it merits, reaching levels rarely touched except by the most intrepid initiates of the ancient lore. Mahakala, the spirit of Time, is the most powerful of all the cosmic forces. To choose to enter his secret-most Chamber is to cross a threshold permitted to very few.

      Aeon Centre of Cosmology at Skambha


      Recommended reading: Link HERE to view ACCs collection of publications regarding Makar Sankranti compiled especially for this Forum Discussion. This collection includes ACC’s latest publication Ganga, soul of Indian culture, a monograph of 27 pages, glossy, illustrated, available through Aeon Group USA ($9.00, plus postage) and Aeon Centre of Cosmology, India (Rs 360). To purchase, contact Patricia Heidt in India (patriciaheidt@gmail.com ) or Jeanette Caurant in USA (aeongroup@msn.com).

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      Patricia Heidt

      I am moved by the opening message to the Website for 2016 – and happy to see the Capricorn symbol in full display. Because at the same time I also read in The New Indian Express of 4 January an opinion expressed by a journalist cum politician (Ashutosh), titled A Dangerous Worldview. The article is a response to the ALJEEZERA interview of BJP spokesperson, Ram Madhav of a few days ago. Shri Madhav expressed the following: “Akand Bharat is a cultural construct for RSS, not a political imperative and that India, Pakistan and Bangladesh will be one unit someday – not by force, by by consensus, by democratic means.”

      The article goes on to say that re-unification (of India, Pak and Bangladesh) is unfinished civilisational task of the RSS and he likens it to Hitler’s dream of a greater Germany: ”the fact is territorial boundaries have been drawn onthis subcontinent for eternitiy. Any attempt to forget this will head to untold miseries… Madhav’s similarly misplaced worldview sends shivers down the spine when he talks of Akand Bharat.”

      So how will the Ashutoshs of the world react to the symbol of Capricorn on the land mass of India and to the opening message of the ACC forum? Clearly the symbol sets the universal agenda; a picture is worth a thousand words…to understand its origin and message seems the only hope out of this dilemma (ignorance?) we are faced with presently.


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      Patricia Heidt

      patriciaheidt wrote:

      I am moved by the opening message to the Website for 2016 – and happy to see the Capricorn symbol in full display. Because at the same time I also read in The New Indian Express of 4 January an opinion expressed by a journalist cum politician (Ashutosh), titled A Dangerous Worldview. The article is a response to the ALJEEZERA interview of BJP spokesperson, Ram Madhav of a few days ago. Shri Madhav expressed the following: “Akand Bharat is a cultural construct for RSS, not a political imperative and that India, Pakistan and Bangladesh will be one unit someday – not by force, by by consensus, by democratic means.”  The article goes on to say that re-unification (of India, Pak and Bangladesh) is unfinished civilisational task of the RSS and he likens it to Hitler’s dream of a greater Germany: ”the fact is territorial boundaries have been drawn onthis subcontinent for eternitiy. Any attempt to forget this will head to untold miseries… Madhav’s similarly misplaced worldview sends shivers down the spine when he talks of Akand Bharat.” So how will the Ashutoshs of the world react to the symbol of Capricorn on the land mass of India and to the opening message of the ACC forum? Clearly the symbol sets the universal agenda; a picture is worth a thousand words…to understand its origin and message seems the only hope out of this dilemma (ignorance?) we are faced with presently. patricia



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      Lori Tompkins

      Happy Birthday Thea! I am cherishing this day and the truth-consciousness and force that is coming through you and ACC as this year kicks off.

      A few days ago I found the following image in The Partition of India, Its Cause, Its Purpose – Part 7, published on Puranic Cosmology Updated blog on 15 June 2009, which seems apropos to our new thread on the Importance of Makar Sankranti, and to the turmoil over Ahkand Bharat.



      Below is a powerful excerpt from this article which I post in part because I see that it was first published on PCU on 15 June 2009, 4 years before the flooding of Ganga (14-17 June 2013) which eventually took out the 18 ft Shiva statue in Rishikesh. [See Youtube footage & commentary]

      ‘Though there may be few on Earth today, the initiate of the true Vedic Way understands what it means when ‘9 becomes 10’. The details of this culminating realisation need not be repeated here [see The New Way, Volumes 1, 2, & 3, 1981; Secrets of the Earth, 2009, Aeon Books]. The 9th Avatar undertook the very difficult passage for India and the world. But significant to note is that to the lay person what transpires after this ‘reversal’ might appear as the unfolding of a miracle when this equation becomes a lived reality. The most apparent and obvious result is the transformation of our experience of Shiva himself from being the Destroyer to the Dissolver. This transformation of the final energy mode of the triad is the grace that can save the Earth.

      ‘Destruction was the helper, destruction is the bar’. Without that transformation the Earth and all her creatures would be doomed. The planet could not bear the full descent of the power of Mahakala as Destroyer. It is described artfully in the myth of the descent of the heavenly Ganga whose impact was lessened when the sacred waters tumbled into the matted locks of Shiva to mitigate the rushing power of the Goddess. Once again we meet Ganga in our analysis, for in this Manifestation she is directly connected to the geographical Makar Sankranti via the location of her numerous mouths where Ganga rushes to meet the ocean and the world. The measure she provides is thus a vital clue to the problems Partition poses. Therefore we are able to use the 0 degree of Capricorn – the mouths of Ganga according to the zodiac/ecliptic Ruler – once again to confirm that both Partition and the current Nirayana Calendar of Hindus are indicative of the wounds that must be somehow healed. Ganga sets the measure.

      The Makar Sankranti – 0 degrees Capricorn/December Solstice – is currently celebrated 23 days late, or 23 days AFTER the actual Solstice. The argument proffered by the Nirayana Pundits for this aberration is that ‘Capricorn is no longer there, at that same point where it was centuries ago but has shifted 23 degrees’, they argue. As absurd as it may seem, they make the mistake of using the wrong circle for locating this crucial point in the heavens, using only the sidereal constellations and not the Tropical Zodiac along the ecliptic as was the custom in the Vedic Age and even throughout the world today. Since that ‘circle’ is hundreds of light years away and bears only scant relation to our solar system, its 0 Point in that distant space is largely unverifiable; hence total confusion prevails: one pundit gives a particular time for the passage, the second gives another, and a third yet another.

      All are wrong. Capricorn is always equal to the December Solstice and never shifts, as they claim, because it is the last of the four ecliptic Cardinal Poles that form the verifiable, scientifically measurable structure of our solar year – today as in the Vedic Age without any shift or change, or, what I call a ‘slippage of time’.

      Part 7 ends with Sri Aurobindo’s statement:

      ‘…The partition of the country must go…For without it [unity] the destiny of India might be seriously impaired and frustrated. That must not be.’

      It is interesting to be reminded of all of this during the beginning of 2016 … and getting a flavor through Patricia’s attached article just how ‘dangerous’ the emergence or resurgence of Ahkand Bharat (Undivided India) is for the divided consciousness. … and on the flip side, how dangerous the divided consciousness is for the Earth … all that’s “at stake” … all that’s obstructed (if only for a short while before removed by the Time Spirit). It’s all so marvellously tied together.

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      Jeanette Caurant

      Patricia, thank you for giving us a link to the New Indian Express article.

      It was disturbing to read that the plea of Ram Madav for Akand Bharat was met with a connection to Hitler. That inner sense of what Akand Bharat means is not part of the consciousness of Ashutosh, he seems separated from that inner connection.

      His rather derisive remark of those who believe in Akand Bharat  – “That all those who live across the Himalayas till the river Indus and the sea are Hindus and one nation, one race.” isn’t what I understand of the reunification aspiration of Ram Madav – one nation certainly,  but not all Hindus or one race. This seems like an attempt to create discord and anger in India. If only Thea’s words would reach him and his audience to create an opening within them…

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      Patricia Heidt

      The Capricorn Symbol superimposed on the land mass of India opens up so much for discussion  – as Lori reminds us in the graphic above – and I begin to think, how will things ever change?  Is it possible? And then an experience happens that brings the symbol to me on a personal level: Sasha Sagan (daughter of Carl) writes about why the world should celebrate the Solstice  – instead of Christmas (see attached).

      “Given the choice, I’d rather celebrate something I know is true. And at the end of December something indisputably true does happen. Because of the axial tilt of the earth and our orbit around the sun, the hemisphere leaning toward the sun experiences the pleasures of summer and the one leaning away, the short, dark days of winter. Around the 21st of December, the six and a half billion of us in the Northern Hemisphere start to lean toward the warmth and the light again. That is cause for celebration…its the stuff or ancient legends and creation myths. It provides that tingle that comes with the resolution of a great mystery, the chills of revelation. And its true.

      These events were set in motion five billion years ago when our solar system began to coalesce around the newborn sun. We humans have celerated the earthly repercussions as long as we have celebrated anything…..”

      What strikes me strongly in her description is the emphasis:  ”… and its true.” The way the Earth moves through space she goes on to say is not at the mercy of changing cultures and religions, etc etc:  ”It does not bend to dangers here on Earth”…

      What a beautiful insight!


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      Patricia Heidt

      Well the map of India is back in the news again today!

      See the attached article from today’s New Indian Express:  Akand Bharat is a mainstay of Hindu Nationalism because land plays a key role in its ideology. He asks why should anybody be surprised about the map of Akand Bharat – its been a core issue of Hindu Nationalism since the 1950’s – and the map hanging in the headquarters of the RSS at Nagpur reflects geography deeply influenced by history and myth.

      According to the author a Hindu is one who inhabits the land between (and he gives the geographical demarcationgs)… but also he/she is one who considers it their Holy Land. This is where Muslims and Chistians differ  – their ideals, their sacred places are elsewhere.

      Revival of the issue is bringing up fear that India, when it is strong and ready, will wipe out Pakistan; however in the Aljezeera interview Ram Madav made it clear that Akand Bharat would be a popular movemen not a political decision.


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      Lori Tompkins

      Hi All, I have just published Thea’s 10 January 2016 message at “Indocentrism amidst the detritus of a dying Eurocentrism”

      and will repost it here:


      Indocentrism amidst the detritus of a dying Eurocentrism


      We (ACC) have something truly important to offer: the only existing Indocentric cosmology that is its own science: it proves itself.

      We have to have (or perhaps host) a conference on what this means – above all, what the difference is between Eurocentrism and Indocentrism. No one knows. No one realises how important it is to elaborate this difference. A conference exclusively on this – and tangentially what the Sanatana Dharma really is.

      Europe made itself the centre of the known world through conquests. In the process it destroyed every indigenous culture it encountered along the way. This served the Piscean Wave well and its spread of anti-paganism. It was the era of the rise of the Shadow; therefore, to further its secret agenda the might of Europe, one state after another, had to be the tool to carry out this secret agenda, unknown in its full import and the goal set before it because that knowledge belonged to the subtle realm where ‘forces’ operate at the behest of these Shadows to subvert and to destroy the field that is the Earth plane where the true eternal Dharma can flourish. It was and is a mathematical procedure, quite easy to understand and follow once certain broad lines in its agenda are made clear. That agenda was to rid the Earth of any trace of paganism which was and is so very necessary for the Sanatana Dharma to take root. This is why there had to be a place on Earth of sufficient civilisational maturity where paganism could survive. This was India.

      It also proves why the religious forces that arose during the Piscean era (234 BCE to 1926 CE) focussed their attention on India. For Britain it was indeed the Jewel in the Crown, as it was also for the Mughal invaders. India was and remains the heart of the struggle: to extirpate from the Earth field the last remaining pocket of paganism, the only field appropriate for the Sanatana Dharma to survive and flourish.

      Today, since the anti-Dharmic forces are facing their last threat, they are arising and consolidating their strength in full force; and they will have all the assistance they need to complete this task from those who wish to bring Eurocentrism back on board before it is too late.

      In this operation it is the Old World that is in the forefront; the New World can still be redeemed since it too was a victim of the same Shadow – but this redemption requires a specific strategy based on Knowledge.

      Thus we come to the core of the exposition: Indocentrism is the opposite of Eurocentrism in both the means to an end and the goal itself. It is founded on Knowledge not might. It creates and does not destroy; it does not need to tear down in order to rise. Its strategy and purpose is to create the proper field for the Sanatana Dharma to flourish. The responsibility that India bears is formidable; but for now its acts in semi-ignorance. It senses its importance but this is not based on science – the science of the Sacred. Therefore its response to situations, to attacks, is lukewarm and ambiguous. It is easily distracted by irrelevant political and social considerations that have little or nothing to do with the Dharma and its cause; because of this it is made to cower down time and again.

      This must stop. Only the Science of the Sacred can save the day – factual not imaginary.



      Director, ACC

      Palani Hills, South India


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      Jeanette Caurant


      Given the backlash to Ram Madhav’s interview, it is a really good question. I wonder what people would make of the picture of the Mother sitting in front of Akhand Bharat, would they see the unity differently?

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      Skambha, 14.1.2016

      This morning I read the  article in The New Indian Express by Christophe Jaffrelot, on the latest topic to grab the headlines, Akhand Bharat. The author points out its timeless relevance to Indian/Hindu society in that the extended pre-partition map describes more than just Bharatmata (Mother India); it is, in his words, punya bhoomi, holy land. He emphasises that the land itself, its very geography is worshipped. Somehow, perhaps for political reasons exclusively, this issue has become a stick to beat Hindus with, and particularly the Rastriya Swayam Sevak (RSS), with wild allegations flying around that by clinging to this pre-Partition now non-existent map, the RSS is revealing its ‘Hitlerean’ bent!

      But the RSS is not the only organisation upholding the sanctity of Akhand Bharat. I am producing here two photos dating from 21 February 1952 in which we see the Mother (of Pondicherry) seated before this very Akhand Bharat. In one she sits alone, in the second she is joined by the former prime minister of India, the prominent Congress leader from the South, Kamaraj, Indira Gandhi, and then another former prime minister Shastri. None seem to be bothered by the map of undivided India; as well this confirms what the author states that it is a very ancient concept in existence – millennia before the RSS came into being.

      I have connected the map to an even more ancient source: the tropical zodiac’s tenth astrological sign, Capricorn, known as Makar in India; and throughout the world it is considered India’s astrological ruling sign. This is conclusive proof that the concept has roots that go far deeper than contemporary political or other platforms. Moreover, if we realise thatthe entire destiny of India is written in this tenth sign and can be read by anyone who cares to investigate the matter in depth – or else everything I have written and published on this subject for the past four decades, there can be no doubt that Akhand Bharat and the geography are one and that Capricorn sanctifies the area that its glyph covers with such astonishing precision.

      More recently I published a monograph on the sacred Ganga (Aeon Centre of Cosmology, 2015). Most treasured of all the Puranic deities, and certainly the most sacred river on Earth that further confirms the connection and the validity of considering this area holy and it IS India, the glyph does indeed define the land; beyond that it tells us why this is so special and why it will outlast any attempts to cut it in pieces and dismember its unity. Capricorn explains why this unity exists and what it means not just for India but for the entire world.

      Several days ago an English-language newspaper carried a photo of a Sadhu performing a ritual in Kolkata at the mouths of the Ganga. The by-line stated that he was preparing for the celebration of Makar Sankranti, or the entry into Capricorn which, as laid down by pundits and astronomers across India is followed unquestioningly by the entire Hindu Samaj. The date they give as that sacred-most passage is 15 January. This is disproved by astrology as practiced from ancient times and throughout the world today; yet in India pundits continue to misguide in this most essential area of spiritual and cultural life: on 15th of January we on Earth are at 23 days/degrees into the sign, and far from its true beginning.

      This flies in the face of the Epics as well as traditional astrology. The Ganga monograph proves the point because her mouths actually fall on what would be the calendar equivalent of the true Makar Sankranti, or 0 degree Capricorn, the December Solstice. This is the only entry to Capricorn, proven by the geographical measurements of Ganga herself. More interestingly though perhaps of a more difficult nature to hold as factual proof, the idol of Ram Lalla (Lord Ram as a child) mysteriously appeared in the then Babri Majid – a structure that the conqueror Babar built in the 16th century as a symbol of conquest by first demolishing the Hindu temple that stood on the site – over the night of 22-23 December, exactly in harmony with passage into Capricorn on that 1949 December Solstice. The message was entirely lost with each political party intent only apportioning blame to others; no one could imagine that human instruments, no matter who they might have been, could have been used by the God in order to begin conveying the message that a rectification of the date was necessary by laying emphasis on the December Solstice as the real Makar Sankranti through this surreptitious manifestation. Unfortunately, the message was not heeded. Fast forward to 2013 and Ganga sets in to convey the same message more forcefully. Still resistance to the obvious prevails.

      At ACC we realised some time ago that all the extraordinary revelations in my publications and on various websites on this very subject has had no impact at all, not even as simply a matter of anthropological/historic value, not to speak of the Sacred Sciences such as astrology, iconography, architecture, and so on, because no one is interested in the issue: it simply does not exist – it is what is labelled a non-issue.

      What else will it take for the Samaj to wake up and in one voice demand a rectification by the pundits?

      india-capricorn-the mother

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      Jan Shapiro

      You often refer to India’s ‘destiny’ and that she is at a critical threshold.  HOW would recognizing the relationship between Capricorn and India change anything for the individual, for humanity at large, or the Earth?  HOW will the observance of the correct date of entry to Makar Sankranti impact issues of deep concern to many, such as global warming, ISIS, mass poverty, the widespread suffering and violence we witness today?

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      I believe that your questions are valid because this is what is most on people’s minds – the socio-politico-economic agendas. The point is we have to follow these movements through, back through time and get to the root of the primordial problems that cause the different ideologies and isms to surface at later dates. In fact it would be safe to say that most of the issues you mention are all rooted in ideological difference. People keep killing each other, or abusing the Earth mercilessly because they belief, which are usually valid for a day. The idea is to locate the underlying ‘agenda’, or the destiny of the Earth and the evolving species at this point in time.

      Things started to really deteriorate during the Age of Pisces when the exclusivist religions came to the fore and dominated the world agenda for many centuries. What we witness now is a disintegration of that agenda because it has brought us to the brink of extinction – if we continue along the present lines. I do not mean just global warming; that is the smallest part of the problem for now. There are long-standing abuses that we have inflicted on the planet, of an accumulative nature. We could safely say that this attitude became firmly established with the rising supremacy of the Abrahamic religions, based on the Book – people of the Book so called. It is stated in the Bible that man must dominate nature, that it is his right to do so. With that came the divine sanction to dominate woman since both go hand-in-hand. Also pari passu with the increasing subjugation of woman came the degeneration of the environment. So, to answer one question, improvement of the environment has to go along with our approach to Woman, and by consequence to Nature. It will not happen otherwise.

      At the bottom of the subjugation of Woman lies the spiritual positioning that gather strength during the last millennium of a quest for heaven within religious ranks, and in India a quest for otherworldliness. If you follow the movement to its foundation, you will see that the entire global was afflicted with the same abusive attitude to Nature and Woman. It was global – and we pay for it through global warming. So clear, so connected. It is important to note that no one in India holds this view. For them the spirituality currently in practice is eternal and unchanging – and it has always been this way. But, of course, it wasn’t. We do not find this approach in the Rig Veda. It was an outcome of the spirituality that was deeply influenced by the giant realisers such as Gautam the Buddha. But it is hard for people to see that this was the Indian response to the Piscean Wave, as I call it. Sri Aurobindo is the only realiser to lay emphasis on an Earthly goal, or the Life Divine as he called. Indeed, the Golden Age or Satya Yuga of the Hindus was clearly an Earth-oriented goal.

      Regarding the Makar Sankranti and the importance of establishing the correct time for its celebration, I believe others can answer that question since I have other things on my plate for now. But this is a situation pertinent to India – and through India for the rest of the world. It is because of India’s special role as centre-soul of the Earth. Therefore she has an obligation, more so than any other civilisation – to get the correct cosmic connection established. This has to do with the appearances of the Vishnu Avatars.

      As for ISIS, the abiding goal of global Islam is to re-gain a supremacy that was almost total in the last Age but failed ultimately. It is the reason for the on-going problems between India and Pakistan. The latter feels that there was a legitimate conquest by the Islamic invaders and that the territory gained should be still theirs. My sense is that this ambition exceeded just Kashmir and that wherever there was Mogul rule in the subcontinent should be considered still theirs. But this is just my view of the situation. Nonetheless, we see it playing itself out across the global openly now through ISIS. The point is these are ideological battles going on. The Vedic poise being all-embracing, as most of paganism was, is what has to be re-established. For too long we have been seeking to impose exclusivism in one form or another, which is contrary to the purpose of the Earth in the planetary family: diversity is the creed, within an all-embracing unity. Whoever can achieved that factually is destined to lead the way. Thea

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      Patricia Heidt

      Swarajya continues to publish excellent articles and reviews. At the same time I was reading their latest (see attached) I am recalling Thea’s remarks to us last evening about the sacred Ganga and the importance of Capricorn. Briefly she remarked: India does not even know what its identity really is – it has lost connection with the ancient journey of twelve stages. India must go into the mountain cave now; it must undertake a yogic experience in a sense now in Capricorn-land. It must come to terms with its REAL self and what it has to give to the world.

      The Capricorn glyph is the symbol of that.  Ganga’s descent is the symbol of that. Akand Bharat is a composite of all energies, all ways of life, teeming, churning, erupting; and somehow it must lead the way!

      But no one sees it … yet. Aeon Centre of Cosmology has no access to the mainstream of ideas… No response to the Ganga monograph…It remains a non-issue…Swarajya reviews Malhotra’s new book but does not review the Ganga document.

      What are our next steps?

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      What I told you last evening regarding Capricorn, the Mountain and contemporary India was specifically that India must TAKE POSSESSION OF HER DESTINY. This is what the Capricon initiation means. It is what happened to me in 1971, and certainly happened to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother at some point early in their yogic lives. The 10th Chapter of The Magical Carousel explains what I mean when the chidren meet the Time-Spirit who has the Book of Life and reads their ‘duty’ or Dharma as being the repository of their true identity/destiny. India has to earn her Capricorn-hood. That has certainly not happened yet. Will it? Thea

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      I have to post a comment here.

      First I need to state that much of Malhorta’s writings seem to me to fan the fires that should rather be put out. He fans the fires of parochialism, based on simple claims and what must be viewed as mere rhetoric. Hinduism is great, it is believed and proclaimed – minus of course the caste problem that has to be re-thought. This is the basis of the current thinking, and then he goes on to claim that western scholars come to India to steal ideas from unknowing yogis that are naïve and fall into this trap.

      This is patently absurd – not the theft and plagiarism but the implied questioning of the state of consciousness of the yogis themselves. Far from being naïve and unsuspecting, they follow the ancient tradition that you can, even if must, cast pearls to swine; but they will never get to the secret Rahasya without proper preparation, guidance and initiation. So, it makes little difference either way. What is needed is then for someone to come along and expose the lack of preparation these researchers demonstrate. And, above all what that real Secret Rahasya might be in contemporary society.

      Finally, returning to the topic of this review, we sent the Ganga Monograph to Swarajya but without even an acknowledge receipt. Clearly the document went way over the heads of the editors. For the fact is that if you want to make the Tradition LIVING, you have to show itapplicable today and not keep harping on a past that, for all practical purposes, is dead. It is not Sanskrit that is dead – it is the fact that there is no one around to appreciate the deeper significance and content of the myths and symbolism, as Sri Aurobindo has done in The Secret of the Veda.  But how many appreciate his work on the Veda? He is not even mentioned in this context, and emphasis is on his nationalism above all else.

      Certainly I have done this in the Ganga monograph. In just 27 pages I have removed the stigma of superstition and revealed and entirely undisclosed dimension to the myth of Ganga’s descent applicable today. But not even an acknowledgement… And yet pages are filled with a review of Malhorta’s harangue that simply compounds the problem.

      It is the new APPLIED cosmology that can revitalise the Sanatana Dharma. Not more vacuous words and condemnations born of the complexes colonialism and conquests have inflicted. Forget the academics! Bring life back to the Dharma – if you can.

      Thank God that at ACC we do just that.

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      Patricia Heidt

      Thea, this is a very a very interesting and intriguing statment you have made: India must take possession of her Destiny – that is what the Capricorn initiation means (posted 27/1/16). And you make reference to the fact that this is what took place with you, the Mother and Sri Aurobindo. Yesterday in our group (The Magical Carosel) we discussed the Libra stage in our annual cycle  and what struck us was that unless certain understandings come to the fore at this time (the 7th point in the journey) – the initiation in Capricorn does not happen or the secrets meant to be realised in the moutain cave do not reveal themselves… I am not expressing it well.

      Your text – the Commentaries to the Magical Carousel – makes the point that Libra is quite misunderstood, second only to Capricorn. So to take possession of our destiny, in Capricorn, Libra must be realised, lived at a very deep level.  Certain choices have to be made, am I on the right track in this matter?

    • #1141

      As for Libra – and I suppose this is the question you posted on the Forum – one thing to bear in mind is that it is the gateway to the higher hemisphere. It is also the location in the circle of 12 of the 4.5 of the Gnostic Circle. So, it is a critical passage, no doubt.

      TMC demonstrates how inertia works (for all the signs) and in Libra to ‘delaying tactic’ would be externalisation: seeking the outer companion, whereas at this point and in pursuit of the higher things, internalisation begins here. It culminates in Capricorn where one enter the inner Mountain. The four Cardinal Points are always crucial in the 12-part journey on the initiate’s path. For the 12 circle these would be equivalent to the ‘shock’ point of the 9 circle. In the  circle divided into 9 the angles of the Sacred Triangle are the points where corrections occur to keep you on course as it were and not go flying off (into space?) and lose your way. It is a privilege in life to embark upon an initiatic journey through the Gnostic Circle, not open to everyone. This requires a certain awareness, a conscious participation. Therefore it is not just another astrological tool. Far from it. The ultimate goal is to BECOME THE CIRCLE, to grow into it, or to be transformed ultimately into the Gnostic Being. This may take many revolutions through the Gnostic Circle, perhaps through various lifetimes, but once consciously undertaken, one has no choice. The only choice you have is to become more and more conscious and collaborative, offering less resistance. The things of the lower hemisphere – as disconnected from the higher, isolated and orbiting the ego – no longer are traps by aids. That is, not subject to the pull of Inertia.

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