Concept of Time in Sri Aurobindo's Supramental Yoga

Mr. D. Harish Kumar and Mrs. Krishna Bauer gave a presentation on behalf of Aeon Centre of Cosmology on the “Concept of Time” in Sri Aurobindo’s Supramental Yoga. The presentation highlighted the work of Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet on the role of time in the Supramental Yoga.

The following are the slides and notes of the presentation.


Namaskar, I am Harish Kumar, a student of Aeon Center of Cosmology in Kodaikanal and I am here to give a power point presentation on Concept of Time in Sri Aurobindo’s Supramental Yoga.

The Earth is in terrible disarray and chaos – I believe our traditional spiritual paths over the last 2000 years have abandoned Earth in search of timeless and spaceless Transcendent realization in a world beyond this cosmos. In this short presentation, I want to highlight the problem, its solution and application as I see it – that is offer to you people gathered here, a way to move away from a Eurocentric world-view toward an Indocentric Cosmology – and a way to move toward a vision of unity, harmony and oneness, for the entire planet.

When time is viewed as static or as a destroyer, the highest realization can only be the escape from Time into a Timeless Spaceless Void or Nirvana. This abandonment of the world in search of the timeless has resulted in a focusing of energies outside our planet Earth.

Sri Aurobindo offers a solution to this problem. In his book, The Secret of the Veda, he offers us a new vision of TIME. He compares the Vedic Sacrifice to an upward journey -represented by the twelve months of the year. The recovery of the lost sun – the victory – he writes is gained when the sacrifice is prolonged from the ninth month to the tenth month. What did he mean?

He writes that mental man is not the final stage of evolution and we are now evolving towards the

New Supramental Race– in which a sense of unity of Time & Space is the predominant characteristic.

The current mental vision of time engendered by MIND never sees things in their totality. It sees the succession of events divided into multiple parts of past, present and future and establishing itself in one of these moments, it sees the others far away from it, allocating them to a distant past or a yet-to-be realized future.

The Supramental Time-Vision, engendered by the descent of the Supermind, does not see time in fragments. Rather the past, present and future are seen as one whole, existing together and forever as Simultaneous Time. The three times are seen as one indivisible movement even in their succession of stages, periods and cycles. In other words we move from Timelessness to Simultaneous Time, Trikaladrishti of yore.

This brings us to a grand harmony between the Being and the Becoming, allowing us to simultaneously experience the One (infinite) and the Many (the finite). There is no more the need to escape from this material creation, and this allows for the focusing of energies onto this planet as we insert ourselves into the Divine Play and See along with the Supreme.

The founder of Aeon Centre of Cosmology, Thea, has revealed a new language to help the evolving and aspiring world move from the mental being to the Supramental Divine Race…to a sense of unity, to emerge from chaos into cosmos.

This language is not man-made, it is not imposed upon the Earth from the mind – it arises from the Earth herself: it is made up of Numbers, the Calendar, the Solar System – which includes our Tropical Zodiac, and the storehouse of Myths preserved through the Ages

We call this the study of cosmic harmonies. By updating and throwing new light on the vision of our Vedic Rishis, we see the path toward our goal, toward a vision of oneness and unity as a 12-part journey or the Earth year. It is measured by the equinox and solstice points as the Earth makes her 360 degree journey around the Sun in 12 months or 365 days.

The Tropical Zodiac is a map of evolution.  It provides the script that gives purpose to our sojourn on Earth. As we move consciously through each of the twelve signs of the Tropical Zodiac (or stages of the Initiate’s Vedic Journey) – hidden parts of ourselves are released, and we realize the powers symbolized by each sign. It begins with Agni in Aries, the Divine plunge into matter and we follow the unfolding of that first seed through the four quarters/stages of consciousness, ending in Pisces, a return to the Origin.

The Tropical Zodiac is India’s gift to the world. The ancients describe this order as TWASHTRI’S BOWL – Twashtri, the Framer of Things (Rig Veda, 1.20-6,7). This is the ecliptic divided into 12 equal portions of 30 degrees each and further divided into four parts – Prithvi (the physical), Antariksa (the vital), Dyau (the mental) and Swar(the ideal/the supramental).Each of these parts is divided into three gunas. As we move through these 4 parts, different sheaths of the individual body as well as collective mankind are acted upon.

It is in the Final Quarter of the Tropical Zodiac – initiated by Capricorn – that the Victory is Achieved. This victory or the final stage of mankind’s evolution is the Divinization of Matter, brought down by the Descent of the Supermind.

This is the Highest Expression of the Vijaya Dashami which is celebrated all over India. The victory is achieved in the 10th Stage in the 10 Sign of the Zodiac – Capricorn

Here is the Capricorn hieroglyph, known as the Name of God in esoteric circles. The 10th sign, is Capricorn (Makar in Sanskrit), India’s ruler according to all astrological tradition. This sign is extolled as the victory of the Aryan warrior in the initiate’s Vedic journey.

Here is Thea’s World map of the Earth with the Tropical Zodiac laid both horizontally (longitude) and vertically (latitude) across it. This confirms India’s Capricorn/Makar essence. It can be noted that following both directions, Capricorn converges on the subcontinent.

All we need to teach our children is found in the Capricorn symbol, of this sacred land.  The fact that the land mass of Akhand Bharath so perfectly matches the Capricorn symbol shows us that India is Capricorn –and here on Indian soil the Victory is achieved.

I started out by saying the Earth is having a bad time… let me say in summary now: There are many anti-dharmic forces facing our Earth today, rising and consolidating their strength. Eurocentrism is dying; but these (anti-dharmic forces) want to bring the Old World back. It was founded on conquest and might – that is not the way of the future.

The new World of Indocentrism is founded on knowledge; Capricorn/ Makar holds the key to that knowledge.

There has to be a place on Earth for us and for future students where the Sanatana Dharma flourishes – that place is India. That is its destiny – its responsibility.

Akhand Bharath – the Soul of the Earth!  

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  1. patriciaheidt

    Congratulations Harish and Krishna! A unique summary of Thea’s application of Time. Each slide contains so much knowledge, and can be used as a teaching tool for all interested in the Study of the Cosmic Harmonies.


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