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    Hello, first of all wanted to congratulate you. This knowledge is so mind-boggling, I love it and I am trying to understand it all.

    In this post of yours on blogspot you mention a book, a “commentary by B. V. Bhadarayana Murthy” where the incredible illustration of “Kala Chakra – the Time Wheel – Sun’s path around the Meru Centre” is presented. What is the name of this book? I tried to find it based on these words, but to no avail. Posting the whole name would be really appreciated. Thank you!

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    I got the answer on blogspot, for anyone else interested. It is called Bhugola Varnanam by Saint Sri Vadiraja with introduction, commentary, translation and illustrations by Badarayana Murthy.

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    Jan Shapiro

    Arimus we apologize for no one getting back to you on this.   Am glad you found the source.  We are happy you have found this website and are resonating with its content.  Yes, it is ‘mind-boggling’ but well worth the effort!

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