America in the Crucible of Restructuring – Part I

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For the past several years, I have been referring in the pages of VISHAAL to the great Reversal which was introduced in 1984. This was the mid-point in the 27-year period, starting from 1971 and ending in 1998.
This Reversal came into being as a natural corollary to the establishment in 1983 of a perfect ‘centre’ based on a new alignment. It was a yogic process of an entirely new order which was intended to bring major shifts at very deep levels, and by a special quality of equivalency or correspondence, to affect a collective body.

I have given numerous examples in these pages over the past few years to add substance to the claim. And certainly the best proof is the description of the formidable change which has overtaken the world. Our global civilisation is now often referred to as ‘uni-polar’. This is precisely the outcome of establishing that ‘centre’ which engendered the point. A system orbiting a centre and point of this order is no longer structured on the binary principle. It is a system of unity.

We had evidence of the success of the endeavour which by yoga was meant to reach very deep layers in the collective consciousness and being. The most obvious was the dismantling of the bi-polar world consisting of two blocks, each of which was  in orbit of a ‘super’ power. The world which has collapsed, with breathtaking rapidity and relative ease, was truly a binary system consisting of two ‘suns’ in orbit of a void. These suns were the USA and the USSR.

In order to bring that bi-polar system to an end, the unitary, centred system had to be established somewhere, in some dimension. This then could serve as the AXIS around which the new cosmos could emerge and permit us to speak now of a ‘new world order’.

This is a reality of our times, though it is not clear what that order will be. However, it is not necessary to dwell on this issue for the present. Of far greater importance is the passage to that order, or the transitional stage we are now living.

The character of this transition is the experience of a global society that can no longer regulate its affairs on the basis of tension and reaction. For those are the characteristics of the old world, the binary system. But it is clear that something radical, colossal has changed, and yet we find world leaders still caught in the binary pattern though they are called upon to function in a very different order of things. The difficulty this engenders is obvious. But this is precisely the nature of the transition – and its beauty. It is a time of restructuring indeed. World conditions will force new responses, as is evident already. Whatever does not cooperate in the process will simply collapse.

The most interesting development of late and which, more than any other perhaps, reveals that the centering and unitary system have indeed come into being, is the unexpected development in the political panorama in the United States. America is perhaps a perfect binary creature. The result has been a two-party phenomenon which has served the nation well for the past century and more. There have been crises along the way and attempts made to introduce a third and more parties. But though the nation would at times have wanted a change, being dissatisfied with the candidates offered by the two traditional parties, it never took a third seriously.

All this has changed now. We could attribute the collapse of the Soviet Union to a series of different pressures operating: economic, social, ethnic, and so forth, rather than any recondite ‘yoga of the chamber’. But how can we explain the spectacular rise and acceptance of the third candidate in the forthcoming US elections? Times are difficult in America, this is true. But they have been worse in the past and yet the nation has not turned to this alternative, even when it was offered. It is only now that a SHIFT is seriously being experienced. A third possibility, undoing the bi-polar party reality which had never been challenged before.

In my view, this shift in American politics is one of the most significant happenings so far to indicate that the centering and realignment have indeed occurred at those immensely deep levels – levels which affect from within, from the centre of each and every particle of individual and collective living. It is as if an entirely new alchemy had come about in the core of the Earth. Indeed, where the planet’s time-axis has been realigned.

The latest development in America is one more example of that internal combustion capable of ‘making all things new’. Like a chain reaction, there will be many more similar developments. And the demand made on leaders who are expected to carry us through this transition to that new world is simply to deal with the truth that IS.


9 June 1992

Aeon Centre of Cosmology

at Skambha


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