Thea’s 2011 Commentary on Auroville and the Rejection of the Mother’s Temple Vision A Commentary for students of the New Way

‘Auroville gropes in the dark, while those who have accepted her vision and used her original plan as a ‘philosopher’s stone’ to understand the nature of Supermind, rejoice in the wisdom that is continuously flowing from that Plan.’

a brief examination of the youth in Auroville
by Carissa Devine

by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet
31 July 2011

I have just read Carissa Devine’s research paper on the condition of Auroville. According to her paper she has put all hope for Auroville’s rescue in the youth. At the same time she holds that the young of Auroville are necessarily a product of the conditioning they receive from their parents and the older generation of Aurovilians. In her words, the youth of today lack those ‘precious blessings given by the Mother’ in the early days when the Mother was physically present. ‘…Without the Mother here to inspire directly, this responsibility is passed to the parents and the community itself’ (p.4).

This is, to put it bluntly, a clear case of the blind leading the blind. But the solution the author recommends is to respect the youth, to listen to it and to provide the right atmosphere and freedom to explore and perhaps to discover the role they will play in the establishment of a life Divine on Earth. Of course what is lacking entirely is the vision encapsulated in the Inner Chamber’s original plan for the Matrimandir. If that had been set in place, the Chamber of the Mother’s vision would have had the power to create the atmosphere that would have set in motion the means for the establishment of the right conditions in that field for the manifestation of exactly the gnostic essence of the Mother’s original plan/vision. More specifically, the Chamber of her vision is the supramental Gnosis upon which the new world must be built. It is the ‘seed’ out of which that world evolves. The proof lies in the continuous flow of Knowledge that has come out of the Chamber when, as I have done, it is made the foundation for the city-consciousness to find support and inspiration. One of its principal, proven attributes is a power to attract and repel elements seeking entry into its ‘system’. This is essential. It is not a human choosing but a Divine imposition.

The Mother created a new model of the universe in her original plan. It must be looked upon as a cosmos with the Chamber as its central Sun. When there is a ‘centre that holds’, in the reverse words of the poet, this cosmos comes into being. It is a complete system similar to our solar system; but centrally placed, like our physical Sun, is a core of Gnosis. This is its foundational harmony. And similar to a majestic tree that evolves from a tiny seed, so too the community that is drawn into this fledgling cosmos can only evolve into instruments capable of furthering the contents of the central Seed. It cannot be otherwise because these are the supramental Laws that govern the evolution of a gnostic community, based on the Supramental Vision which the Mother had the ability to draw down into our atmosphere by her superior ability to Measure – as Sri Aurobindo has explained of the Vedic Divine Maya.

Having stated the above, let us examine the situation in Auroville that has taken shape after the now-famous 18 days during which time, in early January of 1970, the Mother sought to defend her vision before the non-believers (see, The Matrimandir Talks). It was then that the Mother’s vision was rejected as the heart of the fledgling township. The current situation in Auroville is described in the researcher’s paper under discussion. However, the author does not have the keys to that Gnosis, as we find in the Mother’s original plan of the Chamber, which would cause her to analyse the situation differently. Her paper is based on sociological guidelines, coloured by her interpretation of how to allow the Mother’s inspiration of Auroville to take shape. But this is not the way of Gnosis – which indicates that all is perfectly as it should be in Auroville: there is a void at the township’s centre in lieu of a core of Fullness, a gnostic Plenum. And what we see in Auroville today is perfectly descriptive of that void, – the constructed inner room of the Matrimandir. There is no lie; all is perfectly as it should be. Nothing can take shape in Auroville that does not conform to the central Void.

On the other hand we have the three volumes of The New Way that reveal exactly what evolves from the gnostic Plenum. Once more, there is no lie. With the Mother’s vision in the core – very minutely described in the pedestal and globe of her original plan as presented in The New Way – only the supramental Gnosis can and must evolve, facilitated by the impeccable and compelling control of Mahakala.

This is the Age of Aquarius; it stands opposite to the Age of Leo in the zodiacal wheel. The latter saw the rise of the Great Pyramid and Sphinx at Giza. The construction of those monuments of a superior civilisation, may have been executed in a society established on a hierarchical structure. The sage would have given a plan and this would have been executed by instruments perhaps unaware of the higher meaning and essence contained in the plan. That was another Age; our times require a universal spread of the Knowledge. Returning to our subject, it would not have been sufficient for the residents of Auroville to have become engaged in an exercise identical to what was experienced in a former Age. This time the executors had to understand and accept the gnostic content of the Mother’s vision and plan. It was all perfectly arranged for this to come about; but unfortunately those executors – and the Auroville community as a whole – rejected that vision and replaced it with a simple architect’s interpretation based on his ego projections. This is what stands at the centre of the township. This is what the community consciously chose. That choice is reflected in the dark crystal on a see-through stand in the actual room, contrary to the Mother’s design: a translucent Globe on a geometrically perfect Pedestal.

I write that it was all perfectly planned by the Supramental Shakti to carry the construction of this ‘new model of the universe’ into the new Age in keeping with its universal character: conscious participation is the choice offered to those who wish to form that foundation for the new race of supramentalised beings. The first step should have been to construct that edifice based on the awareness of its supramental content. Therefore, pari passu with the construction, even before anything had been built, toward the end of her life the Mother poured forth the Inner Chamber’s supramental gnosis, all of which was placed before the residents of Auroville.

Not one vibrated to the Mother’s vision; not one fought for her plan to provide that gnostic Plenum at the heart of the project. The result is there for all to examine: Auroville gropes in the dark, while those who have accepted her vision and used her original plan as a ‘philosopher’s stone’ to understand the nature of Supermind, rejoice in the wisdom that is continuously flowing from that Plan. And to assure the right choice, the Third in the Solar Line was entrusted with the task of passing on the knowledge of the Mother’s plan before anything had been finalised in the construction. Lamentably, that Knowledge from the very beginning was rubbished by the community. The Third had no other task but this: to bring down and to formulate the gnostic content of the Mother’s plan so that it could be the Guide, the Guru for the community: not the Third herself, but the Chamber alone.

This was accomplished with meticulous care. The result is we have brought into the world, we have established on this Earth the ‘seed’ of that Gnostic Plenum. And from there the new world arises.

Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet
Director, Aeon Centre of Cosmology

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