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      Lori Tompkins

      My sister-in-law just sent me this image, said to be a cross-section of DNA. The article in which she said she found it did not give a source/reference. So beautifully amazing to see!



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      Patricia Heidt

      i can only marvel at the consciousness of this earth/this physical body… thanks, patricia…but tell me… isn’t this image quite different from the earlier ones we ‘grew up with” – the DNA ladder?

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      Lori Tompkins

      I am going to do some research to verify that the image is of DNA.

      But it is said to be a cross-section of a DNA strand. So I suppose it’s all in the perspective one is viewing … or viewing from. I’ll let you know when I find out more on this, because it is phenomenal.

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      About 3 years ago I had a vision or dream, I can’t quite remember which, where I was outside under a blue sky. From afar came what appeared to be a white cloud, as it approached it became apparent that it was made out of a lattice structure identical to this Tree of Life but repeated many times over. It stopped just above and in front of me then extended an ‘arm’ down that swept straight through me.

      This picture brought that memory right back.

      [Edit] It was a dream – from the morning of 1/11/2012.

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      This image is almost identical to the diagrams I constructed for students when I was holding classes in Pondicherry. It was based on the zodiac of 12. and like this it was circles within circles, giving at the end this ‘flower’. I believe the idea was to show ‘harmony’ as the structural foundation of our system. Can’t remember now, but it might be possible that I have this somewhere in my truncks where I put the old stuff. I remember that this ‘flower’ impressed a lot of people. Present that day was Robbert Lawlor and his then wife Deborah.

      It would be important to learn how this hexagonal flower was reached from the two strands of DNA we know. If you all recall, the north pole of Saturn bears a hexagon formation (someone can look up in my past messages and post it), and Saturn is the 6th planet, but also connected to the hexagon as in snowflakes – especially interesting in that it is the planet of crystallisation. Thea

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      Lori Tompkins

      Okay, I’ve trying to verify or debunk this as DNA since posting it, and finally found out that this is not DNA. It is a nano-technology/art, described as a manufactured-landscape.

      https://www.nextnature.net/2009/03/growing-a-nano-forrest/A picture of the same structure (from a different angle) is cited as:  Photo by: Michael de Volder and John Hart. Source Techreview. See also: Bouquet of Nanoflowers, Nanosculpture, Small Talk.

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