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      Skambha, 9.4.2015

      I may have posted the excerpt below from the Mother’s talks earlier somewhere. I know that I marked in for discussion, but I don’t know if I ever got around to it. This was several months ago when we were just starting to devise the new website. The problem is that in this diary, put out in the Ashram, the exact location of the quote is not given, only that they are from CWM Vol. 10 (On Thoughts and Aphorisms). In some cases I believe they have even taken paragraphs from here and there and put them as a single talk, on a single page. Be that as it may, this seems to be perfectly in tune with what Robert wrote on CERN; certainly this could be labelled that ‘reckless inventiveness’ she describes below. But she also emphasises the advent of that new thing and that it would rise at the very same time. This is important because it is exactly the way I see it and why I cannot accept most prophecies of doom and gloom because we live in the centre of that New Thing. We know better, or we should know better…

      At the same time it would seem that the terrorism, especially the brutality of the ISIS, going on would be more reflective of those vital forces the Mother mentions as having made ‘the earth their field’. I do not see the destructiveness of the creation of nuclear weapons as a reflection of forces from the vital plane. It was more the mental distortion, even CERN. Whereas these characters really qualify; also, the Arabs as presented in the Bible (Cain) are the vital, and the Jews (Abel) the mental. It is so clear that they are fulfilling their respective dharmas and that the Old Testament records exactly the world we inherited from Judeo-Christianity: the conflict between the vital and the mental which can only be resolved by that higher thing, Supermind, just as recorded in Revelation.

      How wonderful all this is. And THE WORK IS DONE.

      The Mother – date unknown:

      “Certain ideas of a more general nature, of a wider, perhaps more ‘collective’ kind, are being worked out and are acting in the world. And both things go together: a possibility of a greater and more total destruction, a reckless inventiveness which increases the possibility of catastrophe, a catastrophe which would be on a far greater scale than it has ever been; and at the same time, the birth or rather the manifestation of much higher and more comprehensive ideas and acts of will which, when they are heard, will bring a wider, vaster, more complete, more perfect remedy than before.

      “This struggle, this conflict between the constructive forces of the ascending evolution of a more and more perfect and divine realisation, and the more and more destructive, powerfully destructive forces – forces that are made beyond all control – is more and more obvious, marked, visible, and it is a kind of race or struggle as to which will reach the goal first. It would seem that all the adverse, anti-divine forces, the forces of the vital world, have descended on earth, are making use of it as their field of action, and that at the same time a new, higher, more powerful spiritual force has also descended on earth to being it a new life. This makes the struggle more acute, more violent, more visible, but it seems also more definitive, and that is why we can hope to reach an early solution.”

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      I don’t know if this is the place to post my lates reflections. I thought we had a section, or a new topic on the Supramental Yoga. If it IS there, I cannot find it, so perhaps Lori and Arinaya can do the needful with this. We should have a new topic: the Supramental Yoga. Here goes:

      ‘This feeling that all things are organised, concentrated, arranged according to a rhythm, and if one can maintain a balance of that rhythm, it would produce permanence. (The Mother becomes absorbed within) ‘The equilibrium of that rhythm – the progressive, ascending equilibrium of that rhythm – it is what would constitute for Matter the sense of Immortality.’ (14.3.1961)


      As I read more and more of this Agenda, I realise the acute need the Mother felt to have her experiences, and the details of their history as well, recorded for posterity. It was a future that had not been made fully clear to her up to that point. The Mother stated that at his passing Sri Aurobindo explained the necessity for the Work to go on there, at the Ashram (she made it clear that the Ashram was just a ‘symbol’ – that has always been more than clear over the years) – and the Work would continue. How many details were given to her at the time, we cannot know. But it does seem that something of the process he had to complete was started because she tells Satprem that ‘he himself will explain it to you’. The assumption is that Sri Aurobindo remains involved to the extent that in some manner in that very form, or connected to it, he would himself be in a position to explain what was happening. This has proven to be so very true (the Vesica Piscis disclosure is one example).

      Now with this second reading of this Agenda and those to be reread, I understand the necessity for recording the minute details of her Yoga more clearly: she was leaving a trail to follow. In my case it was not a trail to follow AFTER reading her words. That is hardly the way this Yoga is set out. I would have CONFIRMATION not only of being on the right path but also of just how far we have proceeded to open the path, the New Way.

      I have translated above just one example of what I now see so clearly. That single paragraph demonstrates how the Mother came to question – or ponder – what I did realise and IN THE VERY SAME WAY. That is, when I made the biggest breakthrough of the Supramental Yoga till then – and I mean SUPRAMENTAL specifically – I knew that it was a first step, a very first on the way to Immortality. Without it there would be no possibility. I filled the Void, gave birth to the Centre. It was nothing but a tiny Point, a compacted, compressed point of the Consciousness – but that with it the Work could not fail. It could never be undone. This was the extraordinary value of that centering: it was not done for me but for the passage of the Ages, and it could never be undone.

      Specifically, if we want to use the Keys of Knowledge of the New Way, it would be the closing of the ‘hole’ at the 4.5 of the Gnostic Circle: the area of escape. We could say that from that moment escape for the human species in evolution was no longer a valid possibility. This will come up in my next entry involving the ‘illusion of the constructions of spirituality’ as also contained in the experience of the illusion of the world. It’s one package!

      From that moment the certainty of the Victory was not just based on faith: it was FACT because of this yogic breakthrough. Along with this centering there was a new alignmentthat made centering possible – centering that is filling the Void. That would produce the new balance, the equilibrium the Mother foresaw that would constitute a sense of Immortality for Matter. I did not read this Agenda until some time in the second half of the ‘80s when this work was already completed. But I wrote TNW3 throughout the whole of November 1983, and in that book all of this is explained. It is truly the Supramental Yoga set on its way with the first clear guidelines. Those experiences were the answer to the Mother’s musings about ‘that rhythm’.

      I intend to make continued entries explaining the progress made from the Mother’s time and how we have taken up the baton; more specifically to prove that she left this collection specifically for those who would follow.

      There is so very much to ‘enjoy’ together.

      One final thought. Just as we take the Mother’s vision and plan of the Chamber as a guide to that future realisation, we can also take the present room in the Matrimandir as a clear explanation of the problem to be solved. Everything is there for us to see what has to be changed. Above all, our irrepressible Piero Cicionesi PURPOSEFULLY LEFT A HOLE IN THE FLOOR, which for him was ‘symbolic’, he stated. Little did he realise that by this very act he was leaving a blueprint of the very specific yoga that had to be done so that the supramental realisation could come about: just what I wrote above – that hole (in the human constitution and for the passage of time through the Ages) had to be FILLED. He leaves it open for the energy to escape! How perfect is this? I don’t have the exact details but I also believe that the Mother’s symbol supporting the Core is removed and placed below. The ray falls through those voids (everything ‘void’) to the floor beneath. So absolutely a perfect reproduction of the ego-centred human being.

      There is so much work to be done. I will immensely enjoy preparing these ‘updates’, as it were, for all of you. So much headway has been made, and that is encouraging to note in a work that is no new and for which there are no models to turn to. But we have the Mother’s explorations! And we must thank Satprem for their preservation, though I have held him responsible for the debacle of Matrimandir and have often lamented his failure to help the Mother when she needed it most, and she would certainly have expected him to do the needful. But essentially HE DID. Had he not boosted the architects we would not have the New Way, nor would we have this perfect, absolutely perfect architectural example of the true human condition and the reason for Death. Indeed, filling that Void is the very first step on the road to Immortality. Truly, The Positive AND the Negative serve the purposes of the One. Voilà. Thea

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