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      I picked up a book which has been sitting on my book shelf since the year 2000. It is Roger Fouts study of chimpanzees, Next of Kin – one chimp in particular who learned sign language. The questions he raises, the answers the chimp named Washoe provided, made me ponder on what actually is the evolution of the species. He discusses Darwin, and even Chomsky. Very interesting.

      My questioning pertains to the Vishnu parable of evolution, the Dasavataras. This parable, as it has reached us, I believe is confined to the 77,760 years of the current 12 Manifestations, with particular emphasis on the last four appearances, because this is the time a real leap is being made. And of this we know quite a bit. But how does it all fit in?

      What are your thoughts? Thea

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      Patricia Heidt

      The Organiser (1 March 2015) carried an interview  of Michael Cremo, – Vedic Alternative to Darwinism, and it’s interesting in terms of your question: how does it all fit? An excerpt (p. 28):

      “According to the Veda…I am spirit, pure consciousness. This consciousness is not produced by matter  It is independent from matter. … it can come into association with matter. That is our current condition. So as conscious beings,we do not evolve from matter…instead we devolve, or come down from the level of pure consciousness. But the process can be reversed and consciousness can be  restored to its original pure state,free from its contact with matter. This is the actual purpose of human life…”

      This is much like something I heard you say some time back…at a certain point in the evolutionary cycle, consciousness took a big leap. but we did not necessarily evolve from the ape… I don’t remember your exact timing for this, when in the cycles of time..?

      I also do not agree entirely with Cremo’s purpose of human life as he expressed it above… need to think more on this…

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      Cremo has a regular column in Atlantis Rising. He follows the traditional Yuga Cycles. I believe he is from Yogananda’s school. Therefore his ‘goal’ is to become pure consciousness – i.e.., exit and return to that disembodied, ‘pure’ state, unburdened by a physical. The main emphasis in his column is to prove that the ancients in India, with their Yugas, understood the cosmic cycles, etc. Research is proving him right in many ways because the age of the species is constantly being pushed back. Of course I agree in many ways.

      In a way what he states in the quote is on the order of INVOLUTION. But Sri Aurobindo connects this to EVOLUTION. My cosmology incorporates both by the vertical and horizontal:compaction/contraction and then expansion/extension. The p[point I have always made about animals and the Supermind is that with OUR progress we can interact with animals in very different ways. We listen to them, hear them. Essentially they have not changed; it is the human who has evolve. In my experience with the animals in my direct care at Skambha, I noted the different levels of THEIR consciousness, if it can be described in this way. The horse, for example, communicates in full sentences. This was proven to me on many occasions. On the other hand, the dog does not have this capacity. He conveys a message in his whole body language, but not in words, as such. The horse can actually speak, of course directly communicating into one’s consciousness. In my experience, the dog cannot do this.

      Then you have the chimp Washoe fully communicating but with signs. How amazing. This book is so touching because he writes about the difficulties he faced in the scientific community and the attitude toward animals. One realise that there are battles to be fought across the globe; and there are wonderful, sincere people waging these isolated battles, on their own for the most part. It is moving, truly. And I must say as I get on in life, I am becoming even more sensitive to animal life, even more than the plight of human babies – though that too is heart-wrenching.

      My understanding about evolution in terms of Darwin, and whoever, has been that we did not evolve from the ape but along with the species. Different strains (or experiments), if you will. The Line of Ten describes interventions at specific points in time. The important phase has been the last three-four and Sri Aurobindo has written about that extensively. Obviously the physical body had to be equipped to make these refinements; and now to receive or contain the advancements Supermind brings. I know that during the Initiation my brain, per se, was worked on. Somehow it changed, precisely in order to receive the new Power. I was ‘linked’ to the other side, while in this physical body. We are all linked to the other side in degrees. But, let us say, the connection was made without ‘static’ as it were. This ability has to do with one’s temperament, destiny, and so forth. Many things will be made clear as time moves on.

      But one thing is clear, we are truly moving out of a dark age. Fouts’ book is an indication – our approach to animals. He describes the old ways which placed man, as he was in the last Age, at the summit, lording over the rest.His battles with scientists handling the same animals as he, and doing their research by utterly unacceptable methods, is eye-opening: it’s worse than one thought! We could say the same for children whose minds are twisted almost from birth by the dogmas of religions. There is so very much to do yet. Thea

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      I continue my reading of Fouts’ book on the chimps. It is hard reading. Finally he becomes an activist for the rights of primates. The descriptions of the biomedical labs and the research conducted on chimps and monkeys is heart wrenching. Thank God for these heores in the world,he and Jane Goodall and many others. I remember working with Menaka Gandhi on the welfare of race horses; their ‘plight’ is nothing compared to what happens under the label of ‘science’ and the ‘benefits’ these horrible experiments bring to humans. The meetings he and Jane had with these gentlemen of science is exactly what I have faced over the years in many spheres. There is just no possibility of changing these entrenched attitudes. And finally even when the scientists do understand these these are sentient beings, they have they research grants to consider – and so they go along with the government.

      And GOVERNMENTS. No wonder there are so many people around the world who hate government and will believe any conspiracy theory. Robert’s article and discussion about the CERN experiments is in the same league as Fouts’ regarding animals for experiment. These people are sub-human. It makes me wonder what the use is of trying to save this mental human being. He is bent on his own destruction. This is portrayed beautifully in The Magical Carousel, Chapter 8. That is the fate of that mortal race of Martanda: self-destruction.

      We go on with the New Way. God bless those heroes out there doing so much to uplift the consciousness of man. Real heores ‘for the Earth’s cause.’ And thank God for Skambha and all her creatures. At least here I can care for these creatures with love and light. There is a line from Savitri, I suppose since it is not indicated, that says it all: Wrong could not come where light and love are. Light and Love. That’s the answer. But without light, love is powerless. Thea

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      Lori Tompkins

      Thea, Regarding the ‘How does it all fit in?’ question. Last Fall I came across an interesting study/paper on evolutionary cycles (originally written in Spanish). The author’s (JOSÉ DÍEZ FAIXAT) theory is that cycles of evolution follow the musical laws, entailing 1/3rds. He tries to show the shifts that happen at the 1/3 and the 2/3 point of the circle, proposing that at the 2/3rd part of the circle there is a rapid evolutionary shift that he then uses as a new zero point/cycle as seen in the below pic. So each successive cycle is 1/3rd of the previous cycle, according to his model, thereby the pace of the evolution keeps quickening by thirds. Perhaps he is on to something, though I imagine his research would benefit from identifying accurate zero points from which to measure his hypothesis. It’s definitely interesting in terms of our current position in the 311,040 year cycle (12 precessional cycles as shown and discussed in The Gnostic Circle), being 2/3rds into it that is, as we enter the Supramental Manifestation which certainly constitutes evolutionary leap or quickening as Jose predicts in his model. This point of being 2/3rds of the way into the circle (or any cycle) is of course the point of entrance into the 9th sign-Sagittarius of the zodiac, which you have characterized as an acceleration, a quickening, a break-through in consciousness, an expansion of established limits and such. So perhaps Jose is seeing something about how this acceleration functions in terms of macrocycles on the Earth.

      FIGURE 6

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      Lori, this requires a proper study to get to the bottom of his theories. I don’t think I am capable. Robert has gone into it, but was it indepth? Since he is using the circle divided into three parts we should look into this. I am just not the one to do it. Plus, I have something else on my mind now – Konrak and the sundials. Thea

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      D. Harish Kumar

      Thea, by the way, what do you think about the evolutionary theories of 7 root races as expounded by Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky of the Theosophical Society? I think it was based on a book called The Book of Dzyan from Tibet.

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