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      Brian Walker

      I mentioned the work of Nassim Haramein in a comment on another thread in the forum titled ‘Too Much Light’ – and I want to mention it again because I keep seeing a connection between Nassim’s Physics and the 9-6-3-0/1 formula in The New Way Cosmology.

      So here it is as I keep seeing it (I tried to keep it really simple) :

      9 – Event Horizon

      6 – Gravity

      3 – Electromagnetism

      0/1 – Singularity/Fractal Iteration

      Both Lori and Arinaya have expressed some familiarity with Nassim’s work. Maybe you can comment on this? Anyone else?

      I am re-posting links to Nassim’s work.

      The ‘Black Whole’ Video is the easiest and most thorough way to understand (90 minutes):

      Part 1:

      Part 2:

      Some well written articles:

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      Several weeks ago while looking into prime numbers and their role in cryptography I happened upon a web page displaying all the prime numbers below 1000. Idly performing a little Theosophical Reduction on some of these numbers resulted in none of them resolving to a 9. Indeed, further calculation revealed none resolved to a 3, 6 or 9!

      Intrigued, I downloaded a file containing primes and wrote a small software routine to analyse it. Of the 1,000,000 primes analysed between 961,748,941 & 982,451,653 inclusive (the latter being the 50 millionth prime) the distribution was as follows:-

      • Reduced to 1: 166,790
      • Reduced to 2: 166,568
      • Reduced to 3: 0
      • Reduced to 4: 166,573
      • Reduced to 5: 166,629
      • Reduced to 6: 0
      • Reduced to 7: 166,643
      • Reduced to 8: 166,797
      • Reduced to 9: 0

      From these results it is clear that no prime number when subjected to Theosophical Reduction resolves to a 3, 6 or 9. Three itself being the exception that proves this rule.

      Having always regarded prime numbers as rather special numbers – special in a somehow good or positive way – now I’m not sure they’re so squeaky clean. The observation that the Divine 3, 6 & 9 ‘avoid’ primes wherever possible coupled with their facilitating the sorcery of secrets illustrates that even primes, like all things to the rational, divisive consciousness, have a ‘darker’ side.

      As to what relevance, if any, this has to the 9-6-3-0/1 Physics I cannot say at this time.

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      Lori Tompkins

      Hi Ian, This info about the prime numbers is fascinating, though I don’t know how it would indicate darkness … it seems to be more on the order of How-It-Is, i.e. how things are, how number is, how things unfold. Peter Plichta has written much about the secrets of prime numbers in ‘God’s Secret Formula’ but I don’t remember him mentioning this about the 3, 6, 9 which seems very important and must have revelance in physics. He mapped out numbers in terms of a circle of 24 … it would be interesting to see the prime numbers mapped out on the circle of 0/9. Lori

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      Lori Tompkins

      Hi Brian, I’ve watched the videos and I do appreciate Nassim’s work; but am not getting the vision of the 96301 formula in the terms you see. I have asked Robert, Arinaya and Thea if they might address this. My feeling is that Gravity and Electromagnetism don’t belong in these places. Hopefully we will get some input from the others.

      Here’s some of Thea’s writings regarding Gravity and the 9/6/3/0-1 which may help the discussion along. I think of Gravity as being a function or result of or simultaneous with the singularity … the 0/1 point.

      Beyond Relativity, the call of the hour

      The factor that allows the sage to possess a unity-consciousness and bridge the subtle and the physical is the discovery of the true function of gravity, whatever the name or the description given to the experience in earlier times. We know that the stumbling-block the physicist faces today in the discovery of a Theory of Everything (TOE) is precisely gravity. Understandably, because gravity is that very bridge. Gravity is the cosmic property that bridges the subtle and the physical. It is the carry over from the other side to this; hence to understand its true nature the physicist must employ a different mathematics, a system that is intrinsically unifying. In the new cosmology this system is called the Mathematics of Unity; in Vedic Mathematics it is reducing a number to its ‘seed digit’, as in the following: 2014: 2+0+1+4=7. Thus 7 is the year’s seed digit.

      But to be borne in mind is that this truly Vedic realisation does not form a part of the modern schools of Yoga, or even of the schools of philosophy that have arisen after the time of the Buddha.

      This answers another question in the national discourse: Why impose Vedic Mathematics in school curricula today, when we have much more ‘advanced’ systems and, above all, the omniscient computer? It is because one of the most important elements in this ‘obsolete’ system is the focus on ‘seed digits’? On the ‘other side’ whole tones are the key to the mysteries discovered there. That is the mathematics that can be employed to understand how gravity operates, how it bridges the subtle and material – and therefore the role of Time because the contraction of gravity is actually Time on the other side of the event horizon. TFR reveals with precision how the revelation of a simple formula, 9/6/3/0-1, can prove the connectivity between the subtle and material through the application of the formula in a series of twelve births that on this side, according to the birth dates of these twelve individuals, display thecontrol of Mahakala who himself bridges the subtle and physical; that is, TFR reveals that our material dimension is the extension of the One. On the other side, Time is contracted in quanta of triads expressed in the formula as 9/6/3/0. But when the Zero is reached in the descending compression, by the intensity of this compaction, the Zero-Womb of fullness gives birth to the One. Thereafter the flow is sequential – 1 to 2 to 3, and so forth. This very message was given by Aurobindoavatar from the beginning of his joint mission with the Mother in the central square of his own symbol, called the Lotus of the Avatar, with the formula 9, 6, 3 in its petals and leaves.



      In an applicable, non-speculative manner this reveals that the understanding of the nature of our world is expressed in this formula, countering, or rather completing Relativity Theory:
      3 dimensions of Time (the triadic compacting quanta),

      the 4th dimension of which is the point of space 
      From that compacted bija-point – in sound-vibration it is the primordial Om – the physical manifestation evolves sequentially; thereafter, relativity theory steps in, but because of the disconnection physics does not have a foundation in absoluteness, as enjoyed in the Vedic Age, and only relativity lies at the root of whatever our 20th Century has given rise to: wonders of technology, yes, but also the most destructive weapons ever devised by man, an impossibility in the next step of evolution. But if we know the contents of that sacred Seed, we can know where evolution is taking us. That, in a nutshell, is the purpose of The Future Realisation: to explore that tiniest particle containing the divine Purpose that carries us to the next stage of evolution.

      From the first breath at the moment of birth, that compacted Seed (from the other side) is integrated with the entire solar system – PNB, The Perennial Dispute: Is Astrology Science or Superstition?

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      ian~j wrote:

      Several weeks ago while looking into prime numbers and their role in cryptography I happened upon a web page displaying all the prime numbers below 1000. Idly performing a little Theosophical Reduction on some of these numbers resulted in none of them resolving to a 9. Indeed, further calculation revealed none resolved to a 3, 6 or 9! …

      Ian, this reminds me of Marko Rodin’s work, I suspect he will have explored this connection with the primes. See

      It’s interesting that the prime numbers and the powers of 2 both share this quality.

      If I’m understanding you correctly, Brian, your 9, 6, 3 and 0 associations all link up with events on ‘this side’ of the borderline, thus it is not the same as the 9-6-3-0/1 formula that one finds in Thea’s cosmology, which describes reality on the ‘other side’. Even the 0 is described in terms of a fractal interaction (in space, I presume), rather than a plunge into the domain of simultaneous Time, wherein the 9, 6 and 3 are contained. From what I recall, Haramein does not speak at all about the geometry of time, whole time, simultaneous time, which are the very bases of the new way.

      While Haramein has certainly taken Einstein’s field equations a step forward (by introducing torque into the fabric of spacetime), I fail to see the point. It is still an abstract spatial geometry;time is still factored out of the equation by multiplying it by the speed of light. FWIW, I believe the physics of the future will dispense with Einstein’s approach altogether. There is no good reason to invoke Lorentz-Fitzgerald transformations, and without that, Einstein’s entire framework falls flat on its face.

      We need to lay new foundations for science. Science itself has proven itself incapable of doing so, and science illumined by spiritual awakening fares no better (Haramein is perhaps a shining example). So how do we proceed?

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      Brian, to put it another way, after rereading the overview of Haramein’s work,—while it is perhaps correct to equate the 0 with his singularity, the 9, 6 and 3 exist as ‘whole tones’ on the other side of the zero-point / singularity. Thus they can’t really be connected to anything in Haramein’s theory, since he doesn’t even go there.

      That being said, there are some points of contact between Haramein’s work and our own. The most obvious one is the perception of simultaneous contraction and expansion, and the vision of perpetual creation that unfolds from it. If he were to start talking about the role that Time plays in determining the structure and order of all that we observe in space (including the evolution of life and consciousness!), it might start to get interesting.

      Note that gravity and electromagnetism do not exhaust the types of energetic phenomena that we encounter on ‘this side’. In particular, Haramein makes no account of scalar electricity or latent heat, both of which exist independently from matter, electromagnetic forces or gravity and are necessary to any sensible account of biophysical energies. Thus his is not really a “unified” physics, it is still incomplete and confines itself to the most superficial view possible.

      On that note, Robert recently forwarded this —

      Sri Aurobindo once said about the three kinds of energy in a conversation noted down by Pavitra.

      ‘In the West the higher minds are not turned towards spiritual truth but towards material science. The scope of science is very narrow: it touches only the most exterior part of the physical plane

      And even there, what does science really know? It studies the functioning of the laws, edificates theories ever renewed and each time held up as the last word of truth! We had recently the atomic theory, now comes the electronic!

      There are, for instance, two statements of modern science that would stir up deeper ranges in an occultist:

      1.       atoms are whirling systems like the solar system;

      2.       the atoms of all the elements are made out of the same constituents. Different arrangement is the only cause of different properties.

      If these statements are considered under their true aspect, they could lead science to new discoveries of which there is no idea actually and in comparison with which the actual knowledge is poor.

      According to the experience of ancients Yogis, sensible matter was made out of five elements, bhūtāni: Prithvi, Apas, Agni (Tejas), Vayu, Akasha.

      Agni is threefold:

      1.       ordinary fire, Jala Agni,

      2.       electric fire, Vaidyuta Agni,  (Lightning)

      3.       solar fire, Saura Agni.

      Science only entered upon the first and the second of these fires. The fact that the atom is like the solar system could lead it to the knowledge of the third.

      Beyond Agni is Vayu of which science knows nothing. It is the support of all contact and exchange, the cause of gravitation and of the fields (magnetic and electric).

      By it, the action of Agni, the formal element, builder of forms, is made possible.

      And beyond Vayu is the ether, Akasha.

      Why does Vayu, which corresponds to the gas, stand higher than Agni?

      Vayu has been identified with the gas, but it is a mistake. It is Vayu which permits exchanges and mutual actions, gravitation for instance. It is an element of contact….’

      *Record of a talk Pavitra had with Sri Aurobindo dated 8 May 1926

      While this still does not plunge is into the Zero and through it into the domain of simultaneous Time (9, 6, 3), it does highlight how much more depth and integrality is contained in the ancient proto-science of Yoga, compared to what modern science has managed to conjure up.

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      Brian Walker

      Thanks to all for responding. I am still collecting my thoughts about all of this. My understanding of Thea’s work is incomplete, and I am certainly no physicist!

      Arinaya – I don’t recall much mention of time in Nassim’s work but what he does try to integrate is gravity. Thea made a comment in your last post that gravity and time are actually one.

      I was thinking that on the ‘other side’ the fundamental forces of gravity/time, matter/material creation, elctromagnetism are all contained within the zero/point – and on ‘this side’ there would be corresponding aspects/points in the 9/circle.

      Sorry if I am being vague, its a stretch for me to grasp all of this.

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      I am wondering about the direction this Forum is taking. I believe we have to assess what it is that we want to bring about. To me this Forum would seem to be a place where the NEW thingscan be discussed. Some of the entries (like the material on Nassim Haramein) bring in the twists and turns of people, scientists, thinkers mulling about, trying to come to a better understanding of reality and realising that as things stand science is not giving us the answers we need now. But these musings and theories do not help us because they add complexity and hence end by confusing the issue.

      In my experience it is all becoming simpler rather than more complex, and, I realise, this is not to the liking of men of science and academia. Complexity arises when the starting point is false. I believe Arinaya hinted at this in one of his answers. They start from trying to improve on something that is no longer the proper paradigm. We have to move on. Supermind entered and started revolutionising everything. (A posting from me answering some questions Lori has about Number and the essence of the Circle might contain perceptions that would be helpful in this regard.)

      For me it is always interesting to observe the way people are trying to move ahead, to come up with the answers that will help us understand reality and answer questions science cannot. But that is the point: science CANNOT answer those questions. The basis is incompleteand therefore falsifying. It is not that we can accommodate the old within the New. The New has to be taken on its own. We need to present this newness to those interested in answers that are not found elsewhere. We can use the insights others are having, some of which are extremely interesting, but not get lost in all that. I am going to be posting on a regular basis entries from the Mother’s Agenda. Her experiences recorded therein are a case in point: you cannot understand them by referring to the old ways. In fact, before coming to her in 1971 I wrote from Rome, ‘This is the new you!’ No truer words… It is with the discoveries of the New Way that light is cast on those experiences. They were the precursors. I can prove it!

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      Lori Tompkins

      Getting back to basics, Thea just posted a new Key of Gnosis, with additional comments following the post.

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      Thea is right, what is required is a new science rooted in a new consciousness.

      As a simplistic example, the autonomic nervous system has a certain consciousness but that consciousness is incapable of comprehending chess. That is not its job, it is not what it was ‘designed’ to do. The higher consciousness of the reasoning mind was required to ‘discover’ chess and all the other discoveries throughout history rooted in the reasoning consciousness.

      But now the reasoning consciousness has pretty much reached the limit of its capabilities rooted as it is in duality. Its very Nature prevents it from seeing from a higher, greater, unity consciousness. That is not its job, it is not what it was ‘designed’ to do.

      Take the way we perceive light. It matters not whether we use the wave or particle model as they are both rooted in dualism. The wave model requires the opposites of peaks & troughs for perception to occur whereas the particle model requires a stream of separate ‘photon then space between… photon then space between’ events, both methods NEED this dualism only because the very Nature of the rational consciousness is to perceive this way, otherwise nothing is perceived as in the case of Dark Matter. It is not reality that is dual in Nature it is the perceiving consciousness of the divisive, rational mind.

      All the high technology that we have at our disposal today is rooted in this dualistic, divisive consciousness. This is no more exemplified than at CERN where the LHC is ‘drilling’ down into the very fundamental aspects of reality, but a view of reality rooted in duality. The technology being used was conceived, designed and constructed by a dualistic, divisive consciousness. Unfortunately, for the CERN engineers at least, the Nature of the thing they are seeking will not subject itself to dualism. It is sovereign in its unity and will not bend to duality no matter how much force their ego can bring to bear upon it. It doesn’t matter how powerful the binoculars, they will never detect a black cat in a dark room. They are the wrong tool for the job.

      What is required is another fundamental shift in consciousness. The consciousness of the autonomic nervous system once reigned supreme. It was subsequently usurped by the reasoning consciousness but was not banished from the kingdom, it still has a vital function to perform. Likewise, the next consciousness shift or adaptation will not spell the demise of reason, it will still have a function to perform, but it will no longer be captain of the vessel. The new commander will hold a consciousness of unity, a consciousness that does not require for perception the ‘splitting’ or falsification of signal data into peak & trough, hot & cold, good & evil, hero & villain, right & wrong, light & dark, male & female, here & there, past & future…

      Scientists throughout history have contrived many a merry dance, but all on the head of the same pin rooted in duality. It’s time for a new dance on a new pin rooted in unity.

      A tale from the late, great Irish comic Dave Allen illustrates this whole problem perfectly as well as demonstrating the delightfully unique Nature of the Irish people:-

      There was a salesman traveling by car through the south of Ireland when he came upon a farmer by the roadside. Having stopped the car and lowered the window he asked the farmer which was the best way to get to Cork. After some consideration the farmer replied, “Well sir, I wouldn’t start from here.”

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      Ian, this reminds me of Marko Rodin’s work, I suspect he will have explored this connection with the primes. See

      Thanks for the link Arinaya. He doesn’t mention primes here specifically though interestingly he does think that the 3, 6 & 9 are in one ‘dimension’ while the other numbers are in another.

      It’s interesting that the prime numbers and the powers of 2 both share this quality.

      It is, and a little light calculation also reveals that the powers of 3, 6 & 9 ONLY reduce to 9. It’s as if there are two separate ‘domains’ that refuse to fully integrate. In want of a synthesis perhaps?

      Curiouser & curiouser…

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      I don’t see any lack of integration (it is all in the one circle after all), rather it is a kind of underlying structure, almost as if the 9-6-3-0 were an axis, and the other numbers orbit around it. That relationship is the integration/synthesis.

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      There is a certain integration but not full integration. Oil & water may share the same bottle but no matter how vigorously we shake they never fully integrate as for instance do lemon juice & water.

      The above image from The Gnostic Circle graphically demonstrates two groups of numbers – gold [3,6,9] & blue [1,2,4,5,7,8], add to this what we know about the reductions of both primes and the powers of 3, 6 & 9 and it becomes apparent that these two groups of numbers don’t fullyintegrate – at least at the separative, everyday level of consciousness – they simply share the same mentally constructed circle.

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