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      I believe one of the clearest indications of the difference between the Integral and Supramental Yogas is given in the Mother’s remarkable experience of 25.4.1961. However, it is not correct to compare the two, in the context of the experience as she describes it the Integral Yoga does not enter at all. One can practice Integral Yoga for a lifetime and never reach the state the Mother describes. So, within the Supramental Yoga alone we find her experience (so wonderfully related – from the horse’s mouth, as it were) to be perhaps the single-most important key to the newness Supermind brings.

      Sri Aurobindo wrote of it as the resolver of paradoxes. And so it is. In her experience the Mother describes with great precision the state of BEING, the exact contours of the Point…

      It can be translated in one’s consciousness as an infinitesimal point, which is the physical body and all that appertains to it, but it is exactly the same thing as the SUPREME POINT, and everything that pertains to it. It is the same thing. It is simply like a shift of seeing/look (look, in French ‘regard’), if one can call it a look (regard) which would be like a pinpoint that does not occupy any space. But it is the same consciousness – Is it ‘consciousness’?… something like that. It is not ‘consciousness’ as we know it, nor is it perception; it is a sort of willed seeing (my Lord, what words!) and with freedom and all-powerful absoluteness: it can be this, or it can be that, and EXACTLY the same thing.’ (25.4.1961, p.208, French edition)

      I write of this often as the compactness of Transcendent, Cosmic, and Individual principles – the triad at the root of material creation; the triad out of which material creation emerges. Or else, the three dimensions of Time out of which is born the point of Space.

      In this experience the Mother’s consciousness is ‘located’ in that ‘point’ and she describes its contents exactly as is. She eliminates all cause and effect, purpose, goal. But, most importantly, she insists it is not Nirvana. You see, Nothingness is the foundation of Nirvana; whereas in this case – the reality of creation and not its negation – it is Fullness/compaction.

      Now, to get to the ‘point’ (no pun intended!) this ‘pointedness’ in itself, exactly as described by the Mother, is half the story of our world, our existence as in a universe of 9 (matter). What is lacking, and therefore what carries us into the world of the supramental Truth-Consciousness, is the other half of the story. But here’s the rub: we can posit our consciousness more easily in SAT, Being; or else, forget SAT and let ourselves plunge and get submerged fully in the Becoming, in that circle surrounding the Point. One or the other. The reconciliation of the paradox would be the lived experience of the simultaneity of the two.

      We can feel very ‘spiritual’ confined to the Point alone; or else by positing the consciousness in the Beyond and entirely negating movement. Either way can be satisfying. Buy Supermind places other demands. The conclusion is that movement itself finds no place in either position. And that is of course the Becoming. (Remember the chapter in TNW1, The Truth of the Becoming?)

      The Mother exquisitely discloses the contours of the Point. She even uses significant gestures to help Satprem understand. She motions horizontal as having disappeared (extension), and vertical as embracing all (compacting all into the Point, though she does not explain it in this way). Again, half the story.

      Along comes the Third who appears obsessed with the reconciliation. Her consciousness is on the Vital (movement, the life force) as an ingredient not to be denied its value in the total equation, on the Becoming, but demonstrating by something so simple as the number system how the Becoming arises out of Being (the Point of the Mother’s experience) and always remains connected to it as if by an umbilical cord. It is precisely thehorizontal extension of that compact Point that is essential to grasp for the Supramental Yoga to be posited on the true foundation of Reality, exactly as it is – from 0 (the Point) to 9 (the Circle). Our own number system demonstrates how both are equal. The Mother refers to this equality as reflected in the number system when she states… ‘It could be this, it could be that, and it is EXACTLY the same thing.’

      So, here once again you learn of the combined work of the 6 and the 3 – just as we have seen for the Chamber disclosures. The Third adds the element by which the truth of our lived experience can make sense, the value and purpose and sanctity of the Becoming. For after all, that is the truth of the universal manifestation: MOVEMENT. And the New Way offers the resolution to the paradox: vertical and horizontal at the same time; where they converge we have that Point.

      It is all contained in that blessed symbol of the Sun, the symbol of the supramental Truth-Consciousness.


      Skambha, 21.4.2015

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      ‘You are about to discover the last three realms, the regions very few consciously reach. Remember Heropidus Heronimous and all his teachings, for in those realms this knowledge is used. Good-bye my little ones, good-bye…’

      They gallop off at great speed, crossing the violet and fuchsia coloured land, for the Centaur makes every effort to fulfil his mission properly to bring the children to their destination on time.  He travels so swiftly they seem to go even faster than sound and light, and at a certain moment the very space around them disappears, they are almost unaware of moving at all and seemed to have entered a point right within themselves. (The Magical Carousel, Chapter Nine, p.102)

      I wrote this in March 1970 before any contact with the Mother or Sri Aurobindo’s work, and least of all any concerns about the speed of light and constants of the sort. I was simply following the Journey of the Rig Veda, exactly as it was in those early times. There are several elements of interest regarding the discussions we are having on the Formula and certain theories and ideas people are having here and there to improve on the currently-accepted scientific paradigms. I cannot tell you why I described the experience the way I did forty-five years ago; these things  were certainly not on my mind then.  But shortly after coming to the Mother I discovered that TMC was actually a prophetic autobiography. And why shouldn’t it be so: it is the contemporary myth of the Supramental Manifestation – written from below, as it were. We have Savitri of course, but that arose in the Old Creation – that is, on the other side of the borderline between the Old and the New. When it was crossed as the Third entered active yoga, everything had to arise from this side, into the New Creation proper. Therefore TMC is not based on older myths, as Savitri was’; it arises in the new creation and voices the Soul’s aspiration and light where it stands today; it answers those questions or to conditions which we encounter today.

      So, a number of years down the line, 1971 to be exact, I was set forth on theconscious journey of enacting in time what was ‘seen’ in the soul. How we recognise it as of the New Creation is that the symbols chosen themselves, the story itself reveals the times we live in – as well as bringing up-to-date the symbology of the Veda. Thus, the study opens with children being sent off on a journey to Saturn. What is really interesting is how perfect my own horoscope – or the moment when the cosmic imprinting was recorded in my consciousness-being – is for this work; apart from January 5th there is the fact that Saturn sits indeed at the very last degree of the zodiac in my chart, the 29th+ degree of Pisces. Therefore, the children, representing me, my journey to come, were sent to their grandparents house who live on Saturn; that is, the old creation (Saturn stands at the end of the old line-up of planets, truly the end of the former ‘journey’). But the journey details the opening up of those farther realms beyond Saturn (and the last triad). The New Creation is characterised by the new outer planets. With their discovery we came to know that the time has come, the era of the New.

      Indeed, what happens while they soar through space? – Something ‘unexpected’ (Uranus, planet of the Unexpected, is the first of the final triad in those ‘last three realms’)? That unexpected ‘something’ forces the rocket to veer toward the Sun. After ‘splashing’ into the Sun, their zodiacal odyssey begins; there they meet Glow, the light of their own soul. Time enters prominently – for it truly is the vahana of the soul; they are warned by Glow to ‘follow the Sun for it is he who gives you your light’. Everything about this tale points to the New Creation; and this was written over a year before contact with the Divine Mother began, but it was also just two months after the disciple and the architects rejected the Mother’s vision of the Chamber – indeed, in the story I describe the Chamber and the role Time plays therein.

      What I set out to discuss, before digressing, is that the speed faster than light contracts the consciousness to a ‘point right within themselves’. This is how the realisation described in The New Way, Volume 3 was ‘seen’ by me years before it happened. And it is a fact that only with that realisation did I truly begin my work proper. Volumes 1&2 (combined together in one, please note) discloses my vision of their work, the laying of the foundations. Most importantly, the Chamber is the focal point – the Mother’s legacy to me. Unique among all books on these esoteric subjects, the Temple is the main protagonist ofThe New Way. It is the basis for Volume 3 also, but in that book I describe the contours of the supramental realisation – the very first step on the road to Immortality: re-alignment, centering, and Leonardo becomes the prophet with aspects of his work never before revealed.

      Once in the Mountain ‘right within themselves’ the main revelation is simultaneous time:

      Behind him [the Time-Spirit, Mahakala] stands a great clock, unusual and unique for there are only three symbols drawn on its face: a minus to the left, a plus to the right and a circle in the middle. But there are no hands pointing anywhere as one would normally expect. The ticking is loud and strong now for it comes from this very clock. (Ibid, p.109.)

      I believe a detail overlooked would be the ticking because it indicates life, movement in the clock, but perhaps compression. Certainly this is the best indication of Simultaneous Time that could be given. And you can see how children could grow up with this myth – well, what a different world it would be. Instead we continue to give out the story of Original Sin, the most monstrous of all ideas, according to the Mother.

      To return to the topic, I believe that we have to come to terms with what this tale discloses about ‘speeds’ and where research has to take us now. The point is – precisely THE POINT. How to travel into those inner spaces, those final realms? The key is the means to connect with ‘the other side’, and it clearly point to contraction and to the role gravity plays. Those realms are on the other side – but not for that are they beyond our reach. Rather we have simply to go deeper into matter, into or to the heart of material creation, as I did in my Plunge Realisation in 1975. Harish noted that the experience described everything we need to know in a very interesting letter to me. That is the issue: it has everything to do with the 4.5 Orbit. That is the riddle that has to be solved for all humanity. That escape route, that ‘hole’ has to be closed and all things put in their place.

      Contraction to a Point was for me a very physical experience. I actually felt my whole consciousness-being had become contracted to a Point, and that I had no legs! At the root of the experienced was that there could be NO LEANING. Alignment had to be directly beneath the Ray (of the midday Sun); it was the culmination of the re-alignment process that started on 17 April, 1983. It was very, very difficult. I don’t recommend it to anyone! But the upshot was that the Manifestation of the Supermind could not fail. The work was done. Only what was in that Point could evolve as time moved on.



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      Tim Neilson

      Last year there was such a stir about William Shakespeare’s 450 year anniversary. his birthday and date of death is simultaneosuly celebrated on April 23rd. Less fanfair this year perhaps but hearing tributes on the radio and reading an article or two reminded me have how incredibly beautiful his work is and how incredibly difficult it is for lay people to access. I’ve always been so impressed by afficiandos of Shakespeare. And the thought occurred to me that, while I am much more enthusiastic about Thea’s work, there is a similar beauty in this work that requires tremendous concentration. Similar, but not equal. Mathematicians defer to the symbol = wherein “nothing could be more equal” than two parellel lines drawn. Robert Recorde invented this sign to communicate the concept of equality. But as concerns the circle, measuring its circumference has a long mystical origin. I read that Archimedes inscribed a polygon of 96 sides within a circle to yield a measurement of Pi equal to 3.123858… He supposedly established the concept of “arbitraliy close to” or “as closely as desired.”

      Somehow there always seems more to learn, more to know, more to see but my mind only grasps a glimpse here and there. I see the genuine and genius conception of The New Way but find it impossible at this point to articulate. I recognize when the words are True to Form. I am thinking that the symbol of the Sun is the better symbol of equality and of course much more.

      If I am permitted to SEE more than this so be it. What I do see is how extraordinary this vision is and how some of the members on this board have progressed. Truely amazing and humbling. Thank you for all of the contributions to date.

      “Genius is one attempt of the universal Energy to so
      quicken and intensify our intellectual powers that they shall
      be prepared for those more puissant, direct and rapid faculties
      which constitute the play of the supra-intellectual or divine
      mind. It is not, then, a freak, an inexplicable phenomenon, but
      a perfectly natural next step in the right line of her evolution.” SOY






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      …but a perfectly natural next step in the right line of her evolution

      This is the way I feel about this work, that it is a ‘natural next step’, and it always thrills me to be on this road into infinity, to know that there is never an end to the growth into the Supramental Manifestation. It also thrills me as I look through these comments and the website in toto, that so much has been done. It is so complete, and so simple and elegant. Just the way it should be.

      You will get there too, Tim – you absorb organically, as you grow within. Just take delight in being ‘on this eternal way’. Thea

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      Tim Neilson

      Thank you Thea…

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      Patricia Heidt

      Chapter 7 of TNW 1 holds so much substance/info for the budding collectivity – I go back to that and marvel on what has been laid down as the foundations for the rise and establishment of a gnostic society…The TOOL is a new eye, the METHOD is a new seeing, the RESULT is a new vision for the Earth opening doors to a new world (p,93).

      Yes, an organic unfolding from within the soul, from within the core of the earth herself…nothing miraculous or imposed from without, no lights, no visions,  but totally wondrous and natural…

      We are not used to experiencing spirituality this way, but the time has come: the magical carousel myth of the journey of the soul  to replace the doctrine of original sin… such a jump in consciousness!

      I am wondering about the collective soul of the earth, about its release, its realisation as Thea writes…the universal or supramental realisation rather than our individual yogas

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      The more one reflects the more obvious it seems: If we are focussing on an Earth-rooted realisation, the proverbial bringing heaven to Earth, it has to be universal or collective. But of course the collectivity is made up of individuals. The two cannot be separated. To have a collective realisation there has to be a re-positioning of the individuals within that grouping.

      For that to come about the model would necessarily be the cosmos – i.e. harmony, a harmonious blending of the parts and the whole. I have often described it as a harmony of the parts to the centre – but alone that would be the definition of the Integral Yoga. So, it is the parts to the centre, but also the parts within themselves, between themselves; and then that harmonisation in toto to the centre. Then you would have the ideal society.

      It is interesting that just a few days ago I read the very same thing in the 1961 Agenda, expressed almost identically. As usual, I cannot find the the extract, but when I do I will send it on to you. This organisation of parts and whole does not diminish individuality at all. It is the same as our solar system. Harmony is part up of planets within the system in orbit of the Sun-Centre. But each one is entirely different from the other. They have their individuality but nonetheless there is an integral harmonious whole that comes from EACH THING IN ITS PLACE. The Mother mentions this quite often: each thing in its place. You could say that this is the definition of our solar system. The parts are all different, but harmony arises out of the fact that each is in its place (orbit) and that creates the music of the spheres. It is a way of life and being that we cannot relate it, but it was certainly the idea behind the creation of convents and monasteries.However, that was regimentation because it was an external imposition. In the case of a Supramental creation the holding and organising power arises from within each individual. I ‘saw’ this in the dream-vision the night before embarking for India (10th Day1). That would imply a unity of soul-to-soul, because it is the soul that provides the thread to unify and harmonise within material creation. Thea, 29.4.2015

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      The ticking of the clock is the way a divisive consciousness symbolises Simultaneous Time. It has to divide it up into discrete packets, as it does with photons, giving tick & silence, tock & silence. If there were a pendulum on the clock then this would be the way to symbolise it as peak & trough, left & right. The ticking getting louder is the sub-conscious insisting, “This is the problem to be solved.”

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      I don’t exactly follow. My sense is that the ticking in this case indicates that we are in the manifesation but compacted. Compacted three times, past, present and future. I don’t get that sense frtom what you have written. Explain further. Thea

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      “The symbol is the thing symbolised.”
      The symbol is the tick, the thing is Simultaneous Time.

      I don’t view Time as compacted, I’m not sure how that would work, possibly for past & future but how would one compact the present, it is nothing, a mere interstitial flux transforming future into past.

      The way I see Time is as a straight horizontal line with a vertical line somewhere along it signifying the present, similar to the image above. I imagine Simultaneous Time as something similar to looking at this image and instantly comprehending all the information contained therein instead of having to listen to it in a linear fashion one second per second, somewhat similar to viewing a painting in that all the relevant information is comprehended instantly – one can subsequently examine certain sections of the painting in fine detail if one wishes.

      Bear in mind we are trying to fit a Supramental peg into a mental hole here or asking the autonomic nervous system to solve a mate in 3. They are the wrong tool for the job.

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      Ian, these two images are really illustrative. The ticking clock with no moving parts, and the “timeline” with information smeared out in space, such as the image you provided.

      The compaction of time occurs from 9 (future) to 6 (past) to 3 (present) to 0, in which the three dimensions of time are said to be compressed. So if time is an arrow, the arrow points from the future “into” the zero (and not, as the mind imagines, from the past into the future). And that zero is like a point of pure vibration (OM) setting the fabric of space into motion. The ticking clock in the mountain to me is a symbol of that point of pure vibration, which is also the point through which the lines of destiny are drawn together (and, as such, “compacted” into a seed). This seed then unfolds in space, perhaps not unlike the spatialized smear of events that you captured in your image. But prior to this unfolding in space, before we can even think of drawing a timeline, there is an entire process by which the field of time is structured. We might describe this process in stages:

      1. The eternal field of the future, containing the infinite, inexhaustible potential of all that has yet to manifest (the transcendent poise)
      2. The eternal field of the past, forming a kind of crystalline structure that gives form and context and direction to the potentials of the future (the cosmic poise)
      3. The eternal field of the present, which creates perspective, order and dynamism within that cosmic and transcendent vastness (the individual poise)
      4. The junction point between the domain of ‘whole time’ and the sequential unfolding of events in space.

      The mental “hole” must learn to widen itself so as to receive the vastness of the supramental vibration, without distortion or diminuation. This is not only possible, but according to Sri Aurobindo the inevitable and logical next step in the natural order of things.

      Towards the end of his Synthesis of Yoga, he described the “compaction of time” this way,

      …[The supramental] time consciousness therefore will be different from that of the mental being, not swept helplessly on the stream of the moments and clutching at each moment as a stay and a swiftly disappearing standpoint, but founded first on its eternal identity beyond the changes of time, secondly on a simultaneous eternity of Time in which past, present and future exist together for ever in the self-knowledge and self-power of the Eternal, thirdly, in a total view of the three times as one movement singly and indivisibly seen even in their succession of stages, periods, cycles, last—and that only in the instrumental consciousness—in the step by step evolution of the moments. [SOY 4.25, p. 886]

      By “compaction”, we mean that as we move along the “arrow” of time, we move from the vast and undifferentiated to the particular and fully determined:

      • from transcendent / future (eternal identity beyond the changes of time),
      • to cosmic / past (simultaneous time in its formal / structured aspect),
      • to individual / present (self-ordering of simultaneous time through the agency of cycles),
      • to immanent / seed (zero-point from which the ordered sequencing of events in space proceeds).
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      fit-400x320 (1)


      Actually, this image would have been better as the other one shows Time ‘in stereo’ which could only serve to add confusion. Thank you for a valiant effort Arinaya but I comprehend little of what you write, due wholly to my own ignorance of course.

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      Lori Tompkins

      The ticking of a clock seems to me to be a symbol of the beating of the heart. The pulse is set by the contraction of the heart muscle. This contraction or beat seems to me to be a perfect symbol of Simultaneous Time – Past, Present and Future are compressed into (contained in) each beat, creation, preservation and dissolution happening simultaneously … Just as one breath or one OM is the symbol of that same compressed totality … the ALL THAT IS (as well as WAS and WILL BE) compressed into one heart beat, one breath, one sound or word.

      How to explain the compression of Time? It has to be simple. It is simple.

      The totality of everything that has been has been (the PAST and the entire COSMIC manifestation) is compressed into the PRESENT moment, everything that will be (the FUTURE manifestation and our homecoming with the TRANSCENDANT DIVINE/and our ORIGIN) is compressed into the PRESENT moment as well (which is experienced by the INDIVIDUAL). No dimension of Time is separate from the other dimensions of Time, all are contained simultaneously in each other … linked at the Core of Being and Becoming. The PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE (as well as the Transcendent, Cosmic and Individual) are the expansion, the circumference. The Point (the 0/1) is the compression of all three. The simple image of the equilateral triangle in the Circle, is the symbol of this Supramental realization.


      To cultivate this realization Time has to be seen cyclically, not linearly (as an arrow pointing from past to present to future). One must see the Sun at the center of the Solar System and understand that it contains in itself the Past, Present and Future of everything in its 360° field. One comes to see ones own soul the same way. The Sun/Sol/Soul unfolds or manifests its full potential in cyclical time.

      The Gnostic Circle is a KEY OF GNOSIS because it helps shift the mind from the Linear (Mental, Divided) experience of Time and it’s ‘ticking’, to the Cyclical (Supramental, Unified) experience of Time. It helps individuals (who take the time to apply this key) to take their seat in that center, to be that compacted wholeness or Oneness. This is of course not a wham-bam instant enlightenment … we evolve and shift in stages … our perspective keeps improving as we allow ourselves to be drawn into the center by the forces and pressures upon us.

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      I love to read what all of you have to say about the fundaments of this Work, each one throwing a different light, or seeing these fundaments from different perspectives.

      Regarding ST there is something important to bear in mind. The compaction is actualised ON THE OTHER SIDE. Second important piece is what both Arinaya and Lori have brought out – it is that the three times are equivalent to Transcendent (F), Cosmic (P) and Individual (Pre). But this act of compression transpires on the other side. Ultimately this will come to explain how these 12 births of the Solar and Lunar Lines could be ‘arranged’. We will eventually come to know the precise mechanism as our consciousnesses begin to expand along supramental lines. The key here is the passage to that other side. This is precisely explained in The Magical Carousel’ in Chapter 10 – crossing the borderline into Swar, the solar world. But the trick is the reversal that makes this leap possible: contracted to a point.

      I have had that experience concretely on two occasions. The first was in Pondicherry with the Tantric master Panditji. I described the experience in 10th Day 1. I was plummeted into the universal manifestation through the Point – the soul-point. There I found the entire universe contained. But then in 1983 again I was contracted to a Point. This time it was the entire consciousness-being, even physically because I was going around for several months like this until finally I had to check and make sure I had legs! That was a very, very difficult experience because the actual circumstances surrounding my consciousness, the LIVED experiences were all converging onto that innermost point, compressing me into that single point in the soul. The result was centering and the re-alignment that closed the hole where energies escape (as in the 4.5 Orbit). I closed it – but it was for the entire evolution. That is, I imprinted that process for all times to come. And I knew then that this was the very first step on the road to Immortality; there would be a long way to go, but the Victory was then inevitable. Only what was in that seed-point could evolve.

      After compression/compaction the reversal takes place ON THIS SIDE. Then what is compacted begins to extend, and the result is the experience of THAT in the material universe, because it is only in the dense universe of 9 that we possess the instrument capable of BEING CONSCIOUS of the process and what is there and here, and how it is all one. That is the beauty of life in this creation of 9, this densest vibration, matter. It cannot happen elsewhere.This is where Gravity enters. Compaction there is carried out by Gravity AS WE KNOW IT ON THIS SIDE. There it is experienced differently, but for us on this side Gravity is the carry over. It is what links us irrevocably to the other. So, Time lies as the basis of it all. Therefore it is said that Mahakal (The Great Time) is above all the Gods.

      Naturally Gravity remains the stumbling-block for physicists.  It is the key to the lived experience of Oneness. How then can they integrate it to know EVERYTHING when that other side is ignored entirely? And yet without it, there would be NOTHING here. By deduction, all the philosophies and yogic systems that propound the experience of Nothingness to be the highest attainment are, quite simply, missing the Point! Thea

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      This posting is essentially for those readers/students who are interested in the finer point of supramentalisation.

      This early morning I resumed reading The Tenth Day of Victory2, Book One. My intention is to complete the review, as it were, and then move into writing Book Two. This is my plan, but I must admit that the various topics of our Forum keep pulling me off this agenda because I find them very stimulating. For example, as I read in TTDV this morning I came across a passage that brought to mind what I had read in The Mother’s Agenda recently. It involves a very critical aspect of the Supramental Yoga: densification. In the Agenda this ‘process’, shall we call it, was centred on the question of the new body after supramentalisation; that is, what would its consistency be? In my case, as recorded in TTDV2/1, I mention densification but related to Time:

           ‘My role in the enterprise was becoming clear by 1974 with The Gnostic Circleand its accompanying yoga. It was to densify the process to a greater degree than even the Mother had done. To achieve this, the role of Time revealed itself to be central to the operation of ‘densification’; and this would complicate matters considerably….

      In spite of these authorities [the Mother, Sri Aurobindo, Théon] my task was made almost impossible because, for the most part, very few understand the true nature of material creation itself; and if the goal is to reverse the direction from otherworldliness to a realisation in matter, then Time’s central role and its intrinsic nature had to be understood properly. But though disciples of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother appeared to understand and to accept Sri Aurobindo’s message, my experience proved that few, if any at all, realised what that reversal might actually entail.’ (p.50-51.)

      Recently in this Forum under the section ‘Integral cosmology’ the same difficulty was revealed in a posting by Mr Hari Malla from Nepal. He posted the following when discussing the goal of the study of astrology and the cosmic harmonies. The topic of that discussion was the differences between the sidereal and the tropical zodiac; it was a lively discussion. My point in quoting Hari Malla’s post is to highlight how the same lack of understanding of the true nature of material creation affects one’s perception. In his case it was the incongruence of dedicating one’s life to the study of astrology – which is entirely based on Time and its applications – yet in the next breath to dismiss it all as irrelevant:

      ‘…The earth timings and the solstices and equinoxes are necessary as a starting point in our journey to the other world. But itself is not our goal but only a reference to start with. WE have to go beyond to the eternal space of star world of sun and the stars to achieve the ultimate unmoving truth.’

      Where does ‘densification’ enter? Hari Malla has described the process perfectly which was reversed by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother: he uses the cosmos merely as a springboard to the Beyond, to the Unmoving, as he calls it: in other words, beyond time, because for Time to BE – or rather to extend itself in the material creation after compaction on the other side – we need movement. This would be less and less density as one moves up and away from material creation into the static peace of the Beyond – or in terms of the new cosmology, into the most rarified planes where Time is not experienced in its periodicities (extended). This is not to be confused with the Zero compactness of Time. It is opposite to the direction encouraged by the Supramental Yoga. In the latter we could say that we go deeper into Time. In the 1961 Agenda the Mother refers to densification as in my experience recorded in TTDV2:

           ‘…It is something more…dense, more compact than the physical: the New Creation. One has the tendency always to think of it as something more ethereal, but it is not that! …Théon always insisted, “It is a greater density.” From the scientific point of view this may seem like heresy that “density” doesn’t mean that. But it was what he used to say: A greater density. But to me the impression I get is that that atmosphere is something more compact, and at the same time without heaviness and thickness. Naturally all this is an absurdity from the scientific point of view.

      ‘Yesterday it was like that: I was left with…something so solid… It is solid but not in the way we say ‘solid’…

      ‘That is to say there is the impression that one has taken the wrong road… From the ordinary viewpoint, when one searches for Supermind one is always searching up there. But it is not that. And we always imagine it as a sort of subtlisation, etherification – but it isn’t that.’

      The Mother continues, making it clear to the disciple that he must not preserve this recording, much less publish it:

      ‘You mustn’t save this. I’m telling you, they are going to lock me up! This morning I had this impression, I said to myself: If I continue like this, soon I will not be able to speak any more, otherwise they will send me to an asylum!’ (L’Agenda de Mère, Volume II, 1961, Institut de Recherches Èvolutives, Paris 1978.)

      When one mentions densification in terms of the New Way and the supramentalisation of matter, necessarily this question of ethereal or dense enters the discussion; and the Mother’s experience, corroborated by Théon and Sri Aurobindo, is entirely true: there is a greater densification – but of what? That is the real issue. And this brings us to the third stage of the process: the Vital. That is where Time gestates. Therefore, it is only at this stage that an in-depth discussion of ‘densification’ can begin, with all that it entails. In my experience and in the context of the new cosmology, to densify would mean to slow Time down, so to speak. Therefore, since this universe of 9 is the farthest reaches of that densification process – that is, the 9 as the greatest vibratory intensity we encounter in material creation and which therefore gives us an experience of periodicity unique in this solar system. Those who seek the Beyond aim at etherification rather than densification; this much is clear. In practical, applicable terms we are brought to understand what a blessing birth in this material universe is, especially birth on Earth: in the midst of thisdensification alone can we know that Trinity compacted on the other side. Up there Hari Malla has expressed it correctly: the Unmoving and therefore unknowable. For this reason in all the old ways it was said of THAT – the unknowable, the unutterable, beyond words. I could never use those terms in the New Way. They would be the 0, but not the 0 of the New Way which is expressed in these two diagrams:




    • #1114
      Robert Wilkinson

      Thea, This is such an incredible piece. Over the years I have thought a lot about what you have written about a ‘New Heaven and a New Earth’. Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and you have all emphasized this reality. There is that wonderful passage in Savitri:

      ‘A world of lovlier forms lies near to ours, Where, undisguised by earth’s deforming sight All shapes are beautiful and all things true. All that here seems has lovlier semblance there, All that is beautiful here is there divine.’

      It also brought to mind what Sri Aurobindo had written about making the high and low worlds one. In a letter to the Mother in 1915 he described a ‘material union’ with the Divine

      ‘The Supramental Yoga foresees the possibility of a material union with the Divine. It is the union of the “Earth” of the Veda with the divine Principle, an earth which is said to be above our earth, that is to say, the physical being and consciousness of which the world and the body are only images. But the modern Yogas hardly recognise the possibility of a material union with the Divine.’ Sri Aurobindo, Letter to the Mother, The Mother’s Collected Works, 1915.

      It seems to me that somewhere in his writings Sri Aurobindo had expressed the view that the body was an idea. Ramana Maharshi described it as, ‘a reflected ray, as it were, of the self-effulgent, infinite Consciousness which is himself’ . So it leaves me wondering how ‘material’ the body really is. The Mother had also written something about the Earth being a deformation and a caraciture of the higher essence.

      ‘The whole earth and everything it contains is a kind of concentration, a condensation of something which exists in other worlds invisible to the material eye. Each thing manifested here has its principle, idea or essence somewhere in the subtler regions. This is an indispensable condition for the manifestation. And the importance of the manifestation will always depend on the origin of the thing manifested. In the world of the gods there is an ideal and harmonious Brindavan of which the earthly Brindavan is but a deformation and a caricature.’

      She also wrote: ‘…When the higher power is coming down, it comes as an absolutely luminous and perfect organization which one can see if he has the vision.’

      This sounds like the effect of Saturn (Order) realigning the lower world along the lines of the higher order. The descent of the Supermind clearly tightens things up and intends to eliminate the deformity of which the Mother speaks. Sri Aurobindo makes that very clear:

      ‘None of us are here to ‘do as we like’, or to create a world in which we shall at last be able to do as we like; we are here to do what the Divine wills and to create a world in which the Divine Will can manifest its truth no longer deformed by human ignorance or perverted and mistranslated by vital desire.’ Sri Aurobindo

      So my question is, would making the high and low world’s one and the Supramentalization of the body be characterized by a densification of what exists in perfection on the subtle planes? How would this work in terms of the Becoming?


    • #1115
      Patricia Heidt

      I reviewed all the posts in this topic of the Forum in one go this morning….i am so impressed with Thea’s (or the children in TMC) journey – putting it into words… graphs… but that is the whole idea of the Supramental –  to make one’s experience real, measureable, knowable, with form, dimension.

      When I was a young person with a mystical bent i was carried off into extraordinary worlds – i would not have called it escape, but it was filled with longing for something, someone, somewhere else…I understand that experience quite well – it was a familiar way for most spiritually inclined people of that day to feel in contact with the Divine. The great sages of India, the saints of the Western World knew that LAND scape well – and we tried to imitate them, to achieve what they had.

      It was the first three quarters of the wheel, ending with Saturn/Saggitarius – etherification – other worldly – .

      Now, it really feels like pioneer work and I sense it in the references to The Mother’s Agenda given above – a reveral of the direction of one’s energies, thoughts, feelings, actions:  densification/compactness.

      But the link with the Time (the 9, 6, 3 – 0) is what make it so interesting, so new…and i have yet to understand how to describe that… Perhaps that is what the Capricorn initiation in the mountain is all about. One must live this experience and know it before being picked up by the áquarian tornedo.

    • #1116

      What I will describe now concerns the leap that must be made if we are to understand the astonishing breakthrough that has been made as a part of Sri Aurobindo’s avataric mission. Not only will the following confirm his task of bringing the Supramental Truth-Consciousness to Earth and cementing it in the evolutionary matrix as the principle that rounds off the process to move the species from Mind to Overmind to Supermind, as stated by him to be the tasks of the 7th, 8th and 9th Avatars of Vishnu, this harmony will reveal just how the Supermind brings its own science along with it, and how it carries us beyond both science and spirituality as currently understood. What I will present forces us to admit just how inadequate mental faculties are, within which science and spirituality alike are confined, to perceive the rhythms of the Supramental Shakti, much less to understand them. We are constantly challenged by this new way of Seeing.

      There is another aspect to the difference between the new cosmology and other methods of studying the cosmic harmonies, which pertains to the topic of my last comment regarding the fourth quarter of the wheel that is now opened to seekers on Earth, and that had been closed to all yogas and religions for more than 2000 years and to be accessed only through death – in other words, left in the realm of speculation entirely. This is seen very clearly in the Gnostic Circle with the 9 planets superimposed on the horizontal circle of 12. The new triad falls precisely in that fourth quarter of the 12, starting with Uranus in Capricorn; then follows Neptune in Aquarius, and Pluto closes the wheel by joining the Serpent’s tail (Ouroborus) at the original 0 point/orbit, again emphasising the equality between 0 and 9; the 0 in this cosmology is the Sun.

      Along with the dispute over ayanamshas in contemporary Indian astrological practices, it is also interesting to note that, as far as my knowledge goes, pundit/astrologers in the subcontinent do not include this new triad in the charts they draw up for clients or for other purposes. This is especially noted in the new breed that seeks to uphold their brand of ‘Vedic’ astrology. After all, this triad began to enter the equation only from the late 1700s, to be completed in 1930 with the discovery of Pluto. How could the new discovery be found in the Vedas, they would sustain? (This is an example of the rigidity that sets in when the Becoming is eliminated from the scheme of the higher reality and only the Unmoving is considered valid and worthy of pursuit.) It is a classic example of the separative consciousness that cannot perceive the totality of conditions at any given moment, particularly the simultaneity of Time. In The Gnostic Circle I have presented the extraordinary harmony involving the dates of the new triad:





      For further clarification of the harmonics, note that the last column in brackets gives the degree of the zodiacal sign where each planet was located at the time of discovery in the tropical zodiac as per the respective ephemeris. Again we come to 9, 8, and 7, in the correct order. (The reduction to arrive at these degrees, completing this astonishing pattern would not be possible in the sidereal circle of the constellations used by astrologers of the Nirayana School in India.)

      The scientist will as is his wont take refuge in the label ‘coincidence’, which is ludicrous in view of the consistency of the above data. This is the keyword with regard to the Supramental Yoga and its cosmology: consistency. All along we have seen how one of the hallmarks of a higher system within the accepted epistemology is that the system offers this important basis on which to test the hypothesis. However, regarding the Supermind and the new cosmology, science would not accept that it brings with it its own methodology: it would seek to closet the Supermind within the known disciplines. Consistency we find in abundance in the new cosmology – but this new discipline brings with it its own ‘science’. In fact, it proves its own truth without the need to refer to any outside source for verification. That is another test for the presence of Supermind: it is its own proof.

      Given the above irrefutable harmonic structure, how can we exclude the new triad from our deliberations, as most Indian astrologers do? We can go further to state, as I have done in The Gnostic Circle, that the current changes affecting life on Earth precisely over the past 300 years, during which time they were discovered, can only be correctly read by incorporation of the new triad. In itself the triad reflects the expansion of consciousness Supermind has brought. In other words, we have expanded our perceptive capacities to include this greater triad, each planet of which relates to a particular area of consciousness-being which cannot be explained by the old order of the Sun plus 6 planets. The leap science and technology themselves have made prove the point. I have discussed these manifestations at length in my various published works and they need not detain us here. My point in bringing up this issue is to highlight the manner in which the entire cosmic manifestation is under the control of Mahakala with a vision of the Whole that is entirely lacking in the mental species.

      But I wish to carry this review a step further. Recently there has been much speculation about the existence of Planet X to the point where new probes have almost reached the point of proving the existence of one or more planets beyond Pluto. In this light some have questioned whether or not a confirmation of the existence of Planet X would disrupt the above harmony. It is true that I do not take into consideration Planet X, not because it ‘disrupts’ my system but because the basic ‘law’, shall we call it, is triadic. Regarding the new triad itself, its incorporation into the new cosmology could only be satisfactorily done when three new planets were sighted and their places accurately inserted into the greater Harmony. The same will occur if and when another triad makes its presence known.

      Well and good, but there is something of far greater importance to note, and it lays bare the difficulty a mentally-posed species has in understanding the new power operating on Earth: the Supramental Shakti. The above discovery would highlight the circularity of the Consciousness we are dealing with – or the simultaneity of Time and Circumstance indicated clearly by the above. We are faced with the demand to transcend the known parameters and to allow the perceiving eye to appreciate a certain simultaneity that must be the foundation of the new Seeing. In this light we are forced to view the above formulation spherically: What came first would be the question to ask. The harmony laid out above is clearly formed by three components, the elimination of any one would make the render the pattern non-existent. But once the manifestation in Earth time is complete – that is, when we entered the Aquarian Age in 1926 – completion did occur with the discovery of the final component, Pluto. At that point what I described in The Gnostic Circle(1975) could be presented to the public. That is, it is Supermind itself that allows for the disclosure in accordance with the harmonies of the Becoming.

      To appreciate the new cosmology only the new supramentalised consciousness can truly understand the breakthrough it signifies for Earth’s evolving human species. This is not new: always it is the higher poise that can explain and integrate the lesser. To prove the point, I can present any number of revelations in the new cosmology that demand a similar spherical perceptive capacity – the hallmark of the Supermind. The passings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother are another case in point where the Mother’s passing completed the harmony of sixes we find between their own birth dates by the hour of her passing (19:26 PM, the Mother’s, to 01:26 (Sri Aurobindo’s). And to add to the confusion (!), Sri Aurobindo’s rebirth as the Fourth was also pre-calculated, or pre-determined so that it would complete or fit into the same pattern when it would occur 91 years after his first appearance. This involved four births spread across a century, making sense of the line inSavitri,
      I will pursue thee across a century…
      Those in charge of preserving the texts of Sri Aurobindo in the Archives Department of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, in their mentally-derived ‘better judgement’ considered that Sri Aurobindo had made a mistake and therefore they changed the line after the Mother left to read: I will pursue thee across the centuries. To them it made better ‘poetic’ sense. (In passing it should be noted that the most prominent member of that Department, Peter Heehs, emphatically declared in his book The Lives of Sri Aurobindo that Sri Aurobindo was NOT an avatar, that he had never declared himself to be one and, moreover, that there was no on who had proven the case: it is all hagiography, he sustains. The upshot is that Mr Heehs has become the final authority on the matter!

      Since I had sufficient grasp of the Harmonies and could understand the line penned well before his passing and reviewed many times by him before he left, on the basis of these higher harmonics, I wrote to the Department pointing out the error in their correction. I do not know if subsequent editions have converted the line to the original. And since my work has been declared unrelated to Sri Aurobindo’s work by the likes of the Heehses of this world, it is unlikely that those abiding in frozen time will pay any heed (hear this Mr Heehs and all such vested interests!) The details of the four connected passings have been presented in The New Way series and need not be spelt out here. Moreover, we find them corroborated in the original plan of the Mother’s Inner Chamber through the new remarkable revelation of the Geometry of Time, leaving no room for speculation or error. Is it surprising that the same forces have opposed implementing the Mother’s original plan in the building in Auroville, which I have called the Shadow Temple?

      My purpose in relating the above is to demonstrate how difficult it is to understand the new revelations. Only one who is poised in that higher consciousness can see and understand the new times as they unfold, and explain them to true seekers. How else to establish the Life Divine on Earth? But, as posited out in the previous post, most are waiting for the Coming of that blessed condition for the world to follow the old patterns: etheric bodies – boneless, as I call them – floating in the air, descending amidst a fanfare of bugle or conch calls, and the like. Whereas, the Supramental Manifestation is certainly the most remarkable happening the Earth has ever known if one accepts densification as a legitimate part of Supermind rather than etherification.

      (To be continued)

    • #1117
      Lori Tompkins

      Thea wrote:

      ‘… the entire cosmic manifestation is under the control of Mahakala ….

      ‘… the separative consciousness … cannot perceive the totality of conditions at any given moment, particularly the simultaneity of Time.’

      In our Integral Cosmology thread, a nirayana astrologer seized upon the usage of the Gregorian Calendar used universally in our modern world as flat out proof that Thea’s cosmology is in no way Vedic. He was so happy to point out that the Gregorian calendar did not exist in Vedic times and so no use of the Gregorian calendar could ever qualify as Vedic in essence. In his experience, pointing this fact of the non-antiquity of the Gregorian calendar was a victory, as if it truly negated Thea’s stance … Her Vedic Seeing. I thought, ‘Wow, this guy really get’s the booby prize! He thinks he has won the day yet, in truth, he has simply displayed how ignorant he is of the Supramental consciousness-force which orchestrates, integrates and coordinates EVERYTHING, down to the smallest detail.’ He perfectly demonstrated the problem of the separative consciousness as expressed by Thea in the above quote. For this consciousness, there is no control exerted at all times and in all places, by the ONE. It doesn’t even register as a possibility. The only proofs one will find in this consciousness of disassociation are proofs that solidify its fragmentation. The Supramind solidifies the Oneness of all Being and Becoming … Always.

    • #1118

                  When we move into the dimension of ‘no form’ we have actually reached the finest energy of Time. That is, we have reached and experienced the purest manifestation of Time, of ‘pure Time’.

                  All work on Matter must be a work done with Time, for matter, as we know it, is really the densification of Time. A human body is actually a conglomerate of time-experience. This is the power of a horoscope: it shows the ‘Time Measure’ of an individual, or an event or a thing. For this theGnostic Circle takes into consideration the whole species, and the power of Number.

                  It is here that work on consciousness becomes necessary, because the only manner in which we can really alter the experience of Time – which then creates a modification in the denser manifestation of itself, which is matter – is in the realm of consciousness. Time is the motor force of consciousness. All is consciousness. Out of consciousness arises the power of Time, which is the binding energy that densifies consciousness, and from this forms arise of the many myriad levels we know.

                  Each experience of a widening of consciousness must bring with it a variation in the destiny of an individual, because this must invariably have an effect of the time-experience of the person’s body. Why have people in the past failed to alter their destiny in any concrete way has been that they have failed to take the time-experience of the body into consideration. They believed that by withdrawing the consciousness it was possible to alter conditions. But the fact is that the body is made of the same consciousness-time energy; hence, in order to release that from the laws which bind it to a particular dimension of experience, the same effort at a change of consciousness must come about. The question arises: How to carry out the work? (from The Tenth Day of Victory, Vol. 2, Book One, p.80-81)

      This is an entry in my journal dated 12 June 1975, exactly 40 years ago and long before I had read the Mother’s mention of ‘densification’ rather than etherification regarding aspects of the supramentalised body; her discussion with the disciple itself took place 14 years prior to my own 1975 experience (see earlier comment in this Forum). I included this entry in my recently-published autobiographical study The Tenth Day of Victory, Volume 2, Book One (Aeon Books 2015), launched at our exhibition in New Delhi in January last entitled The Future Realisation. This means that 55 years after this topic arose in the context of supramentalisation of the body in The Mother’s Agenda, 1961, it surfaces again in our Forum through my journal entries. It is time to penetrate more deeply into questions that arise regarding the denser substance of Matter.

      That exhibition, The Future Realisation, for the first time brought the Mother’s original vision and architectural plan to the public which she drew up of an Inner Chamber that was never constructed; through that exhibition ACC revealed what she referred to as, precisely, the future realisation. Her remarkable achievement in sacred geometry and architecture has been entirely ignored – and even suppressed – in the Ashram she and Sri Aurobindo created, in order to hide from the public that in Auroville where she had expected it to be the centrepiece of the township, the architects altered the vision to what it is now: a shadow of the original. I mention this because the title of the exhibition is the key the Mother left to this question of densification. In this section of ACC’s website we will seek to explore much more deeply these questions.

    • #1119
      Patricia Heidt

      You had been receiving inspiration from The Mother about number and the deeper meaning of the zodiac during these years – when you ask the question in your journal, ”how to carry out this work?”  did the formulation of The Gnostic Circle answer that question…  this is how it works?,This is how time densifies… this is how we densify time (??)..

    • #1120

      I am still working on all this – on the question of the role of the physical body. As you know, I never speculate but rather I wait for the lived experience to come – then it clarifies many things at once because enlightenment in the New Way occurs by convergence: it is a circular movement that brings into the orbit of one’s experience the entire periphery which by then is harmonised.

      Last year with everything that happened physically brought me close to the answer – not necessarily in terms of densification but certainly regarding the complete control of the Power over illness of even the most potentially fatal sort. This has nothing to do with a sort of miraculous healing. It is not that at all. What I experienced was what Sri Aurobindo engaged in in full consciousness when he left his body. History notes that he regularly came out of the ‘coma’ he was in, asked the time, and then went back in! It was supposed to be last stages of uremia and once he went into that coma he was never supposed to emerge. Well, when the appointed time arrived, he left. Other circumstances that surrounded his actual departure need not detain us here. The point is that I was also carried along to the brink of death in a totally ‘controlled’ process which many of you experienced with me. In view of all that one has to ask what the real nature of illness is if it can be manipulated in this fashion to play a particular role.

      My sense is that there is still very much to learn in all this concerning the role of the physical in the transformative process. This is truly a new path we are opening up; the Mother set us on this path with the work she did on the Body – for me it was always the cosmic body, not confined to her physical but necessary if we were to continue individually thereafter. That is where we stand.

      As for your specific question, yes the answers will be found in the Gnostic Circle because it covers all four levels of being, down to the physical, in its division into four quarters. But the precise formula, if there is to be one, has not been revealed – yet. It will come, if it is meant to be revealed, when it will be needed to serve the purpose it needs to serve.More than that I cannot say for now. Let’s see where this leads…

    • #1121

      ‘…[W]hat man understands as will is a decision taken and carried out, and we are obliged to use the word ‘will’. But the will that operates in the universe is not in its truth the result of a choice or a decision taken. The expression that seems to me nearest to the reality is a ‘vision’.

                  ‘Things are, because they are seen, spontaneously seen, not seen as with our eyes… yet it is all the same nearest; it is a vision, a vision that unfolds itself. The vision objectivises itself as it is being seen, and that is why Sri Aurobindo has said ‘intended or possible’. It is neither the one nor the other. All that one can say deforms it. The objectivisation, the universal objectivisation is something like a projection into space and time, as a living image of what is since all eternity, and as this image is projected on the screen of time and space it is objectified – the Supreme contemplates his own image’. (The Mother, Bulletin, Nov. 1957, pp. 135-137.)

      Some time back in one of these topics of the Forum, I commented on the fact that the Yoga is experienced from three different angles in this pioneering stage; each one of the three contributes a different aspect of basically the same experience. During the night I was reading Book One of TTDV-2, and from pages 196 to 200 this aspect of the Work is brought forth. In that instance I was using Sri Aurobindo’s writings combined with mine to demonstrate how difficult it is for the reader or the seeker to understand that what he wrote, and I did a half a century later, was the very same experience but from two different angles of the Sacred Triangle of the Gnostic Circle. This is again made clear in the Mother’s description of the vision that unfolds as the best way to understand the ‘will’ operating in the universe, the true reality.

      In posting this on the Forum my intention is to demonstrate to all of you just how far we have progressed since those early days; this is easily done in the above statement: what the Mother describes is the same as the new scientific paradigm where I noted how on the other side there is a compaction into the 0, a movement of contraction in quanta of triads. This would be the eternity (‘a living image of what is since all eternity’) she mentions. When that triadic compaction of 9, 6, 3 is complete, there is a reversal in the 0 and Time as encapsulated in 9 (future), 6 (past) and 3 (present), on this side of the Border begins the extension of itself; or, as the Mother put it, the Vision objectivises itself. If we replace Vision for the compacted 0 you can see how her description of Reality is the same as in the new cosmology, based on the formula 9, 6, 3, she and Sri Aurobindo left. If we then replace objectivisation for extension, the correlation is complete.

      I must point out once again that this new cosmology uses a language – indeed, it gives birth to a NEW language – that better expresses that reality but in terms that seem anathema to spirituality of the traditional sort. Just the very fact that Time is mentioned goes against all spirituality as it has come down to us after passage through the Age of Pisces. Added to that is Number. While there are esoteric schools that do appreciate the value of Number as a legitimate part of the process, most spiritual seekers consider that this falls a rung lower on the scale from material to spiritual: ‘up there’ there is neither Time nor Number, they would sustain. This was one of the main arguments of the builders of the Matrimandir in my efforts to have them honour the Mother’s original vision and plan. My ‘interpretations’ were all mental and therefore they could not be real: reality is above all that – indeed, as their mentor sustained, the Divine is above centimetres. Once Number was brought in my efforts could be rejected as ‘all mental’. It was a convenient excuse because the plan I was promoting in place of the architect’s was the Mother’s. She was the one who introduced Number (as well as geometry) into the equation, not Patrizia.

      The problem resides in what the Mother called the New Precision. I will hunt out the passages in the Agenda where she discusses this new manifestation in depth. And this is what the New Cosmology adds to the Supramental Manifestation: a new precision. Likewise, for this reason she noted that the Third Thing was beyond both science and spirituality. The two, as we have inherited them from passage through Pisces, promote a ‘fuzziness’ that could be considered a great accomplishment in the old spirituality. It is equated with the Freedom one strives for – but a freedom from what? In the old ways it was and remains freedom from the confines of material creation. In other words, the escape route offered the practitioner a means to avoid dealing with what a creation in Matter imposes: measure and hence number and all the rest. It was easier to call it illusion and climb as high as one could, to that extreme etherisation which was thought to carry onebeyond time and space. This was the freedom that was sought. Everything bounded by time and space was the trap Eve sets before human beings. The Judeo-Christian and other mid-Eastern religions cemented the escape by positing ‘heaven’ as the ultimate goal in the beyond.

      Nothing of what was thought to be the highest religious achievement could be bound by time and space as per our experience in the material universe.

      Indian spirituality followed suit with its own home-made brand of ‘temptation’ and entire philosophies and systems of yoga evolved to legitimise this escape. In the Vedic Age and the texts that have reached us from those remote times, there is no hint of legitimising such an escape. Consequently, this ‘paganism’ or ‘nature worship’ was condemned, but strangely India clung to that paganism and made it, the Veda, the foundation of all that was to follow, even without understanding most of it! This is because the peoples of the subcontinent are essentially soul-based. In the soul the ultimate truth can be perceived, known. But for some 2000 years the escape held sway. Therefore Sri Aurobindo explained in a letter to the Mother in 1914 that the experience she related was Vedic in the truest sense, but that none of the present schools of yoga would recognise it as such.

      Fast-forward to the third stage of the Manifestation and perhaps the most important aspect of this level of the Work as we are demonstrating in this website is that it indicates just how far the reversal of direction has been successful. True, very few can understand and appreciate these words and realise their profound meaning, but, as the Mother stated in 1958: The victory will be for the most enduring (quoted on page 220 of TTDV-2, Book One). The fact that we use those very cosmic principles of time and space to express the highest truths is what tells us that the work is done. That highest has made itself known, experienced,measured – here on Earth. The goal set for Sri Aurobindo has been fulfilled.

      On this ACC website the service we can offer visitors is to place before them as pure an example as possible of the New Way. The objective is not to offer a platform to those who have no understanding of the difference between the new and the old. There are seekers out there who would very much like to learn of the New Way undiluted or uncontaminated by the Old. Those who seek to reinforce the old paths have the whole world out there to present their views. Ours is a platform, perhaps the only one, where no mixture is to be found. The Mother insisted on this condition regarding the city-consciousness she was setting on its way when the time had come for the Supramental Yoga to take up centre stage. The purity we seek is made more difficult in contemporary society where to be ‘broadminded’ and ‘secular’ or free of dogma and ‘open to debate/dialogue’ is a trap to divert seekers from the new future, the path to which we are in the process of opening. Those who are attracted to the New Way should be aware of these attempts to weaken one’s resolve.

      The Mother spoke of the inner chamber of her vision as a place to learn to concentrate. This is precisely my point: every effort is made by the Old Consciousness to stop the movement forward into the New, overtly or covertly. The easiest way to do this is to disperse energy with these tempting diversions, giving them high-sounding names to confuse seekers. The concentration of energy required in this Supramental Yoga is colossal. In particular, the material vessel that must receive the new energies in descent in this Age of Aquarius, as it presently stands cannot receive and contain the power. It is shattered by the intensity of vibration of the new power. This too is recorded in the new cosmology. I presented diagrams of energy densification in my last posts; that is, when the Mother talked of densification to the disciple she made it clear that it was not to be confused with greater heaviness or thickness. In other words, she was describing thisdensification of vibration from 0 to 9, or the fullest potential of the scale in our Age. But for that to occur the physical vessel must be transformed. The issue is, once more, how do we go about it?

      All is consciousness, we agree. Therefore as we widen the vision, expand our capacity of perception or focus the lens as I sometimes call it, there has to be a repercussion on the physical. There is no magical mantra that is going to cut the labour short. It is an effort TO SEE IN UNDERSTANDING. Few of you realise how this works, how your energies are being concentrated more and more to finally reach the point where you do not lean, where you stand as beneath the midday Sun casting no shadows. That alone indicates that not only must the supreme effort be made to avoid mixture (or dispersal by distraction), but the lens has to focussed inward, to the centre, and not out to the Beyond. This has nothing to do with broadmindedness, the ability to ‘tolerate’ all, to embrace all paths as ‘leading to Rome’, because all paths do not take us in the direction demanded in this New Age. But I also realise that these entries in our website are many years ahead of time; but not because of that should we stop offering the New Way to the public in this new format. We must simply bear in mind that almost everyone accessing the site has been milked on either the old spirituality or the orthodox, exclusivist religions of the Piscean Age. It is likely to take a long time for these postings to be understood. Indeed, we must endure. How many have the patience required?

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