Welcome Message from Thea March 2015

thea-pondy3-216Why is Aeon Centre of Cosmology putting forward its work of the past several decades in this new comprehensive format? The reason is that never like now has the national discourse in India and throughout the world become so intensely polarised. In India this polarisation revolves around a question that seems to defy solution: Is India, born as an independent nation in 1947, to revert to establishing itself on its ancient moorings, or will those be discarded in favour of the reigning principles of our 21st Century, in many ways foreign to the ancient tradition?

This is the new India’s 67th year. However, that newness is only a small part of her history. The contours of her abiding civilisation are found in carry-overs from very ancient times. Having this dual living framework of destiny and being unique among all nations for this very reason, Aeon Centre of Cosmology is duty-bound to provide answers that can help resolve the issue of an amalgam of both ancient and new as a living force within the context of conditions on the globe today.

thea-pondy1-216For a number of years ACC posted numerous articles on its blog-site, Puranic Cosmology Updated, revealing the method of updating as an in-built mechanism of the Sanatana Dharma, the foundation of the civilisation from ancient times. Those articles presented the way in which the problem, ancient or new, can be effectively resolved. The mechanism dates from the distant Vedic Age. In India given the continuity of the Dharmic tradition, the issue seems to be centred on two aspects primarily. Is the new India to be based on science, somewhat contemptuous of her spiritual heritage which many modern thinkers hold responsible for a pernicious backwardness? On the other end of the spectrum are those who believe India’s spiritual foundation is her gift to the world and constitutes her uniqueness. However, the result offered by our updating is not a mixture of the two, science and spirituality as they stand today. In fact, the latter is far more in need of updating because, as the new cosmology reveals, spirituality is subject to evolutionary laws as much as the more material aspects of life. In fact, standing at the forefront of the Dharmic way, our attention must be focussed on the developments that surround this primary ingredient of the subcontinental ethos. The result is what the Mother called in 1962 the third way beyond science and spirituality. Penetrating deeply we do note that as they now stand, neither can offer the solution required to bring into being a harmonious resolution.

thea-pondy5-216A concentration on the contours of that Third Way has been in progress at ACC since the 1970s. It is a harmonious blend of old and new. The objective of our new and more comprehensive website is to point the way in a factual manner for India to realise that if, as stated by Swami Vivekananda in the beginning of the last century, India is the Vishwa Guru (World Teacher) to lead the march into the luminous future that Sri Aurobindo called the Life Divine on Earth, the demands this places on the nation have to be faced and the tasks required have to be embraced. It is the new Indocentric cosmology that provides the answers and unveils the core of that Third Way.

I welcome all those who wish to collaborate in this noble enterprise—for surely there can be no more noble aspiration than to create the conditions for a rapid transformation in India and the world that will permit the New Heaven and the New Earth of the ancient prophecies to become established on this, our planetary home.

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