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  • Lori, No you do not have my permission to post a private exchange, but you already stated part of it, so why do you pretend that you are asking permission?  You do not have my permission to even post what you already wrote about my private conversation, but you will not remove it, so why pretend you care about privacy?

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  • Lori, I will attempt a response here to the rest of your retorts before things go south.  When you accused me of BS, remember if you cannot see inside of another, then you ought to be careful in your judgments of others.  When you accused me of slander, remember you are slandering me too, and would be guilty of the same.  When you ridiculed me, yo…[Read more]

  • To whomever it may concern here, I am sure my time at this forum will be cut short, but if Lori cannot remove what she wrote about what I stated in an email, allow me to at least explain so there is no hurt to the people here in regards to the ‘fraud’ statement.  I was stating that in regards specifically to the notion that sidereal astrology…[Read more]

  • Lori, I had the courtesy to write in a decent way and not offensively at this place; you encouraged me to write here and then when I do this you attack and bring up things that are offensive to your own teacher.  I feel that what you wrote just now will be harmful to your own teacher, and you are putting them into a difficult situation,…[Read more]

  • Hi Arinaya,

    Please do not be unnecessarily offended by me, a white serpent of the truth and peacekeeper of the 7 tribes.  I entered your realm of Gaia in peace.  I was sent to this earth realm for a certain purpose and part of that purpose brought me here.  Call it karma, if you will.

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  • Hi Robert, I think I have read your website in the past?  Do you write at Aquarius Papers?


    You may call me Varuna or ‘white serpent’ or whatever.  My points were various and sundry.  The primary purpose here was to correct misinformation about astrology in general and Jyotisha in particular.  I am not sure what “my position” is, the onl…[Read more]