Contours of the Binary Creation

Prominent in the Indian news is the burning issue of marital rape, whether or not to amend existing laws to criminalise the act. The debate in Parliament further added fuel to the fire when the Minister dismissed the question by stating that rape in marriage did not exist insofar as in Indian culture marriage is a ‘sacrament’, the implication being that therefore there cannot be any question of rape. As was to be expected, his statement set the cat among the pigeons. Advocates of women’s rights were quick to condemn the statement as being patriarchal and revealing of the prevailing mindset that marriage actually denotes ownership of women by men; but how far will they go in bringing about a mindset shift, the necessity of which was made evident by the Minister’s statement?

Communism sought to change the mindset of the population by doing away with the conventions fostered by the old order in which religion was the most prominent binding force. Matrimony was one such tradition. It was seen to attack the very foundation of the egalitarian society Marx and Lenin sought to introduce. The truth be told, as marriage stands today it is a means to subjugate women in most cases. The Indian Minister made that clear enough when he brushed aside the right of a woman to protect herself from the violence of rape, especially and above all rape perpetuated by her husband, by claiming that the sanctity of marriage precludes any question of rape taking place! What he really meant was that sex is an obligation in marriage and cannot be denied. The woman, ‘owned’ by her husband when she enters marriage, must succumb to that obligation even if it be by force.

This slavery was sought to be done away with by Communism, but the irony is that one minor form of patriarchy was simply replaced by a major one: the patriarchy of the all-powerful State. This reveals that it is not such a simple problem to solve because the root-cause must be dealt with, and that lies deep within the psychological constitution of the human being, particularly women.

In the mid 1980s I wrote a paper entitled The New Way of Woman. One of the main points I made was that if the condition of women was ever to change in the world, the shift had to come first in women themselves.

There is a larger issue to question here: The entire structure of civilisation – east, west, north, south – is binary. I call it the Binary Creation. Marriage is a critical element in that structure: it is the glue that holds it together; in that is included almost everything civilisation as we know it across the globe has created. Therefore it is cherished by traditionalists of whatever hue.

But at the behest of the Zeitgeist, society has a way of challenging those old structures because they stand in the way of a new breath of freedom women can now experience, provided they realise that these institutions are the shackles of their own choosing. They ostensibly ‘protect’ women and offer them the security in law they would otherwise lack. And it is this lust for security that is the favourite tool of those who oppose the new times.

In the zodiac based on the Vedic correspondences of the signs, this aspect of life is conveyed very clearly in the fourth sign Cancer. If we view the zodiac as a ‘journey’, the journey of an individual from the moment he or she takes a first independent breath as one enters the wheel of Earth time, the fourth stage is seen as the plunge of the Divine Spark we all carry within, fully into this creation of dense Matter. It therefore marks the stage when the ego becomes the axis around which the individual’s life experiences revolve. But hidden within is that Divine Spark, veiled initially – because that very fact is the purpose of birth on this third planet of our solar system: it is here, and only here, that the soul incarnates to experience its fall into the oblivion matter imposes, and to remain hidden there until Time encourages that Spark to grow in intensity into a flame that eventually illumines every nook and cranny of the many layers (veils) beneath which it lays hidden – but also protected.

The ego-axis causes us to find succour in those veils. In common parlance, they are our ‘comfort zone’. There is no better way to describe the nature of Cancer in the Journey and what it offers the human being on this often perilous though intriguing, and always mysterious voyage so unique to Earth life.

In the Veda this stage is personified as Diti, the Mother of Division. Though she lacks unity Diti plays an important role in our lives because she lies at the root of the Binary Creation; the ego, as our axial balancing structure, is her tool. Thus, on that foundation we create societies, from primitive to the apparently more enlightened, with the many institutions and laws that serve Diti in securing the perpetuation of her binaryinterests and maintaining the status quo. In this dark, dense world of Matter, the quest for security is the paramount goal, along with the propagation and survival of the binary creation. Darwin got it wrong: it is not the survival of the species that drives evolution; it is the quest for the supremacy of Diti’s creation in this particular round of the Precession of the Equinoxes as seen in the Map of the 12 Manifestations. The purpose or goal set before us as an evolving species in this vast cycle of 77,760 years is the establishment of a civilisation that has surpassed the binary and entered the realm of the Mother of Unity; she is known as Aditi in the Veda, or Capricorn in the zodiac where she stands in direct opposition to Diti of Cancer.


The key feature of a unitary creation is that each thing is in its rightful place. Nothing needs to be discarded (i.e. destroyed) but putting all aspects of material creation ‘in their place’ introduces an integral and harmonious balance such as we have never known, at least in the current Great Circle. But it is a destiny we cannot avoid: to establish a society in which women will play prominent roles, as seen in the Aditi/Diti axis of the Goddesses. For indeed, the ego-axis is not the full story. It is the reality of fragmentary perception demonstrated in a linear appraisal that cuts the zodiacal wheel in half, unmindful that there is another, higher hemisphere – that the Journey is of 12 stages: six constitute the lower hemisphere whose regent is Diti; six are the higher, ruled over by Aditi. When only the lower forms the totality of our world Diti then supplies our needs, good ‘mother’ that she is; foremost of which is the ego-axis. This implies that nothing can be ‘in its rightful place’ because one’s universe (journey through time) consists only of six stages, central to which is Diti (Cancer), the Mother of Division. In this condition we abide in a woeful state of incompletion.

Our civilisation, societies the world over are the outcome of this fragmentary appreciation of life. Diti would be another name for Eve. In the Biblical tale the task and its trajectory are made evident: the Old Testament offers a very exact description of the Mental/Binary Creation of Adam and Eve. It lays bare the trials and tribulations of the races on Earth that bear the burden of the Old – the Mental/Binary structure – in the throes of a process of ever greater division (Diti’s expertise) until finally in the last book of the New Testament, The Revelation, the conquering principle of the Soul is described and the new order of Unity, based on the number 12, can then take its place on the planet with the perception of a complete system by unveiling the higher hemisphere and each thing can be put in its rightful place. The entire denouement is centred on the number 12. The descent of the ‘City of Light’, as described in the final chapters of The Revelation, measures 144, the square of 12, further divided into four quarters (the gates) – i.e., the zodiac. (See The New Way 3, Chapter 3, Karma and the Human Cell, or the Genesis of Man.)

The zodiac is the horoscope of the Earth. All the details of our collective and individual journeys are contained in its twelve sacred symbols. This is the gift provided to humanity to serve as an anchor as we move across turbulent waters to reach the shores of the new world of Unity and Truth. In The Magical Carousel, the new myth for the new age, the corresponding attributes of the Diti/Aditi axis (Earth’s actual orbital axis around the Sun, balanced on the December/June solstices) are clearly explained. Regarding Diti the key symbol is presented at the entry to the sign Cancer, the Crab, as the children Val and Pom-pom are carried out of Gemini-land by a large bird:

Darkness encloses them, like being suspended in a black onyx stone…Before long they stop descending and can see the approaching surface of water which slowly becomes illuminated… The bird glides smoothly over the water, circling many times until finally he seems to find what he is searching for. Gently and with great care he deposits Val and Pom-pom on what appears to be a rock slightly protruding above the top of the water…

…Tired now after the long journey and in spite of their fear, they curl up close to each other and fall into a deep sleep… For a long while they remain like this – who knows how long really – until they are awakened from their slumber by a soft rocking motion.

‘What?’ cries Val, ‘the rock is moving! We’re moving, Pom-pom. Wake up!’

They shake the sleep out of their frail bodies and in no time are wide awake, with eyes enormous and shiny in the pitch darkness… After a seemingly endless ride very soon the rock cautiously emerges from the water and to the amazement, horror, fright and wonder of Val and Pom-pom, they see it is a huge crab they have been sleeping on, an enormous coral-coloured Crab! (The Magical Carousel, Aeon Book, pp.32-33.)

The shock the children receive is when the solid rock they thought they were sleeping on begins to move. This describes the ego-axis better than any more complicated definition. It is believed to be stable and to provide the firm security creatures on Earth desire and cherish. But the tale describes the true condition: Stability of the ego is a gross illusion. Given this introduction the remaining passage through the Queen of Night/Diti’s realm (Cancer) is simply the temptation presented to the children of the myriad distracting disguises Diti dons to beguile her audience and provide individuals in her care with all the comforts and security demanded in the unstable world of fragmentation and division.

This is our world, the world we have created for ourselves. And this is what is being dismantled brick by brick. But the key of higher knowledge that the zodiac provides is the map that assures us of a grand resolution. As a global civilisation we are in the process of opening up the higher hemisphere to the conscious experience of all humanity and the shift from a binary to a unitary creation, the implication of which is that the measure of 12 has become our integrated field of perception and the foundation of a new world order. The Mother made the matter clear in her letter on the subject: with the ego in place we cannot reach the higher realms of the Supermind.


Diti is not alone, for her cherished ego-axis indeed offers no stability, just as the moving rock/crab indicates. Stability arises only with the discovery or unveiling of the other end of the axis – that then actually brings an axis into being. It is Aditi, the Mother of Unity. In The Magical Carousel she is known as Omanisol. And to convey the sense of permanence and stability she represents in evolution, the chosen symbol is no longer a rock/crab but the magnificent sacred Mountain, her abode and apex of the Journey. As the children scale the mountain they finally emerge at the summit:

A woman sits before them.

She is clothed in robes that blend with the mountain, in fact she herself appears to be a continuation of the mountain itself. She sits on the ground with legs crossed and covered by the robes, immobile and breathing ever so slightly, in a manner which makes one feel the physical life in her is suspended. Her face is not old but rather ancient, and her half-closed eyes reveal an understanding that is of the nature of the mountain over which she presides. Omanisol is cloaked in an aura of serenity and strength, of timelessness and intensity, which becomes a part of the children merely by being in her presence…. (pp.111-112.)

There is not even a hint of instability in this imagery. Omanisol presides over the entire universal manifestation; all the worlds, subtle and dense are a part of her dominion. She presides over those vast spaces but she also resides in the deepest recesses of our hearts. Indeed, this sacred Mountain (reproduced in the Gopurams of every Hindu Temple) is not reached by any extension outside or in the beyond. Omanisol is the Earth herself. That is, she embodies the Earth’s sacred and divine Purpose within our Sun’s planetary family.The Magical Carousel maps out the way to reach this soul-essence of our very planet (Omanisol) in Chapter 9, as the children leave the land of Sagittarius carried by the Centaur to the border:

‘They gallop off at great speed, crossing the violet and fuchsia coloured land, for the Centaur makes every effort to fulfil his mission properly to bring the children to their destination on time. He travels so swiftly they seem to go even faster than sound and light, and at a certain moment the very space around them disappears, they are almost unaware of moving at all and seem to have entered a point right within themselves.’ (p.102)

Earth creatures need be wary of only two adversaries: Inertia and Incompletion. In fact, they go hand-in-hand. In each of the stages/lands the children experience there is in evidence a pernicious effort to hold them back, to halt the journey, to stop the movement, thereby never reaching the higher realms of the supramental Truth-Consciousness; otherwise known as the Solar World. There is no evil other than this: Inertia; no ‘sin’ – original or otherwise; and Inertia is simply another meaning of Death: one is held back so tightly, compressed till one is forced by the power of Inertia to exit the material plane. Thus, there is simply incompletion for the mental human species. Death intervenes and cuts the Journey short so that one never reaches the Solar World, the abode of Omanisol. In such a condition of incompletion nothing can find its rightful place.

When the ego is our pivot the higher potential we all carry within cannot come to fruition: the field – or our material base – does not accommodate the abundance of energy required to reach the Summit. The field of life must be made to encompass the full circle (see diagram) and all four quarters must be cleansed of those disfiguring veiling substances the ego structure creates, those beguiling disguises Diti so artfully displays in order to distract the travellers who visit her realm.

We are those travellers. Collectively, as representatives of the mental species we stand right in the middle of her realm. To pin us down she has enlarged her ‘wardrobe’ of disguises to a degree never before imagined. But the Time-Spirit is the vahana/carrier of each Soul in evolution. We can never succumb to Inertia under whatever guise. The Time-Spirit impels us forward; and in this culminating 9th Manifestation our collective destiny is to open up to our evolving collective consciousness the full 12 by penetrating ‘realms very few reach’. In the words of the great wizard and philosopher, Heropidus Heronimous:

‘You are about to discover the last three realms, the regions very few consciously reach. Remember Heropidus Heronimous and all his teachings, for in those realms this knowledge is used. Good-bye my little ones, good-bye…’ (Ibid, p.102)

2 thoughts on “Contours of the Binary Creation

  1. Lori Tompkins

    Thea, This is such a helpful message … towards being more aware of the binary forces at work and of the need to center. Regarding:

    ‘Darwin got it wrong: it is not the survival of the species that drives evolution; it is the quest for the supremacy of Diti’s creation in this particular round of the Precession of the Equinoxes as seen in the Map of the 12 Manifestations.’

    I am not understanding ‘the quest for the supremacy of Diti’s creation’ as being what drives evolution.

    I understand what is next:

    ‘The purpose or goal set before us as an evolving species in this vast cycle of 77,760 years is the establishment of a civilisation that has surpassed the binary and entered the realm of the Mother of Unity; she is known as Aditi in the Veda, or Capricorn in the zodiac where she stands in direct opposition to Diti of Cancer.’

    Can you further expand on your seeing of ‘the quest for the supremacy of Diti’s creation’ as a driving force of evolution?

  2. Thea Post author

    It is very much like what I write about the Old Testament. The date Creationists give for the beginning of it all is very accurate. However, not the beginning of God’s creation but it was then that the Mental supremacy was set to be demolished with the advent of the Supermind and the 9th Avatar. Jews and Arabs stand for the Mental and Vital principles; and you must agree that they do embody these principles. They are at war with each other and it will remain so until India steps up to the plate and starts demonstrating the Third Way that is housed on her soil. For now she is stuck in the mud and does not see her role clearly, only in bits and pieces. It takes courage to move on…

    This is the same. Darwin was looking at evolution from the aboluste perspective: a very long stretch of time during which humans evolved from primates, etc. But actually what we grasp of the process from this point in time is the situation we are faced with at present. We study the 9th Manifestation and the task to be accomplished during this period of 6480 years. And that is the displacement of Mind in favour of the next higher principle. But to accomplish that we must ‘raise the pivot’ from the sex centre (the ego-axis I write about) to the higher position (the centred man of Leonardo’s famed drawing that has played such an important part of my work). Leonardo drew it just as it is: we must raise the pivot of our consciousness-being so that we set a new purpose in the volutionary process – no longer atavistic but a ‘higher’ purpose. This is explained in ‘The Magical Carousel’ well enough – the transition from Virgo to Libra, emergence in the higher hemisphere because of dedication to ‘a higher cause’.

    It is pointless to dwell on the entire evolutionary process from the beginning because it has been handled differently. I hate speculation so we will leave it at that.

    Tell me if I have missed something. Thea


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