A Communication

Received by the Group in Kodaikanal, India on 30 January, 1981

Is there a way out of the armaments race and potential destruction?

Yes, there is a way out for everyone. It is the realisation that there is another way. It is the way of conscious dismantling of all weapons. It is the way that must arise from the people demanding it of their leaders. That is one reason all world leaders are presently so uninspired (because the push will come from the people). It is a way out, I do not say it will happen – but it is quite possible and would not be evident until it is done.

How to do it?

It will appear to be an almost spontaneous uprising and call for a halt to armaments. The seeds are there, let us see how the thing grows.

Will America take the lead?

It will be a spontaneous world-wide movement, no particular country being foremost.

What part will India play?

(India will be) included, of course. In each country it would take a different form but in all the basis would be the same.

That would be unique.

The Earth needs something unique. It is quite possible…and could spread like wild-fire.

How can it be started?

The realisation that it can be done. Realise it… Do not admit a single doubt of hesitation. Do not omit a single person from this realisation. Do not permit any lapses in your resolve that it can be done and will be done by the unnamed multitudes. It is quite possible.

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