Core Poems by Aryaman

O Throbbing core of vision in the soul,
Pulse forth the force to break the clouding veils,
Extend thy web of Truth that never fails,
Unfold the plan for earth, reveal thy goal.

In measured beats let Love attune our lives:
That Eye give mind its all-seeing source of Light,
Our actions know from where their power derives,
Thy ray’s descent defeat the reign of Night.

O widening ever widening warming Gleam,
Vision for us the wonder of whole Time,
Your children lead into the City of Dream,
And make this planet midge dance out your rhyme.

Pulse of Light and Love with rhythmic Breath,
Extinguish from the Earth the need for Death.


Core of Light, still, immobile in the silence of the soul.
Rhythmic Pulse, with thy immense power to make Time whole.
Inseminate this womb of night, leave pregnant with thy bliss,
Let birth here be fulfilment and live divinity’s kiss.

Core of Light, invincible sword of the Truth supreme,
Impeccable sight, intimate seeing by that incarnate Gleam.
Devastate this Ignorance, hew for man the way,
That we may see along with Thee and know eternal Day.

Core of Light, glimmering Ray hiding Mystery’s face;
Terrible might, impetuous rapture of the Mother’s grace,
Gift earth thy measured beats of Love and to our hearts here bring,
Power that slays, Power that saves, Power to end Death’s sting.

Core of Light, sheer mountain peak of godhead Thrill,
Force divine, swift galloping steed of inviolate Will,
Panic the dark Adversary with thy bugle battle sound –
Behold! the City’s gates are open, the sunlit path is found!

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