Earth’s Treasure


Love has come to us.

Not that love of petty emotion and pursuit,

Not the love of desire and dissipation,

Not the love that in its finding is lost.

Love lost is not love,

For love here can find expression

Only in the depths of Divine Intention.


Go forward then peoples of the earth!

Cast not a backward glance.

The mask called Death is vanquished

On the future’s threshold

The past is gone

And leaves only yesterday’s sigh,

Of things not worthy of remembrance.


Await Her coming in readiness.

The heart, that hearth of fire

Burns the brittle bonds of mind

That bind us to the downward pulls

Of uselessness and sloth of busyness.

She comes in a deft dance

Of whirlwind action midst a battle

With the shadowy clingings of things

That will not leave their hold

On Earth’s Treasure.




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