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Concerning the Creative Power of Supermind, its Process, and the Great Reversal Accomplished

‘To fear God really is to remove oneself to a distance from Him, but to fear Him in play gives an edge to utter delightfulness.’

Sri Aurobindo


25 February 1981


Deeply perceiving in this moment one is brought to the vision of ‘the one in the all and the all in the one’. I am the All, all is in me, I contain the all while being contained in the All.

But how does this come about? How can it be?

It can be by a warp, a curve, whereby the farthest is indeed the closest, whereby all things that on one plane appear to be separate and distanced from each other, are, in fact, one and together. The Gnostic Circle gives us the image in the 0/9 [point]. But this relation only exists in a full cosmos, no matter what dimensions we give to it. As I have written, it must bear the essential trinity in its being. This then constitutes a cosmos. However, added to this is the question of a conscious awareness of the inherent trinity, which then adds the fourth element of integrality.

In a cosmos of whatever dimensions this curve is inherent. All is in each part. This stands especially evident in material creation. That is, in material creation we see this curve and the resultant oneness. We can become conscious of the oneness. For now we are blocked from this vision by the delimitations of Mind which gives rise to our erroneous concepts of Time and Space, because these appear to distance things. But, in fact, it is by the agency of Time and Space that created things experience oneness. These are the dimensions by which this ‘curve’ is effectuated. Without Time and Space we cannot have the concrete experience of oneness, we cannot be conscious of the essential unity, which incorporates all dimensions of being. We must necessarily exclude the material universe. And in so doing how can there be the real experience of God? It is an impossibility.

Within my being I am the essential trinity. We are all this essential trinity. We are all embodiments of the Supermind, albeit veiled. I had this experience nine years ago: the Three in One, exactly as Sri Aurobindo describes it in regard to Supermind, as the constituent reality of Supermind or the Truth-Consciousness as a creative power. I have it now in the perception of my individuality and yet my totality. I am the all, I am in the all, the all is in me.

Travelling on ‘beams’ of time will make it possible to visit distant galaxies – because it is in that dimension that the ‘curve’ takes place, or the contraction: thus therein or thereby Space is altered. That which is farthest becomes nearest.

It is thus that we have the physical experience of God, of the creative power of the Absolute.

In this light we can understand how spirituality has taken us very far away from the concrete experience, how in so doing it has denied the very purpose of material creation… We, as the material creation, on a whole are the farthest point removed from the Absolute. Yet by the very properties inherent in the material creation we are the closest. That is, we have the possibility of the conscious experience of unity and oneness.

No other level of Absolute Being can have this experience. Therefore while spirituality, in one form or another, continues to deny the instrument of Creation, it postpones for the material creation its legitimate and destined right to be conscious of Truth and Reality.

In the dimension of Time acting upon the field of Space this oneness is experienced. Time curves Space. This is the profound message of the Indian image of (vertical) Shakti standing upon (horizontal) Shiva, prostrate and inert. Space is contained by the contraction of Time. It is made a cosmos by this action. Thus all created things follow the same pattern. That is, all of the material dimension must know the same process. It is Time that renders each thing a cosmos, no matter what its dimensions.

Indeed, in our dimension of Being, this material universe or stratum, Time is the direct power of Supermind: it controls, it instills sense, it fulfills purpose. To deny Time then is to never experience the truth of existence.

With the Gnostic Circle I have the key that turns the lock and opens the door to this immense reality. In it one perceives, with relation to our world, our Earth, at this particular point on the scale of evolution, the formula for the period that constitutes a cosmos. That is, within nine months and the one year the ‘curve’ is closed (and then re-opened). Yet it is not enough to know the formula of the Year. This has been known in Vedic times. It is knowing the periods within that time, that mark off the stages of ‘the journey travelled’ that is all important. The harmony consists of parts within the whole. We must know the notes if we would play the piece. These ‘notes’ are revealed to us in the Gnostic Circle (the ‘rays’ of the Vedic Sun); and at the same time, because we perceive them within the whole, we ‘hear’ the entire tune.

Therefore the ancient Vedic Seers stressed the wisdom of the Sacrifice of the Year, – which contains the totality of the notes of our world. But who is there who can see this today? None. They deny their own wisdom…

Each cosmos has its own laws, its own relationships. For man the formula is based on 9: 9 months of Time bring forth the One of Space/form to constitute a new cosmos. The 9 for man offers him the possibility of creating a new cosmos. In terms of a child this is a fact, but it is equally a fact in other spheres, in the sphere of a creation of whatever order.

Yet, can a thing be created that does not correspond to a seed of Truth? That is, can this formula be misused? No, it cannot, because it can only bring forth what is inherent in itself. A creation that does not conform to the Truth-Seed is an impossibility, no matter what we see about us, what darkness, what suffering, what apparent aberrations.

For other dimensions in other worlds, other species, the relationship changes. But this is determined by the potential of conscious perception. The more conscious the species the more probable is this law to be encountered.

The basic formula is: Zero giving rise to the Three which produces the One. Sri Aurobindo puts it this way: out of the One comes the trinity and not vice-versa. And this is his definition for the creative Supermind:


‘It established a Trinity, not arriving like Mind from the three to the One, but manifesting the three out of the One – for it manifests and develops – and yet maintaining them in the unity – for it knows and contains.’


Yet Sri Aurobindo is calling the One here the Unity. My contribution is an all-important difference: I call this One he refers to the Zero. Thus I have been able, by this difference, which is no real difference at all, to make the link with Time, and hence with Matter. And going a step farther, I have linked the 0 with the 9, shown their essential and effective oneness in our flow of time. And this has brought the 0 radically into Matter. That is, the Supermind is rooted or revealed therein, and the process of its creative power is unveiled.

My further contribution is the One – that hidden Fourth (thereby completing the OM in manifestation). Coming from the Zero the supramental Trinity then produces out of itself the true 1. And this 1 is, in turn, a new manifestation of the 0. That is, it is the ‘masked Transcendent’ who takes birth in Time, or is manifest in Matter.

In his rebirth as the One it means that he stands on a different poise. This is essential to understand. He is no longer descending now. He is now leading the ascension, the upward curve. (It is the truth the Christians tried to capture in the death and resurrection of the Christ; yet the Father had not ‘descended into clay’, thus their perception was an error and does not correspond to the cosmic truth. The Supermind had not manifested, its time had not come, the Trinity had not incarnated and the One was not the Son crucified.)

Therefore in the tale of Kartikeya, this ‘child’ is known as the ‘leader of the hosts’, even as Agni is the ‘leader’, for the two are one. And the same goes for his counterpart in the Christian scriptures recorded by St. John. They all come to ‘lead the army’, the ‘hosts of the Lord’. That is, he leads in the upward journey (so many are the hymns of Agni that come to mind), or the evolution of the new species. He marks the great curve in Time, whereby the same experience I have been describing for myself, individually, is lived on the level of the species: his coming marks the beginning of the Collective Realisation.

This is the truly great Reversal. And it is done. Nothing can now change that, neither belief nor disbelief, for these attitudes are products of the lower hemisphere of being. They are mental modes. They do not correspond to the Real-Idea, or the Truth that is.

Thus the Fourth is characterised by this ascending movement. He joins the evolution, as it were. By the Father’s sacrifice he creates this reversal and he takes his stance in the poise of the ascending movement of Evolution, after having himself initiated the descending movement of Involution. Only he who is that can accomplish this task. None other. He must carry this out in his own being, by his birth, his ‘death’ or sacrifice, and rebirth in perfect attunement with time. It is all a play in time, for time is that curving or contracting power by which creative principle alone this great Reversal is made possible.

Thus the Mother’s chamber is a ‘womb of Time’ and conforms to all these newly-revealed aspects of the Work. Indeed, it contains all these secrets, and only when these secrets are known can we know the Chamber. It stands as ‘the symbol of the future realisation’, to use the Mother’s words, precisely because it holds the great key to the creative power of the supramental Time. It reveals the Divine Measure of the Year. It is this secret that has reached us from Vedic times. It is this redemption that we now bring about: in redeeming Time we redeem Matter. The birth of the One who is the Fourth heralds the new species of a redeemed matter.

Being micro-cosmoses each individual can live this same process that is lived by the incarnate triune power that produces the One or the Fourth. They live it for the evolution; the individual can, and shall, live it in his or her own being. As he is the embodiment of Sachidananda he must himself live the Sacrifice and produce the One.

The Supramental Beings are those who live this conscious experience in the dimension of material creation. And in it lies the key to Immortality – not only of consciousness but of physical being. Indeed, there can be no true experience of Supermind without the dimension of the densest element incorporated in the process. Physical immortality is the signal of the completed Work.

Kodaikanal, 25.2.1981

‘The philosophers who reject the world as Maya, are very wise and austere and holy, but I cannot help thinking sometimes that they are also just a little stupid and allow God to cheat them too easily.’

Sri Aurobindo

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