‘The Strategy, the Battle and the Nature of the Victory’ – Part 2

From Thea’s Journal





…the tactics used by the Falsehood. This is that the process of offensive accusing undermines the subject’s true appreciation of himself, his self-esteem, and his ability to defend himself.

            …There is a gnawing undermining constantly present. It operates by clouding the atmosphere with falsehood so that one is compelled to identify with that cloud and forget one’s true self.

It is clear that in a centred society this tactic cannot operate because this externalising which permits the tactic to function does not occur. An individual is always poised in such a way that he or she is always cognisant of his/her true self and real worth. He lives by the Law of Truth, the truth of what IS. This knowledge dismantles any manipulation.

…The tactic operates on small and large lines; it operates in overt and covert dimensions; occult and open. ‘The time has come for the reign of Falsehood to end’…and the means to achieve this is by exposing all its tactics, all the means by which for centuries it has ruled the planet, taking advantage of the weakness inherent in the binarily-structured consciousness of the species.




‘…It is interesting that the 9 stages (of the annual Durga Puja), are ‘nights’, whereas the 10th, when the Victory is achieved after slaying the Asura on the 9th night, is a DAYTIME experience. It is the 10th Day, not night as in the ‘Navaratri’. Indeed, the whole war consists in exposing the Darkness and bringing that falsehood into the light of day where it must inevitably perish.

            …Undermining is the principal weapon of the Falsehood…Unless that strategy is shattered there can be no Victory. As long as undermining is still able to influence one’s actions, then we have not completed the 9 Nights and 1 Day. But, I believe it has now been done…




…If this is the power of Durga, then the Navaratri drama indicates what one might expect. There are 9 nights of danger, each night increasing in intensity and danger. Finally the crucial Battle comes, and then…? Suspense, because it is an all-out, last-ditch Battle. It is then, however, that the Goddess’s true power, greatness and supremacy stands revealed.

            The final battle, or round, is indeed more frightful and dangerous, but at the same time it provides the opportunity for the real power and greatness to display itself. We could say the (battle) field is for this purpose only: to provide Durga with the opportunity to display her greatness.

The Goddess IS victory, hence there is never any question of her failing to conquer. But in the course of the Navaratri, she reveals herself and at the same time she does save the Earth. She imprints the Victory in the matrix of evolution.

So, the final round is intense but it goes from gain to gain, from victory to Victory: already the 10th Day is near. One knows that that Sun will rise inevitably, because the night/darkness has already been vanquished. The turning point has already been successfully crossed, the Sun will soon manifest on the field’s horizon. All of this IS, and it is this certainty, this absolute knowing which gives the proper poise or attitude in the final round.

Here there is no time nor space for any feelings of possible failure. At this point, having successfully reached the final round, the Victory is a foregone conclusion. There are now no surprises because everything is known, the light – those arrows of Fire – have harassed the ‘Panis’ to the point where they can go nowhere to flee, do nothing but seek each one to save himself individually. Because the web is broken. The Fire has set aflame the structure that kept the elements joined together in this fraternity of Ignorance and Falsehood.

Having destroyed the key structural support of that web, the collapse is inevitable. At that point for those elements who had been caught in that web there is only one recourse: to save what can be saved, or to save themselves individually. The fraternity is shattered…

Durga romps home to the Victory in the final round. True it is the mightiest battle, but this means that all the tools and elements of the Falsehood are mobilised in the final Battle and therefore the Goddess can conquer INTEGRALLY, since it is all amassed in one battle. This is why everything is connected in this extraordinary display of a supramental strategy.

By the final round the Goddess’s supremacy is unquestioned; none doubt her Victory. The tables are turned and the underminers are now thoroughly undermined. This sets their camps in a frenzy of self-destruction. Hence, everything they do goes to define the final Victory and make it even more spectacular. The light has been released and the Panis have therefore no means to deal with that radiance. Their only tool or weapon is the darkness, the night. The cover of darkness is the sole weapon. Just as the Goddess has only one weapon also: the Power of Truth…the Word. This is why the winning object in the Vedic tale is the Bolt of Lightning, the supreme, intensified, pulverising weapon of Light. This is its meaning: Lightning illumines when it flashes, but it also sets things which it strikes a flame. And to wield such a weapon one must have been rendered immune to its destructive aspect – hence…the Initiation.

The equivalent in The Magical Carousel is the Centaur’s flaming arrows – indeed Brihaspati, indeed Jupiter. But there too the story cautions and the ‘schooling’ is urged. Otherwise the arrows are used purposelessly…to enjoy and nothing more. They are not the power of Truth.

But in the end, after the ‘taming’, the Centaur is given arrows, with a purpose – controlled, just enough to allow him to carry the children to the apotheosis, to the Threshold, to the Kingdom of Swar…


                                                                                                            11 AM


…The Gods, the Trimurti (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva), all fought the Asura until finally they fled ‘to the mountaintops’, as the Asura even threatened heaven. Since no man could defeat him, the Trimurti sent a woman to do the job: Devi herself.

            …It will be 18 years in India. The Goddess has 18 arms…these are indeed the 18 years during which Kala (Time) has provided the weapons by his power. With Mahakal on one’s side, how can one fail? And after all, Durga is Shiva’s Shakti; it is with his weapon given to her, the Trishul (trident), that she finally slays the ignorance. Finally and conclusively.

The point is, there was really never any doubt: the Woman would conquer, just because she was a woman… ‘This is the reason why you were born a woman,’ …Only a woman could slay the mightiest Asura of them all. It is Durga, the Daughter, the 3rd Principle and Power…

…This 18th year in India marks the final round and the true Victory. Durga has utilised all 17 weapons and in this 18th year she uses the Trishul, which is three-pronged, which bears the power of the trinity, 9, 6, 3…and she also carries a Vel… All converges on the 3rd. Hence the Prologue of Volume 3 (The New Way): if the 3rd fails, all is lost.

But the 3rd cannot fail. There is no way in which she could fail. Her essence is Victory.

…Any seeming subjugation during the ‘navaratri’ is just stalking. That is the means to draw out into the open the Asura and his weapons, and thus to ‘usurp’ them. It is just a part of the divine Strategy.




…Strategy is only strategy, in the final analysis. Strategy is to be implemented. But essential is the quality of the instruments implementing the strategy. The best strategy in the world has to fail if the instruments are not good. Likewise, even a bad strategy can secure the victory if the instrument is special and good…

…What I have written…would not indicate a Consciousness in control of everything. It would not be a divine strategy, meaning the opus of the supramental Shakti. It would be the mental strategy and highly limited. In the latter one can never be sure of the outcome of anything. There are only potential victories and probabilities, precisely because the capacity is not integral, does not embrace all the circles and dimensions. Or else, there is a disconnection. Control is only partial, over certain elements. But others are ‘out of bounds’, either because they are ‘higher’ or ‘lower’. These gaps result in the fact that one can never be sure.

In such a scenario mistakes are mistakes. They are not negatives used for the purpose of the One. They are ‘out of control’. Hence strategies which are mentally devised can never produce the Victory.

That Victory can only come about on the basis of a divine strategy. This means a strategy which is all-encompassing and in which every single thing is known and controlled: meaning there is a true cosmos operating. There is integration, harmony between the parts and the parts with the Centre. This condition alone produces the Victory.

Hence, to believe that the strategy is not foolproof because the instrument may not be adequate, is to admit that the time of the victory has not come…




When all is known there can be no unknowns. This automatically implies that all is predetermined. But this is a wrong word. It is misleading. It suggests a decision or an action akin to a human activity…implying hence choice – i.e., the choosing of one possibility over another and a determination in favour of that choice. This is the human conception of will. This is the way the human being exerts will. Therefore human consciousness can only suppose or assume that all consciousness works the same way, and since ‘God created man in His image’, it means that God too functions like that.

But the predetermination which is the true reality of creation is a very different process. It is simply that grand harmony of the Being and the Becoming: what is unfolds itself in time and space. This is the answer to the unified theory scientists are fruitlessly seeking. They go about this quest using Mind. But mind is precisely the bar. It is only the Truth-Conscious instrument that can disclose the true reality.

Thus, things are ‘predetermined’ because they always were and are. This is precisely how they can be predetermined. Only what is can be. And the becoming of that is the whole truth and purpose of evolution: to provide a field wherein what is, eternally, can be unfolded in time; and thus the Supreme Consciousness can perceive itself by this self-objectivisation, and above all, it can enjoy itself. Thus ananda, delight, is really the essence of at least the Earth if not the whole universe, because that Consciousness delights in the unfolding vision of Itself, of Being. This is the essence of the Becoming. It is that act of separation required for this experience of Delight and Enjoyment. Hence desire drives the universe, just as the Tantra states, because the desire to enjoy is the motor of the Becoming. And desire is the outer guise of Love. Indeed… ‘Love makes the world go round!’

But the separation is only an illusion – the illusion necessary in order to permit the experience of Delight synonymous with Becoming. Hence the Divine Maya has a lesser and a higher mode, undivine or divine. She is Divine when it is conscious ‘stalking’; and undivine when there is no conscious awareness. In other words, she is undivine when like the Queen of Night she becomes thoroughly externalised and caught in the periphery, in the outer whirlpool of the play she is the instrument for; or she is Divine when her maya, or play, is known to be the method to produce this intense Delight, when Maya knows she exists as a tool of the One Consciousness to enjoy and know Itself, then that separation is also seen to be an illusion. All then becomes a conscious play. And this marks the great divide between a world ruled by the Ignorance and one ruled by the Truth-Consciousness.

As seen time and again, the Becoming (purpose of our evolution) is the hardest and most enduring enigma. Yet this is the essence of the material universe, our place. It is the essence of our field; and yet we deny it. No wonder the Earth is in this pathetic state. We have never known and accepted this fact.

The divine Strategy harmonises the Being and the Becoming. It is a certainty because there is no separation between ‘plan’ and ‘implementation’, between ‘strategy’ and ‘enactment’. The Strategy is what it is because the total conditions are what they are.

This deep knowing is what has always left me disturbed when I read things like, ‘Sri Aurobindo had to change his strategy and leave his body because…’. This implies that his leaving was determined THEN, as a reaction to certain unforeseens, – i.e., the Partition, or whatever. But that would be admitting failure. The failure being Sri Aurobindo’s inability to perceive the whole, as the truth-conscious Strategy. It is wrong to suggest that Sri Aurobindo ‘took a decision’ at a certain point to leave his body due to an inability to complete his mission under the prevailing conditions.

The fact is he left – but what determined that was simply what is, and what has been always and will ever be; and what must inevitably unfold by the Power of Time. Hence I have been able to show the superb harmony between the timing of Sri Aurobindo’s passing and the Mother’s, and these harmonised with the Return, and all the rest. All of this, this grand Harmony, is impossible unless all IS in the Being and unfolds in the Becoming; the seed and the flowering, the 0 and the 9.




When we say ‘all is known’ and the nature of God is omniscience, we do not mean a mental knowing, knowledge acquired. We mean a knowing equal to being. We mean the Truth-Consciousness which does not seek for knowledge. This knowing which lies at the root of predetermination (since if all is known the outcome must also be known) is synonymous with Being, with what is. There is no disconnection, no gaps, no spaces. It all transpires in a field of oneness. Hence Oneness is the other sacred message for the Earth which the Goddess brings: Oneness and Love. These two truths, one the universal essence and one the specialised essence of the Earth – her individual ‘note’ – are the foundations of our work.

In this condition of simultaneity knowledge is power. Again, that power, or fuel for action, for ‘securing the Victory’, is also part and parcel of the Divine Strategy. The weapons, ‘symbols’ of that power or the tools of implementation…are integral items, not devised mentally but rather organic growths of the unfolding Strategy. The weapons for the exercise of Power are sacred in that they are one with the all, with that Being. They too are the mechanisms of Maya. One can wield them consciously or not.

Thus in the Puranas, in the story of Durga’s conquest, almost the entire tale consists of the ‘exploits’ of the Goddess as she wields one or the other of the weapons given to her in the realm of the Gods when she is invested with the Power. The weapons are these consciously fashioned and wielded instruments. The whole tale seems to be exclusively concerned with describing one after another action of each of these special and sacred weapons. Hence even today so much importance is laid on their representation in Indian sacred imagery and iconography. In contrast, how may Christian deities or saints carry ‘weapons’? It shows how ‘powerless’ they are… (Poor St. George got de-canonised recently!)

And so, since the Goddess is shakti, it is obvious that her exploits must be a means to describe the universal and individual implementation or unfolding of that Power. And Power is one with Knowledge. Hence the weapons are conscious tools wielded consciously by the Gods.

In the Supermind there is no gap: knowing is being is power is unity is multiplicity. The Becoming is our field to render this truth, the reality of existence, the true nature of a material universe and the purpose of evolution itself, a CONSCIOUSLY LIVED EXPERIENCE. The Becoming is hence the supreme grace and the truth of its essential purpose is therefore the supreme Secret, the knowledge most desirous, most coveted, most precious, and by consequence most elusive.

Since this Knowledge only comes when the full Descent is known, the 9, 6, 3, 0/1, it is clear why Skanda is sometimes called ‘Guha’ or the hidden one; why there is that special temple in which his icon is always covered in veils… For Skanda is the Puranic godhead of the 4th Power or Principle, Guha, the hidden One…who is at the same time Mars, the God of War. When the time of unveiling comes, only then are Knowledge and Power simultaneous, operating, determining truths of our existence on Earth.




…These events reveal a strategy that cuts across time. It sees the future, it knows what will happen tomorrow, as well as what will be required to make that future (and past) serve the purposes of the Centre.

But ‘knows’ in what way? What is the condition of universal being which permits this ‘knowing’? For it implies that ALL IS, and at each moment.

It is as if there were a grand Seeing Eye. The ‘height’ from where it perceives allows it to see vast stretches of time. But this cannot be a linear perception because that would exclude the reality ‘all is at any given moment’, which is the reason why things can be ‘known’. It is not a vision which is able to follow a development from A to B, but rather it is a Seeing spherical in essence, a circle wherein all is, rather than a line of unfolding. The former necessarily implies a centre, an unfolding centrally structured, like an unfolding rose: the petals unfold and spread out from a central cluster of petals.

But such a Seeing also implies a perception of the One and the Many, or the Being and the Becoming, or the Unity (the centre) and the Multiplicity (the periphery).

By logical deduction this Seeing is not attained by a rise, by a greater height which provides a vision of the total circle. That is not sufficient to explain the quality of knowing we are dealing with.

The answer lies in the core: a seeing centrally rooted in the Core, not above and beyond in the transcendence. The transcendent seeing reveals only the Being – what is, the circle seen from a great height, high enough to perceive circles within circles which linear perception cannot encompass. But it does not reveal the details of the Becoming within the Being. Its vision or seeing is therefore STATIC.

It is only a poising of the seeing Eye in the Core and perception from that Point which can disclose the nature of Becoming within Being and hence reveal how this knowing is made possible.

When that centering comes into being, then only is the simultaneous truth of the One and the Many made manifest, then only has ‘the time come’ for the new supramental creation.




…Regarding unity: for most unity is a single thing, like oneness. Then division sets into that unity, to break this one thing, whole and complete, up. Multiplicity resides in this act of division and hence separation. This is a linear process because it proceeds from an external poise or power.

            In my vision of unity there is a fundamental difference. There is no act of division. Unity is that which contains all. Compressed, compacted. Multiplicity arises on the basis of a power inherent in the whole. This power is the sum of all the parts. It works from within and proceeds not by division but by expansion and growth from within. Multiplicity flowers from within the core of unity like a flowering rose – petals upon petals unfold. Indeed, multiplicity is simply an unfolding of unity. There is no question of division and hence separation. Unity is not broken up. It is an unfolding of itself, of that which is, of being. The Becoming is simply that act of unfolding of Being.

Indian music is like that too: the Silence is. It is not broken up – sound arises out of that, lifts up, or unfolds itself from the silence, in the very same manner.

What an enormous difference this is. In the old seeing there is no unfolding; there is division: a whole thing is broken up into PARTS OF ITSELF. There is fragmentation – splitting, separation.

In the new seeing unfolding does not mean fragmentation. One is not left with a part of something. Unfolding of Being means that each portion of the Being is equal to the whole. Because it is a flowering from within – or from the CENTRE. This is the whole key: the Centre.

In the old way the action is from outside. In the new way it is from within, from the centre outward. It is really an unfolding or a growth of a single substance or essence. No splitting but rather expanding growth of that essence just like an organic growth: from a seed. Thus, if one takes a cell of something one can arrive at the whole organism. The cell in a cloning process produces exact replicas of itself.

It is clear that the new form will come into being on Earth by the same process: it will not be a cell dividing but rather a growth, an unfolding from a single seed by a process of expansion. Somehow it will be a new process; and in this newness lies the conquering of decay and death. Surely death is the result of this division which exhausts the organism. The energy employed can sustain only so much of this action. There is a depletion which fails to replenish.

In the new creation of form from a centre, this exhaustion does not take place because it is not external or dividing. It is central and unfolding. In the act of division ENERGY IS LOST. But in the new way that energy is preserved. There is simply expansion in the act of unfolding. It can be an eternal process.

For this reason scientific cosmologists break their heads over the question of an expanding universe which finally collapses, or a ‘steady state’ universe and no collapse. Again, it is a question of energy and mass. How much is there?

This is what the new alignment means. It is a rearrangement of the structure, an entirely different process of manifestation. In the human being it means a truly creative process of development on all levels. That is, it refers to the physical creation as well as the vital, mental and so on. But physically it is a process based on this central unfolding. When that alignment exists, the centre comes into being. Then only does one make contact with the ever-replenishing source. One then draws from within; one is self-sufficient in energy. No outside intake is required as when the binary system exists. This process hinges on the new and true alignment. Only then does one make contact with the Source. As if we were able then to connect with another dimension which a binary alignment has kept us closed to. Truly it is the last quarter of the wheel (the Gnostic Circle). That ‘source’ was the Beyond. With the new alignment it is brought here. The contact is made…




…the whole key to the new creation of form. Not only of form, but of consciousness and the many levels of being. It is always the same, all the way down: spiritual, mental, vital and physical. The real key is the birth that fills the void. This is my fundamental contribution: the birth of the One.

            The One is not unity. The One simply fills the void, which is not really a void because there was always the One within – only hidden: Guha, the hidden one. The veiled one. This is the big, big secret of the Sanatan Dharma. This is the secret that Shiva’s Son has held for India from time immemorial: the Hidden One. This is what makes Hinduism so different from Buddhism. The latter never knew the One. Hence Kalki (the 4th, or Shiva’s Son) must indeed ‘correct the error of the Buddha’…

We have been misled. We have equated that One with unity. But the One is the fruit of the Seed, and not unity. It is the Point (of space). Indeed, it contains all but compressed. The One is the first step in the Becoming. The One is indeed the Reversal. And it is the Reversal that allows for the act of becoming. Without that there could be no unfolding.

And so, the bridge the 3rd constructs is that passage from Being to Becoming. Hence Time is my ally and my way.

The One is the Point central to all created things. The One is the masked (hidden) Transcendent. The One is the immanent Transcendent. The One arises out of the zero-womb, the ‘cradle’ of Time, The One gives reality or being to space. The One is the truth-essence of space.

The Zero is the womb wherein this miracle of creation is gestated. Three are its phases or properties. The Zero is the OM – threefold but with a mysterious Fourth who is the result of the commingling of the three. The Zero compacts, contracts, compresses – and finally releases the One: the point, the perfect centre. That centre is then the nucleus. It attracts and repels and puts all things in their right place. The One is the binding energy – indeed, without the One no sun would burn in the heavens and no creature would exist on Earth.

This is the unity in diversity; or better, the diversity in unity. The One is the first expression of that diversity. It is not the unity. It is the first Becoming. The real proof of India’s ancient wholeness, its unity, lies in this knowledge which we can glean from its myths, its yogas, its culture – above all, its music…




…The Victory moves outward from the centre: concentric circles are conquered, the light takes over various spaces of the field in an integral fashion. This is the true meaning of ‘circles’, ‘spherical’ processes. It simply means integrality and harmony of all the parts. We have seen this happen with mathematical precision in Durga’s War. We have seen how unbelievably all elements were drawn into the Battle; we have seen how they were linked, by this remarkable Strategy. Thus, if one worked on one area, one touched unavoidably every other connected area. And the Strategy was the same as in 1984: the ‘weak link’ was found. That ‘weak link’ is the means to dismantle the entire web.




…there is the old condition of expecting results in a certain way, or according to the old patterns. That is, one is constantly holding up the past as the pattern and expecting things to take shape according to what was. But that is not what is. And this ‘what is’ is entirely new, different from what has ever been. Therefore if one persists in expecting the past to show what is, then of course the Falsehood and the Ignorance will continue to exert a power, continue to succeed in their undermining tactics.

            But this time it has been weak, a last attempt. And now it is over, the tactic stands unmasked. My God, what a miracle this Light is! It is all so clear. One sees, one knows with such a ‘new precision’ how the victory is and the Victory shall be. One is given a ‘divine Strategy’ and this is the supreme Grace in action in the world.


…Now one must allow things to settle and find their place in this second circle. But what this means is that energy has been released in that circle. This is the real meaning or nature of the Victory. It is an entirely occult process or action. Durga’s War is occult, not a political or a social action. If the latter were the case then I would be an Indira Gandhi, a member of the Lunar Line and not the Solar Line. For the latter the process is always occult; and the external play of circumstances is simply the apparent reality which provides the field – on this earth, for this is the whole point – for that deeper work to get done. Thus, to suggest (as some have done) that I.G. was ‘Durga’ (because she is the third in the Lunar Line and hence connected to the Daughter Principle is totally incorrect. The Goddess’s power is occult (for lack of a better word), a war, an action in those dimensions where they permit an action in the external layers. The role of the Lunar Line is to carry that action forward, into the external layers. But they are helpless unless the former work is done. This is why R.G. can begin to do his work with a certain amount of success and that during these years of siege he has been impotent on the external level, from 1987 to the present. He too will find new energies ‘liberated’ which will result in a very interesting forward thrust in this next cycle of 9.

Yes, this is the point: when each concentric sphere is conquered by means of the new process, then ENERGY IS RELEASED. It is the release of energy that permits progress and the reshaping of things. Thereafter, expansion is experienced in that particular sphere, and the signs that this is so are immediate…

…One must put thoughts of results and recognition out of one’s head. Or at least, one must realise that ‘results’ today are very different from yesterday. The past cannot be a model for now. One is introducing the new. And it IS new. The process is new, the strategy is new, the results are new. One must simply watch it all unfold…


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