On the Destiny of India

        India is not the earth, rivers and mountains of this land

 neither is it a collective name for the inhabitants

 of this country.  India is a living being,

 as much living as, say, Shiva.
India is like a goddess.  If she likes, she can manifest

in human form.




In the whole of creation the earth has its place

of distinction, because unlike any other planet it is evolutionary

with a psychic entity at its centre.

In it, India, in particular, is a divinely chosen country.




India must be saved for the good of the world

since India alone can lead the world

to peace and a new world order.




India is the country where the psychic law

MUST rule and the time has come for that HERE.

Besides, it is the only possible salvation for this country

whose consciousness has unfortunately been warped

by the influence and domination of a foreign nation,

but which, in spite of everything, possesses a

unique spiritual heritage.



The soul of India is one and indivisible.

India is conscious of her mission in the world.

She is waiting for the exterior means of manifestation.




…the division (Partition) was not decreed,

it was a human deformation.  Unquestionably it was

a human deformation.


The Mother

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