Pertinent Extracts from the Mother’s Talks

‘I have just set off a crisis of indignation! Because almost without exception all the people around me and who profess to want only what I want, are apparently completely obedient, but their instinct is just the opposite. For example, when I see someone, I see how he is, what he is capable of doing, etc, and when I see it is a man one cannot count on, their instinct is: “Oh, what an admirable man!” And it is their INSTINCT – that is, the spontaneous movement of their being is in constant contradiction with my consciousness.

‘So, this means…I cannot say that it is hypocrisy but it is purely a mental attitude which does not correspond to the consciousness of their being. For me there is a sure indication: when I do not say anything to someone (that is, I do not make use of the mental intermediary), but I see that his sensation, impression, state of consciousness are in harmony with mine, I know all is well. And when that person tells me, “Yes, I want what you want,” it is true. But when it is simply a mental poise, superficial, and that because I say “It is like this” they reply externally ‘It is like that”, but internally everything is in ferment because they feel differently…

‘For example, precise problems, a decision that needs to be taken, I am presented with the problem; I do not answer materially right away – I send the answer like this [gesture of inner communication]. Then I wait. Well, it happens (quite rarely but it does happen) that the person writes me, “I received the reply. It is this”…then I say “It is good.” But when I write and because I write the words they say the same thing, it proves nothing. It is an artificial obedience.

‘And I am not talking about those who immediately feel, “Oh, the Mother is wrong.” I am not even speaking of them. I am talking about those who really have goodwill but who are full up to here [gesture to her mouth], even to here [gesture to her forehead] of the Ignorance and Falsehood and who put on a cover of acquired knowledge but not felt…

‘How will the world change? It is not possible.

‘No, I am not speaking of the enormous mass of those who imagine that I am always mistaken but who say, “Oh, the poor old lady, one shouldn’t contradict her!” I am not even speaking of them. I am speaking about those of goodwill, mentally: they have put on a mask of goodwill, but the inner vibration belongs still to the world of Falsehood.   [16.10.1965, L’Agenda de Mere, Volume 6, pages 285-6]



‘The [Superman] Consciousness which has been active since January, insists very much on becoming aware that one must do things by an act of will. That one is born at will, dies at will, that one falls ill at will – that it is the will which is the dominant principle. It insists very much on this.

            ‘I think this will change many things’. [9.8.1969, L’Agenda de Mere, Volume 10, page 304]



‘…There is a background (it is that, above all) a background of unconscious Negation which is behind everything, everything, everything. It is still everywhere: one eats, breathes – and receives this Negation… In order for everything to be transformed, it is still a colossal work. But when one is – how to put it? – on “the other side” (they are not “sides”), but in the other state, it seems so natural, so simple that one asks why it is not like that, why does it seem so difficult? And then, as soon as one is on the other side, it is (the Mother holds her head between her hands) …the mixture is still there, unquestionably.

            ‘Truly the ordinary state, the old condition, is consciously…(that is, it is a conscious perception)…it is death and suffering. And then in the other state, death and suffering seem absolutely…unreal things.’ (18.10.1969, the birthday of the great Negator(!) L’Agenda de Mere, Volume 10, pages 413-4)



‘I have had a revelation!

‘That is, I was totally silent and it came suddenly. And, as usual, it insisted until I noted it down.

‘It followed a question, “What is death?” But the reply is not on the ordinary plane – that is, the mind was totally silent.

‘It came like this, imperatively: (The Mother reads):


Death is the consequence of the

decentralisation of the Consciousness

contained in the cells composing the body.


‘With a host of perceptions at the same time, like a general Earth-consciousness, with examples showing that it is only when the consciousness contained in the cells is decentralised that that takes place. Otherwise nothing, not even the stopping of the heart can make one die.

‘That decentralisation comes from innumerable natural causes, but they are causes which one could call psychological. And the cells contained in the body or which constitute the body, are held together in a form by a centralisation of the Consciousness that is in them and while that power of concentration is there the body cannot die; it is only when the power of concentration disappears that the cells disperse. And then one dies, then the body dies.

‘And the rest was like this (the Mother picks up another note) …The usual concentration of Nature (produced by Nature) is a mechanical concentration, and it is subject to all sorts of mechanical laws – but, also…(the Mother reads her note) This is what came:

                        The very first step toward immortality

                        is to replace the mechanical centralisation

                        by a willed centralisation.


…which comes from the inner Presence, that is, the divine Presence, by its will, concentrates the cells. Then:


                        Decentralisation produced by Nature

                        is mechanical. It must be replaced by

                        a willed centralisation.’

                                                                                      17.12.1969, L’Agenda de Mere, Volume 10, pages 508-9



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