The Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi

in the new Cosmology and its relation to the Matrimandir


On 21 May 1991, Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated. In 1984 his mother, Indira Gandhi, was also assassinated. According to the new cosmology and the Capricorn symbol-map of India (see TVN, 6/2), the gunas involved were Rajas in the case of Indira, and Sattwa in Rajiv’s death. Both occurred in areas on the symbol-map ruled by these gunas. In the very first issue of Vishaal, (0/1, October 1985), I analysed Indira’s death which, within the totality of prevailing conditions, would permit the continuity of the Lunar Line through its fourth member, Rajiv. Also discussed in that article were its unusual time equations according to the new cosmology.

In Rajiv Gandhi’s demise there are similar correspondences with his own number-power, the 1. The date of the assassination was 21.5.1991, which equals l (2+1+5+1+9+9+1=1). In addition, he was in his 46th year, also corresponding to the power 1. His death occurred an exact 9 months – or a complete cycle – after his 46th birthday, plus one day. That extra day brought the count to a 1-power day, thus fulfilling the harmony he was born into.

While the circumstances surrounding Indira Gandhi’s death served to bring the next member of the Line swiftly and unchallenged to power, this was not the case regarding her son. His early, unexpected demise leaves India without a member of the Lunar Line in office and an apparent end to this ‘cosmic dynasty’ which has perplexed political and historical analysts throughout the world, having presided over the affairs of the nation for the better part of this century through entirely democratic processes.

This turn of events leaves India in an extremely vulnerable position, facing a great unknown and coming as it does in the midst of grave threats to the nation, both internal and external. However, this crisis was not precipitated by Rajiv’s death in May of 1991. Its seeds were sown in 1989 when his party stood for elections to the 9th Lok Sabha (Lower House of parliament) and failed to secure a majority so as to form the government. That election being the 9th, in a 9-power year, it marked the true start of a process in which Rajiv Gandhi’s death is one more feature, albeit a very significant one. And though it was the 9th Lok Sabha, it was to bring to power the nation’s 8th prime minister. With the fall of that 8th in November of 1990, the country was then given a 9th prime minister to preside over that 9th Lok Sabha, which, however, came to an end a mere 4 months later. Finally new elections were called for 20 May 1991, after barely 18 months. These new elections would bring the 10th Lok Sabha into effect and the 10th prime minister. Considering the prominence of the 10, or the 1, it was clear that in some way Rajiv Gandhi would play a significant role. The fourth member of both the Solar and Lunar Lines brings to the harmony the number 1; that is, the last figure of the nuclear formula, – 9/6/3—0/1.

Thus, the real change for India began in 1989, as it did for the rest of the world – witness the great shifts in Europe in that very November of 1989, and the collapse of communism. In any analysis of the political happenings in India on the basis of the new way Cosmology, it is necessary to bear this fact in mind, insofar as the movement is a progression involving 9 stages of development, always beginning with an original 9. In this case, the 9th Lok Sabha elections in 1989 (=9).

On 13.3.1991, a 9-power day, the President of India announced new elections for 20.5.1991, another 9-power day. Elections were to be stretched over several days, ending on 26th May. But Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination brought an abrupt interruption after that first 9-power day. The nature of this disruption entirely characterised the energy quality that particular date bought into the equation of the electoral process. It brought into play the force of the Gnostic Circle’s 4.5 Orbit – or the shattered, splintered Asteroid Belt of our solar system.

In contrast, the 9th Lok Sabha did not incorporate this same shattering quality. Rather, it was a hung parliament for the first time in the history of independent India. But that election, initiating the new ennead of 1989-98, set the tone for the insecurities which would surface during the rest of the cycle. These last elections also brought a hung parliament, but this time accompanied by the shattering experience of the Asteroid Belt and Rajiv Gandhi’s death. Even the instrument and method employed to bring about his end seems to point to the cosmic explosion resulting in billions of roaming particles filling the Asteroid Belt.

This tragic happening comes upon India at a time when the nation faces grave difficulties on all fronts, – political, social, economic, ecological, and accompanied by a population increase of unbearable proportions. In this precarious situation the steadying pole of a stable Lunar Line to guide the nation through these tumultuous moments is also eliminated. It would appear as if the Divine Shakti, presiding over the destiny of India, had withdrawn her grace and had decided to abandon the country to its own human resources. For it is clear that India is sliding into an abyss. Salvation in these circumstances is difficult though not impossible. But contingent upon that salvation is the correct perspective and perception, and the understanding that India is not governed by human effort alone, that she bears an unusual and hard destiny unlike that of any other nation. Its fulfilment hinges on the Divine Shakti’s controlling power operating in the nation through the Solar and Lunar Lines as prescribed in these unusual time-patterns. When connection is lost with this Power and the Lines are severed or in some way rendered unable to accomplish their work for the nation, the result is this slide down and down into an abyss of time that cuts that nation off from these higher integrating and harmonising resources.

India’s accelerated decline began in 1971. Events that year indicated a turning point had come. Either the new way was to emerge victorious from the churning process initiated in 1971 and serve as the ‘seed’ of the new creation which India is destined to offer the world, or the slide would begin and overtake the nation at an ever-accelerating pace.

The path into the future was finally decided in July 1975 – or, precisely at the decade/ennead’s 4.5 Orbit. An indication of the crossroad reached was the decision right then by the architects of the Matrimandir under construction in Auroville to incorporate in the temple the revised design and measurements rather than the originals given by the Mother in 1970. The disharmonious axis was cemented at that time and the course into the future could then be ‘read’ in the changed measurements, similar to a horoscope erected in steel and cement, in which had been cast this disharmony rather than the harmonies of the new cosmos the Mother had created. By 1977, it was evident that redemption of the construction was impossible: the architects had had their way and restoration of the harmony could not be carried out. This coincided with the ousting from power of Indira Gandhi since the destiny of the Lunar Line was also contained in those original measurements and any alteration therein would reflect on the members of the Line. India was immediately left politically vulnerable, then like now.

Of equal importance was the destiny of India herself, since in the centrepiece of the Chamber, the globe, the Mother had captured the correspondent measurement of the unpartitioned land-mass of the subcontinent in the sacred dimensions she had given for that special item of sacred geometry. Thus, any alteration in the temple’s overall axis would perforce affect the ‘alignment’ of that globe/India. Consequently, when the axis was cemented in its present disharmonious fashion, it was a simple matter to predict that India would then begin a slide into the disintegrating orbit of the Asteroid Belt and a dismembering of the remaining portion of the nation appeared almost inevitable. This prediction, solely on the basis of the distortions, began to play itself out in the nation’s march into her disharmonised future. Secessionist movements began thereafter, and the pace accelerated in the 1980s, keeping pace with the progression of the construction: the closer it neared completion, the greater the threat of disintegration. In 1980, Sanjay Gandhi, also a member of the Line, met an unexpected death. Then, at the 4.5 Orbit of the 1980-89 decade/ennead, Indira Gandhi was assassinated. But as early as January of 1977, I had warned that this would be India’s ineluctable future unless remedial measures were taken to correct the architect’s distortion of the original plan. In a booklet entitled, ‘What is Wrong with Matrimandir’, I wrote:

‘The effects of the power of disunity and disharmony stemming from disproportionate forms are seen at the level of this Centre (the Ashram and Auroville) itself and the national level as well – especially in what concerns those whose destinies are written in the structure (the Lunar Line) and those elements prominent in the national life who are joined to the Mother in some way. There too the confusion becomes acute and events begin which can prove in the long run to weaken the effectiveness of the Mother’s Force at that level. This is especially felt in the beginning by those who have a direct or indirect connection with Auroville, for it is there that the power establishes itself. But ultimately, as the disproportionate structure grows its influence widens and strengthens. Ultimately it can bring about a total disintegration at the national level, just as ultimately, if it is proportionate it can help to bring about the total harmonisation of all levels.

‘Effects of such a disintegrating occult force are subtle, impossible for the human being to perceive and understand. This power is a hundredfold intensified when given a material support such as a Matrimandir. When this happens we find that suddenly, almost imperceptibly, the atmosphere begins to change, the area becomes pervaded with a fog that clouds the people‘s consciousness. Friends turn to foes, falsehood is held up as truth, and – worst of all, no one can perceive, no one can see the Truth. Each one believes himself to be its upholder, when in fact each one is subjected to the same toxic force, living under the same cloud, being made use of for the one end: disintegration, disunity, division – in a word, the opposite of Truth’s goal…

‘…Then, as of the very beginning of 1974, two forces have been simultaneously at work, steadily active. One force seeks to bring about a union between the two Centres of the nation, – what might be called the spiritual centre and the material centre. The second force simultaneously seeks to undo the work of the former and actively puts forth its most concentrated power in order to bring about a complete split in this occult Axis, because only when this Axis is forged and operative will India begin to manifest her true soul and destiny…’ (p. 44-5).

As predicted above, the Lunar Line did feel the brunt of the disharmony. In subsequent publications and private exchanges on this subject, I warned that as the time neared for the installation of the globe on the basis of that misalignment, the stresses would increase and disintegration would be accelerated. I am obliged to point out that the globe, after a 20-year construction process started in 1971, finally reached Auroville, from Germany where it had been fashioned, barely a month or so before Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination – an event which took place very close to the spot where that globe stands. His destiny, as foreseen, felt the impact of that arrival. When the globe is conclusively installed the process of disintegration will be complete.

The significance of these timings and synchronisations merits in-depth analyses. In the course of future VISHAALs, I shall deal with these forecasts on the basis of the new cosmology. Having engaged in these analyses from time to time, I am accused of being ‘superstitious’, of encouraging an outdated, retrograde outlook, especially by those involved with the construction of the Shadow Temple. This is somewhat understandable considering that the new cosmology is NEW and has no parallel or previous models from our period of recorded history to help us fathom these profound operations of Time and Destiny and Form. Thus it draws to itself the usual derogatory labels conjured up in minds ignorant of these mysterious processes bridging the visible and invisible. This inability to understand is also an outcome of the atmosphere described above which creates a ‘field’ wherein none can perceive the truth: nationalism may be equated with fascism in such an atmosphere; reestablishment of the Dharma as arranged through the Line of Ten Avatars may be labelled communalism; the high truths of the spirit may be forced into the mould of divisive religion. None know for none can see in that obfuscated atmosphere fomented by disproportionate forms. But I am confident that my published works with their detailed record of the progression from the point of utter and compete Harmony which the Mother’s original plan held in seed form, to the actual state of disintegration mirrored in the destruction of that Harmony by the builders of the Matrimandir in Auroville, can well stand as its own defence before these secular architects who have no knowledge of the higher workings of Time and Destiny and the Sacred. And, above all, who ignore India’s unique place in the cosmic harmony and the role she must play in the world. That role was captured in the Mother’s original design and measurements…

‘…There are many levels that could be discussed in this regard. The Mother’s plan is a mathematical perfection and this perfection can be explained… But the point to be brought forth here is that alterations in the (temple) change the quality of the Time that is gestated and hence the quality of the Breath. As the Temple is not only the soul of Auroville but that of the Earth, and we know that India is the planet’s soul in terms of its organised nations, any change in the Heart (temple) will have its effects upon the land of the Mother.

‘The destiny of a New India is written in Matrimandir. In particular, the globe, onto which the solar ray is to fall, is this land. By the laws of correspondence the Mother has captured in the measurements she gave for the globe and insisted upon, the exact measurements of the physical body of India. These measurements include the true body…the spiritual reality of the body of India which is the only reality, in spite of the distortions men have brought about therein. In the realm of things true and real, this is Mother India, and this will always remain Mother India.

‘In the core of Matrimandir, the Mother installed the soul of a New India, integrated in all its parts. This was immediately altered and the area where the pedestal was to stand upon the Mother’s symbol carved in white stone and supporting the sacred globe, was made into a hole. The centre of the Temple would house not this perfect creation of sacred geometry but rather a void. And over that void a globe of some sort was to be suspended and its relationship therefore to the pedestal on which Sri Aurobindo’s symbol was to be engraved, with all its implications, would be lost. Moreover, all the energies poured through the solar ray to be collected in that globe would pass through and vanish into this void…’. (Ibid, p. 42-3.)

The 4.5 Orbit is the ‘void’ where energies do indeed escape and ‘fuel for the rise’ is lost. There are five days during the year which are sensitive to this Orbit, 20 to 25 May. These were the very days selected for the elections which saw the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. At the same time, the fourth member of the Line bears a destiny of RELEASING that energy. His destiny holds the key to that mysterious process of time and energy. Thus, having occurred at that special, critical moment, it is clear that Rajiv Gandhi’s death will, though it may still be unclear, produce that release which will accelerate the collapse of the old and the rise of the new.

Patrizia Norelli
25 June 1991

Aeon Centre of Cosmology

at Skambha

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