The Mother, 31 May, 1962

‘…If ever I were to write a book about Sri Aurobindo, this is the book I would write, like a sort of fairy tale… “Picture it to yourself like this – you see life, you see it as it is, you are used to an existence of this sort, and it is dismal and sad (there are people who enjoy themselves, but it is because they amuse themselves with very little!). Well, there is, behind all that, a fairy tale. Something which is being prepared and which will be beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, inexpressible. And in which we are participating…You are not aware, you believe that when you die you will forget everything, leave everything, but it is not true! And all those who are interested in a beautiful, luminous, joyous, progressive life – well, they will all take part in it in one way or another. Now you do not know; after some time, you will…Voila.

‘So, a fairy tale.

‘And the images, my child! All the outer images, like cinema images: of this activity, and this other, and another… That seems to me to be the only thing that can really be said, because it is the only thing I see. So, one sees, one says. ‘Yes, but there is someone [Sri Aurobindo] who is trying to do something with all that. Look, look, at the beautiful image behind, a beautiful story…and he was trying to bring that story down on Earth, and the story is sure to come…

‘What I myself see is almost a book for children. For a whole generation between ten and eighteen years old…thousands of children – with beautiful pictures.

‘…I would like it to come as an enjoyable experience. That you imagine you are speaking to children and that you are going to tell them the most beautiful story in the world.

‘And it is true! It is the most beautiful fairy tale in the world. There is none more beautiful than that one.

‘I am going to tell you the most beautiful story in the world…’

The Mother, L’Agenda de Mere, III, 1962,
Institut de Recherches Evolutive, Paris.

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