The New Way Triumphant

Demise of the Binary Creation

The epoch-making events in the USSR in August of 1991 merit a brief analysis in the context of the new way cosmology in order that the student may once more appreciate the accuracy and, above all, the non-speculative nature of this work

What has come to an end for the whole world, starting in 1989, is, quite simply, the Binary Creation. 1989 was to end the 1980-89 ennead; at the same time, it introduced the beginning of the new and final ennead, 1989-98, of this magnificent century. However, these cycles always present a ‘structure’. From an initial 0 point the time progression mirrored in the Gnostic Circle is not linear or a closed circuit. It is a spiralling motion and is therefore a series of cycles contiguous but building one upon another as the spiral form would provide. This would be as close to an accurate description as our mental framework can provide for the present.

Thus the events of 1989, and especially those of the final 3 months, have to be analysed in the context of the happenings not only during the first 9 months of the year, January to October, but the prior 9 years. It is this sort of review that can give us an indication of what specifically had occurred in the world to make this latest upheaval possible. Our review will make it abundantly clear that what I have termed the Yoga of the Chamber lies at the root of the transformation we now witness. Or at least, for the sceptic, it has been an almost simultaneous process.

Tradition in India from very ancient times sustains that a seer or a yogi of a particular order, doing a certain tapasya (‘penance’), may alter conditions in the world. Today this tradition has been greatly sullied by a series of claims from godmen of various hues that their yogic efforts, or even just their presence on the planet, has been the cause behind these apparently unexpected and world-shaking events. The unfortunate aspect is that none of these claims can be proven, not merely scientifically but, more importantly, yogically. By consequence they are valid only for adoring devotees of the particular claimants; or else they are the subject of ridicule for the more scientific-minded. This has nothing to do with the ancient tradition from where these latter-day yogis and godmen draw their legitimacy. In very ancient times in India, before foreign rule and before the divine Measure was lost, Time provided the empirical tool for separating the wheat from the chaff. Its entirely impersonal ruthlessness was the welcome ingredient. I write welcome because all true Realisers insist upon this sort of impersonal background so that the act of yogic transformation of the individual or of a society may be kept uncontaminated by these unwelcome intrusions. But we are discussing an age only fragments of whose perceptions remain in India. Yet the forcefulness and magnificence of that Vedic Age can be gauged by the very fact that fragments do persist and continue to some degree to colour the cultural fabric of contemporary Indian life. However, the unity of the vision and system having been lost, we are forced to admit that only its shadow remains, as with the caste system. Consequently, we find these yogis drawing from that shadow-sheath and able to construct a pleasing framework for their unprovable proclamations because the Source does indeed offer a system in which a realiser is able to isolate a nuclear space and yogically act upon that microcosm which, by the laws of correspondence and equivalency may affect, in no uncertain terms, the macrocosm. But the laws are the essential feature – dharma, ritam, to use the Vedic terminology. Few, if any at all, of today’s godmen or saints or yogis possess a knowledge of these Laws; failing which their yogas can do little if nothing to affect any event in the world, despite their claims. At best their efforts provide solace and hope for their devotees, and may very well help to establish a benefic atmosphere in their environment. At worst these claims have added a further ingredient in the mantle that has covered the Truth in a progressive darkening, to the point where yogic interventions are a thing of the past and have no power to arrest the rapid degeneration we witness. Moreover, these claims impede a true focussing of the lens of our Seeing, keeping society wrapped in ignorance rather than alive to the living Knowledge and Truth. In a word, they make confusion worse confounded.

The decline has been localised especially in India. The Yoga of the Chamber, while overtly not bearing any effect on the Indian scene, has indeed borne very accurate and measurable effects in the greater macrocosm. The reason why India appears to have been kept out of and untouched by the process is that India is a ‘centre’. While in the supramental Yoga a nuclear space may be isolated and the effects of the yoga be felt beyond, in a sense we may say that India as a whole, for the Earth, is that ‘space’, that laboratory, that CENTRE. The ‘laws’ obtaining in India are therefore somewhat different in their application and their aim.

Be this as it may, let us review the world scene and we shall confirm that the Yoga of the Chamber, even as it was being described in the pages of VISHAAL from 1985 to the present, and before that in Volume 3 of The New Way, has revealed itself to be faithful to its previsions and postulations. The important factor is that unlike yogis who make ambiguous proclamations AFTER the event, in the Yoga of the Chamber a detailed description of that microcosmic transformative action was published BEFORE its effects became visible on the world stage; and when they did, the terms used to describe the happenings were virtually the same as the Yoga of the Chamber had earlier elaborated. Moreover, the time factor, that impersonal divine Balancesheet, furnished the ultimate confirmation when the changes began exactly ‘on schedule’, a schedule which itself provided the backdrop to the Yoga of the Chamber – namely, the Gnostic Circle.

We therefore have both a formulation of the new and startling Yoga while the nuclear action was in progress in the precise terms which we now hear throughout the world to describe the ‘new world order’ taking concrete shape since 1989, and the correct time prescription of that unfoldment whereby the ‘schedule’ of the Yoga of the Chamber was also correctly fulfilled.

True to its own ‘schedule’, the Yoga of the Chamber began in January, 1980. But by far its most intense and dangerous period was 1983. I write dangerous because the nature of that process required a ‘death’ – or rather, the lived experience of the death process in the human body poised at the centre of a conspiracy of circumstances when the consciousness from all sides is COMPRESSED to a point; and then, having no further ‘space’ in this universe or material dimension, it is literally squeezed out of its body-habitat and forced into another less dense plane. That is, one is made to exit by this intense compression. In Near-Death-Experiences (NDE) this action is experienced by the subject as a dark tunnel at the end of which there is usually a bright light or a luminous space. The brilliance of the light is enhanced by the prior dark passage, which is really the act of compression, forcing that ‘seeing I/eye’ to exit this plane and emerge in another. The subject’s description of what is encountered in the other world depends largely upon previous conditioning; because it must be remembered that the NDE ‘death’ is not exactly final. The subject always returns to the body he or she had exited. That is, the subject had not yet definitively discarded the various subtle sheaths where conditioning – familial, religious, ethnic, socio-political – is recorded or imprinted.

In 1983 the time had come in the ‘schedule’ of the Yoga of the Chamber for the great yogic act of centering. The entire process in all its vivid details has been recorded in The New Way’s Volume 3, albeit in an impersonal style in keeping with the former two Volumes. Nonetheless, it describes the Third’s major contribution to the Transformation: the act of Centering. Implied in this is ‘the birth that fills the void’.

This ‘death’ had to be experienced not in trance or in a near-death-experience. Rather, compression to a ‘point’, which normally results in death, had to be sustained in the full waking state, with the consciousness poised at the centre of the compression from a ‘conspiracy of circumstances’ – the true definition of any death. This was an action involving elements in our real world, as in all deaths. The ‘conspiracy’ was not subtle or otherworldly, which might then have drawn the process into another plane and thereby rendered it useless for our purposes, insofar as it would not have been a real, a cellular programmed pattern. The elements involved were actors, actresses, circumstances of everyday life, though orchestrated by the Supreme Shakti of the Yoga to intensify the power of those happenings so that they would simulate the stresses that usually accompany death. That is, the intense compression. Only this would provide the nuclear space (the Chamber) with the Laws of Correspondence and Equivalency which could connect it to the larger sphere, – i.e., the world stage. In other words, all was done here, on this planet, in the fullest waking consciousness and within the evolutionary process as we know it.

The most dangerous part came when the conspiracy of circumstances resulted in the maximum intensification and the only possibility which might somehow safeguard the ‘existence’ of that tiny compressed ‘point’ of consciousness was to ‘let go’ and to allow itself to emerge in another dimension in order to escape the pressure of that intense closing in from all sides. This, to be brief, describes the basic human condition; we are a species lorded over by Death in that all our actions throughout the long aeons of our evolution have been coloured by this rulership and the ultimate way out provided by Death. Our sole security and certainty has resided in this escape through death, a feature common to each and every human being born into this ‘earthly paradise’. It has coloured all our perceptions of the afterlife, the beyond, and any possible return in other bodies. In a word, our ‘reality’ is entirely death-bound.

This background has had to be provided because only then can the act of centering in the supramental Yoga of the Chamber be appreciated. Centering meant simply to resist the programmed escape route – death – and to withstand the compression in full conscious awareness until the ‘centre’ had been pressed into being; or, more aptly, until the Void had been filled. That is, the ‘void’ is the escape route which ‘God’ has given the human creation from its inception. This has therefore coloured the entire gamut of our higher perceptions and spiritual experiences, simply because whatever had been experienced in this condition, bound by the laws which govern our planetary existence and regulate evolution, was always born in a consciousness inflicted by the stamp of Death. In past ages, when the circumscribing play of compressing circumstances was minimal, this void-escape was not dominant. Hence the Vedic Rishis could experience and formulate their perceptions disregarding that ineluctable flaw in the species. But they did so largely by relying on the attainment of ‘Swar’ or Heaven in which only some parts of the being could reach that plane of Truth-Consciousness, but essential portions were left out – namely, the vital and physical, the two parts which are directly involved in ‘filling the void’. These were therefore considered properties of the ‘lower hemisphere’. The Vedic Rishis did not carry those parts into the experience of Swar simply because the time had not come to do so. Later this partial realisation degenerated progressively into a permanent split, enabling the realiser to posit this Swar in a plane entirely disconnected from our creation in matter. The Integral and Supramental yogic achievements which could bridge this great divide would come only when the macrocosm, or the entire Earth, could be drawn into the process. That is, when, as in our times, the Earth is one and whole and the Time-Spirit has revealed those magnificent laws of Correspondence and Equivalency whereby the integral body, individual and collective, could stand at the centre of the ‘conspiracy of circumstances’. In other words, death too had to progress to the point of the total fulfilment of its own purpose: the destruction of the entire human species over which it had lorded since the first stirrings of the Earth’s binary creation began. It had to stand ready to devour its own creation.

When Death was fulfilled in our century with the invention of the tools for this massive self-annihilation, the time had come for the Yoga of the Chamber to be undertaken which could then bring into being the unitary, indestructible Centre and thus vanquish the hold of Death. But to be even more precise, it is not that Death is ‘conquered’. The Yoga of the Chamber simply eliminated death’s COSMIC PURPOSE. It did so by the simple act of instilling at the centre of the embodied consciousness another, a divine Purpose in that ‘void’ created by Death for the human species. And, to be even more specific, the void was simply the unavoidable result of a binary species and society, necessarily resulting in a mid-point void which it orbits. The yogic act of centering thus filled that central space with its divine Purpose and death’s cosmic necessity was dissolved, for it must be understood that the true character of Death is nothingness. Properly speaking, we cannot ascribe to Death a ‘purpose’ because that binding energy is the property of a true centre in a unitary system. Thus the stamp of that nothingness has been reflected in a sense of purposelessness in society and individual and therefore a desire for total annihilation. But now the effects of the act of centering are visible everywhere. The binary world has come to an end. A new world is born.

The yoga of centering covered a span of 9 months – from 17 April 1983 to 17 January 1984. Volume 3 of The New Way, in which minute details of the centering and its effects upon the individual and the world are described, was written in November of 1983 – that is, in the heart of the process itself. Thus it is a record of the lived experience as it was taking place. The text was phototypeset in 1984 but still awaits publication. (Volume 3 of The New Way was published by Thea in 2005.) Perhaps its final printing was held up to allow the process to spread to its predicted global dimension, to wait for world conditions to catch up, thus to perhaps make its contents not only acceptable but comprehensible to any who might then care to read the book.

With the escape route of death resisted in the intense compression, the ‘void’ was filled with the point, the Centre had come into being. The binary creation received the first shock. Thereafter the new alignment had to be established – that is, lines or directions from that Point to form the new balancing structure of the species, no longer orbiting a void but centred and unitary.

The Point or Centre is really a convergence of directions, a perfectly balanced intersecting of two cosmic force-lines, contraction and expansion. This action was the nature of the Yoga in 1984 – termed the Great Reversal because it did indeed coincide with the time-reversal for the whole planet. The element which, from that time onward, allowed the process to extend to greater global dimensions was, once again, Time. The Gnostic Circle reveals that in the planet’s own time 1984 indeed marked the turning point. It was the mid-point in the nuclear enneateric period beginning in 1971 and to end in 1998. the nature of this time-period has been fully explained in the already published volumes of The New Way and in the pages of VISHAAL (see the preceding article, ‘Culture and Cosmos’).

In The New Way I have analysed what I called Christianity’s ‘cosmic error’. The basis for this unusual statement is simply the proof Christianity grants of its incomplete vision: the crucified Christ; the image or idol itself  quite accurately adds substance to the perception of ‘error’ in that he is nailed on an unbalanced cross. This is precisely the point. When I write of the new alignment, the centre being simply the perfectly balanced convergence or intersection of its force-lines, it is clear that the off-balance Cross of Christianity describes the old off-balance binary species we have ever been. The problem would not be so severe or the ‘error’ so destructive if the dogma had made the point of relating the symbol-cross to the human species ruled by Death and orbiting a void (more or less centred in the figure of the dying Jesus), and that the Second Coming would consolidate the new alignment and Christ’s mission would thus have been completed. (This in fact is the message of The Revelation, last book of the New Testament, though never accurately extracted given the need for this COSMIC background which the Church had abandoned early in its development.) Contrarily, the Church Fathers jumped the time-gun and declared the process complete and terminated after the Resurrection’s fulfilment in heaven, in a ‘life everlasting’ in that other dimension, wherever it may be situated. This postulation, which stands as the undisputed pillar of the faith, simply served to consolidate death’s rule. Global society, so heavily conditioned by the dogma and an Aristotelian staticism, could only play out in the evolution on Earth that total affirmation of Death, granting legitimacy to its escape route and a denial of the right to pursue the next phase here, on this planet.

Out of that consciousness the tools of destruction gradually increased in potency and efficiency in the afore-mentioned act of ineluctable self-annihilation. In the terms of the new way Cosmology, it is the inevitable collapse into the Void, into Death’s essence of nothingness, a collapse which the tension of a binary creation has provoked. All of this has culminated in our century; indeed, in its final three ennead/decades.

Perhaps nowhere else is the dilemma better reflected than in the late J. Krishnamurti’s words, taken from his book The Ending of Time,…‘Of course there is only complete security in nothingness!’ (Harper & Row, p.264.) If I have described Death as precisely that ‘nothingness’ which hitherto had been ‘the only security’ (read escape route) of the binary, incomplete species, it is a mark of precisely Death’s stamp on the human consciousness when a contemporary Teacher of Krishnamurti’s calibre considers the discovery of this ‘only security in nothingness’ to be an attainment of the highest spiritual order.

Thus 1984, or the 4.5 Orbit of the tri-enneateric 1971/1998, introduced the Great Reversal. In terms of cosmic directions it involved an overall shift from Contraction to Expansion. This means that from 1971 to 1984 the Yoga was under the rule of Contraction. It was as if a progressive tightening, stretched over 13.5 years, until the central point came into being in 1983 and culminated with the Reversal in 1984. The direction in the Yoga then shifted to Expansion. This meant that the centering and new alignment would begin to have an impact, to extend from that Point in the nuclear space, to reach beyond in a circular not linear expansion from that seed achievement: the great Transformation in the world would become visible thereafter.

There were various details in the Yoga of the Chamber which remained to be achieved. The axis and alignment had to be consolidated on the wings of the expanding movement. Thus, 1985, 1986, 1987 and 1988 provided the time-fields for that expansion and consolidation. The ‘structure’ had to be ‘balanced’ – a new balance – around a unitary creation, a structure with a ‘unipolar’ foundation which would do away with the dual poise of the binary world. With this achievement, through discovery of Skambha in December 1985 and then its progressive development starting with the purchase of the land in January 1986, whereby the physical centre could serve as the field for that expansion, and then occupation in August 1987 after some initial constructions were in place, the effects on the world stage were foreseeable. For this reason VISHAAL came into existence exactly when it did, October 1985, accompanying this expanding process. VISHAAL, as its Sanskrit name implies, was the vehicle to communicate the lines of the Yoga in its phase of expansion, as it is being experienced at the Centre. This would not be a ‘victory by hindsight’. It was designed to be a formulation without time gaps, whereby the means would be as important as the end – a perfect equality of being and becoming.

A significant development in the expansion was the appearance of Mikhail Gorbachev on the world scene in March of 1985. With his appearance the first undermining of the Binary Creation began. Perestroika and glasnost were those undermining agents. Before very long, as the ennead of the Yoga of the Chamber was drawing to an end, in October, November and December of 1989 the first devastating collapse of that binary civilisational structure began – swift, clean and complete, albeit preliminary. The new ennead had begun and its purpose would become consolidated into a ‘unipolar’ world which simply means the binary WE/THEY syndrome, expressed in the polarity of the two Superpowers and the tensions generated by this bi-polar structure, was a thing of the past. The Yoga of the Chamber had introduced this formidable shift in the recondite dimensions of Time in 1983/84, and its very terminology was reflected in the same words used to describe what had come to pass on the extended global field. For this reason it has been a simple task to analyse, for example the ‘quality’ of the Third’s World War, referred to as the Gulf War. Simple because the Yoga of the Chamber having been completed in the 1980-89 ennead, all events in the world could be accurately described and analysed on the basis of that achievement, with little margin for error, the reason being that the entire process transpires in an interconnected universe of Oneness. The only demand is the ability to locate and isolate a time/space nucleus in or on which the work can be done.


Our entire civilisation has been affected by the act of centering and realignment. It has resulted in the very same realignment of global forces which world leaders are having great difficulty adjusting to. There is no going back to the old structure because the Laws governing the process do not allow any retrogression since Time moves on in a forward direction. It cannot be halted and the hands of the evolutionary clock turned back. In terms of the new world that has been born, the ONLY future is the expansion of what was achieved in the nuclear seed-space, the innermost heart of our creation, called ‘the Chamber’. That is the ‘seed’ of the new unitary creation. It is indestructible because its ‘stamp’ is immortality, fullness, – no longer Death and Nothingness. Thus the growth from the Golden Seed can neither be stopped – because Time is its gestator and consolidator, its creator, preserver and dissolver (no longer destroyer); and Time moves ever forward in the fulfilment of the seed it gestates. It cannot be destroyed because the immortal Agni/Skanda has been born of mighty Mahakal, or Shiva the great Spirit of Time, in the form of his invincible Warrior Son – he who is the Centre, the Point, or the One. The Void having thus been filled, collapse for the new creation is impossible since there is no ‘space’ or ‘place’ available to us for the collapse. There is only one ‘escape’: growth from the Seed, creation and no longer destruction. The first effects of this Birth are fully visible on the world stage. Those weapons of massive destruction are being dismantled, the structures for annihilation of the species are being undone. The first foundation of a true new consciousness is seen on the horizon, and as Time moves us on that new Sun will reach its zenith as the real and complete new world order will have finally replaced the old.


While the Crucifixion accurately describes that binary, off-balance creation the world is outgrowing, the Mother’s original plan of her Chamber equally accurately describes the new creation together with the entire process of Becoming insofar as it is a ‘womb of Time’. On the basis of the Knowledge, this gnostic womb may provide minute details of the workings of the Time-Spirit. Simple observation of the Chamber’s original floor plan designed by the Mother and here reproduced from The New Way, page 198, describes the ‘new world order’ – no longer bipolar, no longer linear. This unitary structure is circular and hence all-encompassing. It bears a single focus, or a ‘centre that holds’ by this very fact. It houses a core which rests not upon a void into which energies collapse. Its sacred Core stands upon a solid White Stone, the White Stone of St. John’s Revelation with its hidden manna and sacred Name.

The centuries-old Puranic tradition with its special iconography, more accurately than any other channel of prophecy provides us with the response to the bi-polar off-balance symbol. We have, when correctly executed, a feminine power and a masculine: the Third and Fourth of the Solar Line. These are the images of Durga and her Warrior Son Kartikeya or Skanda. The traditional icons of these Godheads bear ‘axes’ or symbols of the two convergent cosmic directions, contraction and expansion, which I have been describing. These are expressed in the principal ‘weapons’ of the Goddess and God – the ones with which each of them slays their Adversary. Indeed, both deities are symbols of Victory. One, the Goddess, conquers in a period of 9 nights, and that is the number/measure of Contraction. The other, the Son-God, conquers in a series of 12 stages, the number measure of Expansion. These two Measures form the basis of the Gnostic Circle which provides the key to open that ‘secret chamber hidden and mute’ and thus to the Yoga of the Chamber and the flow of gnostic time in our new age. (See The Hidden Manna, Chapter 21.)

The iconographic representations of these conquering directions and time-periods appear in the idols in the downward direction of the Goddess’s Trident, and the upward direction of the Spear of the Son-God. Most importantly, in the true execution, both weapons cross the navel – or the centre of the divine Gnostic Being.

In Leonardo da Vinci’s figure, Man in Circle and Square (The New Way, page 233), which was revealed to be such a fundamental piece in the formulation of The New Way, especially Volume 3, the navel is indeed the centre of the Circle-Man, the divine manifestation, in contrast to the figure in the Square where the central point is the sex organ. In other words, the Goddess and her Son-God bring about the shift in the centred poise by the interconnected action of their weapons (or powers) – just  as Leonardo’s figure incorporates the essence of two elements in one structure. The Puranic iconography cannot be properly understood unless these manifestations are taken together – the downward pointing Trident (contraction) and the upward pointing Spear (expansion). Similar to Leonardo’s figure, the weapons-axes intersect at the navel in a perfect convergence. Moreover the Goddess’ Trident is trifold in nature – for she is the Third and 3 is her position in the Solar Line descending scale; while the Spear is single-bodied since the Son-God is the One, the infinitesimal single Point, or the perfect centre, born of the triadic formula 9/6/3/ and finally the 0 which is the compressed Fullness to the Seed wherefrom the Son or the 1 is born. Thus 9/6/3/0-1.

To my knowledge no one in India has discovered the connection between these idols or that this interrelated discovery could be a prophecy of our times. It is of course known that their weapons represent their cosmic powers; but this is never connected to any verifiable system such as the new cosmology which informs us of the exact nature of their cosmic action of contraction and expansion.

There is a way to construct these two figures in a single sculpture so that their weapons form the axes described in the Map, page 12. One day at Skambha this figure will be fashioned.

Thus the Puranic iconography is revealed to be one of the most profound revelations of things to come ever expressed in mythic symbols. Therefore to have condemned this conceptualisation to the derogatory compartment of pagan idolatry is, quite simply, to have missed the ‘point’. It is one more stain on the history of evolving humanity in the throes of its cosmic birth pains in a nine-Manifestation ‘gestation’ of over 50,000 years.

The sublime secret of these interrelated Axes has been carried over to the Mother’s Chamber in what I have called the Supreme Power Point, the point of intersection of the diagonals of the Core’s pedestal (see The New Way, page 247ff). In time that point is 1956, the year of the Supramental Manifestation or the beginning of everything we are witnessing today. On the world scene, 1956 saw the first undermining of the bi-polar world when Nikita Krushchev began his bold undermining of the Stalin mystique, paving the way for the complete work by Mikhail Gorbachev.

It may be demanding too much of spiritualists and traditional yogis to accept that these seemingly complex formulas may have any bearing on the realm they claim is their private heritage. But it must be accepted and constantly borne in mind that the ‘new world order’ refers equally to spirituality. The Yoga of the Chamber has introduced that ‘third thing’ which the Mother stated was ‘beyond both science and spirituality’. Her original plan of the Chamber gave all the details of this new way. At the same time I have presented the Puranic confirmation for the legitimacy and accuracy of this New Way; while it must also be borne in mind that originally Indian yogas did not shy away from similar formulations – Tantra, for one. It is only with the decline that precision and science became excluded from the realm of a Spirit which has now been posited in a dimension separated and far-removed from our material universe. Consequently, the godmen in contemporary society are free to weave their illusions insofar as the Spirit they worship has no connection to that world in which these illusions are woven.





30 September 1991

to the Navami 1991

Aeon Centre of Cosmology at Skambha

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