The Third World War – The New Seeing, the New Power

[Publisher’s note (April 1991): Given the importance of recent unique happenings in the world, we are carrying only one article in this issue, in which PNB discusses those and related issues. The Tenth Day of Victory and the further parts of ‘Culture and Cosmos’ will be featured later in the coming issues.]


The Third World War, also known as the Gulf War, has come to an end. With our last issue of VISHAAL we included a supplement dedicated to the process in cosmological terms which distinguished that war from all others. Its primary feature was, as I wrote then, a controlled dismantling. This is an ongoing process; there is more to come. But the fundamental point is that there is this ‘control’. I propose in the following to provide the student and reader with another example of that newly-revealed power working in the world by reproducing portions from an article I wrote in 1987, immediately after moving into ‘Skambha’, the permanent seat of Aeon Centre of Cosmology. The choice of the name, Skambha, was not insignificant, as I have written elsewhere in VISHAAL. The Sanskrit word means Cosmic Pillar. Insofar as it is this Pillar that provides the ‘control’ I am describing, it would be interesting to note that the article referred to, ‘The Capricorn Factor’, was the first piece I wrote at Skambha after moving to the Centre. The series, in two parts, was featured in our October and December issues of 1987.

It would be wise for the student of this new cosmology to re-read this article in toto, since it is relevant not only to what has transpired in the Gulf recently, but to what lies ahead for us in our work. I discuss therein the question of a nuclear confrontation and the central role India would play in such a scenario. But, at the same time, I specifically state that a ‘special intervention’ is needed to avert catastrophe. I will guide the student to the discovery through the pages of VISHAAL of just how true those words were and when that ‘intervention’ took place. It introduced a new way in the workings of such ‘catastrophes’. But let me reproduce here the most relevant portion from ‘The Capricorn Factor’, Part II, from VISHAAL, 2/5, December 1987, as a very specific example of the accuracy and non-speculative nature of this work:

     ‘But India at least recognises these true things, these harmonies of the cosmos. And for this very reason the Aeon Centre of Cosmology and Skambha are established on her soil. Their measures may be distorted but India alone among all nations understands in her innermost heart that the future of the Earth is somehow connected to or described by this important zodiacal time-axis, Capricorn and Cancer. For it is a fact that indeed the future of the world is playing itself out in correspondence with this axis, since India is ruled by Capricorn, while the United States of America is ruled by Cancer. And it is the latter that has put Pakistan in the significant position of being able to deliver a nuclear weapon. At this point it is an open secret that Pakistan is embarked upon a nuclear programme whose ultimate design is the manufacture of this devastating tool of destruction. America knows this, yet it continues to arm Pakistan beyond all reasonable measure, – if at all we can consider the arming of a nation in any way ‘reasonable’. It is an unfortunate situation forced upon our civilisation by the insufficiencies of the present mental race. The way to disarmament is via the channel of a superior act of seeing and a knowledge that arises in a higher poise of being.

‘Thus in keeping with the exquisitely true nature of cosmic harmonies, it was precisely on the day Adi [the ‘inauspicious’ Tamil month] is purported to begin, 17 July 1969, that the Mother spoke to Indira Gandhi through an emissary of ‘Auroville being the only hope for avoiding a world war’, which at this point would necessarily mean total annihilation. What then was the real aspect of this message? By its timing the Mother seems to have been giving a clue to the shift that must take place if India and the Earth are to be saved.

‘To add substance to this thesis, it is important to note the correspondence between this and the vision she had of the Temple, that fundamental piece of sacred architecture of such special relevance for India. The Mother’s vision took place in the very beginning of January, right in the midst of the true Capricorn measure. But she gave up insisting to the architects on the implementation of her plan on 17 January 1970. That is, exactly six months after making the above statement concerning Auroville as the only hope for avoiding a third world war. January 17th would stand in direct opposition on the calendar wheel to July 17th. These two dates would thus form an ‘axis in time’. Since the implementation of her vision did not come to pass, can we deduce that the Earth is headed toward some catastrophic destruction?

‘A special intervention is needed. That intervention is decided and determined in the realm of higher Knowledge and Power and relies on an action that stems from this higher Seeing.’ (pages 19-20.)

In these previsionary passages I have connected various elements together which have all played a role in the unfolding of the Third World War. This is made evident by reference to 17 January in relation to the Mother’s 17 July statement that Auroville was the only hope for avoiding that War. Significantly, when the war did begin, it was on 17.1.1991. However, I draw the connection via the date of her statement to the Temple episode and 17 January as the last day of the 18 during which time she sought to have the architects and disciple accept her plan as the basis for the construction. In addition, I refer to the important ‘time-axis’ resulting from these connected dates. But there is more on this subject which I will discuss further on.

There is another timing to note with regard to the War and the Mother. I am told that it was at 1:26 AM, on 17 January that the actual war began. I presume this was local time. This, as we know, was the time of Sri Aurobindo’s passing. The Mother’s was 19:26, thus directly related to Sri Aurobindo’s numerically by the simple elimination of the 9.

The final paragraph of the passage quoted above is the most significant, for indeed that special intervention did come to pass through processes of this supramental yoga, or what I have named, the Yoga of the Chamber. Interestingly, that process hinged entirely on the ‘construction’ of an axis. It was a process demanded by the distorted axis that was being cemented in the temple in Auroville, precisely. Thus, when the Mother spoke of Auroville as being the only hope for avoiding a third world war, her words were entirely true. The only ‘unknown’ at the time she made this statement was that the ‘time-axis’ which should have been the central, stabilizing and harmonising feature of that temple, never came to be. Given this fact, with its profound significance in the realm of this higher scheme of things, it became imperative to ‘construct’ that very axis by and through Time, to counteract the effects of the distorted one, as well as to provide a ‘centre that holds’ for the tumultuous events to come.

Thus, in some way this date, 17 January was a key element in the design. And indeed, it was on this very date in 1984 that the process of ‘constructing’ that Axis and bringing into being a ‘new alignment’, was completed.

The New Power of Seeing

The construction of the new Axis began on 17 April 1983. But it took an exact 9 months for it to be completed. At the same time, or rather crucial to the affair was the creation of a ‘centre’. I have discussed this in a number of articles in VISHAAL and need not repeat now what I have written on other occasions. What is of interest in this analysis is the very exact way in which this applied cosmology uses Time for the ‘construction’ of these subtle or occult shafts or axes, and then how this is translated into events on Earth of singular importance for humankind.

We find then that the date, 17 April, taken in conjunction with the other two, 17 January and 17 July, seeks to form a cross which describes four even sections of the celestial wheel if we add the missing date, 17 October. Recent happenings of significance in this process of transformation the earth is experiencing do furnish us with data that indicate the existence of this fourth point. I refer to the earthquake in California on 17 October, as well as the Crash of 1987 which fell quite near this point on October 19. I have mentioned these two events in my last piece on the War as indicators of that special ‘control’, or the ‘controlled dismantling’, so crucial to the establishment of the New Way.

Briefly, I would like to explain in what way the physical location of Skambha also calls up that Axis. The process of its forging began, as stated, on 17 April 1983. Two years thereafter the land was found for Skambha. Unequivocally, it was the place. Later I came to realise that on 17 April the Sun is directly overhead at the latitude of Skambha, thereby coinciding with the occult shaft that had been constructed with the help of that very date two years earlier. This was indeed a ‘marriage of heaven and earth’, insofar as that occult realisation (heaven) came to coincide with the physical Earth. The coming into harmony of the two was a phenomenon of the utmost importance for the Yoga. On this basis the very difficult process of the remaining years of the decade was possible. It is the joining of these two that creates the power ‘to hold’.

We have then a cross formed by these dates, 17 April, 17 July, the 17th of October and then on to January 17th. The precise degree of the latter in the celestial wheel is the 26-27th degree of Capricorn. Further on we shall see how this degree also played an astounding role in the Third World War in connection with certain prophecies and esoteric teachings from the Middle East and Europe.

In these pages I have disclosed a key feature of the New Way. It concerns the ‘act of seeing’, a capacity that comes into being at the third level of the transformation or unfolding, involving as it does the soul and what Sri Aurobindo has called, the Mind of Light.

This is not simply clairvoyance. The act I refer to is in fact entirely different, namely because power is one of the results of the act, though its implementation or expression may be of a different order than our present understanding of the word. The ordinary ability to ‘see the future’ does not play a significant role in the process. Contrarily, it can prove a distraction. Thus we could describe this new quality as one belonging to the new seers, in contrast to the old, much the same as don Juan had explained to Castaneda in the course of his teachings.

The distracting factor in clairvoyance is that it does not operate through a synthesising vision. Isolated events are ‘seen’, often with astounding accuracy and faithfulness to detail; but there is usually no evidence of a TOTAL vision, or a seeing that harmonises and draws into the panorama of its vision numerous interrelated elements. This perception of the interrelated is a primary characteristic of the new way. Without it there is no new way.

Thus in these pages I have given a key to an entirely different method of prediction, if it may so be called. In the passage quoted on page 1,  this capacity is displayed. It is an ability to perceive the connection between things. Had this not been the case, it would not have been possible to take the Mother’s 17 July statement regarding Auroville and the third world war and link it to the temple episode via its concluding date, 17 January; and in so doing, to pinpoint, in effect, the exact beginning of that War. The ability to weave this web hinged on the fact that through Gnosis and the practice of this Yoga, it was spontaneously or intuitively known that these events were and are decidedly interrelated. I shall provide another accurate and non-speculative example of this action further on, again involving the same War/Temple/Axis.

At the heart of this new experience lies the fact that clairvoyance isolates a phenomenon. It is a sort of specialised focusing of the inner lens on a particular frame in the film projecting itself on the screen of Time. But it is just one frame, or perhaps several in a string, in a linear display. The new Act of Seeing is largely circular, incorporating therefore the detail and the whole, the one and the many. In his writings on the Mind of Light at the very end of his life, Sri Aurobindo discusses its properties and purpose in ‘The Supramental Manifestation’:

‘…A mind of light will replace the present confusion and trouble of this earthly ignorance; it is likely that even those parts of humanity which cannot reach it will yet be aware of its possibility and consciously tend towards it; not only so, but the life of humanity will be enlightened, uplifted, governed, harmonised by this luminous principle…It is this possibility that we have to look at and that would mean a new humanity uplifted into Light, capable of a spiritualised being and action, open to governance by some light of the Truth-Consciousness, capable even on the mental level and in its own order of something that might be called the beginning of a divinised life.’

A revealing difference between the two methods of ‘seeing the future’ is that in ordinary clairvoyance an accurate time-sense is invariably lacking; or if the ability to pinpoint an event in time does exist, time is a secondary factor, not central and controlling as in the new Seeing. Indeed, Time had not become the ‘ally’ in the transformative process until recently; it had not come to the point where it could ‘release its energy’ as a pivotal ingredient in the establishment of a new order for the world.

In traditional astrology time is, of course, a key feature. But still its role is peripheral rather than central. This is indicated by the simple fact that in casting a horoscope the astrologer places the Earth at the centre of the chart. On the other hand, in the new astrology for this new age, the Gnostic Circle places the Sun central. The experience we know of Time on this planet hinges on the pulse emanating from the Sun. Thus it is only in the New Way that we find Time to be a collaborating, creative force. We should not be surprised therefore to find that the Temple of the Mother’s original vision is a symphony of time relations, as she herself explained.

While on the subject of the War and the old and new seeing, I should like to reproduce a portion of a letter recently received from John Wren-Lewis, precisely related to this question of seeing. It was written on New Year’s Day, 1991:

‘…I will just make one comment here on your remarks…about the common feeling, especially in America, that some kind of world disaster is necessary for humankind as a “cleansing” before the true New Age can come. (See, TVN 5/2, June 1990, page 27, ‘Other Possibilities’.) You made this remark before the current Middle East crisis (and I expect this will reach you before the U.S. deadline date, and hence in all probability before we know for certain what’s going to occur there), but I think it was a very shrewd analysis, and I’d go so far as to say that this apparently widespread and deep feeling (which I’ve encountered quite often in the context of prophecies which sometimes seem to come upon folk in near-death experiences) is very dangerous indeed, and possibly one of the factors most likely to actually precipitate disaster. Have you read Heading Towards Omega by Kenneth Ring, the University of Connecticut psychology professor who’s probably done more than any other single person to put near-death research on the map amongst serious investigators? It’s encouraging in a way, inasmuch as he reports a substantial consensus amongst NDE “Prophets” that the Great Cleansing would happen at the end of 1988! He gets around this by suggesting that what these people “see” is a possible scenario of the logic inherent in current world activities unless some change of consciousness intervenes, but I think this ignores the very real danger that people actually want to seek out pain for themselves and others if they feel guilty enough underneath the surface of consciousness. So, I welcome your turning attention to this one.’

I was able to answer Wren-Lewis on 22 January, after the US deadline, and after the supplement of the February 1991 VISHAAL went out containing my letter on ‘war in the new way’:

     ‘Your references to the “cleansing” as seen by people who seem to break into a higher state of awareness when on the point of death, or coming back from death, forces me to explain what I wrote in the Harvard letter concerning the time equation which pinpointed certain events that formed a part of the process I described. What you have written to me is really a sort of confirmation of the preciseness of the formula. In particular your reference to the “end of 1988” as the time the NDE Prophets pinpoint as the time it is all supposed to happen.

‘Now, what I wrote in my letter to IG [cited above] may seem to contradict what is in this latest piece regarding the necessity of a certain “destruction”, but it is not at all so. The whole point is that the work of the 1980s brought the shift from Destruction to dissolution. This is all explained in my article so I needn’t go into it here. But I had mentioned to IG that I was seeing “something else” as the solution. This was precisely it – a new way of dealing with the practicalities of the matter. In other words, already in 1981 I had realised that a new power or a new action would have to manifest and this new equation would render obsolete past strategies and all those dire prognostications.

‘Well, in the course of the decade I LIVED the process, but more on that another time, it is described off and on in VISHAAL, and also in this latest piece. Now these NDE seeings provide another proof of the accuracy of the experience and formulations. They saw end 1988 as the time of the “cleansing” because that was, in fact, the end of the cementing of the 8 as Dissolution rather than Destruction. 1988 was a year of 8 number-power. I believe you have the VISHAAL of December 1988 and the article “The New Dawn of 1989”. This was a discussion of the culmination of the 8 power. And then came 1989 and the end of the cycle; a new one was opened that year, with the close of the previous ennead. Thus 1989 was a formidable year indeed, as world events proved abundantly. But, as the NDEs saw, 1988 was correct as a demarcation, and a shift to a new operation based on a new principle.

‘The only problem with these seeings is that one has to have “eyes made new”. These subjects transcribe their visions according to their perception which is quite limited. It is conditioned by the old formulas. Nonetheless, and this is the fascinating part, they are correct in what they are perceiving, thus proving NEGATIVELY the efficacy of the new formula, minus the “shift”. In other words, the timing was right, but based on the “old time” and its old pattern – because that is all they know.

‘Thus, 1988 cemented the process of DISSOLUTION. This meant that the Cleansing would be a clean operation. And very, very precise. At the same time, it would be totally different from the projections of the old prophets of whatever school, for in order to move along with the New Time and its revolutionary equation, the consciousness would indeed have to be transformed. But this transformation too is not to be learned in any of the existing Schools. What is taking place is NEW. It has no previous models. Truly a new world is being born.

‘Let me give you some examples; these will involve the happenings I mention in my piece which were carefully CONTROLLED for the purpose of the “release of energy” which I describe. I will not go into the details of the process in this letter because you will read about it in VISHAAL. What I want to clarify is the flaw in these seeings which are on the one hand correct and on the other false, simply because they have not these “new eyes” to perceive that “new heaven and a new earth”. People mouth these phrases constantly, but when it comes to the practical experience we invariably find that they project onto the new their old perceptions and so miss the point entirely.

‘Let us take the earthquake I mentioned as an example in my article, the one that struck California on 17.10.1989 at 5:04 PM. As you know, countless prophets have been predicting the destruction of California by a form of natural cataclysm of this sort. Rajneesh (Osho) is one of the prophets who comes to mind: I remember that in the second half of the 1980s he had advised his disciples to leave California because it was going to be destroyed by an earthquake. True, the quake that all these prophets had been foreseeing did seem to come to pass in that October afternoon, right on time, but it did not bring the total devastation they were all expecting. So, of course they say: next time. But will it follow this pattern? I have my doubts. I see these projections as part and parcel of the old consciousness, incapable of responding to the new time and its workings. Nor its “purpose”. Yes, the quake took place, but its purpose was to release the energy CONTAINED IN THESE FORMATIONS.

‘I realise this may be a little too esoteric for you, but let me try to explain the process as simply as possible. This explanation will become clearer when you have read the February VISHAAL. The main point is that we are dealing with time energy. This, as you know, has been one of the main focuses of my work. In 1982 you found it interesting that I was acquainted with Kozyrev’s work in this field. But my approach is of course quite different from a physicist/mathematician’s. Time is for me a cosmological phenomenon indisputably linked to the evolution of consciousness, and with the keys this “applied cosmology” provides, we can unravel its mysteries and methods. Thus, the Past captures a certain energy and being misaligned as we are as a species, this energy accumulates and creates a “residue” in that dimension where Time operates, which I might call the Zero Dimension. In the cases in question, the visions are meant to fortify the old structures. They are real and true – but irrelevant in the new context. They have no bearing on the new world except insofar as they “serve the purposes of the Centre” by providing for this “release” of energy trapped in Time which then ACCELERATES Time, as it were, and assists as well in the dismantling of the old in a process of “dissolution” rather than destruction.

‘Or else there are the visions of nuclear holocausts. This particular play-out came about on 26.4.1986 in Chernobyl. The expected disaster occurred but in an entirely “controlled” manner – controlled by the new time equation, that is, not by technology which in fact failed to rise to the occasion. The purpose of this play-out had little to do with nuclear catastrophe and more with this release of time energy entombed in these vision/formations. Because these usually occur in heightened states of awareness, they are particularly dangerous, the imprinting being considerably more powerful and enduring. At the same time, if the release occurs, that much more energy comes forth. It is precisely for this reason that the Mother always refrained from giving expression to seeings of this sort. She too explained that if she were to do so she would REINFORCE THE FORMATION. And she knew that these were part of the old world, though she may not have had the formula now at our disposal for the release of time energy to deal with these formations at the time of her embodiment. Similarly, in India, for example, a sage is known to have the Power of the Word. A curse from a realised being is especially terrible and is thought to bear unavoidable results. The Puranas are full of tales about the maledictions of seers and gods and goddesses (the latter’s are especially stinging!).

‘The element behind these acts is WILL. But perhaps you are beginning to appreciate what I am hinting at: acts of seeings are the main determinant in our lived experience of the world, starting from the original act of Creation: a Vision that unfolds.

‘Another example of the control of events for the purpose of Release, according to this time equation, was the market Crash of 19.10.1987. In this too we were dealing with the dire prognostications of the economic visionaries: the total collapse of the world economy. This has been an important formation and could not be left out of the process. As you may be aware, there have been predictions about this collapse from prominent quarters in the USA. In Texas there is an economist of Indian origin who shot into the limelight when the ‘Crash’ occurred because he had predicted the collapse of the economy and the stock market crash in a book he had published, basing his predictions on the teachings of his guru, the head of the Anand Marg (since deceased). That Batra had predicted this happening for 1990 while it took place in 1987 did not seem to disturb him much or anyone else, though he was using time cycles for his analysis and I would have expected a bit more accuracy in the affair. No one was greatly put off. But this inaccuracy intrigued me because I could see another “hand” working, with perhaps a very different objective than what Batra had in mind. Indeed, the Crash that did take place was utterly faithful to the power manifesting in the 80s: there was that recognisable feeling of helplessness, of not being able to arrest a movement set in motion somehow, never really adequately explained, which was then taken up by computers and carried through the labyrinthine corridors of computer consciousness throughout the whole world with apparently no intervention possible! And the panic – let us not forget the panic, so intrinsic a part of the financial world consciousness. But the point here too was CONTROL and RELEASE. And once again we were dealing with “visions” and predictions. Batra’s being one good example. His book, by the way, was an instant best seller. Talk about reinforcing formations!

‘Another very important feature of these events is that the controlling Power seems always to pull the happening back from the brink of an abyss. It is as if the world was standing on a precipice, about to slide down – but held back just in time. Because, you see, the point is not to live the experience of destruction but rather DISSOLUTION. And this means the release of energy accumulated in these “sheaths”, as I call them. These layers of time-residue determine what is then played out in the denser physical, hence I call this the Zero Dimension, based on my formula that the fourth dimension of time is space. The three dimensions of time are proper to this Zero Dimension. I have described this in considerable detail in the third volume of The New Way.

‘The point I wish to make here is that if we do not deal with these hidden strata we can never hope to transform anything here, on the denser physical dimension. And this includes everything that constitutes the world as we know it and live it. When New-Age groups carry on about the new world order, the new consciousness, the new man, and so forth, I feel they are not really aware of the implications in their anticipations. We have to dismantle one world and establish another on the same spot! Or in the same “space”. In a simultaneous operation, because if not destruction will overtake the process given the powers we have unleashed upon ourselves for the total annihilation of the species and the planet. So the Control lies in just so much PHYSICAL play-out whereby the accumulated energy is carefully released and UTILISED for the rise and establishment of the new. This is the sense in the story of the descent of Ganga to the Earth. Her crushingly powerful descent has to be met by Shiva. The River-Goddess’s power is then captured in the God’s matted locks and gently released upon Earth.

‘The old prophets, be they near-death experiencers, or whoever, just cannot make this leap in perception, for if they could they would not be in that category! But again, I repeat, the fascinating part of the story is that one cannot deny the truth of what they are seeing. Nor its time factor. It is simply that their visions are limited to the old way, the old world. They have to refocus their lens of perception since their acts of seeing are part and parcel of that oldness and constitute the accumulated energy in the tomb of the Past which now has to be released. The visions therefore have to be played out, but in this controlled manner.

‘Regarding Heading Towards Omega and its author Kenneth Ring’s contention that those 1988 NDE predictions about the Great Cleansing which did not come to pass were “possibilities” unless there was an intervention, we could say his assessment was right in a way – but only partially. Yes, an “intervention” did occur, a realignment, but from what you report, it seems he fails to appreciate the part these visions play in the accumulation of “baggage” which helps to weigh the world down. It is a bit like the channelers who take every word that comes from “the other side” as unquestionably true, just because it comes from the Beyond, which for some reason has to be THE SOURCE. They too fail to realise that not only are there gradations on the other side but that whatever comes into this plane must pass through a human instrument with all the limitations I have described in this letter. I think it was this understanding that made J. Krishnamurti often speak of “changing the brain”, remaking the cells, and referred to the headaches he had as part of a “process” which seemed to be on this order of phenomenon. My point is that it is not so much a question of actual physical cells at this point. That is like jumping the gun. It is the Act of Seeing that is all important, more in line with Castaneda’s reports of don Juan’s teachings.’

It should be evident from this presentation that this ‘act of seeing’ has properties which are entirely different from other such faculties; above all, there is a certain power involved. It is as if the Act rends veils and therefore HASTENS the advent of the thing seen. At the same time, and this is most important, its main function is to reveal the Harmony, the Purpose and the patterns Time weaves on this planet to bring about a new world founded on these higher principles. It is hence an integrating power, a vision of interrelatedness and therefore of oneness. To quote Sri Aurobindo once more on this subject,

‘…What we have called specifically the Mind of Light is indeed the last of a series of descending planes of consciousness in which the Supermind veils itself by a self-chosen limitation or modification of its self-manifesting activities, but its essential character remains the same: there is in it an action of light, of truth, of knowledge in which inconscience, ignorance and error claim no place. It proceeds from knowledge to knowledge; we have not yet crossed over the borders of the truth-conscious into ignorance. The methods are also those of a self-luminous knowing and seeing and feeling and a self-fulfilling action within its own borders; there is no need to seek for something missing, no fumbling, no hesitation: all is still a gnostic action of a gnostic power and principle.’

Considering that this Mind of Light is now functioning in the world, let us now turn to the details of the War with ‘new eyes’.

The American Eagle, symbol of  Power

In the wake of the absoluteness of the American victory in the Gulf War, panic seems to be setting in across the globe, in particular in Third World countries, especially evident in India. The general fear is that we have become trapped in a ‘unipolar’ world, lorded over by the USA and with no nation on Earth able to provide a balancing, attenuating force. There are laments that the United Nations has been hijacked by America and calls for its restructuring whereby this situation might never arise again.

I will not enter into a discussion of the above in any great detail since these fears are an important consideration in the New Way only insofar as they reflect the difficulty the old world has in coming to terms with the new; and above all, with power.

At the outset I must state that America, perhaps better than any other nation, is in the process of fulfilling the purpose for which it came into being as an independent nation. It is difficult to locate a similar impeccable display of faithfulness to an inner truth or Dharma. Having made this point, I shall explain the basis for this statement by reproducing passages from my earlier works concerning the role of America in the scheme of these higher harmonics. It will be revealed that for the past 15 years and more I have been predicting (and recommending) the inevitability of the role America has played in recent events, and will continue to play in the future. Thus, I quote first from The Gnostic Circle, written in 1974, at the time of America’s all-important 198th birthday, from Chapter 15, ‘The United States of America and India’:

‘The United States of America is of course a very important element in the Earth’s evolution at present. Together with India it forms the evolutionary axis of Cancer and Capricorn that has often been referred to in the text. Capricorn is India’s ancient occult sign, and Cancer is the Sun sign of the United States; these together represent the axis of Spirit and Matter which is now carrying the evolution. It is around these two nations that the future of humanity’s growth into a more divine species largely depends. Both must pass through ‘labour pains’ as described for Tibet. India must become ‘materialised’ and the United States must awaken to the Spirit. If neither of these fulfils its destiny there is no possibility of a transformation on Earth. It is also essential that the two realise their union and come to the point where they shall work in harmony with one another in order that the new reign upon Earth become established, for it is no coincidence that Columbus in 1492 thought he had reached India in his travels and called the natives of the land Indians…

‘Both these nations began their cycles in this present round during 3 years. For America it was 1776 (=3) and for independent India it was 1947 (=3). Thus this year, 1974 on July 4th the United States was 198 years old and had therefore reached the 9 apex, and on August 15th, 1974 India is 27 years old, also reaching the 9 Apex. For both nations a new round commences and both have been preparing for this new beginning.

‘With regard to India it was nuclear power that has given the nation a new image, and for the United States it is Watergate and all that it has brought to light which serves to give a new direction to the nation. For India nuclear power was a breakthrough in material science, for America the recent happenings are to make the nation ready for perhaps a spiritual birth, a purging before the actual transformation.’ (Page 181.)

‘The two poles, Spirit and Matter, as epitomised in India and America, must unite in the deepest sense and collaborate to bring about the great birth of our times. India has the upholding force but it has lost the ‘arms of Durga’, the material power and possibilities; America must become its matter, America is the Word, the body of the Ideal…’  (Page 199.)

And in The New Way, Volume 1, I had written in 1977,

    ‘The West stands today for the principle of Matter, which the Moon represents. This destiny is centred on one nation that has collected around itself an entire symphony of nations and permeated this collective consciousness with the ideal of materialism. It is true that there is a counter-reaction now being felt in that nation, the United States of America, and a way is being sought to open new and higher vistas with the hope of reorienting its development in order to extricate the world from the present throes of an agonising, slow death process. However, America cannot lead in this endeavour because by destiny she is meant to follow, to be the material support for the nation that must carry out such an awakening and re-orientation, – the nation that has undergone a long preparation for such a task.

‘The East is generally believed to stand for the principle of the Spirit, which is represented by the Sun. However, we can clearly observe that there is only one eastern nation that remains faithful to this role. As America collects around itself all the nations committed to the principles of materialism, in any of its forms, – so India must gather the now dispersed or diffused aspirations of world societies for a spiritual resurgence; and she must provide the inspiration for such an awakening.

‘Herein lies the truth behind the policy of non-alignment that arose in India. However, Jawaharlal Nehru was not able to give correct expression to the real idea behind this movement, which corresponds to the deepest seed of India’s destiny. He was bound not only by the image of an India of the past but also by the conditioning the Western world had brought to bear on her…

‘Thus non-alignment, as it issued from India, meant the attainment of a collective consciousness that could rise above and from there perceive the path whereby the Earth societies could be guided out of the entanglements that alignment has brought.

‘We find however that non-alignment has merely developed into a more constricting process of alignment, because India has herself failed as yet to find the new way…’ (Pages 128-9.).

In both The Gnostic Circle and The New Way, I mention the significant fact that the two peripheral though important members of the Solar Line, Sri Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda, were also indicators of the intermingling of the American and Indian destinies: Ramakrishna left his body on the eve of India’s independence, while Vivekananda passed away on the day of America’s independence.

The above are just a few passages from my published works where this question is dealt with. There are also many articles that have been featured in VISHAAL which treat the same subject. This is that the feared ‘unipolar’ world is not an accurate assessment of the current situation but merely points to one all-important fact: America is at present living up to her destiny as the centre of the pole of Matter, alone and all-powerful in the midst of the nations of the West which represent that pole in the higher Harmony, while India, an equal if not more important element in the design, has so far failed to live up to her role in the higher scheme of things. Indeed, at the national level there is a ‘void’ in evidence; but this circumstance corresponds to a certain work India must now undertake – a filling of the Void, to be very precise.

I shall provide certain clues based on this new and applied cosmology which will help the student appreciate the accuracy of America’s instrumentation in the Gulf War. Quite simply, we must observe that the dates chosen for the two and only deadlines in the War both fell on 9-power days. The first of these, 15 January, has a very special significance precisely in India: it is the Makar Sankranti, or the day the Sun is supposed to enter the sign Capricorn, which tradition holds to be India’s ruler, as well as the hieroglyph delineating her physical boundaries. But, as I pointed out in my article, ‘The Capricorn Factor’, the problems India faces can be summed up in the fact that the nation celebrates this passage 23 days late. Nonetheless, in the national psyche it plays a significant role and the fact that the deadline set by the Americans was this very auspicious Makar Sankranti must have resonated ‘somewhere’ in the hearts of the people of India.

For a cosmologist of this New Way, however, the deadline date had to be taken amidst a series of other dates, and in particular its 9-power feature. Thus the actual beginning of the War on 17 January fit into this larger scheme, the 0 point of which began on 15 January.

Similarly, the second and last deadline the Americans set was 23 February 1991. Again a 9-power day. Moreover, this marked the final 0 point and from the 23rd we could count a full cycle of 9 and come to the actual end of the war with the first prisoners released on 4.3.1991, another 9-power day, and 9 days after the 23rd deadline. At the same time, this final date, 4.3.1991, marked the day that the first member of the Kuwaiti royal family, the Crown Prince and prime minister, returned to Kuwait. But for students of the new cosmology, it is especially interesting to note that it was at exactly the halfway point between these two dates, 23 February and 4 March, the 4.5, that the ceasefire was called: 27-28 February.

There are other numerical features of the War which indicate that America was serving a special purpose in this play-out. Further on we shall discuss some of these, but in the context of other interrelated events and developments. But first we must analyse the special nature of this ‘war in the New Way’, or ‘the Third’s War’.

The Third Principle in Action

It is evident that a very unexpected, unusual and timely set of circumstances had to conspire to allow America to play her destined role in this War. Added to this, we are forced to agree that this War bore very unique and intriguing characteristics. It was like none the Earth has known. These have prompted me to call this the Third World War, or, more aptly, the Third’s War, the reason being that those unusual characteristics can be understood when this point is borne in mind.

Before entering into that part of the discussion, I would like to remind the student of what he or she surely has not been able to forget. It is that the events which allowed America to play her central role in the War took place, in large measure, in 1989. That year, of 9 power, marked the beginning of Pluto’s cycle of the 90s, as well as the last ennead in this millennium. The cycle carries us to 1998, when, in conjunction with the close of the last ennead of the century/millennium, we also have the shift from the 30/29th degree of Aquarius in the Precession of the Equinoxes, to the 29/28th. These comprise periods of 72 years. Thirty such shifts carry us through an Age of 2160 years, in this case the Age of Aquarius.

Given these facts, it is obvious that 1989 marked the beginning of a tremendously important cycle for the world. The events of that year certainly proved this in ample measure. As well, they proved the accuracy and ‘new precision’ of this applied cosmology.

Thus, with the collapse of communism, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and so forth, America found herself alone at the centre of that western pole of Matter, in perfect attunement with her destiny. This position was forced upon her, we must concede, but the important point to bear in mind is that America did not shy away from her role; she demonstrated herself to be equal to the task. And when called upon to carry us through that ‘controlled dismantling’, she did so with impeccable determination and skill. This is not palatable to many throughout the world who view America’s participation as aggression and neo-imperialism. In the old context of things, this assessment might have been appropriate to a certain extent. In today’s world it is a gross mis-seeing and reveals an individual and national consciousness trapped in a frozen dimension of Time. Moreover, it pathetically displays an inability to vibrate to the new and perceive the true nature of the changes taking place in the world today.

To a certain extent I have discussed the ‘third-level’ character of this War in the supplement to the last VISHAAL. I will repeat only a few points which need to be emphasised for the sake of clarity in this analysis. The main item is the centred action of the War, or all nations focusing on one target in a sort of circular convergence. This, above all else, is thoroughly indicative of the action at the third level of the supramental Descent. But to appreciate this better, let us review the other major wars of this century, the First and Second World Wars; in so doing, the true nature of the present one will become clearer.

We have had three such wars in which all the major powers have been involved. These correspond to the three powers of the Solar Line, – the 9 or Transcendent, which would be the First World War; the 6 or Cosmic, and the Second World War; and the 3 or the Individual, the present War.

The first was therefore the Transcendent’s war. When taken in isolation from the other Principles, the Transcendent is of course characterised by a certain detachment or aloofness. It stands ‘beyond’, in a certain sense. It is the solitary Principle which most spiritual realisers know and aspire to.

In this context, it is interesting to note that Sri Aurobindo, the 9/Transcendent of the Line, did indeed face that War alone. The Mother had come to Pondicherry in their first meeting on 29 March, 1914. Soon thereafter war broke out and she left for Europe. She spent almost the entire period of the war in Japan where her husband was posted on a diplomatic mission.

During that period, – that is before 1926 – Sri Aurobindo carried on the work of the Age alone. They had not formally joined in their mission. In addition, the First World War took place still in the Age of Pisces. It closed the Age, cleansed the field for the great dawning of 1926 and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. And it was in that very year that the joint mission of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother began. Thus the First World War stood in the ‘beyond’ of the new Age.

The Second World War was another matter entirely. It was fully the Mother’s War, as I have described in various publications. Thus, being the Mother’s domain, it bore characteristics of the Cosmic Principle. In the larger scheme of things, this is where the forces of Light and Darkness manifest. Its character is dualistic and therefore it is highly occult, given its cosmic foundation. Of all the three, that War was certainly the most occult, even to the extent that the Nazis had adopted various occult symbols in the course of their activities. As well, they took certain key elements of the New Age and perverted them – i.e., the ‘Aryan race’, and even the creation of a centre for their activities which was to be the ‘navel of the world’, using certain occult formulas of sacred architecture and geometry for the purpose. It is known, in addition, that Hitler was in contact with an occult being who communicated to him regularly the instructions for carrying Nazi Germany to world supremacy.

However, perhaps the factor most indicative of the 6 or the Cosmic Principle in action in the Second World War was its binary nature: powers were ranged against each other in a manner entirely expressive of the dual character of the Cosmic. There were the Allies and the Axis powers. Things, though clearly defined and stark in their bare truth, were not ‘put in their place’ during that phase of the evolution, though there were hints of a future possibility of a superior definition in world affairs. Nonetheless, this failure, which we might call the obvious gap in the Scheme, allowed for the Cold War to take shape and a world still far from any true ‘new order’.

This could be a long discussion, and space does not permit me to do justice to this theme. Let me then pass on to the third-level War and, with the help of the analysis of the former two and in conjunction with those ‘principles’, we can better understand what exactly has been the uniqueness of this confrontation.

The Third is the Individual Principle, or the soul. Its main characteristic is, I repeat, a centering, a convergence onto a centre or a flowering from a centre. Most important of all is that at the third level of the Descent, through the special processes of the supramental yoga, there is the ‘birth that fills the void’. This refers to the void that arises when the Third Principle is not incorporated in an integrating process and the BINARY status of the Cosmic reigns supreme. The work of the Third is therefore to FILL THAT VOID.

This may be too esoteric for the student, but suffice to say that it is when the ‘void’ is filled on the basis of such a ‘centering’ and REALIGNMENT that it is possible for us to experience precisely what we have witnessed in the Third World War; a complete miscalculation and failure of strategies on the part of the instrument occupying the central position in the confrontation.

Saddam Hussein did his best to reshape the characteristic of this War, in particular by his numerous attempts to dismantle the circle of powers converging upon him. He sought, in a word, to replay the Second World War and its BINARY character, be this either Arab against Jew, or Muslim against Christian. However, this was not permitted because that ‘void’ was filled in the 1980s. A ‘centre’ had come into being for the Earth and a new world was formally born. That is, only after that objective had been accomplished could any ‘new world order’ become feasible. To this end, the timing was perfect: 1989 saw the close of that phase of the work – with 1984 as the Great Reversal – and the beginning of a new cycle in which the larger lines of that Order are to be drawn.

When the Centre exists and is the UPHOLDING power in the individual or nation, one of the main tools of the Adversary to pin the species down to its ignorance and misery and pain is rendered obsolete. This tool is undermining. The existence of a void in the binary creature and creation is what permits this constant undermining and collapse of energy. When the void is filled, undermining is an extremely difficult prospect. Consequently, we find that the old strategies fail, as they have failed for Saddam Hussein. None of his calculations brought the desired results. Similarly, the existence of the Centre renders obsolete all our assessments in this regard. The new has no previous model; consequently, political analyses based on past projections can only fail.

However, because the Centre exists and is operative in many spheres, this does not mean that everything and everyone in the world are instruments for its expression. We are on the way to a new world, but we have a hard terrain to cross yet. The object of this applied cosmology is precisely to present a new Knowledge which will assist those who aspire to the Truth in this difficult period of transition when the old is often called the new, or the new is missed sight of entirely.

The three Principles correspond to planes of consciousness: the first is the Spiritual, the second the Mental, and the third is the Vital. I will discuss the last two in more detail since these planes have been involved in the War – the Mental and the Vital – with the former playing a more subdued role.

The new cosmology reveals that the Middle East is an arena where two peoples have stood pitted against each other since biblical times, and that these peoples are representative of these two planes of consciousness-being. The Jews represent the Mental, while the Arabs are the Vital. Thus if we consider that the Second World War was the Mother’s war, or the Cosmic Divine, and that corresponded to the Mental Principle, we realise that the third war would then have to focus on the Vital; by consequence, the Jews were destined to be kept out of this war, as indeed they were. In spite of Saddam Hussein’s relentless attempts to draw the Israelis into the conflict, he was unsuccessful. We may attribute this to superior diplomacy and the irresistible offer of billions of dollars as the reward for restraint, but it must be borne in mind that the Power makes use of human instruments and compelling circumstances to achieve its higher aims. Thus the exclusive focus of this war was the Vital, and Saddam Hussein was its representative.

Similarly, Saddam Hussein sought to make of the conflict a religious one, in the effort to legitimise his stand and cast himself into a hero’s garb. This too failed because the issue to be dealt with was not the ‘knot’ in the evolution of consciousness engendered by religions. That aspect of the process comes at the final stage, the fourth, when the Physical plane becomes the focal point. At the fourth level there is an interesting phenomenon: the Serpent’s head and tail meet: the spiritual joins the physical and there is an integration of all the intermediary levels.

The Iraqi leader sought to draw the Allies into a thoroughly ‘vital’ war, a man-to-man combat, exclaiming time and again that he would ‘show the infidels a thing or two’ once the land assault began. We know the outcome of the rhetoric. Especially important to note is that all attempts to exceed the boundaries of the conflict, set not by human elements but by the Divine Shakti, failed. This of course was part and parcel of the ‘control’ which characterised the War. I hasten to add that this does not diminish the value and capabilities of the executing human forces, who are convinced that it was their strategies that brought the victory. The Divine works through human instruments, and indeed one of the main objectives of the Yoga and the evolution of consciousness is to attain a poise whereby there is no conflict of wills, human versus divine. To help the human creature in this noble endeavour, the new cosmology seeks to provide those who wish to collaborate in the great Transformation certain keys of knowledge which will assist the sincere seeker in following the expressions of that supreme Will in world events, in those spheres which for so very long have been kept apart from the Divine Order as incompatible or unable in any way to be channels for that Truth to manifest. Through the new cosmology we see, therefore, that ‘all life is yoga’, to use Sri Aurobindo’s phrase, and all are participants in the masterful Play of the divine Strategist.

And finally, in discussing the Third Principle it is necessary to note that the United States of America was born on the wings of its power, given its independence in 1776(=3). Thus the nation was suited in more ways than one for the role it has just played so well. On the other hand, India, also born on that same 3-power ‘note’, has yet to experience the play-out that will unveil its true role in this new Age. India has a special work to do for the world, and the time nears when she will be compelled to express the summit of her destiny.

Prophecies, Temples, and ‘Hidden Mannas’

Most esoteric schools and religious fundamentalists have been expecting a major conflagration in the Middle East. One of their most important sources of information seeming to confirm this calamity has been ‘The Revelation’ of St John. In the supplement to the last VISHAAL , I too have quoted portions of the text which do indeed describe the Gulf War and the destruction of ‘Babylon’. The element in the prophecy which is overlooked, however, is the role the Temple plays though this is the key feature of ‘The Revelation’.

In my book, The Hidden Manna, I have deciphered St John’s text and laid bare the purpose of the Temple. In addition, immediately after its publication in November of 1976, I wrote a paper entitled ‘What is Wrong with Matrimandir’, where I expose the falsehood reigning in Auroville in precisely what concerns that Temple. The last section of the paper has proven to be prophetic of our times and this War. In consonance with the new precision at work and the new method of prediction described in the beginning of the present article, the time of the Third World War was given when, in the very beginning of the section entitled ‘Matrimandir, India, Earth’, I chose a message of the Mother to introduce the most important discussion of the paper which, as might be expected, bore the date 2.8.1970, or the very day Saddam Hussein would invade Kuwait 20 years into the future. At the same time, this message concerning the role of India and the imperative need for the ‘psychic law’ to reign in the nation, was given by her just after she had the vision of the Temple.

The ‘temple’ St John refers to is considered to be Solomon’s Temple rebuilt. This indeed would have been the legitimate interpretation prior to the Supramental Manifestation in 1956. But given this occurrence, ‘all things are made new’, as the text of ‘The Revelation’ itself specifies. Insofar as the last pages of this paper connect these different issues, i.e., the Temple, the Middle East, the War, and so forth, I would like to reproduce for VISHAAL readers what I wrote then, in January 1977:

     ‘There are prophecies thousands of years old which speak of the Temple and the need to rebuild it. These prophecies come from the Middle East, where today the war between two religions rages. After the fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD, it was predicted that the age of Peace, the golden era for the Earth would begin when first, the state of Israel was formed once again and the Jews reunited therein; second, Jerusalem was taken back and the Jews again able to worship at the Wailing Wall; and third, the Temple was rebuilt.

‘Two of these prophecies have been fulfilled. The third remains and seems impossible: on the site where the Temple is supposed to be rebuilt an important monument of Islamic worship now stands. To build the Temple there would mean destroying the mosque first. We know that such an event would signify that the Earth was on the threshold of a Third World War.

‘But the prophecy is fulfilled, in a way which truly opens the doors to an era of unity and peace. Jerusalem means “the peace that is visualised”. It is King Solomon’s Temple that is built therein, the Egyptian Jew, wisest of all men, possessor of the Knowledge, who received the divine plan for the Temple and had it built. History tells us he could not use his own people however for this great task and he had to resort to neighbouring Tyre and seek the aid of the Phoenician King Hiram. It was this secular monarch who served him in the building of the Temple.

‘The prophecies then speak of rebuilding Solomon’s Temple for the Age of Unity. But at the time they were given the world was not one whole, and unity was considered to be unity of a people, a race. Today such a unity is no unity at all. Only the unification of the entire Earth can have meaning for the new world, for an Earth that is now seen as one whole, and for such an accomplishment it is imperative to rise above religious division, precisely what cannot happen in Jerusalem, for the nations there seek to consolidate themselves according to the traditions of the past and reinforce the divisions of old. This can be, the Earth can know peace for a while during the transitional phase, even in such conditions, – but only if the Centre of the New Earth is established, which has the power to unite all the nations, in the realm of as yet hidden dimensions of Earth being. Thus in spite of itself, by the mere presence on the planet of such a Centre, the Earth’s societies will be occultly influenced and the hard barriers softened to make it possible to move forward toward a new Life, to escape the clasp of Death that lurks behind each corner, that threatens to devour the new Child that is being born.

‘While Jerusalem means “the peace that is seen”, Solomon means “her Peace. It need only be mentioned that the Mother named the place where the Temple is being built: PEACE. The white dove is its symbol. And the Room is on the plan of 12, as is the prophesied Temple of Solomon which is to be rebuilt. As well, the prophecy speaks of a New Jerusalem, hence not the old one. Moreover, Sri Aurobindo’s symbol is known as “Solomon’s Seal” in occult schools, or the “Star of David” in exoteric bodies, since Solomon was David’s son. This symbol is the centrepiece of the Mother’s Room.

‘The situation which gave rise to the partition of India is the same that divides the peoples of the Middle East. It is only in India that the occult axial power can establish itself which will harmoniously solve this problem for the whole Earth. The physical war may now be fought elsewhere, but the occult war is waged here. It is wiser to undo the errors that have so far been cemented in Matrimandir, than to reach the point where the Mosque in Jerusalem will be destroyed.’ (‘What is Wrong with Matrimandir’, p. 46-7.)

The ‘physical war’ that was ‘fought elsewhere’ has just come to an end, regulated by the very Knowledge the Mother captured in the original plan she gave for Matrimandir. But what of the ‘occult war’?

When I wrote the above Ayodhya was not an issue in India. Now however, by an unusual turn of events, we find that the very same conundrum has to be addressed in India as we find in Jerusalem: destroy the mosque to build the temple. At the same time, the errors in the Matrimandir were never undone. Consequently, Auroville was unable to ‘avoid a world war’, as the Mother had hoped.

I began this article with reference to a comment the Mother made to Indira Gandhi on 17 July 1969. I would like to return to that same date as perhaps the time when, in the summer of 1969, an English writer, Henry Lincoln, came upon a book which opened a new chapter in his life. It drew him, and the two who were later to become his colleagues, to the discovery of certain intriguing facts of history starting in biblical times and moving through European history via, for one, the Knights Templar and a society known as the Prieuré de Sion or the Priory of Sion (PS hereinafter). Since these discoveries involve secrets and temples and dynasties and new world orders, and, significantly, numbers and astrology and sacred geometry and architecture; and since Henry Lincoln’s first contact with this material began at the very time the Mother sent out her first ‘clue’ regarding the time-axis 17 July/17 January, I consider it appropriate to draw these findings into our discussion. I shall begin by first pointing out that Lincoln dated the Introduction to a book which he later published on the subject, together with his two colleagues, Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh, the 17th of January, 1981. The book is entitled, The Holy Blood, Holy Grail (Jonathan Cape, 1982). It was an instant best seller and went into numerous editions after its first publication in 1982.

The book begins with the story of a parish priest, Bérenger Saunière, in the small village of Rennes-le-Château in the south of France. In 1891 Sauniere began a restoration of the church in his care, and in so doing appears to have come upon four parchments, one dated 1244, another 1644, and the others from the 1700s. Considering that the priest became immensely wealthy after this discovery, it is believed that these documents allowed him to locate the whereabouts of a treasure which some believe may have belonged to the Knights Templar who operated from that area from the 12th Century onward. These parchments seem to have formed a rallying point for a renewed interest in the core of the PS’s quest. Before 1188 the PS and the Knights Templar enjoyed a common ‘Grand Master’, as the head of the organisation is called. At that time they branched into two, and finally the Knights Templar were exterminated in the 14th Century except for the seat of the society near Rennes-le-Château and some places outside France it seems.

The history of these two organisations is a long one; it has been fully documented in the book and the student can refer to it for all the details which space will not permit me to include. Let me simply state that it was the Knights Templar who undertook the first crusade in 1099, in quest of certain ‘secrets’. These involved King Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem. Apart from material treasures, it is widely believed that the Templars were searching for knowledge which would reveal certain basics of sacred architecture, number and geometry, and that these discoveries would, in some way, confer power and unlimited wealth through alchemical formulae which seem to have been contained in these findings. Whether these secrets were discovered or not, may not be conclusively proven. My belief is that something was discovered – but only a fragment, or a clue pointing to future discoveries, all of which concerned ‘the temple’.

In view of what I had written in my paper, ‘What is Wrong with Matrimandir’, quoted on pages 24 and 25, I may now disclose that this ‘secret’ is precisely what the Mother gave out in the original plan of her Temple in 1970. Furthermore, the date 17 January seems to occupy a most, if not the most important place in the PS’s involvement with this matter. It was during the 18 days ending with 17 January 1970, in the course of her attempts to convince the disciple and architects of the worthiness of her vision, that the Mother revealed by far the most astounding ‘secret’ of that vision. It was the measurement of the Globe, 70cms. On the basis of this simple measurement, I was able to make all the discoveries which I have recorded in the three volumes of The New Way. At the same time, it was the measurement of the globe that disclosed the whereabouts of the fourth member of the Solar Line and the rebirth of Sri Aurobindo in that form. This ‘child’ was the tremendous Secret which was occulted in those measurements. And this is what the Prieuré has been searching for for the past 1000 years.

Inasmuch as all of this is now history – that is, I had already given out this knowledge in unimaginable detail long before becoming acquainted with PS’s existence – there is no need to mince words and suppress these important facts. Especially since they involve earth-shattering events and the future of the world, its survival into the 21st Century, and that much discussed ‘new world order’.

It was in March of 1976 that on the basis of the globe’s measurement I was able to fit all the pieces of the Temple’s mosaic together, the central theme and revelation of which was this Child. It was in Sri Aurobindo’s 76th Aphorism that he himself revealed the nature of that birth and its goal. I quote,

‘Europe prides herself on her practical and

scientific organisation and efficiency. I am

waiting till her organisation is perfect; then

a child shall destroy her.’

I shall now reproduce certain important comments the Mother made on this aphorism, on 11.12.1971. I have included them in The New Way as Appendix II. The date of these comments is all-important, especially since the Mother herself emphasises this point by stating that…‘the time has come to say it’.

When we published these Aphorisms in the ‘bulletin’ [1962], you said to omit this one. It is a very mysterious Aphorism – which I would like to understand naturally. But I would like to know if we should publish it or not.

Where had he written this?

In the ‘Aphorisms’.

Yes, but he hasn’t written a special book: these texts have been taken from here and there.

No, not at all. Sri Aurobindo had a special notebook where he put these Aphorisms as he wrote them. And this one was found amongst the others.

(After a silence) ‘A child’…

What did he write in English in the beginning?

‘Prides herself’.

Prides herself…

I would publish it.

But what did he mean by this?

I don’t know.

Naturally it can only be the power that is destroyed, because one does not destroy the Earth.

Yes, one does not destroy the Earth, but one can destroy a civilisation.


He says, ‘Europe will be destroyed’.

Yes…But what child?

I have the impression this came as something absolutely true, an absolutely true prediction – but I don’t know.

You said it was better to omit it.

But now, on the contrary, I have the impression that it must be said. But I don’t know if the time has come yet – ‘come’, I mean for the realisation; the time has come to say it but not for the realisation.

‘The child’…perhaps it is the child of the New World – with a smile, he will make all that collapse.

Yes, it is possible – it is possible.


This has an incredible power…something formidable. You cannot imagine the power that is in there, it is really as if the Divine Himself were saying, ‘J’attends’…I am waiting…

By the end of 1971 the plan of the Temple had been given, the foundation had been laid – and the plan distorted seemingly beyond repair. At the same time, the Fourth as a child had reached Pondicherry. Indeed, the time had come ‘to say it’, but not yet for the realisation. The Mother’s words were as prophetic as Sri Aurobindo’s had been decades earlier.

The above of course reveals that the Mother was not aware, in all its details, of what she had captured in the plan of her Temple. For it was a revelation that had to be kept entirely secret until the full details of the Knowledge had descended. And this happened in the 76th year of the century; then the ‘power’ of Sri Aurobindo’s 76th Aphorism was released. That ‘child’, that fourth in the Line, was the binding energy of the Knowledge, without which the ‘temple’ could not stand for it would have neither a fourfold supramental foundation nor a centre.

I am obliged to give further background of the PS in order to disclose exactly what it was that Sri Aurobindo was referring to when he stated…‘I am waiting till her organisation is perfect’… The reference is to the unification of Europe.

The Prieuré de Sion has been and continues to be a very influential body in the West. Through the centuries some of the most prominent men and women in history have been its Grand Masters. To name a few, Leonardo da Vinci, Sandro Botticelli, Isaac Newton, Victor Hugo, Claude Debussy, and Jean Cocteau until 1963. Even the beloved pope, John XXIII, was supposed to have had connections with this order. Indeed, on page 165 of the Corgi Books’ paperback edition of The Holy Blood, Holy Grail, the authors refer specifically to a work which I have had occasion to quote from in VISHAAL, in 1989/90, in the series ‘On Things Neptunian’. This book is The Prophecies of Pope John XXIII, published precisely in 1976. I quoted one of the prophecies because specific mention is made of ‘Patrizia, Daughter of God’, Italian(?), American(?), in connection with the collapse of the Berlin Wall. The prophecy mentions the new world order this ‘Patrizia’ would initiate after having brought the Wall down. The authors of The Holy Blood, Holy Grail  have mentioned these prophecies as another curious hint that perhaps John XXIII was indeed affiliated in some way with the PS and connected groups. The evidence they provide in their book certainly lends weight to the argument.

Thus, the PS can boast of a luminous galaxy of personalities among its ranks. In this century there have been prominent politicians and diplomats. Significantly, members of the PS were at the forefront in the creation of the European Economic Community, since the primary objective of the PS has been the unification of Europe. This indeed is the ‘organisation’ which Sri Aurobindo refers to as becoming ‘perfect’ when this ‘child’ steps in and destroys it.

Sri Aurobindo’s words can only be understood when we realise that central to the PS’s ‘secret’ is precisely a child who is supposed to be on the order of a god-king. It is believed that this Child is of the bloodline of Jesus, the secret details of which are thought to be in the possession of the PS.

I have studied the material carefully in The Holy Blood, Holy Grail, and my conclusion is that the Prieure knows ‘the time has come’ for the secret to be revealed. Indeed, the ‘organisation’ they have worked for so diligently has come into being. In 1992 it will be further cemented and we will witness for the first time in history a united Europe. I have also studied the few diagrams and other material presented by the authors which they collected in the course of their investigations. I can state that the ‘clues’ put out by the PS from 1956 are valid and do indeed form a part of that ‘secret’. However, the core of it is ‘something else’. Let me proceed to clarify.

On page 100 of ‘HB,HG’, the authors refer to a private publication which was deposited in the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris. Its title is, ‘Le Serpent Rouge’, or ‘The Red Serpent’. The book was dated, 17 January 1967. Once again January 17 comes up; the date is clearly used to identify or classify the knowledge as being part of that ‘secret’.

Apart from the genealogy of the Merovingian dynasty which is supposed to be the bloodline referred to above, the main portion of the text is a series of 13 prose poems. According to the authors of ‘HB,HG’, they refer to the zodiac and are a sort of allegorical journey through the signs, in a sense recalling my own The Magical Carousel. The authors write,

‘Narrated in the first person, the thirteen prose poems are a type of symbolic or allegorical pilgrimage commencing with Aquarius and ending with Capricorn – which, as the text explicitly states, presides over January 17th… At one point there is mention of a red snake, “cited in the parchments”, uncoiling across the centuries [italics mine] – an explicit allusion, it would seem, to a bloodline or lineage…’ (page 101).

In addition, the authors state that the text speaks of 13 signs, not 12. This enigmatic 13th is supposed to stand between Scorpio and Sagittarius, and it is called Ophiuchus or the Serpent Holder. Again, I must state that this conforms very accurately to the ‘secret’. The only problem is that the authors of ‘HB,HG’, not being conversant with matters astrological, have misinterpreted the significance of the meaningful line…‘uncoiling across the centuries’. But, at the same time, THEY ARE CORRECT!

The ‘red serpent’ is, quite simply, the astronomical lunar nodes. This is often referred to as the dragon, or indeed the serpent whose head and tail mark off opposite points in the sky. That is, these nodes, which are the points where the Earth’s orbit and the Moon’s intersect, describe a backward movement through the signs of the zodiac, – hence uncoiling. Eighteen to nineteen years are required for the nodes to move through the entire circle, and therefore they do ‘uncoil across the centuries’. From the information the authors of ‘HB,HG’ have presented, it would appear that the Red Serpent is described in the text as moving from Aquarius to Capricorn in a movement through the zodiac, the last stage being Capricorn rather than Pisces, and within which is 17 January of course.

The correctness of the authors’ assessment that this ‘uncoiling through the centuries’ refers to a bloodline or lineage, is explained in The New Way. In Volume 2, Chapter 10, the two sections wherein the role of these nodes is discussed in minute detail are, ‘The Lunar Nodes in the Harmony of Today’, and ‘The Union of the three Dragons’. I have demonstrated how it is the position of the nodes in the horoscopes of the members of the Solar Line which reveals their interconnection and identity, or their ‘lineage’. But, as is usual in such cases, this may well not be what the Prieure de Sion had in mind. Nonetheless, their own ‘secret dossiers’ confirm the knowledge given out in The New Way and elsewhere in my publications.

But let us return to that enigmatic 13th sign, the Serpent Holder between Scorpio and Sagittarius. For this was precisely the location of the ‘red serpent’ (hence the ‘Serpent Holder’) at the time of the birth of the ‘child’. I would refer the student to The Hidden Manna as well, since this same phenomenon is referred to in Chapter 12 of The Revelation, and is called the ‘red dragon’, set to ‘devour the man-child’ when he is born. Indeed, the position of the lunar nodes in the mother’s chart of that ‘child’ exactly coincided with the Sun’s position of that ‘son’. It was quite accurate to state therefore…‘about to devour the child’.

The PS has thus proven itself to possess some important clues concerning the momentous advent of this Line and its relation to the Temple. However, they are just clues and nothing more. I am convinced that these documents are given out at this time as ‘bait’, so to speak, in anticipation of a connection being made with the ‘secret’. For the lamentable part is that everything is ready in Europe, the ‘organisation is perfect’, but one fundamental piece is missing in the Prieuré’s design: the Child and, by consequence, the real knowledge of the Temple. Europe stands poised and waiting, her ‘organisation’ complete and perfect. But it is, as it were, an empty vessel. The Line is not of Middle-Eastern origin, nor is the seat of its manifestation Europe. The ‘new Jerusalem’ is in India. And this, of course, can never be palatable to a Euro-centred order.

Be this as it may, I repeat, the PS does possess very interesting clues to the unfoldment of the new manifestation. And 17 January does indeed play a central part. To give another example, apart from the fact that the Third World War indeed began on that date, the ‘red serpent’ was also prominent then, as the war was unfolding. The position of the nodes in the sky from the time the war began to its end was precisely equivalent to the degrees where the Sun is on 17th January: 26-27 degrees of Capricorn. In a sense one could have predicted that the Third World War would begin when the Red Serpent had reached the point of its own position in the sky. But it would have been difficult to be specific since this interconnecting mechanism repeats itself every 18/19 years. However, there is evidence that the Prieuré knew that a particular year in this century would mark the beginning of the count, the moment when ‘the time has come’. This year was 1956.

As the student knows, it was on 29 February (next in fact to the date of the end of the war) of 1956 that the Mother revealed that ‘the time has come’. The Supramental Manifestation had occurred, and it announced itself with those very words: the time has come. For the PS 1956 was a turning point, as reported earlier.

Insofar as the PS and its associated orders operate from France primarily, it would not be far-fetched to assume that at least one of their members had been apprised of the Mother’s declaration. It is also well to remember that at the time of Sauniere’s discovery of the four precious parchments, the Mother was living in Paris and very much involved with esoteric groups in the city. It is certainly feasible that she had interacted with members of the PS. Possibly her own teachers of occultism were a part of the order. Whatever the case, the foundations were laid during those years of her life for the work she was to do in occultism, primarily involving the greatest work of her life, the revelation of the measurements and design of the Temple.

Given the fact that we are dealing with secrets coveted through the ages, it is understandable that when this manifestation would take place and the knowledge given out, ‘forces’ would emerge in opposition to that truth. It should not be surprising therefore to have experienced just that. From the first moment the Mother gave her disciple and architects the plan for the Temple, with its prized ‘secret’, it was opposed and finally distorted to the point where it would be impossible to find that ‘secret’ in the temple they are building in Auroville. Indeed, this seems to have been a development anticipated or arranged in some ‘region’. Interestingly, the disciple and original architect were French. Those who then took over the construction are Italian: Europe seemed to have dismantled the Knowledge. Ironically, the disciple to whom the Mother first handed her valuable diagram has been assiduously seeking ‘Sri Aurobindo’s secret’ in the voluminous transcripts of his conversations with her, which of course he has never found. Yet it was precisely to him that the Mother entrusted the Secret, which he failed to recognise and take seriously.

At this point, what may we expect? The authors of ‘HB,HG’ have published another book since then, entitled The Messianic Legacy. It incorporates much of the same material but the emphasis is on the workings of the PS today, in particular its efforts to establish a United States of Europe, over which is supposed to preside the divine King, whoever they believe him to be. This book offers other ‘clues’, I might add, in particular dates, – i.e., 1984 as being considered by the present Grand Master of the order to be a year critical to the PS’s plans. The authors report in this context…‘So far, at least, as public affairs were concerned, 1984 was in this respect resoundingly anti-climatic. But so far as the Prieuré de Sion’s own internal affairs were concerned, 1984 was to prove a year of major upheaval’ (p.297-8). Again their information was correct: 1984 was the year that I call, the Great Reversal. It was then, from April 17, 1983 to 17 January 1984 that the new Axis or new alignment came into being; or the incorporation of the Fourth Power and Principle into the work, into the workings of the evolution, into the operations on the world stage. But, though the PS may have intuited this fact, they are unaware of what this might signify in the context of that new order they anticipate, nor would they be able to accept everything else that accompanies the promised event of 1984.

I would like to close this discussion by presenting a sketch of an interesting geometric design found at the Knights Templar church at Garway, Herefordshire. The original church was a circular construction, it may be pointed out; the one standing today is rectangular. This diagram again confirms the ‘secrets’ in the sacred geometry of The New Way and the Mother’s original plan. At the same time, this diagram brings me to the point on which I would like to conclude this article, – namely the Temple’s relation to the Pyramid, and by consequence to Sri Aurobindo’s symbol. It may be recalled that in the June 1988 issue of VISHAAL, in the article ‘Matrimandir Disinformation – Once Again!’ I refer to a prediction about my need to insist on the correct measurements of the Temple, and its connection ‘with Egypt’ (TVN 3/2, page 35). Indeed, the discoveries I made in the Mother’s plan forged the connection, but via Sri Aurobindo’s symbol, the interlaced triangles being of the same proportions as the Great Pyramid. In The New Way I present my findings in a series of special diagrams in Volume 2, Chapter 11 and in Chapter 12, particularly pages 451 to 467. But first, here is the sketch I have made from the ‘HB,HG’ plate 31, of the Templars’ ‘secret’.



The symbols are quite clear. The fish refers to the Vesica Pisces, or the ‘Vessel of the Fish’, as it is called in sacred geometry. On the other side of the carving is a serpent, which we have already discussed. Central is the Pyramid but with the all-important cross in a circle which is both the symbol of the Earth and also the diagram representing that time-axis around which hinged the 1983-1984 breakthrough and the new alignment: 17 April 1983 to 17 January 1984. The circle is placed at the top of the Pyramid, pointing to the ‘axis’ passing through the structure, or the correct and perfect alignment of the edifice. This seems to be contained in a vessel of sorts, perhaps indicating the Vesica Pisces. Indeed, this was precisely the geometric form that revealed the Secret, the coveted knowledge of the Fourth of the Solar Line. At the basis for the construction of the Vesica was the precise measurement the Mother had given for the Temple’s central globe: 70 cms. At the same time that measurement revealed India to be the location of the ‘new Jerusalem’.

The presence of the Pyramid in the carving might not have been so evident in its connection with the Mother’s Temple if it had not been for Sri Aurobindo’s symbol, consisting of two interlaced triangles of the proportions of the Great Pyramid, and that these would fit exactly into the outer form of the construction, as I discovered in 1976; provided, however, that the exact measurements the Mother gave were incorporated. Above all this referred to the floor diameter of 24 metres, wall to wall. If this inner measurement was wrong or in some way inaccurate, there would be no ‘pyramid’ contained in the structure, since the lines upon which the sides of the pyramid were to rest would be non-existent. Indeed, on the basis of this discovery I was able to provide proof that without the correct measurement of the floor of the inner chamber, the all-important axis would be off, and no pyramid would be occultly incorporated with its consequent power.

True to form, my diagrams have now been reproduced in Auroville’s main journal, Auroville Today, but the all-important fact of the incorrect axial measurement they have built in the Matrimandir has been once again withheld. The diagrams appear to refer to what they have built in Auroville. This journal was published in January 1991, with its falsehood blatant and clear. The analysis I have presented in this article can help the seeker to understand just why it is that so much energy has been put into 1) distorting the Mother’s original plan, 2) constructing a building in her name incorporating all those distortions, and 3) tenaciously hiding this information from the public. The issues involved are perhaps the most important of our Aquarian Age, as the material from the Prieure reveals. Whatever I had foreseen regarding the effects the distorted temple would produce have, lamentably, been proven true. The chaos, confusion, disintegration in India have never been so acute; never has India faced the threat of a total dismembering of her sacred Body as starkly as today. For unless India openly takes her place on that time-axis she forms with the United States of America, unless she occupies the ‘centre’, in the fullest terms of what that means, the reign we have worked so hard to hasten will not emerge in all its glory and power.

In closing, let me state therefore that the action moves eastward, the spotlight focuses now on India.



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