The Conundrum of India’s Choice of Destiny, Part Two

The material I am presenting is distilled from over forty years of concentration on the cosmic harmonies. The resultant body of higher knowledge can be summed up in a few simple diagrams that I will present in the course of this series. They are founded on the perception of Cosmic Truth as opposed to Cosmic Ignorance; that is, a focussed vision in which all things find their rightful place within the Harmony; therefore they continuously disclose greater depths and wider vistas as we apply the diagrams to the issues at hand. They reveal Being and Becoming: in the present context the Becoming refers to the actual unfolding of the contemporary events we are analysing in which India is central. Indeed, because of this centrality ‘the centre holds’, in contrast to the point made by the poet Yeats in the last century on the condition of the world, ‘the centre cannot hold’. Without the central point – as in the astrological/astronomical symbol of the Sun ☉ – the play is simply one of chaos: things happen but they make no sense, there is no connection, no unified perception of the ever-changing play of circumstances. More specifically, Cosmic Ignorance describes chaos.

The Centre is the Seeing Eye, as it were. This ‘seeing’ is not merely a passive act. Rather, the very Act of Seeing the cosmic harmony in the light of the truth-conscious Supermind brings the heavenly harmony into focus, and therefore it holds; or the unveiling of the true centre imposes an order in the peripheral play that can then ‘make sense’. Cosmos/order is the prime characteristic of the universal harmony as seen from Earth because it holds by virtue of the existence of a centre. This is the nature of the entire manifest universe: centres are everywhere, macro and micro. It is the nature of the human incarnation where the soul is the centre that can then create harmony out of the chaos of our own individual existence.

There are significant verses from the ancient text concerning temple architecture, Mayamata, it is stated, ‘If the measurement of the temple is in every way perfect, there will be perfection in the universe as well’ (XXII.92). This might seem paradoxical. We would assume the correct order to be that the perfection seen in the universe by the sage is then transposed into the temple architecture. But this is not the case in the higher perception of reality: the sage states exactly the reverse which is correct. The seer engages in the Act of Seeing that focuses the lens of perception, on which basis the perfection that eternally is can be perceived. The temple is therefore understood as the ‘lens’.

In this Age of the Supermind the knowledge contained in the vision is such that it ‘makes all things new’. Put another way, the ancient Veda and also the later little-understood Revelation of St John describe a salient feature of the great new order when, it is stated, ‘a new heaven and a new earth’ emerge. We can well understand what the sages meant by a new Earth, but it is not easily understood what a new heaven might mean. The descent of the Supermind explains the matter. It is precisely what is being described in these pages: the Supramental Avatar brings the revelation of exactly what is needed for that New Heaven to manifest: Supermind transforms Cosmic Ignorance into Cosmic Truth and thus is a new cosmology born, Indo-Centric for the first time since the Puranic Age. His very birth sets that process in motion, as I will explain. It all culminates in our very times – not in a hundred years from now, or a thousand. The issue is not to miss the moment. We are called to be conscious participants in this revolutionising transformation of life on Earth. Thus there are certain key elements of contemporary life that help us focus the lens as it had never been focussed before, not even in the Vedic Age. Prominent among them is the number system India gifted to the world – the scale 0 to 9. Zero holds the supreme key when it is known as Fullness and not the shunya of today.

Taken together 0 and 9 express the reality of creation. A cosmology has evolved on the basis of the newly-focussed Lens that reveals the 0 as the Womb of Fullness, of the primordial energy of Consciousness in a state of REST; the 9 denotes the fullest extension of that Energy – i.e. the MOTION (the Shakti) whose vibratory intensity brings into being the forms of the dense physical universe, our dimension whose overall number is 9, or the number of the Divine Mother whose geometric symbol is the circle. We have the two expressed geometrically in the symbol of the Sun: the inner point is the Zero, the outer circle is the Nine ☉.

In chanting the Gayatri Mantra each morning, as many Hindus do, with this grounding in knowledge the act becomes far more meaningful. The Sun, through the correct application of the sacred sciences, is no longer just the giver of material light and life; it is also the holder of the highest Light of Gnosis to which the human being can aspire in any given Age. In the course of this series not only will India find her place within the newly revealed Cosmic Truth as the soul-centre of the Earth, but each inhabitant will rejoice in the realisation that the individual is also that very centre-soul. The sages have known this, the scriptures describe it, but none have made it applicable in our very times – the same truth updated and thereby enhanced and in no way diminished. Harsh fundamentalist stances are thus avoided by the updating that is the heart and soul of the Sanatana Dharma.

We apply this understanding and verify the above by any sum in which 0 and 9 are contained, and by eliminating either one the final sum remains the same. Thus, 1950 would always result in 6 when both 0 and 9 are eliminated. This shows the direct link between the two; and, what is of greater importance, that REST and MOTION are equal, the latter being simply the result of the intensity of vibration of the former. Put more simply, the subtle is not the superior poise, even as rest/silence is also not superior as many believe. With the emergence of the Cosmic Truth and through these very pages we will realise that the two – also expressed as Being and Becoming – stand together as the foundation of our world as equal partners and that they are ever-present simultaneously. It may be expressed another way: Permanence, the goal of a number of paths (in this case represented by the 0) is not superior to Impermanence (9, as in the play of the Shakti). This truth – undeniably our lived experience on Earth – is constantly denied when Silence / Permanence / Non-Being are put before the seeker as the only true reality. Whereas, reality is the simultaneity of the two, 0 and 9, and both constitute the foundation of our world.

Because of contemporary systems of Measure, given science’s progress in many interconnected fields, the application of the scale 0-9 can be tested by relating the seed digits of any given year to the universal calendar via the Mathematics of Unity as in 2015=8. We begin to understand how this supramental Knowledge is in no way abstract. Therefore the new Indo-Centric Cosmology is called an applied cosmology. It makes no sense nor can it have any transformative power without applicability. Without a grasp of these basics the universal harmony remains a closed book, as it has been for many centuries. But with these basic keys we unlock the door to that inner chamber, and soon realise that the Mathematics of Unity is the means to connect the subtle dimensions to the physical in an applicable manner that can satisfy the need for empiricism.

To prove the point we have what I call the cosmic credentials of Vishnu’s Avatar at our disposal. His very entry into Earth time, as recorded in our universal calendar, is the first step in the construction of this new-age Temple of Gnosis. Thus his birth in 1872 equals 9 by the Mathematics of Unity; and that 9-power year marked the beginning of the transformation of Cosmic Ignorance into Cosmic Truth, or the perception of that New Heaven prophesied so long ago. Almost a century and a half have passed since the avataric descent began in Earth time, but from that point on a series of other births have occurred to forge an axis that serves as ‘holding power’ until the newly-independent nation had reached a maturing point and was in a position to ‘hold’ for the entire Earth by virtue of her rightful position of soul-centre of the planet. Because this momentous time is upon us, in this series I will present factual proof of India’s ordained role based on the evidence provided by the new cosmology, for she is unique among the comity of nations.

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