The Conundrum of India’s Choice of Destiny, Conclusion

There is another point to make regarding the contentious issue of what exactly the ancients knew or did not know. It is not surprising that the scriptures give details of flying machines, extra-terrestrial travel, and so forth. Clearly these descriptions pertained to a very ancient past that is carried over in myth – which we arrogantly label fiction. But the fact is the human species is much older than assumed; in fact, the date of human appearance is continuously being pushed back. In the new cosmology we see that our 9th Manifestation is the concluding round of 25,920 years in a cycle covering 77,760 years. Therefore, it is quite possible that this knowledge was known in those very remote times and handed down in myths and epics – because that is their purpose: to record recurring history. The interesting part is that there are extant examples of just how advanced past civilisations were, provided we examine the evidence with a view to honour truth.

The Great Pyramid at Giza is one proof: the very ancient Egyptian civilisation that built the colossus was far in advance of our own. Countless experiments have been done to find out just how the pyramid could have been built. Of course our children are taught in school that construction was done by slaves at the behest of a megalomaniac Pharaoh – clearly an absurdity, as finally admitted by knowledgeable sources. Let us bear in mind that until the Eiffel Tower was built, the Great Pyramid was the tallest man-made structure in the world. But somehow we cannot admit that the ancients had technologies superior to ours; for indeed, that is the result of these more recent tests. They prove that even with our modern technology we could not construct a similar monument. Nor do we understand why it was built in the first place. An example of the technology that might have been used to build the Great Pyramid can be found in the work of Ed Leedskalnin on Anti-Gravity at his Coral Castle in Florida, USA; details can be found on the Internet.

However, for the purposes of this study the Sphinx, also located at Giza, is of more relevant importance. The date given for its construction is now disregarded by geologists who have pushed it back because of the weathering it has undergone, leaving irrefutable signs that the Sphinx could only have been built during an era of heavy rainfall; this places the date around 12,000 BCE. This tallies perfectly with my assessment based on the zodiacal content of the monument, published in 1974 well before the latest findings. In my assessment it would have been built in the Age of Leo within the same time-frame geologists have now proven. But there is something of greater interest to note which takes us back to the Vedic Age, also much earlier than currently estimated. The evidence is found explicitly related to the zodiac in the Vishnu verses of the Veda.

The monument consists of two zodiacal signs, Man/Aquarius (head) and Lion/Leo (its body); or the Ages of Aquarius and Leo respectively; these signs stand face to face in the circle. Aquarius is our present astrological age. The message of the Sphinx, designed to last for eons, is that the colossus forms an axis between the signs Leo and Aquarius; the former was the astrological age of its construction in Egypt, which now receives confirmation by geologists; the latter is the present age of fulfilment, Aquarius. This becomes clear if we examine the evidence found in the Vishnu Trivikrama verses of the Rig Veda. Apart from being the earliest reference to the Dasavataras, they refer to two of Vishnu’s famous strides, the 1st and the 3rd. The signs are Leo, the Lion, and Aquarius the Man, known in astrological tradition as the sign of Friend, Mitra of the Veda. I quote here only the verses pertaining to these steps:

That Vishnu affirms on high by his mightiness and he is like a terrible LION that ranges in the difficult places, yea, his lair is on the mountain-tops, he in whose three wide movements all the worlds find their dwelling-place.

May I attain to and enjoy that goal of his movements, the Delight, where souls that seek the godhead have the rapture; for there in that highest step of the wide-moving Vishnu is that FRIEND of men who is the fount of sweetness….

(RV, I, 154, Sri Aurobindo’s translation)

More conclusively, the Sphinx was finally uncovered from desert sands in 1926, the very year the Aquarian Age began, the year when the 9th Avatar went into complete seclusion to bring down the new Power, the Supermind, which is transforming life on Earth. This example should suffice to prove the relevance of the universal Language that is the zodiac, a carry-over from the Vedic Age of far earlier prominence than is assumed.

From my point of view, the outstanding part is that the Great Pyramid had to be of such colossal proportions that this proof of a superior knowledge in the ancient world would survive down the line of time almost intact, and stand before us as evidence of what we refuse to see right before our eyes. Therefore, with this proof, is it so farfetched to believe that air and space travel were known in very ancient India? Certainly the Symbol-Map tells a similar story if we cease placing the origin of the zodiac in Mesopotamia, and accept that it has existed from time immemorial and could very well have had its origin in India, if we consider the importance given to the signs and symbols, as proven by the geo-cosmological evidence presented, as well as the Vishnu Trivikrama verses.

Capricorn-Makar, the sign in question, just happens to be the most important of the 12 in the culture of Bharat. Foremost of all, it is the sign/month of the victory of the Aryan Warrior in his/her journey to Swar – for indeed, this sign provides us entry to Swar if we make use of the portal the Makar Sankranti opens before us on the Solstice of 21-22 December each year, the day when Makar is celebrated in all ancient and new traditions across the globe – except in India where the Sankranti is celebrated 23 days after the Makar portal actually opens to inhabitants of Earth, thereby losing the possibility of entering Swar while in the material dimension and not through death.

Therefore the Rishis are called the Immortal Ones because they had this key that would allow them to ‘cheat Death’, as it were. This is what the Makar Sankranti signifies when it coincides with the shortest day of the year – meaning the day when the portal to that Immortality is reached. Significantly, it was this very day that Bhisma chose for his departure. Being India’s ruling astrological sign and of such profound significance, its celebration has been preserved from very ancient times and could continue to retain the same importance, provided it is timed to coincide with the actual physical shortest day when the light of Surya begins its increase – and only then, 23 days earlier than the current timing.

It is in this manner that the ancient knowledge is effectively lost, when astronomers appropriate to themselves the right to dictate terms to astrologers, claiming the sole right to precision and scientific accuracy. Due to the interference of astronomers in the sacred sciences, India has lost the connection to the cosmic harmony as presented in these pages and cannot apply the ancient Arts as suitable in the contemporary setting.

I believe the ancient way will impose itself to some extent over the date provided by the new India’s Independence because of all the nations in the world India is the only one where the thread of the Sanatana Dharma has been maintained and carried over to our times. The new cosmology establishes what Indians feel in their hearts, but in this age of the truth-conscious Supermind that Sri Aurobindo has introduced, we must present the evidence of what has been stated above in a manner commensurate with our times. Therefore, since experience has proven that Supermind creates the conditions for its own emergence and establishment, we can use the circumstances it creates, and within which we must evolve, to explain and clarify the conundrum; especially because through Mahakala’s power there is a precise and measurable control over the play of circumstances that helps us establish the new Indocentric cosmology as the provider of insights into destiny unlike all the predictive arts known to humankind.

The problem India faces is precisely this dual position between which a choice must be made – ancient or new; the two do not seem to be able to co-exist. However, unique among nations Bharat strives to maintain her ancient foundation intact, upon which she builds the new. The new cosmology can be a formidable assistance in this almost impossible enterprise, certainly a balancing act that none of the ancient civilisations have succeeded in accomplishing. All have perished along the way – all except the Sanatana Dharma that India has been entrusted to carry forward.

In the birth of the new India the Time-Spirit has provided the nation with a clear directive to indicate the way ancient and new have been used by Supermind to create the conditions for its manifestation; furthermore, to reveal its precise control over the unfolding. The date 15 August 1947, though its total digits equal 8 and therefore point to a certain inconclusiveness, confirms 1) the necessity of an axis between the USA and India, as I have been pointing out since 1974; and 2) how a conjoint analysis of their dates is the conclusive proof that ancient and new combine to cement the knowledge.


Their years of Independence provide the indication of the number-power both resonate to, the 3; but we must now add the actual day of America’s independence, July 4th. This draws into play India’s ancient ruler Makar, because July 4th falls in the sign Cancer, directly opposite on that Vedic one circle to India’s ancient ruler Capricorn as the axial-shaft in the diagram indicates, confirmed by the sign’s hieroglyph on the geography of India. Without this added to the mix, there could be no understanding of the necessity of the Axis at all – which, it must be added, is further confirmed by the position of both countries on the physical globe itself – that is, they stand back-to-back. Therefore, in this simple manner we encounter again a marriage of a new Heaven and a new Earth as the scriptures prophesied.

Finally, the Vishnu Line of Ten is further confirmed as the backbone of the Sanatana Dharma through India’s full date of Independence. To be consistent we must incorporate the day and month of India’s independence as we have done regarding the USA July 4th birth. In doing so this composite analysis confirms the prime role in the culture of the Vishnu Line of Ten by the fact that August 15 is the birth date of his own 9th Emanation. Thus, through this composite analysis, all contained within the Vedic one circle, many aspects of the civilisation’s destiny are revealed – as well as the sublime control of Mahakala over all things relevant to the preservation of the Dharma. The Vishnu Trivikrama verses also confirm the universal character of the Circle since they prove that the Dasavataras are of Vedic origin and not of the much later Puranic Age. This is the value of having the clue of the ‘one wheel’ from the Rig Veda itself, by which we are assisted in reaching the consciousness of Unity and Oneness enjoyed by the Rishis through the vision of interconnectedness that the Circle offers. This is a unique circumstance on the planet today, in our world where the separative consciousness reigns supreme.

It goes without saying that there are ‘armies’, as it were, set upon impeding this ‘balance of powers’ – old and new. Who their commanding officers are need not be enumerated, they are well known; above all, we must recognise that they are not restricted to ‘outside forces’: they are in our very midst and are recognised by being in a bubble of ‘frozen time’, as I call it. The purpose of this essay is to strengthen from within the elements that can escape this nefarious entrapment and have been called upon to carry the civilisation through to re-establishment of the Dharma via the in-built mechanism that was provided in an Age now lost in the mists of time.

The commonality between the two nations via the 3 number-power that falls in the Vaishya quarter of the Vedic Circle is a penchant for commerce; it has always been the overall driving force behind American policy, though not necessarily the Indian until recent times. For America it is not territorial hegemony but economic – witness the activities of the United Fruit Company in Central America in the last century that helped the nation earn the label ‘the Ugly American’. Fast forward to the 21st century and business once again comes to the fore and finds a decided resonance via the number 3 with the new India.

As illustrated, through the diagrams I demonstrated how the caste structure is cosmic, making it therefore an organisation of society that is ever-present worldwide. As long as the cosmos lives, so long will this fourfold division of society endure in spite of the brittleness that occurs when aspects of the ancient tradition become trapped in ‘frozen time’.


We know that the Sanatana Dharma is able to re-make itself precisely because of its cosmic connection that reveals the way to change within the stability the structure of the solar system itself provides – i.e. the unchanging equinoxes and solstices. These structural balancing pillars provide the coveted Immobile within the Mobile, or Agni of the Veda, the truth-foundation that permits – nay, demands – periodic renewal when that brittleness must be broken up if the Dharma is to survive and not join the fate of all ancient civilisations that were not invested with the duty to ensure survival and reach the point made in this series: transformation of the Cosmic Ignorance (subjected to frozen time) into Cosmic Truth via the intervention of Vishnu’s 9th Avatar whose very birth date sets the renewal mechanism on its way, precisely the task before each of the ten evolutionary Avatars. I demonstrated through the diagram how caste persists throughout the world, though named differently. We see therefore that the second quarter, where the number 3 falls, refers precisely to the business class, economics, suppliers of society, as well as energy sources, and so forth. It cannot be denied that the same holds today and this can be illustrated through India’s struggle for independence. The man who took hold of the movement and carried it through resonated with that number power through his Gujarati birth. Today we have Prime Minister Modi taking the nation forward with emphasis precisely on all aspects of the second quarter of the Circle; and he too is Gujarati as was the Mahatma. Taking advantage of this commonality, we see a rapprochement between America and India prominent on this government’s agenda.

To summarise, across the ages select civilisations have been given specific tasks for the preservation of the perennial Knowledge, which in India we call the Sanatana Dharma, I have written extensively on this fascinating subject because in many cases archaeology and historical research confirm my findings, based on the keys the zodiac provides. In my major work, The New Way 1-3, I use the linkage across time and space that the Sphinx provides to reveal the connection between these two great civilisations, Egyptian and Indian; ancient Egypt of her extant monuments that are testimony to the attempt to preserve this Knowledge, no longer exists. But India thrives, in spite of all attempts to sever the thread to that ancient past.

One of the tasks allotted to ancient Egypt was, as I noted, to conquer space. This is made evident in the colossi still standing, the only evidence of that ancient past, wherein the Knowledge was indeed preserved. Constructions such as the Great Pyramid truly conquered space in that this particular pyramid has remained standing on Earth across many thousands of years; it served the Knowledge well by being proof that a race with superior technological expertise – if nothing else – once flourished, with the understanding that not only was the structure meant to preserve this testimony of a superior technology, but, more importantly, the underlying focus – or purpose – of the civilisation was that this monument would preserve for generations far into the future that the focus of the entire population was on nothing but this perennial Knowledge: the vision of the Cosmic Truth. This is what we find today in the Great Pyramid.

However, lest the message be missed in a world closed to the language of the zodiac– the Cosmic Truth – in front of the Great Pyramid is the Sphinx revealing the eternal relevance of the cosmic script even more explicitly; the purpose of the Great Pyramid was functional; the Sphinx conveys the Cosmic Truth. As pointed out, similar to the Rig Veda hymns to Vishnu, the Preserver, the Sphinx contains two signs of the 12, Leo and Aquarius. The age of its construction some 12,000 years ago, and the age of its revelation – the completion of the task – Aquarius, the Friend Mitra of the Vedic verses, our current astrological age. More conclusively, the Sphinx was completely uncovered from desert sands precisely in 1926, the very year the cosmic clock turned to Aquarius (the Friend Mitra), and the 9th Avatar of Vishnu went into complete seclusion to carry out the task allotted to him for the preservation of the Dharma, after a passage of almost 6000 years from Sri Krishna’s time.

India does not preserve the Dharma as it was done in Egypt – that is, spatial conquest, or the ability to manipulate material elements for the express purpose of surviving the ravages of time. She reserves in her store of Myths, starting with the Rig Veda and the valuable Vishnu Hymns in complete consonance with the message of the Sphinx. The strides taken by Vishnu move across the astrological ages of his own signs of Preservation – Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, the ages in which the 7th, 8th, and 9th of his sacred Line have graced the Earth with their healing presence to keep the Sanatana Dharma alive.

India houses a Mythic Society, and this can never be changed, regardless of the relentless attempts to extirpate this unique component of the nation’s cultural expressions because this is the task allotted to India: conquest of Time which is only accomplished through the human incarnation, through the long line of Rishis, preservers of the Dharma and in particular the Vishnu Dasavataras; they appear during Ages of Preservation to re-set the cosmic clock. Egypt accomplished this task with the Great Pyramid; India requires the Avatar because the Cosmic Truth resides in the soul of the human being, and Time is the vahana of the soul.


Where does the re-setting stand today; the cosmic clock is 23 days off the true zero-point. The equinoxes and solstices hold the key to the correct alignment – Mahavishuva on 21-22 March each year, without change, and thereafter Makar Sankranti on the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, again without the need of any humanly devised ‘correction’. The cosmos holds its own truth if the mechanism handed down through the ages is respected. The divisions of the circle, as given in the Rig Veda verses quoted earlier in this series, are precise: The One wheel…shakes not in the least. It is unchanging and as eternal as the Dharma.

It is so simple. And yet the wise Rishi questions, ‘Who can understand it?’

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