The Future Realisation: New Delhi January 1-15, 2015: New Delhi, India


Aeon Centre of Cosmology presented “The Future Realisation” (TFR) exhibition at the Mati Ghar gallery, Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA), in New Delhi, January 1-15, 2015. Mati Ghar was designed by its architects with the “cosmic dimension of a temporal reality” in mind and is “composed as three concentric rings, their radii in the proportion of 1:2:3, and with the radial division of the outermost, middle & innermost ring into twelve, twenty four and thirty six equal divisions respectively.” Thus this space was the perfect venue to display the Mother’s Supramental Gnosis and sacred measure, in which the numbers 12, 24 and 36 figure prominently as measures of the Cosmic Mother, the Mother of Light in the Vedic tradition.


The Mother saw the luminous core of her temple as ‘the symbol of the future realisation’ and from this act of seeing the exhibition takes its name. Aeon Centre of Cosmology utilised the inner, middle and outer rings of Mati Ghar to display ‘The Core’, ‘The Foundation’ and ‘The Application’ of the Mother’s vision and gnosis.

The Core

The sanctum sanctorum of the Mother’s Temple is one of its kind and may be considered the first cultural expression of the Supramental Truth-Consciousness. Her vision is not to be confused with a construction in cement and steel; the foremost material adequate for a construction of this unique quality is the light of Gnosis. This exhibition, following the Mother’s precise architectural plan, reveals the third stage of the revolutionary mission of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother of Pondicherry.

The Innermost Gallery is the Core; in sacred architecture it is the Garbha Griha. In this intimate space there is a model of the Globe and Pedestal as found at the centre of the Chamber’s original plan, a contemporary updating of the geometric vedi (altar) of the Vedic Age.


The Foundation

The Middle Gallery highlights panels to illustrate four different views of the Chamber based on the original plan which the Mother revealed to a select few in January 1970: Transcendent (9), Cosmic (6) Individual (3) and Integral (0-1). Reproductions of paintings and sculptures of mythology are presented to assist viewers in relating the abstract concept of numbers to the more familiar personifications of these cosmic energies.


The Application

The Outermost Gallery contains elements of a new and unique indo-centric cosmology. It integrates number, cosmic harmonies and geometry with India as centre in a first-ever geo-cosmological formulation.


Thea teaching about the Zodiacal Ruler

The ultimate message of the Future Realisation exhibition is that the temple is within. The Core of the Mother’s inspired vision is the property of each individual; its light as we see in the translucent Globe—is within. In this new age the task is to become the Temple—to unveil that light and free it from the shadows that until now have covered the soul’s luminous rays.

Excerpts from The Future Realisation Guidebook

Sri Aurobindo wrote early in the last century, The body of the knowledge remained but the soul had fled from its covering.

It is time to retrieve what was lost and, in addition, to resurrect the knowledge foundation of every Hindu Temple, large or small, that graces this sacred bhoomi, since the zodiac is the source of most myths; and myth is the narrative of the temple, its heart and soul. There has never been a conceptualisation as sophisticated and as saturated with higher knowledge than the Hindu Temple. However, the time has come to re-connect the later developments to the ancient Veda and on that basis to re-establish the Eternal Way. It is the task awaiting us in this period of Vishnu’s last stride.

All we do or create must be consistent with the abiding spirit of India, but framed to fit into a greater harmonised rhythm and plastic to the call of a more luminous future. [Sri Aurobindo, Foundations of Indian Culture, p.43]

But in no way is this a fundamentalist effort to bring forward a past unenhanced by the centuries between then and now. The Sanatana Dharma has the very special characteristic, unique on the planet today, of an in-built mechanism of renewal. This mechanism relies on the accurate placement in time of the Vishnu Line of Ten—veritably the backbone of the Dharma. To do so the cosmic connection must be re-forged, a specific task of each of Vishnu’s emanations. The central purpose of this exhibition is to assist the public to better appreciate not only the purpose of avatarhood, but that regardless of the appearances, to be born in the age of the descent of the Avatar is a supreme boon.

Aeon Centre of Cosmology brings to a larger audience than ever before allowed, the once hidden knowledge, revealed only to an initiated elite. We entered the Aquarian Age of the 9th Manifestation in 1926, therefore we take up the task ordained by the Time-Spirit to place before the world what was once reserved for a privileged few because in this Aquarian Age the masses are uplifted, the Earth, field of the transformation, is cleansed, cobwebs and shadows are removed by the light of the supramental Truth-Consciousness captured in the Mother’s inspired architectural plan, the garbha griha for the new Age. Therein we see the structure of the Soul, if it may be so called.

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