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Thea’s Archives An Offering on her Birthday - 5 January, 2019

On 5 January, 2019, students and friends of Thea gathered in the new Archive space at Skambha to ask her blessings on a new endeavour – assembling and preserving her Archives. At the same time, we offered her, at a special puja, the publication of her new book: The Chronicles of the Inner Chamber – Revealing the Profound keys of Knowledge contained in the Mother’s Vision of her Temple, the Matrimandir. These 12 Chronicles were first written by Thea, as convener of the Matrimandir Action Committee, in 2003-04 and nine updates followed in 2005 (see

The spacious and attractive new archive area is situated on the grounds of her centre, which Thea named Skambha. Nestled high in the mountainous area of the Palani Hills of South India, we have begun to collate and preserve all of Thea’s articles, correspondence and photos; these tell both the story of her extraordinary vision and her day to day yoga working with students and animals. It is all there, the excitement of finding and purchasing the pristine lands bordering the Gangavar River, the tough job of laying the long winding road through dry rocky hills down to the fertile valley space which would become her research centre; and the forming of Aeon Trust, a not for profit educational Trust which she registered with the government of India in 1987.

Head Archivist, Christine, relates that ‘Thea had a voluminous correspondence over the years with her students from around the world, and her journals and letters show how she took the foundations of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s integral yoga into the next phase of the Supramental.’

Thea is remembered locally in South India as much for her delicious Parmesan and Camembert Cheeses, and the business she developed to support Aeon Trust – Caroselle Dairy Products Pvt Ltd. Her archives document how the milk of the Cow (gau/light) and the energy of the Horse were the Vedic Pillars – or the foundations upon which she built Caroselle.


Most of Thea’s important research – which she called an Indocentric Cosmology – is already available in her books and websites. Thea’s archives follow the time-line of that unfolding vision and preserve the original documents from the first day when Thea arrived in India, 29 September 1971, through the day of her passing, on 9 October, 2016. Vijayadashmi was being celebrated on the day of her arrival in India, and Thea was cremated at Skambha on 11 October, 2016, again the very day on which Vijayadashami was being celebrated in Tamil Nadu.

Inauguration of the ACC House at Skambha 15 August 2017

A special puja was conducted at Skambha to celebrate both Sri Aurobindo’s 145 birth anniversary, and the inauguration of the new Aeon Centre of Cosmology (ACC) House.

Here are some photos – be sure to look for the one where Thea has inscribed the date she built the house, which served as the first guest house on her property, bordering the Gangavar River. The Kodai Hills were blessed with a great monsoon this year and as the puja took place, the Gangavar raged past us, down toward the falls which Thea described as ‘the power point of Skambha’.


In June this year, Krishna Agarwal Bauer, president of Aeon Trust, asked for a central place at Skambha to use as a special area for the work of Aeon Centre of Cosmology. After some thought, and thanks to our managing director, Patti Anne Tower, the Trust gave the guest house at the end of the property for this purpose.

Plans are underway now to convert the stone building into a display area where Thea’s books and monographs may be purchased, as well as space for discussion of her cosmology. The walls will be used to mount selected panels which Thea had developed for the exhibition in Delhi (2015) which she called, The Future Realisation. Staff will be available to discuss these artistic and insightful works which describe the cosmology of The New Way.

The land on which ACC is situated was purchased in 1986, and it was the following year that Thea moved into Skambha along with a cow, horse, doggies and doves (see www.aeoncentre, about us). In an early letter (27 February 1986) found in her ARCHIVES, you can hear the excitement Thea felt as she discovered more about this sacred land:

“…Also, the sadhu told Siva that from very, very ancient times sages, sadhu and the like used to stay in that place, along the river. It was the most sacred place of Murugan. Just imagine! But there is more to tell.

“Would you believe it: the name of the river is Gangavar – that is Ganga-ji…. The ‘var’ is the form of respect! Now you can understand why it was that immediately after finding this place (and we have Silva to thank for this) I was off to Calcutta, and first saw the Ganges –

“But you see how alive the ancient Tradition is in India. There is always someone, even if he is not the highest, or having real Knowledge, to preserve the lore and pass it on – to continue the awareness of the sacred nature of the place – until then someone like me comes to reinstate it in terms of the real thing.

“He told us so many things. David and I were amazed. How perfect the guidance is, to carry us right there… on the banks of the Gangavar. And you can well imagine that our spot must be one of the most powerful because of the waterfall. And those pools – really like the sacred water tanks in certain temples.

And how about this, the area is known as Kumbur, which comes from Khumbha (Aquarius) or the water jar, with flowing water (‘ur’), and it was right in Aquarius that we sealed the deal 29-30/1!!!”

On Thea’s Passing

b200-DSCN1024Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea) – founder and director of Aeon Centre of Cosmology (ACC) – passed away on 9 October 2016. Her departure leaves behind a world-wide family of friends and students who thank her for the extraordinary vision of the Life Divine she revealed to us in what she calls The Third Way or The New Way.

In March 2015, when she established the ACC website (see Welcome Message), Thea sent out an invitation to all to collaborate with her as she wrote, “A concentration on the contours of that Third Way has been in progress at ACC since the 1970s. It is a harmonious blend of old and new. The objective of our new and more comprehensive website is to point the way in a factual manner for India to realise that if, as stated by Swami Vivekananda in the beginning of the last century, India is the Vishwa Guru (World Teacher) to lead the march into the luminous future that Sri Aurobindo called the Life Divine on Earth, the demands this places on the nation have to be faced and the tasks required have to be embraced. It is the new Indocentric cosmology that provides the answers and unveils the core of that Third Way. I welcome all those who wish to collaborate in this noble enterprise…”.

In Thea’s memory, ACC presents the following article, recently written by her in response to a query to ‘tell us something about yourself and your work!’. And we want to inform all her readers and students that Thea’s vision will live on in this her official Website, in her books and articles, in her archives and in world events that are being challenged by her evolutionary seeing. We invite you to join us now either through donations to Aeon Trust or through personal or written collaboration.

Highlights of the New Way Cosmology – April 2016

Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea)

While living in Rome, in January of 1971 a series of mystic experiences began that impacted the future course of my life. As of 1965 all my efforts were dedicated to various methods of self-perfection. As a part of these efforts, at the same time I began an in-depth study of astrology which I practiced professionally over the years when I lived in Rome. My reputation spread in that field as one having unusual insights beyond the conventional interpretations. What was evident even at that early stage was that astrology had little to do with forecasting and predicting the future; it was above all a path of higher knowledge. This approach, I realized, was the role it had always played in what is known as the perennial knowledge, as a part of initiation rites.

However in 1971, an impasse had been reached. It seemed I could go no further on my own. It was in this atmosphere that certain intense mystic/yogic experiences began as a part of an initiation conducted by the Mother, Sri Aurobindo’s co-worker, who presided over the Ashram in Pondicherry South India many thousands of kilometers away. The result was that nine months later I found myself in India at the Mother’s feet (see Tenth Day of Victory, Volume One, Aeon Books, 2005).

From that point onwards, like a sponge I absorbed the yogic knowledge from the Mother, resulting in certain keys of higher knowledge that allowed me to decipher a complex architectural plan of the sanctum sanctorum of a temple the Mother had ‘seen’ in the subtle plane (1970) and transcribed into Earth measurements. Thereafter, that piece of sacred architecture became the centerpiece of my work (see The New Way 1-3, Aeon Books). At that point my work could no longer be described as astrology; it was more appropriately cosmology – and even more appropriately an applied cosmology to distinguish it from contemporary scientific cosmology which is largely speculative. This new cosmology cannot be formulated speculatively; it is only perceived through its existential proof, failing which the cosmic harmonies that are the backdrop of the factual proof remain hidden to the uninitiated.

After the Mother left this plane (1973) by simply following the clues she passed on to me, I was able to formulate an Indocentric Cosmology, first of its kind, since the Puranic Age. Clearly if India is to fulfil her role as Guru of the World in this new age, there has to be factual proof of that lofty destiny and not merely national pride. This proof is provided in all my publications.

The main components of the cosmology are a totally new perception of Time and Destiny. The key of knowledge that allows this new vision to become applied is called the Gnostic Circle (The Gnostic Circle, Aeon Books, 1975). Further as a result of deciphering the Mother’s sacred architectural plan, the Geometry of Time evolved as the main tool of application to appreciate India’s central role in the centuries to come. Though these are subjects that have been honored and well documented in the ancient traditions of the subcontinent – as we find in the Puranic Cosmology where Mount Meru/India is the centre of a number of continents that fan out from that centre – an UPDATIING is essential at certain intervals to make it a living tradition, above all shorn of superstition. The latter comes into being when knowledge is absent.

There are in-built safeguards in the Tradition that serve to cleanse the culture of superstition when required. It is, as it were, a clearing away of cobwebs that come into being with the passage of time. This is the central purpose of the appearance of the Vishnu Line of Ten avatars, who, the Gita tells us and the new cosmology amply confirms, come yuge-yuge precisely for this updating, via the cosmic credential provided by their very births in Earth Time. This highlights the important role the official calendar plays in eliminating superstition (

Apart from writing and publishing many volumes on these matters, at Aeon Centre of Cosmology where I reside, classes are held, online and in person, since I am the only exponent of this New Way, as it has come to be called and this unique body of higher knowledge. Conferences have been held on the premises from time to time. Currently to give a wider public the opportunity to appreciate the Mother’s genius in the sacred sciences and her ability to make them Indocentric in a world that has only known Eurocentrism for the past several thousand years, ACC designed an exhibition entitled The Future Realisation, for a visual impact of the stunning diagrams that form the basis of the new Indocentric cosmology and the role India is to play in the world today as the hub of the new age – an updating of the Mt. Meru concept. But this time it has been achieved using contemporary tools provided by science, such as longitude and latitude coordinates that have integrated the entire globe. This means that again superstition is eliminated and a factual scientific foundation is offered to verify what the ancients knew through their superior intuition.

As an example, the location of ACC was not an arbitrary choice; it was chosen by yogic realization that had the capacity to release energies at a specific point that can be confirmed by the new geo-cosmology, another central key of the New Way in its advanced applications. This same geo-cosmology has recenty been employed to ‘’hear’’ the voice of Ganga through her physical measurements (Aeon Books, Ganga, Soul of Indian culture, 2015). The New Way thus offers a perfect blending of Time and Space using contemporary coordinates that can be verified by any lay person simply with a world atlas.

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The Organiser, ‘What Is lacking In National Discourse?’, Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, Dec 2014.

‘It is of course imperative that India awakens, but that must be to re-establish her true civilisational underpinnings. This is referred to aptly as the Sanatana Dharma, her eternal Law of Truth. … The [Future Realisation] exhibit takes part in the act of renewal by removing the veils that have kept essential facets of the Dharma hidden.’

Deccan Herald, The untold story of Matri Mandir, R Radhika, Dec 31, 2014.

‘The viewers would be offered an integral package – number, geometry, architecture – all grounded in Indian mythology. Such an integral approach to the sacred has not been attempted before.’

India Infoline News Service, ‘The unknown story of Matri Mandir’s sacred geometry’, December 30, 2014.

‘The Future Realisation exhibition tries to bring the sacred sciences to the masses in a format that they can understand. It displays the knowledge content of the Mother’s original vision and plan for Matri Mandir, and relies on a precise fidelity to her instructions. Before the Mother left this world, she personally gave me several keys of knowledge with which I could decipher her plan. I discovered an entirely new, Indo-centric cosmology. The objective of this exhibition is to make people aware about this precious knowledge that would otherwise pass into oblivion.’

The Economic Times, ‘Cosmic numbers within Auroville’s Matri Mandir showcased in an exhibition’, 1 Jan, 2015, 05.

“The temple displays the vision of the Mother which never got built, fortunately we have recorded conversation about her vision, her plan and I’m carrying forward her legacy,” says Patricia Norelli-Bachelet, Director of Tamil Nadu-based Aeon Centre of Cosmology who has brought the exhibition here.

The Pioneer, ‘Sacred details’, Tuesday, 30 December 2014.

“The exhibition brings together all the sacred sciences — number power, geometry, architecture, cosmology, geo-cosmology — captured in many myths but never conveyed as the science that they rightfully are. It updates the ancient knowledge.”

The South Asian Times, ‘Architectural designs of Puducherry’s Matrimandir on show’, 3 Jan 2015.

Bachelet, through this exhibition, has highlighted how the builders at Auroville rejected her plan and designed their own version while constructing the Matrimandir.

“The result is that the final outcome is only a shadow of the real thing, not its exact manifestation,” Bachelet said.

“What I am preserving and presenting to the public is precisely that – the vision’s power and knowledge,” she added.

TenNews, ‘“The Future Realization” organized at Indira Gandhi National Centre’.

‘Our motto is to showcase the superlative vision of the Mother in an efficient way. These 100 exhibits unveil cosmic secrets of the architectural dimensions of Mother. … They explain importance of the numbers and precise measurements that she mandated for the sacred structure.’

News 8 India, ‘Architectural designs of Puducherry’s Matrimandir on show’, 2 Jan 2015.

‘[The aim of ‘The Future Realisation’ was] to reveal little known cosmic secrets of the architectural dimensions of Matrimandir that was originally envisioned by the Mother of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. …

However, Bachelet, through this exhibition, has highlighted how the builders at Auroville rejected her plan and designed their own version while constructing the Matrimandir.’

“The result is that the final outcome is only a shadow of the real thing, not its exact manifestation,” Bachelet said. “What I am preserving and presenting to the public is precisely that – the vision’s power and knowledge,” she added.

TenNews Video:

The Future Realisation: New Delhi January 1-15, 2015: New Delhi, India


Aeon Centre of Cosmology presented “The Future Realisation” (TFR) exhibition at the Mati Ghar gallery, Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA), in New Delhi, January 1-15, 2015. Mati Ghar was designed by its architects with the “cosmic dimension of a temporal reality” in mind and is “composed as three concentric rings, their radii in the proportion of 1:2:3, and with the radial division of the outermost, middle & innermost ring into twelve, twenty four and thirty six equal divisions respectively.” Thus this space was the perfect venue to display the Mother’s Supramental Gnosis and sacred measure, in which the numbers 12, 24 and 36 figure prominently as measures of the Cosmic Mother, the Mother of Light in the Vedic tradition.


The Mother saw the luminous core of her temple as ‘the symbol of the future realisation’ and from this act of seeing the exhibition takes its name. Aeon Centre of Cosmology utilised the inner, middle and outer rings of Mati Ghar to display ‘The Core’, ‘The Foundation’ and ‘The Application’ of the Mother’s vision and gnosis.

The Core

The sanctum sanctorum of the Mother’s Temple is one of its kind and may be considered the first cultural expression of the Supramental Truth-Consciousness. Her vision is not to be confused with a construction in cement and steel; the foremost material adequate for a construction of this unique quality is the light of Gnosis. This exhibition, following the Mother’s precise architectural plan, reveals the third stage of the revolutionary mission of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother of Pondicherry.

The Innermost Gallery is the Core; in sacred architecture it is the Garbha Griha. In this intimate space there is a model of the Globe and Pedestal as found at the centre of the Chamber’s original plan, a contemporary updating of the geometric vedi (altar) of the Vedic Age.


The Foundation

The Middle Gallery highlights panels to illustrate four different views of the Chamber based on the original plan which the Mother revealed to a select few in January 1970: Transcendent (9), Cosmic (6) Individual (3) and Integral (0-1). Reproductions of paintings and sculptures of mythology are presented to assist viewers in relating the abstract concept of numbers to the more familiar personifications of these cosmic energies.


The Application

The Outermost Gallery contains elements of a new and unique indo-centric cosmology. It integrates number, cosmic harmonies and geometry with India as centre in a first-ever geo-cosmological formulation.


Thea teaching about the Zodiacal Ruler

The ultimate message of the Future Realisation exhibition is that the temple is within. The Core of the Mother’s inspired vision is the property of each individual; its light as we see in the translucent Globe—is within. In this new age the task is to become the Temple—to unveil that light and free it from the shadows that until now have covered the soul’s luminous rays.

Excerpts from The Future Realisation Guidebook

Sri Aurobindo wrote early in the last century, The body of the knowledge remained but the soul had fled from its covering.

It is time to retrieve what was lost and, in addition, to resurrect the knowledge foundation of every Hindu Temple, large or small, that graces this sacred bhoomi, since the zodiac is the source of most myths; and myth is the narrative of the temple, its heart and soul. There has never been a conceptualisation as sophisticated and as saturated with higher knowledge than the Hindu Temple. However, the time has come to re-connect the later developments to the ancient Veda and on that basis to re-establish the Eternal Way. It is the task awaiting us in this period of Vishnu’s last stride.

All we do or create must be consistent with the abiding spirit of India, but framed to fit into a greater harmonised rhythm and plastic to the call of a more luminous future. [Sri Aurobindo, Foundations of Indian Culture, p.43]

But in no way is this a fundamentalist effort to bring forward a past unenhanced by the centuries between then and now. The Sanatana Dharma has the very special characteristic, unique on the planet today, of an in-built mechanism of renewal. This mechanism relies on the accurate placement in time of the Vishnu Line of Ten—veritably the backbone of the Dharma. To do so the cosmic connection must be re-forged, a specific task of each of Vishnu’s emanations. The central purpose of this exhibition is to assist the public to better appreciate not only the purpose of avatarhood, but that regardless of the appearances, to be born in the age of the descent of the Avatar is a supreme boon.

Aeon Centre of Cosmology brings to a larger audience than ever before allowed, the once hidden knowledge, revealed only to an initiated elite. We entered the Aquarian Age of the 9th Manifestation in 1926, therefore we take up the task ordained by the Time-Spirit to place before the world what was once reserved for a privileged few because in this Aquarian Age the masses are uplifted, the Earth, field of the transformation, is cleansed, cobwebs and shadows are removed by the light of the supramental Truth-Consciousness captured in the Mother’s inspired architectural plan, the garbha griha for the new Age. Therein we see the structure of the Soul, if it may be so called.

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