The Future Realisation: Pondicherry February 1-28, 2014: Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu, India


themother-tfrThe objective of Aeon Centre of Cosmology for this first ‘Future Realisation’ exhibition was to present a comprehensive overview of the temple vision the Mother had in the early days of January 1970 in a manner that could be appreciated by a wider public. The exhibition, which ran 18 days (9-27 February 2014) presented its Pondicherry audience with an aspect of the Mother’s genius that has been entirely ignored by her followers. The content of the exhibition was based on recordings of the Mother’s own description of what she saw of the inner chamber of the temple in the subtle plane, and upon a floor plan of the Chamber which she drew up with an engineer, bearing very exact measurements of all the relevant items so that, as she requested, the Chamber could be reproduced on this material plane with great precision, just as she saw it.

The exhibition commenced with a beautiful image of the Mother with flowers at her feet and by Sri Aurobindo’s lotus – ‘the Lotus of the Avatar’ and his teachings on the simultaneously Transcendent, Cosmic and Individual Divine:

‘While the Divine is One, it is also manifold…It is at once Transcendental, Cosmic and Individual. By knowing the eternal unity of these three powers of the eternal manifestation, God, the Cosmos and the Individual self, and their intimate necessity to each other, we come to understand existence itself…’. (The Synthesis of Yoga)

Visitors then proceeded in counter-clockwise fashion to view the measurements and dimensions of the Mother’s vision. Midway through the circle, visitors where shown a breathtaking view of Sri Aurobindo’s symbol perfectly embracing the Mother’s Temple within the sacred shalagrama, as well as a view of the similarities between the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Mother’s Temple (her original vision/measure, not what was constructed in Auroville). The last half of the exhibition/journey took viewers through some of the implications, applications and revelations made using the keys of the Mother’s supramental gnosis, including an accurate understanding of the dasavatars of Vishnu in the context or framework of the Precession of the Equinoxes and the Astrological Ages, and a stunning portrayal of the precision of the supramental consciousness in terms of the body, geography and destiny of India.


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