Why is Makar Sankranti important for the unity and integrity of India?

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Capricorn glyph on India

Why is Makar Sankranti important
for the unity and integrity of India?

Director, ACC at Skambha

[This is the intro to ACC’s first Forum Discussion of 2016, setting the tone for 2016]

Those who have studied my published works, including the numerous articles posted online, know that the core of the message I bring is the role Capricorn/Makar plays in the destiny of India. In fact, I can state most emphatically that without an in-depth knowledge of this tenth zodiacal sign, the role India is to play in the future, and the role played in the past and present can never be grasped in its truest and fullest dimensions. Being unaware of India’s connection with Capricorn, politicians and analysts of various ideological persuasions attempt to saddle her with a lesser destiny, ignoring as they all do the unique position to which Capricorn entitles India. No other nation on Earth has a zodiacal connection of this depth, nor is the day when the Sun is seen to enter a particular zodiacal sign celebrated as a national holiday such as Capricorn/Makar in India.

Astrologers throughout the world unanimously consider Capricorn to be India’s zodiacal ruler; but none, it is safe to say, appreciate exactly how her destiny can be known so thoroughly by analysis of this particular sign; I repeat, the beginning of which is celebrated nationally. Moreover, no other nation displays a physical connection with the sign’s very hieroglyph as India does. In other words Capricorn, India’s ruler, is ‘located’ on Earth in her very physical dimensions, as seen in the superimposition of the glyph on the map of what is known as Akhand Bharat – that is, India as she stood before partition in 1947, or as indicated by the cultural breath that from very ancient times covered the entire area indicated by the Capricorn hieroglyph. This means that all the nations contemporary politics of divide-and-rule has created, respond to one force of destiny. They are inextricably tied together by the power of Mahakala, the Time-Spirit.

This correspondence raises many questions. Foremost would be the origin of the glyph, both in time and space. There is no consensus on when it was first designated as the 10th, nor by whom: the zodiac as we know it today has been with us since time immemorial. Given the quality of the knowledge Capricorn contains, especially its relation to the destiny of India, I am fairly certain that the revelation of the zodiac, whole and entire, was through a Rishi in a pre-Vedic Age – i.e. much farther back in time than what scholars assume to be the Vedic era. For all practical purposes, it is a knowledge long lost, as if it arose on one of the now lost continents, Lemuria or Atlantis of remotest antiquity, submerged or otherwise destroyed without leaving hardly a trace. The actual records we have of that epoch are the four Vedas, still a vibrant foundation of the Sanatana Dharma, particularly the Rig Veda, the world’s oldest surviving scripture (if it can be so called). Though penned centuries after the actual Vedic Age at its peak, the verses are clearly descriptive of another age, a consciousness unknown to us today. One of the main reasons for this disconnect is precisely the loss of the knowledge captured in Capricorn, heart and soul of India’s destiny; indeed, the loss of the use of the zodiac itself in the corridors of astrology.

Capricorn became irrelevant when some centuries ago the tenth sign was disconnected from the December Solstice at the behest of astronomers who were out to prove astrology was pseudo science and that only astronomy could rescue the ancient art from the tag of superstition – a label astronomers themselves had cast over astrology. The noted American astrologer, Julie Loar, summed up the problem succinctly: Over time our ability to measure objects and their motions overtook the way we gave them meaning. Astronomy became a science, and astrology became a quaint anachronism to those who merely view and measure the sky through instruments (Atlantis Rising Magazine, ‘Signs or Stars – Will the Real Zodiac Please Stand Up?’ p. 73, emphasis mine).

Ironically, the astrology practised in the West is closer to the ancient art. Today there is no real astrology practiced in India, much less is there anyone who understands the conspiracy foisted on the civilisation and what it means for her unity and integrity (both territorially and as a cohesive atmosphere covering the entire area delineated by the hieroglyph) to have disconnected Makar from the Solstice. The result is that astronomers dictate terms to the pundits; it is their voice alone that matters in a nation that has been hounded by the label of superstition for the past 2000 years and which it seeks to overcome even at the cost of forsaking what it once cherished above all else. This attack intensified right through the Age of Pisces and the rise of the exclusivist orthodox religions that have dominated world affairs ever since. As pointed out by Julie Loar, they merely ‘view and measure the sky through instruments’; or, as I have written time and again, astrologers in India have lost sight of what they are measuring. That is, where has the zodiac gone that embraces the innermost dimensions of human consciousness above all else and that alone can give meaning to the awe-inspiring harmonious workings of the universe? Astronomers do not resonate with harmony; they cannot perceive correspondences and equivalencies of the Vedic order beyond the surface phenomena, and since these form the woof and warp of astrology, it would be best if they leave the ancient system of knowledge to those who have been initiated into the sacred art.

An astronomer can never fathom the inner meaning and essence of the zodiac; much less understand the critical role Capricorn plays for the fulfilment of India’s destiny. However we do not need to search far and wide for evidence of a cloak and dagger plot to derail the civilisation from the purpose she must serve in the comity of nations. The facts are evident: the way to derail the Sanatana Dharma as the fount of a vibrant and eternal foundation in the cultural fabric of the civilisation was to secure this disconnect through astronomy. For a nation obsessed with the ‘scientific temper’, this was easily done. That the new popes of the Dharma stand up united in arms against any attempt to repair the damage astronomers have afflicted is proof enough of its importance and why a correction now is of the utmost importance, given the crossroads of destiny India faces.

On these auspicious first five day of this significant 9-power year, 2016, Aeon Forum sets in motion a discussion inviting all to participate who would like to be appraised of the importance of this topic, avoiding any polemic as to which of the two zodiacs is correct or not, sidereal or tropical, for the simple reason that there is only one zodiac – and that is the sacred zodiac handed down to us by Rishis of a long-lost era. The usurpation by astronomers of the tropical zodiacal signs and symbols was part of the strategy to rid the world of meaning and purpose in the evolution we are part of on planet Earth – that is, to render our lives purposeless and our sojourn on Earth entirely meaningless. This is the collective void we harbour, no where more evident than in India today for 80% of her population saddled with this falsehood. The purpose of this discussion is not to entertain disparate views that serve to add to the reigning chaos, but to further an understanding of the role Capricorn plays in India’s destiny, because of which I have declared that she is the soul-centre of the Earth. It is all written in Capricorn. Let us proceed together to see how. Let us explore the issue with the serious intent it merits, reaching levels rarely touched except by the most intrepid initiates of the ancient lore. Mahakala, the spirit of Time, is the most powerful of all the cosmic forces. To choose to enter his secret-most Chamber is to cross a threshold permitted to very few.

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