Capricorn glyph on India

A Collection of Thea’s Articles on Makar Sankranti

Capricorn glyph on India

The following collection of previously published articles by Thea is compiled to help bring to light why Makar Sankranti [entrance into the sign of Capricorn/Makar] is important for the unity and integrity of India, which is the subject of ACC’s first forum discussion of 2016.

Why is Makar Sankranti important for the unity and integrity of India?
Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3


Caste, Calendar and Cosmos – their interconnection and relevance for contemporary society   Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3


The Importance of Makar Sankranti in Hindu Calendar Reform – A treatment in three parts presented at the First National Conference on Hindu Calendar Reform, Tirumala, 24-26 December 2010   Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3 plus A Delegate’s Report & Video from the conference.


The Partition of India, its cause, its purpose – Part Seven
This article demonstrates the connection between the mis-measure of Makar Sankranti and the Partition of India.


The Capricorn Factor, First published in The Vishaal Newsletter, Volume 2, Issue 4, October 1987


Thea also recommends The Magical Carousel and Commentaries, and her recent limited edition monographGanga – soul of Indian culture – Her descent to Earth. These materials are available for purchase via ACC in Tamil Nadu, India ( and via Aeon Group in the USA (

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