Indocentrism amidst the detritus of a dying Eurocentrism From Thea’s Journal, Skambha, 10.1.2016

We (ACC) have something truly important to offer: the only existing Indocentric cosmology that is its own science: it proves itself.

We have to have (or perhaps host) a conference on what this means – above all, what the difference is between Eurocentrism and Indocentrism. No one knows. No one realises how important it is to elaborate this difference. A conference exclusively on this – and tangentially what the Sanatana Dharma really is.

Europe made itself the centre of the known world through conquests. In the process it destroyed every indigenous culture it encountered along the way. This served the Piscean Wave well and its spread of anti-paganism. It was the era of the rise of the Shadow; therefore, to further its secret agenda the might of Europe, one state after another, had to be the tool to carry out this secret agenda, unknown in its full import and the goal set before it because that knowledge belonged to the subtle realm where ‘forces’ operate at the behest of these Shadows to subvert and to destroy the field that is the Earth plane where the true eternal Dharma can flourish. It was and is a mathematical procedure, quite easy to understand and follow once certain broad lines in its agenda are made clear. That agenda was to rid the Earth of any trace of paganism which was and is so very necessary for the Sanatana Dharma to take root. This is why there had to be a place on Earth of sufficient civilisational maturity where paganism could survive. This was India.

It also proves why the religious forces that arose during the Piscean era (234 BCE to 1926 CE) focussed their attention on India. For Britain it was indeed the Jewel in the Crown, as it was also for the Mughal invaders. India was and remains the heart of the struggle: to extirpate from the Earth field the last remaining pocket of paganism, the only field appropriate for the Sanatana Dharma to survive and flourish.

Today, since the anti-Dharmic forces are facing their last threat, they are arising and consolidating their strength in full force; and they will have all the assistance they need to complete this task from those who wish to bring Eurocentrism back on board before it is too late.

In this operation it is the Old World that is in the forefront; the New World can still be redeemed since it too was a victim of the same Shadow – but this redemption requires a specific strategy based on Knowledge.

Thus we come to the core of the exposition: Indocentrism is the opposite of Eurocentrism in both the means to an end and the goal itself. It is founded on Knowledge not might. It creates and does not destroy; it does not need to tear down in order to rise. Its strategy and purpose is to create the proper field for the Sanatana Dharma to flourish. The responsibility that India bears is formidable; but for now it acts in semi-ignorance. It senses its importance but this is not based on science – the science of the Sacred. Therefore its response to situations, to attacks, is lukewarm and ambiguous. It is easily distracted by irrelevant political and social considerations that have little or nothing to do with the Dharma and its cause; because of this it is made to cower down time and again.

This must stop. Only the Science of the Sacred can save the day – factual not imaginary.

Director, ACC
Palani Hills, South India

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