Copa America 2015 Chile The Magic of Number

‘All life is yoga.’

Sri Aurobindo

copaamerica logoThis will seem like an unusual message to post for visitors to our website. It is important however that this be offered because it is a demonstration of the spontaneous way the new cosmology can be seen to be factually operating in the world, using Number Power. Above all, it proves Sri Aurobindo’s dictum (above). Indeed, all life is the play of the Supramental Shakti, but there have to be certain keys of Knowledge to assist one in seeing in understanding.

This is what the New Way and its cosmology offers.

Below are two letters I wrote to Chileans of my acquaitance spread across the world. The first was at the conclusion of the semi-final that got the Chilean team into the finals; and the second was sent at its conclusion.

After the semi final…

I suppose you are all watching Copa America! How about Chile’s last win to get into the finals? I tuned in and saw the line up for Chile’s team and noticed that the number 9 was missing. I wondered what that meant and how the game would be played out without the 9.

Well, it turns out that the 9 was in the substitute line up. He was put in when about 15 minutes were left of play, I believe. Lo and behold, the magic of Number prevailed once again! Within five minutes of the 9 entering play Chile scored the winning goal! (2 July 2015)

After the final…

Of course I watched the final of Copa America though it was from 1:30 AM till 5 AM in these parts of the world! So, this is a follow up to my last on that famous 9.

Since 9 x 11 = 99 years have passed from the last title Chile won (I believe it was a title), naturally this caught my interest, knowing that Chile, because of her Independence dates (two days, mind you, and purposely so in the context of higher knowledge), has an affinity with all things 9 (and 10), and because of what happened in the semi final with the substitute 9, I wondered if anything similar would occur in the final.

Here goes, and it will provide an interesting lesson in how to approach these cosmic harmonies – and, above all, that we are mere witnesses to the unfolding of these harmonies and we cannot ‘control’ them in any way. For example, knowing what happened in the semi, if I were coach should I have purposefully put the 9 substitute in straight off, believing that he would bring ‘luck’, as he did in the semi? If I were to do that it would be mere superstition. Our approach in the New Way is entirely different. We learn fairly early that we are merely witnesses to the unfolding of the Consciousness that uses various methodologies to accomplish a particular task. In our times it is the complete transformation of society, of the human species itself. Number Power is ideal for our stage because of the prominence of contemporary science.

In this light I observed carefully the line up for the start of the match. The 9 player was missing on both sides. What to expect? Well, as a few of you who had been alerted to the display after the semi might have expected, the 9 substitute was put in, similar to the semi, in the second half – but, Lordy, it was the wrong side! Was Argentina to be the favourite of the Supramental Shakti this time? Poor Chile, would another century have to pass before a team of similar quality would emerge?

It needs to be pointed out before all else that, as those who know my work well will testify, I consider sports to be the ‘pulse’ of a nation. Through the status of the country’s sport achievements much can be understood about the overall health of the ‘patient/nation’, similar to how India’s Ayurveda operates when the first thing the physician does is to ‘read’ the patient’s pulse. Through that, as one such doctor recently said to me, “I will scan you now’, and he proceeded to ‘listen to and analyse’ several depths of my pulse. Sports can play a similar function; therefore I say sports indicates the pulse of nations. This is important to note in two countries, Chile and India. The latter fails entirely in sports. With 1.2 billion population India’s Olympics performance year after year is worse than dismal. It is non-existent; corruption is one of the reasons.

Observing Chile and the prosperity she begins to enjoy, clearly the level of her sports indicates a very healthy ‘pulse’. To begin with, the country hardly knows any corruption, unlike India where it has saturated the country through and through. Football is of course the main sport in Chile, and that is mainly where we gauge the pulse. Like India, Chile inherited the sport from her European conquerors, but it quickly spread to become the major spectator sport of the world. In India we see cricket as the most prominent, virtually the only sport. That was a legacy of the British Raj which the nation continues to follow in many other ways – the others being politics and jurisprudence primarily. But unlike football cricket has not moved beyond the colonised nations. India seems bogged down there – which in itself indicates where the problem lies: India has to shed the baggage it collected over the past 1000 years, something it finds very hard to do.

With this background I eagerly awaited the display of the 9. This is how it went – because I doubt any of you who read my last post on the semi would have been interested in following the operation through to the final. Why would you? You would have considered that what happened was simply ‘coincidence’, and left it at that. But the wise know better. Coincidence? Get this:

The Argentine 9 substitute was sent in and of course I was dismayed: it’s the wrong team! Lo and behold, following observation of this 9 through, what happened? And this is another lesson on the inventiveness of the Shakti: she does not repeat herself, but things get arranged for the pre-determined outcome according to the circumstances prevailing at each moment.

In this light, I kept my eye on that 9, and the rest is history: his penalty shoot-out was the first penalty miss by Argentina! Chile’s win was a foregone conclusion from that miss onward.

99 years for this. My Lord, how lovely to have been a conscious witness to this display of the Power.

A final blessing to the team and to their magnificent goal keeper, Claudio Bravo. He’s tops, truly bravo! (8.7.2015)

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