All things in their rightful place Message from Thea’s Journal, 28 June 2015, 10:19

I know how the transformation of all deformities happens.

It seems impossible; there is so much of it, so massive and overwhelming. But it came to me while reading Tenth Day 2 this morning. The simple key is everything in its rightful place. This is the inevitability of the Truth-Conscious Gnosis. When all four planes of the physical vessel are covered – down and into the physical proper – then we know ‘the time has come’.

Deformities exist resulting in the horrors that are spread across the globe because of incompletion – or the lack of Whole Time (WT). This would translate cosmologically to the full circle opened to the experience of creatures born on Earth. With only three the species is necessarily mortal. Immortality can come to pass with whole time, the full circle. More specifically, it would be the balance between space and time. (Whole Time is the vertical and the fourfold Circle is the horizontal, together resulting in the balanced cross ✚.) This means free access to the solar world; its full descent – that is an Earth housing nothing but the Truth-Consciousness; or, a Life Divine as Sri Aurobindo foresaw – I believe will be in the Age of Capricorn. Meanwhile, what can we expect?

Opening WT/Full Circle to the experience of humanity means that only then can each thing find its own and rightful place, as implied in the symbol of the Future Realisation (the Core of the Mother’s chamber). Deformities exist simply because nothing is in its place. It is as if the consciousness-being were out of focus – or as in the off-centred cross, unbalanced ✝, top-heavy. Therefore the energy entering the vessel gets deformed into expressions of the horrors that are spread across the globe. With focussing, tuning the consciousness-being, those energies experience harmony and the lower or grosser frequencies cannot take hold.

It could be said that the grotesqueness of torture and all forms of cruelty result from greater intensity of vibratory frequency out of tune or incompatible with the receiving receptacle. Going further, it is possible to see how forces from the physical-vital plane can manifest these horrors by taking possession of vessels that cannot house such vibratory intensities. This is how deformities involving any of the four planes of consciousness manifest on Earth and persist. It is a simple and straightforward operation because of the lack of WT: with a quarter of the Circle closed to the evolving species, nothing can be in its rightful place. Hence deformity of those descending energies.

On all planes of consciousness-being deformations occur when the physical vessel is unprepared to house or contain the vibration. In The Magical Carousel this is expressed in Chapter 11, page 119, where in the laboratory of the Aquarian Speaker the children are put through various procedures involving vibrations of energy – in fact, the very beginning of the Chapter sets the tone for this question of ‘vibrations’ when the civilisation in ruins spinning around them in the Jug was reduced to vibration of energy. The task in Aquarius of the etheric beings who occupy the land is essentially a work of vibrations, currents that are then stored in the Jugs and dispensed on Earth ‘when they are ripe’. The children themselves are ‘retuned’ for a similar purpose:

By means of the peculiar devices Val and Pom-pom are given a treatment of magnetic waves that thoroughly shakes them up, shattering their very core.

After this application they begin to spin, at first slightly, then more and more until they are moving in the same whirling manner as the tornado [that carried them into Aquariusland]. The etheric people guide them into a gigantic funnel through which they begin to descend, carried along by the currents. They flow into a jug and remain suspended in the etheric waves. When the time is ripe Val and Pom-pom feel the jug being lifted and after a slight journey it is tilted and then again the furious spin begins. Outside a resounding voice is heard, that of the Water Carrier. His chant echoes through the cosmos and spurs them on to the fulfilment of their worldly mission:

‘Flow, waters of the spirit, flow through
the ether to our brothers of the universe,
awaken the hearts of mankind, for the
NEW ERA has dawned!’

A clear example of deformation on the spiritual plane of the individualised consciousness is what came to pass on a global scale during the Age of Pisces. When we entered the 9th Manifestation the New (Whole) Time took over. It was the arrival of the Supermind – the main impact of which would be on the Spiritual Quarter of the Circle, the fourth. It was the beginning of the full descent in the Age following Pisces – Aquarius, our current Age. The Fourth Quarter would in fact introduce a shift and it would no longer be adequate to call it the Spiritual Quarter but rather the Supramental. Lacking the proper attunement when the ‘time had come’ at the outset of the 9th Manifestation, those who focussed all their energies on elements of the last quarter could react only be ‘deforming’ the vibratory reverberations. Unable to support the intensity in the actual state of the physical vessel, all realisers in the Age of Pisces could only react by withdrawing from the physical. It was mathematical.


This withdrawal served to compound the fate of mortality of the evolving species by further cementing the rule of Death and his lesser minions or representatives on Earth who took birth across the millennia as the Lords of Falsehood and Ignorance.

The religions that arose in the Age of Pisces, all from the Middle East to take complete control over the evolution on Earth during that Age, by primarily usurping the fourth quarter of the wheel in one form or another, were all a result of incompletion that creates deformation. In a word, otherworldliness as the goal was the predictable emphasis of a species open only to three quarters of the Circle. Realisers had no other choice but to flee the vessel unable to sustain vibrations proper to the Supermind. Thus, while they reached higher and higher the situation became more untenable: Form, the property of the Divine Maya had to be rejected because she could not be accommodated with the incomplete manifestation. It is for this reason that the Solar Line consists of four members so that all four planes are covered. The critical passage is the Third leading or giving birth to the Fourth. When the last two stages are reached in time, the world must stand on the brink facing complete destruction or the supreme Victory.

Thus, the current Age of Aquarius is the time when the physical vessel, not only individually but collectively and the body of the Earth herself, is being transformed to receive and contain the higher vibratory resonances. Deformation occurs at the level of the physical starting with the cell – on which the Mother’s yoga was concentrated during the final years of her sojourn on Earth.

Alignment is the keyword at our stage of the Work – a new alignment properly speaking, as described in Volume 3 of The New Way. The shift to Leonardo’s Man in the Circle describes the process whereby one opens one’s consciousness being to Whole Time and the full Circle.

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