A preface. . . .

             ‘Thou thinkest the ascetic in his cave

or on his mountain-top a stone and a do-nothing.

What dost thou know?  He may be filling the

world with the mighty currents of his will

and changing it by the pressure of his soul-state.

      That which the liberated sees in his soul

on its mountain tops, heroes and prophets spring

up in the material world to proclaim and accomplish.’


                   Sri Aurobindo

‘Thoughts and Aphorisms’


Observers of the world scene seem to regard 1990 as the beginning of a new era. However, the events we have witnessed in 1989 confirm the indubitable accuracy of the Gnostic Circle and the New Way cosmology, for we cannot deny that 1989 was really the year of change, and this fully conforms not only to the character of the year’s number-power (9) but also to the special quality of this particular 9-power year in the century, closing as it does the Neptune ennead and the 1980s.

The first portion of my Neptune article in the last issue of VISHAAL was dispatched for printing on 7 November 1989; that is, at the very start of the events which finally brought the Berlin Wall down over the days to follow. Since then the progress has been fast and furious, and we see the political face of Eastern Europe entirely altered.

In the prophecy of Pope John XXIII which I quoted in the very beginning of the article, there were a number of correspondences with my work, as I pointed out. But true to the nature of Neptune, most of them were veiled references to a work carried out perhaps hidden from the public eye. Thus, the prophecy speaks of a ‘Patrizia, daughter of God’, whose death amid dubious circumstances by the Berlin Wall would cause her to be accused of a ‘life of vice’ when in effect she was a ‘saint’. The recent events have, of course, disproved the prophecy in that there has been no Patrizia found dead by the Wall, either sinner or saint, and who could be considered responsible for its dismantling as the prophecy seems to indicate. Nonetheless, it is curious that during this very period here in India, this Patrizia at Skambha, the third and ‘daughter’ of the Solar Line, has indeed been accused by certain hostile elements seeking to ‘finish her off’ (in their own words) and dismantle her work in India of a ‘life of vice’. At this stage the tables have been turned and as the Wall came tumbling down so has this attack in India collapsed, to the point where ‘Patrizia’ is now viewed more as a saint than a sinner! Such is the unstable, volatile perception of the human being.

There is no need to dwell any further on this prophecy given its limitations. Rather, I would like to move into the remaining portion of the Neptune piece left unpublished in the last issue due to lack of space. As well, I am presenting in this issue an article devoted to the mechanism involved in these dramatic changes. In it I draw connections that reveal the manner in which persons of Knowledge may deal with ‘knots’ in the evolutionary web in a nuclear space as it were, and how once this work is successfully accomplished we can predict with greater precision than ever before the effects this activity will have in the larger Earth-field. In The Gnostic Circle I have written about the decade of the 80s with special reference to 1985 and thereafter to its end. We shall see through the analysis in this article the accuracy of that written prediction. (Indeed, it was in that very year that Mikhail Gorbachev became the General Secretary of the Communist Party and started his revolutionary work.)

We have seen an astonishing display of faithfulness to the lines of the new cosmology in the events which have dominated the news throughout the world. We have seen ‘iron walls’ brought down not only with a swiftness that has left us breathless but in a relatively peaceful manner. We have witnessed a new power at work, and this is the point I wish to emphasize and for which reason in this issue I shall reproduce portions of The New Way where I discuss this new power and the mode of its workings, especially portions from Volume 3 – phototypeset in 1984 but as yet unpublished – and descriptions of the process I have come to call the Yoga of the Chamber. Prior to the Yoga of the Chamber (1980-89) the radical and total change in the hitherto iron-clad political structures of the Eastern European nations would have been impossible to achieve without prolonged and bloody upheavals. But apart from the bloodshed in Rumania, the rest of the eastern bloc experienced this major leap in their political destinies with an ease which has baffled the rest of the world. This ‘ease’ was foreseen in 1983 when I began having the first experiences of realignment and compression until finally the centre was forged and the ‘point’ came into being to ‘fill the Void’. It was at that time that precisely the question of how to deal with violence became a central issue in the Yoga. What was then ‘seen’ and confirmed experientially was the method that we would later observe operating in the world to deal with energies which must somehow find their accommodation in the new dispensation.

However, the transformation we have witnessed has not affected Asia, in particular China. The reason is clear: in Asia we are closer to the Centre. This portion of the globe stands posited on the ‘spirit’ end of the matter/spirit axis. The West is poised in the periphery, properly speaking, which relates to the outer form and the denser physical. It responds to energies and impulses on that end of the spectrum. An action in the nuclear space of the Centre can be seen to have a greater impact on that periphery because it is far more MECHANICAL in its response and is readily activated by the application of certain formulas. Whereas in the East it is essence that counts and must be moved, and primarily matters of the Spirit. It is in this more subtle dimension that the work is done. The ‘symbol’ for this act of unification is the unification of the Indian subcontinent. When that is achieved the conditions in Asia will also change, in particular in India.

In 1975 and 1976 I had written that the place of origin of the central Globe of the Mother’s Chamber would be significant in relation to Sri Aurobindo’s work at this third level of manifestation. In 1980-81 I wrote to the then prime minister of India that if the globe was installed in the temple being built in Auroville on the basis of its distorted measurements and axis, this would indicate a dismembering of India. At the time I wrote this there was no turmoil in either Punjab or Sri Lanka. Nor had the secessionist movement in Kashmir reached its present pitch. (For further light on this issue, see The New Way, Volume 2, Chapter 12.) Now, in a very real sense my words seem to be highly prophetic, for the ‘globe’ is arriving – from Germany – and before very long it will be installed on the basis of a very distorted seeing and measure.

Let me point out the correlation so as not to be accused of vagueness. The Globe in the real Chamber, apart from being ‘symbolic’ of the Third in the Solar Line, is also the ‘soul of India’ (the reader may consult The Gnostic Circle and The New Way for further clarification of this point). At the same time it is the very body of India. The Globe represents the Soul and consequently the nation’s Dharma, but as a result of a perfection of seeing whereby through its precise measurement and alignment the Mother was able to reveal that soul-power’s true outer form. Thus the measure of the Globe is 70 cms, according to the exact specifications she gave. On the basis of the Laws of Correspondence the Globe thus comprises the FULL AND TRUE BODY OF A UNITED INDIA; or the nation’s perfect ‘form’ to express that dharmic essence, being a combination of 30 + 40 (=70). How this comes about is described in the works cited above in detail.

In view of the distortions in axis, measurements and design it was therefore not difficult to predict that installing the globe on this basis in the temple in Auroville would coincide with unfortunate happenings in the areas symbolised by this supremely important element. In addition, having its origin in Germany rather than India itself adds another dimension to the problem which I need not elaborate at this point.

We may summarise the above by stating that the new and final decade of this millennium and the heightened influence of Pluto operating in the world via the commencement of its period in 1989, will see events in Asia and particularly in India take turns entirely true to the above and the nature of the Plutonian power. This 9th planet is the higher octave of Mars, which is in turn ‘exalted’ in Capricorn, the sign-ruler of India. Therefore Pluto has affinity with this 10th sign, by which the abyss and the heights come within its ambit of action. This means that only when Pluto’s action becomes a prominent and integrated part of the scheme can we begin to reach those depths which elude all the other influences and unite them with those of the heights. The transformation becomes total and complete with Pluto’s integration.

On the world stage this means that forces which were closed to the new light will begin to feel its impact, i.e., the forces operating in the dimension of the world of religion and spirituality. We observe that these areas remain essentially unmoved on a global level by the action of the new Power. Religions continue to be the most divisive forces in the world. There has indeed been a stirring in those deep and murky waters over the past two decades, but unless Pluto’s full impact is felt the reduced level of the Power merely serves to arouse fundamentalist responses rather than any real and lasting transformation. It is therefore in this sphere that Pluto’s action will be felt most in the new ennead.

This, we may say, corresponds to the vertical Axis – heights and depths. There is another: the horizontal. It involves the periphery in relation to the point of the circle. It is in Pluto’s period that the periphery (of the circle) is joined to the Centre. And it is then that the work can be said to be completed.

By the swing of Pluto into Neptune’s 8th orbit we understand that what we have been witnessing in the world, since 1979 when Pluto first moved into Neptune’s domain, right in a year of 8 power (1979=8)  and at the beginning of the latter’s own ennead (1980-89), will continue into the new cycle. The powers of Neptune (8) and Pluto (9) will continue to intermix and the events of today will be seen as a coherent and connected movement throughout the 90s. Until – in another exquisite display of Gnostic Time – Pluto moves out of Neptune’s space in 1999, precisely drawing to a close the Plutonian century of the 1900s and its own ennead/decade, along with the entire millennium. The millennium thus closes with the greater boundaries of our solar system explored both scientifically and by the penetration of the yogic light and force.

I had written about the 8th month of 1988 (TVN 3/5) and the increase from that point on of Neptune’s action, reaching a culmination in 1989 when its period draws to a close, and that events in the world would move quickly thereafter. This same formula obtains for all the planets. Thus the next such culmination via a convergence of number and planetary power occurs precisely in 1999 when Pluto returns to its own orbit, and more specifically in the 9th month of that very special year when with the arrival of the 9th day of the 9th month of the 99th year of the century there will be a formidable impact of the power of the 9. This is likely to centre on the process of unification of the Indian subcontinent, and the nuclear foundation for the true new world order will have been fully and invincibly cemented. A new world will arise and a new era will have truly begun.

But let us not be carried too far ahead and too fast in our seeing, for the most intense part of the process lies just ahead. India will be the focus of the Supramental Shakti’s action during this period, in ways perhaps hidden for a time, but not the whole time. The dimension to be ‘ordered’ is the most essential one wherein perversions have come about which have distorted the manifestation of Essence. This truly spiritual force has come to be confused with religions and their divisive powers at work in the world. It is this that must undergo a radical change similar to the dramatic change which has overtaken the Communist Bloc. And it is in India alone that this can be done.

To make this clearer all we need do is observe conditions as they are in India today: there is a minority government in power, precariously perched between two extremes to which it owes its continuation in office (I had also written in 1976 that ‘alignments’ between powers in the coming events would be unexpectedly altered and cease to follow the old patterns; left or right, one ‘bloc’ or another would lose all meaning). We see that a ‘temple’ stands central to the future unfolding of events and that this has become the rallying ‘symbol’ for both Hindus and Muslims. We see that this ‘temple’ is believed to be the birthplace of the 7th Avatar, Sri Ram. The issue at stake is unequivocal, and dangerous. We observe a weak Centre and a Periphery riddled with holes and threatening to fly wildly apart at any moment, at the three angles of the triangle that contains the Indian landmass. Yet the real issue is missed.

Indeed, at the heart of it all lies a temple episode and its physical construction; while similarly at the heart of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s work there is also a ‘temple’ dispute, equally related to the Avatar, and of the same Line as Ram and Krishna, the 7th and 8th of the Evolutionary Avatars. This parallel ought to be food for thought for the sincere and perceptive seeker.

But allow me to draw other parallels. It was on 9 November 1989 that the foundation bricks were laid in Ayodha in the first stage of the rebuilding of Ram’s temple, a site presently occupied by a mosque. It was on that very same day that the Berlin Wall first broke open. It was in exactly this same period 9 years earlier that the Government of India stepped into Auroville in a preliminary take-over, thus entwining itself in the temple dispute central to the collapsing condition of the city-project (see the Supplement to the June 1988 VISHAAL). There are a number of happenings on or very close to this date which bear a relevance to the Yoga of the Chamber and the events mentioned above. It all centres on the critical work of our Age: the transformation of Scorpio, or the transmutation of the blocked energies of the species in evolution, in the zodiacal month of Scorpio in which all these events have transpired. That is, we are dealing with the ‘light’ or the energy closed in the ‘cave’, in the deepest part of matter and the deepest recesses of consciousness-being. We are dealing with the ‘dark mass’, the residue of time-energy which causes our race and our world to be balanced on a binary polarity and hence OFF CENTRE. That is, we are dealing with the residue of the past which impedes the emergence of the true centre. This is the crux of the work of transformation. This has been the focus of the Yoga of the Chamber in Neptune’s ennead. But the planet representative of those ‘nether regions’ is none other than Pluto (now transiting through Scorpio), whose fullest impact will be felt in the cycle which was introduced in 1989.

At issue indeed has been a ‘construction’ and of a ‘temple’, similar to the Ayodha dispute. Consequently the issue has been the ‘dharma’ as in Ayodha. BUT ‘dharma’ has a specific meaning and its seat lies much deeper than in the dimensions of the religious consciousness. Such issues are not decided by mass movements but by movements in the sphere where ORDER (dharma) really exists as a determining agent. It is only the cosmology of the New Way that can adequately explain these profound matters.

Therefore, let us continue in this issue with the final portion of the Neptune series, bearing the above in mind as we complete our ‘space probe’, not in the physical proper but in and through the corridors of Time.


Skambha, 1 January 1990





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