‘The Strategy, the Battle and the Nature of the Victory’ – Part 3

From Thea’s Journal

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This is the 9th month, and the last ‘act’… It is clear, 3/6/9-0/1. Always this is the formula. 1983, 1986, 1989…and then the shift to 1990 – 0/1. Incredible. So, what can we expect of next year?

In 1983 I was central but unaligned. The Centre had not been ‘born’ – therefore I relied on IG and only when she intervened did a shift come. But it brought no real protection because it was external. Only the Point can provide true protection because it controls from within. It is self-sufficient. If that self-sufficiency is not there, then there is no real centre. A true centre is a ‘light unto itself’. And its protection is by the control it exerts on the periphery by its very being.

In 1983 this did not exist. Hence retreat was the only way. But this had nothing to do with Brooklyne. It was contraction in the extreme to forge the centre – and nothing else. As long as that got done everything else was irrelevant. Nothing can be considered to have been a loss then because the true purpose was served. If that had not been served then they were losses. Thus those ‘losses’ simply served the Purpose.

In 1986 the Centre existed but the objective (Purpose) was to bring the physical Base into being. Z’s role was openly for this. He was never meant to conquer, but he had to be up front to allow me the possibility to strengthen the Base. And so it was.

With this done 1989 presents an entirely different picture. Up front in the Battle. At the Centre/Base, and victorious. But no doubt 1990 will be the real year of Victory. After all, it is the 10th.

So, the 1980’s have been Durga’s War…




The West wastes. But it has imposed this ‘system’ on the East and the Third World. It overconsumed and it wasted; the East depletes and wastes away its resources. The West had an excess; this is why materially it is in better shape. India wasted away its resources – hence an increasing poverty over the decades. The British started the process, able to do so because of tamas. The latter is the Indian response to the caved in Centre, coupled with the lack of a true binary poise.




…This cycle is closing. What an extraordinary nine years it has been – the ennead of the Great Reversal. But it has been hard, so many losses, heartbreaks real and true. In order to bring that Reversal about those losses were needed, it seems…

But even in that there was an ‘increase’ of a sorts, of a fine sort: Skambha replaced Brooklyne; Bija replaced Willie, Gauri was replaced by the true Collies, or even by Shanka herself. This indeed was a controlled affair…

And the Horses? Who can replace Swati? No, he served his divine Purpose and gave that final push to the Reversal, lent his superior energies for that, and this released the energy. Therefore the horses came in abundance because that energy which they symbolise was released. And it was a mare who became the first after this Reversal. We were to start our own line, a new line. Perhaps this is why Shobha’s sire is unknown. As if it were Swati’s spirit and Sundari’s soul. No doubt she was conceived on 24 October – and then born in harmony with Sundari’s coming and going. There is no doubt.

So, the horses and the dogs reveal the increase, the expansion, and the new thing. Purebreds all. And Skambha replaces Brooklyne. And how spectacular it is. One, unique in the world. But, it is hard, everso hard.




…The feeling is one of consolidation. There is nothing of break up, weakness, even vulnerability. It is rather a feeling of solidity. Strength. Progress. And I know the time has come to break through this nearby crust once and for all.

It is a new time, a new cycle. These 9 months have been – are – so important because they are like the seed of 1989-1998. And what an important seed.

So, it means this consolidation here, at Skambha… I can see it almost like a radiation from here. What is coming requires this very solid base, the root. But what it is is the centre. It holds everything together. Without a centre that holds, nothing can be done.

And so, this cycle has seen the emergence of the Centre. That is what its finality has been: the Centre. And like the Plan and the proof it supplies of the Mother’s success, the very existence of Skambha shows that the occult Centre did indeed come into being. This winding-up year is the proof that the Centre holds.

One cannot assess the present by the past. This is a constant new discovery and it ‘creates its own conditions’. This means that while all the other 9-power years saw me change house and country, in 1980 it was a move within India. I did not have to leave. And in this 9 year it is not another departure. It is consolidation. This is because all the other cycles were as if drawing one to this centre, like an inward moving spiral. When we reached 1983-4 we had come to the ‘space’ of the Centre. We unveiled that, and we brought the Centre into being which is the real purpose of my birth. No one can do this but me. The 4th does not do this. He is. I do. I alone can bring the Centre into being. And it is done.

Thus, all those years from 1962 were meant to draw one closer and closer to the Centre – within and connected to without. This was done and Skambha immediately manifested. Now it is not a question of leaving here because this would mean I had failed. Then Skambha would not have manifested at all. Or else, it would mean that a failure set in as of 1986. But where is the indication of that? On the contrary. So far there is every indication that the only thing taking place now is consolidation of the Centre.

It is only natural that we should have to face all these troubles of late. This is part of the consolidation. Skambha must be located in a congenial atmosphere. Thus gradually one must go on conquering the circles. We have been dealing with the circles closest to us. Clear. And that, above all else, must be conquered. What this means is that the conquered circle actually serves then as a protection.

. . . The centre generates its own protection. It does this by conquering circle upon circle. But it does this FROM WITHIN. No outside help: from within.

This means transformation. This is the key. When it means an expansion from within it is not suppression, oppression, imposition. Because that would be the darkness pressing in. In any imposition it is the periphery that acts – which is the dark area. Like in the distorted temple: the walls press in, the area of darkness.

But when it is a central operation it is the light that expands and infiltrates and permeates those circles. Without knowing how it happens, the circles find the light infiltrating the darkness. This is why the way of transformation is not destructive. Also implied is dissolution. The dark element is dissolved. Broken up.

In the present case I see the same operation… But what they do not calculate is the presence of the Centre and what that means. They apply the old formulas which have succeeded all along. It is all darkness. And in that darkness these old tricks succeed. For they can succeed while there has not been a reversal. When there is a reversal then the old ways fail.

The old strives and thrives because of the Void and the consequent collapse. The Void permits the peripheral imposition. There is nothing central PUSHING  IT  OUT – repelling the Darkness. The action of repelling is important. When the centre does not exist that repelling is non-existent. All the fields are possessed by the Darkness. The old calls the shots… But the centre relentlessly presses out from within and conquers by simply BEING. It cannot do anything else but radiate. And in that radiation the circles are infiltrated and the darkness is dispelled.

How this works is that the Light is, the radiation is. But the darkness bears no relation to it. This is what I mean when I say that we are in different dimensions. Visually we can easily understand how this is so: Light is. If Light is, where is the darkness?

This is what is meant by Being. Light is. Light being, there is no darkness. Likewise, Darkness being, there is no light. The task of the Darkness is to prevent the Light from being lit. That is why the beginning requires care and a special protection by occultation. The Light is hidden under wraps, as it were. The Darkness must not be aware of its existence until the work is done: that is, until the Reversal. Then the victory is inevitable. The Centre is. After that the wraps can be taken off. Until then the Darkness is used to light the Core-Flame, to compress in and in, and this intense contraction causes the centre-core to be born. Then the Darkness is no longer needed for the operation. All along it had the impression that it was conquering and on the basis of its old formula and method, which until now succeeded because the Centre was a void. And not realising that they had been used to bring into being the centre, believing that they were always in control and victorious, they do not realise that a reversal has taken place. The central light and power starts expanding. Still they attack it according to the old way and believe to achieve the same results. Yet their attacks are again used as before in the creation of the centre, but this time the attacks are used to consolidate the spread of the Light.

This is why we say that the new creation is protected by being governed by other laws and in a dimension in which the Darkness cannot impinge. The reason is simply that the Light is. If the Darkness were to enter that dimension, it would simply cease to be darkness. It is transformed.

So, there are two ways for it: either it accepts transformation, or else it is continuously repelled, pushed farther and farther out into the void of space, beyond the periphery of the new cosmos. It is impossible for it to secure a foothold in the new cosmos. Remaining therein it is inevitably, unavoidably transformed. Resisting this, it is inevitably expelled from the System. This fact explains the laws operating in this work and the compulsions various people have felt to join or to run as far away as possible. Also explained is why The New Way, though printed in 1981, could not be released (from the Scorpion’s den) until AFTER the centre was unveiled in 1984, immediately after, and on Swati’s day. The Horse is that energy, that light expanding; while the Cow is the gestation of the Light (the 9-months contraction). Hence the cows in our work have contributed by the timings of their conceptions and gestations; while the Horse brought the expanding energy that spreads the Power through the system – expands …vishaal. It is so organic, so clean and clear and precise….




A beatitude lays over everything – a divine Love and Grace, truly. It is the closing of this hard but amazing cycle, and the opening of a new one… I can see Skambha taking shape, see its future more clearly now. We will have our beautiful paradise of a quiet yet stunning elegance, where power is the creator of this refinement, so it will not be effete. It will be strong, bold, daring, and overwhelming – and changing.

Skambha will not be ascetic. It will be rich in all ways…




I ‘see’ it so clearly: creation sprouting from another dimension centrewise, like a seed pushed open from another dimension. The seed is COMPRESSED into existence. It is squeezed out of the other dimension by contraction and then it exits into this one. From there it unfolds, having always a source of impulsion from the other dimension where Time gestates this activity. In that dimension – the Transcendent – time’s action is to contract, to diminish, to compress for the act of creating this material universe. But in this material universe of 9, time’s action is to expand. In both places time’s role is the source of Power. The drive. Space is simply the field for this play and it would be inert but for Time.

            It is not that only the material universe of 9 exists. There is simultaneously the subtle universe of the 0. Hence we say contraction and expansion are simultaneous, because those dimensions are simultaneous.

We speak of a ‘bridge’ to connect the two. But the Bridge always existed. What we mean is that in a binary world there is no Bridge because the interaction between one sun and the other, or one end of the pole and the other blocks the connecting bridge to the dimension where the immortal Source lies.

Thus, the actual birth process condemns us to being trapped in this plane with no connection to the other. A new alignment allows us to recover that contact and a new species arises. The separative consciousness which rules this world is because of this binary imprisonment.




I see more clearly now than ever the role of Neptune as the 8 and the connection to Mitra. It is truly the planet of the cosmic order, the Harmony. But this is only when Neptune and the 8 are taken in their role and position within the Gnostic Circle. Only then can the true function of Neptune be known and its connection to the 8.

    For so long now I have wanted to know the exact difference between what transpires in the 8th sign, Scorpio, and what passage over the 8th planet means. In what exact way are they different yet the same via the 8.

In Scorpio it is the core at stake. But this passage can only be understood in conjunction with the 4.5 Orbit. The shattering there is the strengthening of the core, or virtually to bring it into being. What is destroyed in the process, stripped, taken away, is what impedes that core from acting as the Stable Constant. At the same time the Light/fuel must be released. It must provide the fuel to reach the Summit of Whole Time.

This is what takes place in Scorpio. It is as if isolated – the core. With that anchor, the Core of Truth, passage through Scorpio must ensue. This is a work IN THE CORE not the periphery. Whereas in Aquarius and the crossing of Neptune’s orbit, the focus is entirely on the periphery. Hence it is the time par excellence when ‘each thing can be put in its place’.

The reason why this ordering becomes possible (inevitable) is simply because the former work has been done. The core is solid; Whole time has been experienced. It is the final touch given to the System. The core exists after passage through Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius, and then Capricorn. Thereafter the periphery can take shape around that core.

Applied to our own case, X is the element to stir up the periphery. He is an ‘agitator’ of a new kind – a periphery agitator. And he came just in time. He came on 28.8.1989. This was the approach to Neptune (in the Gnostic Circle), and just at the time when Neptune was being unveiled. Here at Skambha we were living the full esoteric Neptune. That is, the Neptune which is an indivisible part of the 9 planets in our solar system. How can any sense be made of this otherwise…

X’s role has been to demonstrate the lack of harmony between the parts (in the periphery). It is at Neptune’s point that this work gets done. In our case the harmony of the peripheral parts to the Centre, individually, had already been achieved. Then comes the complete process: the parts among themselves and to the Centre. And with this I have fully understood the work of the 8th sign and the 8th planet, and my heart is so full of gratitude for the LIVED EXPERIENCE which is the only way to acquire true Knowledge. I am grateful because I know that only You can arrange that lived experience. You, my Guru, the Supramental Shakti.

Everything has indeed been so controlled. So unbelievable. This proves Skambha’s role. Indeed, as I have written: the place where this cosmology is applied. And so it has been.

The peripheral work cannot be done unless first the core is in place and the parts are harmonised to that Centre. Only then can the final touch be given.


9 AM


This proves that the Gnostic Circle describes a supramental process, if there had ever been any doubt about it. The important key is the ability to harmonise the parts to the Centre and the parts among themselves and ALL TOGETHER to the Centre. This is the full, three-way harmony.

 In our ‘laboratory’ this process has been carried out in full. Now we are in the final stage, when it must all ‘come together’. This is the true time of Integration. Integration means this three-way harmony. The harmony exists but still disconnected. Integration is needed to bind it all together. This means the actual emergence of a new cosmos. One thing is Harmony – general and all-pervasive. Integration defines the cosmos, makes it a system, like our solar system. There is harmony in the universe. There would be no universe without harmony. But integration means the actual formation of the galaxies and solar systems. In other words, harmony is the governing principle. Integration is the binding principle. It knits the elements together into one whole, on the macrocosmic as well as the microcosmic level.

Because of this we mistakenly equate unity with the One, who is really the principle of Integration. It is simply a question of definition: the One is the principle of Integration which in a cosmic structure is the binding principle resulting from the great Reversal, from the compression/contraction to expanding, unfolding, evolving. Or the shift from 0 to 1, after the 9-6-3.

The level of the One is not where unity manifests. That is only in the 0, or that which stands behind the One. Like the drone (of Indian music). Out of that unity emerges the one, or the principle of Integration.

Why we say it is the first point of space is because it is the binding principle. If that principle could not manifest there would be no differentiation of space, no individualisation, no emergence of defined forms. For any form to come into existence a prerequisite is the Reversal which casts up the One, or the integer of the power to bind and integrate. But without Harmony the binding can be of chaotic substances and elements. Harmony cannot be separated from Integration for this reason. It is precisely the Harmony that is bound together by the One.

This is also the outer boundary of the System, like the shell of the Matrimandir. The temple is not simply the inner Chamber; like the work of the 1980s was not simply up to 1986 when the central shaft was completed. Then came 1987 and we extended the structure to the walls. Thereafter it was Neptune and the full power of the 8. This was the protective corridor. The power of protection comes from the completeness of the system. But in this ennead the 8 and 9 have been intermingled. And this is a permanent feature of our System. Pluto will periodically move into Neptune’s orbit. Therefore these two will always interact. That is, the work of the 8 and 9 will always be interconnected in a cosmic process. There is a splendid affinity between the two. The 8 knows no fulfilment without the 9 and relies entirely upon it for completion. This is why the 8 is the number of the perfect Surrender. The 8 leans upon the 9, or rather entwines itself around the 9, just like Neptune entwines itself in Pluto’s orbit when Pluto ‘invades’ its space. It is incorrect to view the position as Neptune becoming the last planet. Neptune can never replace Pluto. It is simply entwined in its orbit, accepting this ‘invasion’ and going along with it. It is Pluto who is the invader, who plunges the 9 into the 8.    What this indicates is simply what I have always stated: the 9 and the 0 are like the Serpent biting its Tail. Pluto shows us this turn back into the system and the fact that the 9 must invariably draw the circle to a close and open a new one by returning to the Source – in this case it is a dramatic plunge back into the System rather than a continued extension outward.

This must occur at the boundary of any System. There is a great curve, a swing back, a plunge into the system and a return to the Source. Pluto’s erratic orbit indicates this ‘closed system’. It does not mean that the universe is closed but only that within the totality there are individualised systems with defined boundaries. This factor is the work of the Third and Fourth Principles. They can never be separated. The two together present the material reality we know.




What an enormous change has taken place over these 9 years. Truly it is a reflection of the aphorism, from truth to greater truth… This work is exactly that; indeed, it should be the motto of ACC: From truth to greater truth…   It all began with that most unusual ‘enlightenment’ in 1971. Once the veils had been drawn aside then, growth was always in the light. Whatever movement made was accompanied by that Light. It was not a quest for the Light. It was the Power of Truth as a beacon, illuminating the way ahead; and at the same time it WAS the way. But because it had never been ‘opened’ before, it was the new way. The way of evolution, of growth, of progress…from truth to greater truth.

 1971-80 were clearly the years of the unveiling and bringing down of the Knowledge. The first three years, till 1974, were the years in which the instrument was honed; opened were the channels, the connection with the planes was done then. After that the full Knowledge could come and this work truly began in its own right. At that time the foundations began to be laid of the true New Way. The only thing of this which was carried over from the past was the plan of the Chamber. Indeed that ‘came’ to me only in 1974. Until that time it was a hidden cipher.

The coming together of the Chamber’s plan and the Gnostic Circle was the start of the New Way. Then the rest of the ennead consolidated that Knowledge through the lived experience which required the entanglements with the architects, etc. Without that it would have been sterile, lifeless and hence speculative and abstract. But once that was done, once The New Way was written and the sound foundations in Knowledge were laid, it was time to leave that laboratory and move on to the new one where that foundation could be the support or the ‘structure of the new consciousness-being’.

I look back at what I was in January of 1980 and I am amazed. It was a different world, a world of complete unknowing. This had nothing to do with that Foundation. Indeed, only that was sure and real and eternal. But it gave no signs of being a support for the edifice of the new world. There was yet a split, a chasm. The bridge clearly had not been built which would reveal the way in which the new Foundation would serve as such a support. Everything that transpired in this ennead served to reveal or to erect that bridge. At this point, ending 1989 and the close of this formidable ennead, the way is so much clearer ahead. That sense of unknowing is gone. That feeling of a chasm is gone. The structure has emerged ‘above ground level’, so to speak. It is visible, unveiled, exposed – and hence vulnerable. But at the same time it is now that outside support can come because the inner structure is in place. And it has been put in place by a process of exclusive inner growth. Even to the extent that there has been no outer authority to proclaim it: one has had to be one’s own authority and to proclaim oneself.

But this too has been a part of the way to construct the Bridge, for in this unveiling one unveiled the Core and the path of the new direction – into the core of creation and not beyond.

I see all the known ways as obsolete – all of them. Constantly seekers are given ‘proof’ of the undying truth of those ways. Ken Wilber’s is one in the story of the death of his wife. But there are others: the appearance of the Virgin Mary, the ‘miracles’ she and other deceased and living saints perform, even down to Sai Baba and his ‘miracles’ and the ‘grace’ which his followers feel flows from him to them – or any idol of worship for that matter.

But what exactly is proved by these happenings. It is simply that those ways produce those results. No one denies this; no one says that the miracles and grace and well-being felt by the devotees are false.

Nor are the realisations of the sadhaks of the different and varied paths fictitious. These ARE real happenings, real accomplishments. But, again, what does that mean? That is, What bearing does it have on the new creation?

None at all. Whatever I have mentioned here is valid and true for the old creation and the old consciousness it gave rise to – whether this be in the spiritual, philosophic, religious or even scientific domain. These happenings are real and valid within the boundaries of that old System. But they are valueless in the new cosmos. Since we have moved across the threshold dividing the old and the truly new, those ways cannot provide the answers. This means that people continue to experience their truth, but that it is a ‘relative’ truth. On those old foundations one cannot move ahead ‘from truth to greater truth’ for those ways never took up the challenge of constructing the Bridge because for all of them the Beyond was the highest of all truths and all ways converged there. Only the New Way unveils the bridge crossing the chasm by which entry is made into the new, emerging cosmos.


5.10.1989 – 3:45 AM


…This dream-experience shows me that the adversary is COLOSSAL. Just by sheer size it succeeds. I have no means to fight it, no weapons.

    (In the dream) I was looking out the window in my room, the side window at first, when I heard and spotted an airplane coming low, low, low. I realised it was headed for the pasture and it was like a fighter plane attacking Skambha. Its colour was dark brown, a model of the last World War.

Instead of coming for my room it stayed in the pasture occupied with what was happening there. By this time it was no longer a plane but a horse. HUGE, and gross – short-nosed, brown. It filled almost the entire paddock (of two acres). It went to Z’s hut and put its two front legs out like arms, around the hut, and pulled it forward, in an instant razing it completely to the ground.

But before that there was my ‘herd’ grazing. All I was concerned about was the animals. But though my feeling of anxiety was as it would be for my horses (and cows), especially my horses, this ‘herd’ of mine, grazing in the pasture, consisted of elephants mainly, and cows, I believe. The elephants were prominent, big, nice. They all started running in the direction of the well, and they left the horse-attacker watching them go; and though I didn’t see it, I presumed he had herded them away somewhere. What I did see was the ‘herd’ running off, as he razed the hut to the ground.

The point then was to retrieve this ‘herd’. At the same time I had to live in the fear of a new attack by this ‘horse’.

I hunted for my herd. Many scenes…the gist of it all was this search, and the feeling of utter helplessness.

I remember telling Y the news when he came. He suggested a gun. But it seemed as if he had not realised the enormity of the attack. I told him that for this beast one needed machine guns. Then it was a question of getting them and mobilising the defensive.

At a certain point I saw Y’s face ‘change’ and it took on a certain aspect of the attacker. I remember his mouth – black – slightly squarish. His face in general gave the appearance of this grossness, the same as the gross horse. It was a fleeting perception, but clear and unmistakable. I realised I was giving away the strategy to the agent, or whatever, of the attacker.

I was in a place like a hotel. Big. This ‘Y’ was coming in. I had to avoid being seen by him. All this entailed entreating help and mobilising forces to counterattack and retrieve the Herd. I was almost caught/seen by this ‘Y’, but I started moving swiftly, agilely. I saw a way to dodge him, taking a turn to a stairway. I went down this stairway (there was someone else with me, perhaps S…). I was telling her that this was a good way to get away from this ‘Y’, by jumping the rail at certain points and descending large stretches by these leaps.

In fact, we ended at the bottom. It was a sort of restaurant of the hotel, and it had an exit – this was the important part. One had reached an exit. For some reason that would free me from this ‘Y’. All I needed to do was to ‘cross the threshold’ of the door. I could see the grass outside, glistening as if covered in an early morning dew. Indeed, the restaurant was just opening for the day. But though I was right there and beginning to take the exit across this threshold, I woke up. Not that I couldn’t, just that the dream did not tell me whether I made it or not. Nor did it tell me anything about the lost herd. But it seemed by the end I had acquired a certain ‘agility’ and ability to escape, a defensive which was getting more agile by the end of the dream. But the fact is the dream did not indicate what was the fate of the Herd, nor whether or not I was out of reach of the Horse/Y. There was simply this able, agile flight, down, down, down. Then at the bottom this pleasant restaurant, readying itself to open for the day’s business, and it was on the ground floor and there was an exit, a threshold which I looked at for a long time, saw clearly in the dream.


Now in writing this it seems so utterly clear that this dream is merely a recapitulation, exact but in symbols, of what I have lived through since the beginning of this year’s cycle. And it amazingly recapitulates to the day – the crossing of the threshold and escape from the attack. But just as in real life, I have not a clue as to whether or not I have escaped, nor what exactly lies beyond that threshold. In some way there was the possible retrieving of the Herd beyond that crossing, which was also implied in my able flight, using an agile strategy. But the dream ended by my watching, looking at the threshold – and the unknown. I believe it is a recapitulation, not a prevision of the future and a new colossal attack. It is a recapitulation up to this exact moment in gnostic time.


10 AM


An incredible night and a rather astounding dream-experience. By now it is clear that the ‘horrific dream’ was a summary of all that has happened over the past nine months. And that force, so gross…and huge, massive. This was its main power, the size of it!

      Indeed, the whole local government machinery was launched against Skambha, and they wished to steal the Herds, for that is the ‘wealth’ of Skambha – elephants and cows, indeed. How interesting that the attack set the Herd galloping off, but I could not see where they had gone. This was part of the anxiety, I presumed that that force had captured them.

The whole dream was a defensive: how to protect myself from this attacker who, by his sheer size, was simply too much for me. And there it was in Y…that black mouth and something of the same grossness. A strange and fleeting transformation. All the time it was a search for a means to stay clear of that force, escape it. And finally the agility and ability to escape its attack…and then the portal, the sunlight beyond, the glimmering grass. The door was fully open, all I had to do was to cross it. There was a suspension of a sort at that point. Beyond that portal I knew, or somehow it was a part of the crossing, that the Herd would be retrieved and the attack dissolved. Interestingly I was gradually awakened from this dream, as if in slow motion, before I actually experienced the crossing. And this dream was so perfectly timed that it is astonishing. Right at the ‘threshold’, at the end of the cycle…Something indeed must lie beyond, but what?

There had to be a suspension at the portal because ‘time’ was not come on 5/10. It is today. It is now only. Or rather, it is that period of 5 days until the 6th that constitutes the crossing. One is at the 0/9 point and there is a suspension, as between inhalation and exhalation. One inhales at the 0/9 and through to the 4.5 point where one exhales. That is the ‘fuel’ which propels one up and through the rest of the Wheel. At the 0/9 there is suspension as between exhaling and intake; and the same at the 4.5 point.

One can see it reversely: 0/9, exhale, and 4.5 inhale, rising, increasing. But it is really not so. From 0/9 to 4.5 there is increase, gathering force, accumulating (breath). This is then let out to reach the peak. So there is decrease but only so that one can utilise that ‘fuel’ which has been gathered in the first 4½ years, or months, or days. That is why one has to let go of excess baggage at the 4.5, in order not to be encumbered in the rise; otherwise there is not enough fuel.

The increase or intake is generally in excess. One inhales more than what one needs, or what one can expel. In the expelling is where skill is required – in the regulation of just how much breath must be released so that one does not run out of fuel/breath before reaching the apex. The fuel must be efficiently regulated. This means no dispersion, no waste. All must go for the one Aim. Therefore seeing the aim and apex is essential. Otherwise one is deviated and uses the fuel for other than the true purpose which is to complete the journey of Whole Time.

How clear this is. And how clear a help the Gnostic Circle is because it allows us to know exactly when a movement is truly completed. The problem lies in this lack of knowledge. We think we have reached an apex, but in effect we have only come to the 6, or the Capricorn threshold, or whatever. Then we relax in our efforts (it is such a subtle shift), or we allow a dispersal because we believe it is ‘done’ – when it is only half done. But if we do not know this, we release whatever fuel may be left prematurely.

This image of breath is precious. It is the secret knowledge of pranayama. But perhaps a NEW pranayama, one that is clearly connected to Time and hence to the web of life. It is also an essential point in the body transformation and goes hand in hand with the new alignment – for this breathing mechanism, this circulation of prana is what propels us through life. That is the Horse (horse power!).

And so, I have come to understand why the hostile force was in the form of a gross, huge but stocky horse; just the contrary to what I know of the Horse – even my horses. The Thoroughbred is the most refined specimen and hence the swiftest. Even in its psychological make-up it is swift, high strung, nervous and temperamental. This is just due to its refinement, its heightened sensitivity.

But the horse-attacker of my dream-experience (which was first an airplane), was gross and heavy. Indeed, its huge size and stocky build made it lumber along and the Herd easily passed right by it, even big elephants, which it could not catch. I clearly remember seeing this, realising the Herd was passing right beside it; but by the time this realisation had set in, the Herd had already escaped and was off. It was then that it turned to the hut, put its legs and hoofs around it, pulled it toward itself and razed it to the ground.

So, that ‘fuel’ (horse) was besieged by inertia. Thus it was an apt symbol of the slow and inert government machinery: the bureaucracy whose duty it should be to provide the fuel and hasten things along. But really it attacks by its size, putting fear into people. And it sits in the field.

…But in dealing with that same force in Y, I began to demonstrate a certain ability and great agility to escape this attacker and reach the threshold… It was a swift glimpse, just seeing in a quick, fleeting moment that same ‘grossness’ in Y. Then I knew. But one had to be quick to perceive – otherwise the connection between the two would be missed and great harm would be done because in Y (as March demonstrated) the force was right in our midst, knew everything, all the strategies and protective measures.




It is interesting that one expels toxins when exhaling. That is the main benefit in deep exhalation. Thus it is perfectly correct to relate exhalation with the 4.5 to the 0/9, and passage through Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn and so on. In the ‘mental quarter’, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius, those ‘poisons’ are released. It is an important function.

   We humans take in oxygen, but we are not meant to take in toxic fumes from a polluted atmosphere. This is making expulsion of the poisons almost impossible because we are taking in poisons along with our increasing inhalation from 0/9 to 4.5. This means an even greater effort is required for elimination of the poisons through the Mental Quarter. And this explains the accelerated collapse of our times. It explains how the polluted environment is directly related to the collapse of our civilisation by this relation to breath and the analogy of fuel with its connection, above all, to time. Only the Gnostic Circle makes this connection.

The physical process cannot be separated or taken merely as a ‘symbol’. The actual physical pollution is an equal means to hasten the collapse. That ‘layer’ of the Earth-consciousness is polluted and that very layer is where the old draws its sustenance, its fuel, its breath. Thus, as it draws in it poisons itself more and more.

The new creation, to begin with, has to create its own new layer; and by correspondence, it must be housed in an atmosphere less polluted, full of trees which help to purify – such as Skambha. The Vedic sages knew this, they knew that certain plants and trees were especially potent purifying agents…providing a purification of the subtle sheaths.

Then the new creation must be governed by those laws and processes which allow it to draw fuel or breath from the new sheath that is slowly enveloping the Earth, as the old disintegrates. The holes over the Arctic poles are a physical demonstration of the disintegration. It indicates that the sheath is eating itself up. The holes grow bigger and bigger until the entire sheath is gone. Or else until enough new energy is permitted entry through these sheaths which will transform definitely and finally the old and make it too new, as all things are to be made new.

The Herd consisted of elephants and cows. This Herd is indeed the wealth of Skambha, just as in the Rig Veda there is constant reference to this Wealth embodied in the herds of Cows (rays), which the Dasyus – the ‘short-nosed’ hostiles – steal and hoard.

The Elephant is a symbol of Knowledge, and the Cow is the Light. This is truly the ‘wealth’ of Skambha and if an attack is to succeed, the loss which would be the only one to constitute any loss at all would be that herd of Knowledge and Light.

But it seemed in the dream that the inertia-ridden horse just happened upon the Herd and his arrival frightened them and set them fleeing. It was not that he was pointedly after them. It was not even clear whether later he caught them and kept them. The hunt would reveal all this and where and with whom they had gone. The attacker’s only real destruction was the hut which even in the dream I remarked to myself that I had often spoken of demolishing that very hut one day. Thus the attacker did me a service…But this made the onslaught no less fearsome and threatening to Skambha. In spite of his indirect service he was a menace that had to be dealt with.

And then we cross the threshold…of Time.



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