‘The Strategy, the Battle and the Nature of the Victory’ – Part 1

Extracts: Thea's Journal

4 JUNE 1989


All regeneration must take place from within.

All creativity must arise from within.

No reform can succeed or hold if it is not central.

No ‘new way’ can come into being if it is not centre-born.

No outside power of whatever nature can effectively help the

regeneration of newly-born creative processes.

All systems or cosmoses must be self-sufficient.

All systems must generate energy for expansion from within,

self-generating centrally.

These aphorisms hold for all levels, individual and collective.



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Let us now apply these aphorisms to our experience. The PURPOSE for the present trials is to strengthen the Centre. That is, to provide a FIELD in which this strengthening can ensue. This is an important part of the process. The working-out is integral, integrated; there is no separation. The ‘field’ is the horizontal bed in which the seeds are planted. It is IN THAT BED that they arise. In other words, there is no disconnection and ‘all life is yoga’.

Here we do not sit back and ‘devise’. We are not a think tank. Here ‘thoughts’ do not arise, ideas, schemes, plans. What arises here is Knowledge and Power. And the two go hand in hand and are simultaneously born. This in fact is the key to the New Way: a harmonious blending of Being and Becoming.

This blending always exists. It has ever been. It is the nature of the Truth-Consciousness. It is the unveiling of this fact of existence that is the purpose of our endeavour because this introduces an element which has never been an integrated aspect of evolution: the conscious participation.

It is the CONSCIOUS PARTICIPATION in the process that alters the face of things.

Today awareness is increasing about the interconnection of things. However, this is not sufficient. This awareness is rooted in self-interest and is still a part of the old world. What is lacking to widen the perspective is the understanding of the exact process, which includes a comprehension of the why and wherefore as a result of a logical sequence.

People are seeking change. Some are desperate over the fact of a fast-decaying environment. That it should be the environment, – that it, the planet itself – to be the final issue in the new cycle is perfectly correct. After all, if destruction is to come by a nuclear blast, it is too obvious an escape. We can pinpoint the culprit, isolate him and in the process escape our collective responsibility. This is the perpetration of the old order and the out-dated historical paradigm. If such were the case, the old creation would continue to spew out endless speculations about its decline and ultimate collapse; just as we have been doing within the period of recorded history itself. This would introduce into the new cosmos, or the new creation, the seeds of the old by allowing the old method to prevail.

The old method is the isolated, separatist consciousness. What this means is simply that the process, if indeed it is true and has as its true objective the establishment of the new world order and the new creation, must provide a method for this that in itself is uncontaminated. The new process creates the new world order. The old process is obsolete. It produced the old world which is now in a state of decay and collapse.


People seek the way. They believe that a new consciousness is the only answer. But they do not know that unless the method to attain that consciousness is also new, nothing will be achieved, as has been the case: all our efforts have simply hastened the collapse.

Why? It is mathematical. To seek to enlighten or illuminate those dark areas of consciousness is dangerous if the true new way is not known, because it means that light (energy) is sought to be given to the darkness in an unconscious fashion, or without the controlling light of an awareness in which the CONSCIOUS blending of Being and Becoming exists. That is, with the CENTRED, newly-aligned consciousness – for this is what brings into existence such a blending. Thus, without this central Eye no ordering is possible. Hence there is only chaos generating more chaos until a final and total collapse occurs.

Our civilisation, our species has never known anything else: only chaos. This is the experience in an immature system. Maturity is really the passage from chaos to order. More specifically – it is vital to make this distinction – maturity means the emergence of a new creation amidst the chaos but not contaminated by it in any way. Its birth, its growth, its entire development is governed by completely different laws. Hence, it is essential to avoid contamination (‘mixture’, as the Mother called it). But even this AVOIDANCE has to be done differently. That is, if we simply lay down the dogma, no contamination, without the proper light, the result will be that hard crusts will emerge. This is the secret of all fundamentalism, all deadening dogma.

This is a perfect example of a half-light operating and bearing the predictable result of causing a more rapid decline.

No, accompanying the understanding of the need to avoid contamination, there must be the actual lived experience of the new consciousness, in the process itself which PROVIDES ITS OWN SAFEGUARDS AND POWERS OF ELIMINATION. Thus, the main aphorism or our work is




In this light it is seen that the inherent power of Supermind which accompanies its aspect of Knowledge and Truth resides in this ability to control the field in which it operates so that the negative and the positive both serve the purposes of the Centre.

This means not simply that ‘all works out for the best’, but that an entirely new method of control exists in which a protection arises by virtue of a power inherent though hidden and unconscious in each human being or created thing. Thus, the control acts ‘from centre to centre’, be these negative or positive manifestations. And this distinction does not reside in any MORALISTIC evaluation but simply in an awareness in the light of the truth-conscious new way.

No one on this planet can choose not to participate. In a field of oneness, which is the true reality of a material universe, where would such a ‘choice’ posit us? Somewhere outside? Outside what, where?

It can be immediately appreciated that this attitude – clinging to the old understanding of free will and choice – is also obsolete. It, in fact, has been the means to delay the establishment of the new creation, by feeding these fallacious, fictitious beliefs: that the individual can choose to do God’s work, or the devil’s, or neither. This is the core of the old consciousness and the dualistic binary world: God and Satan, Good and Evil. This is the very first habit that has to go in the true new consciousness.

No one has a choice – except to be conscious or not. If the ‘choice’ is the latter, then participation is simply ‘negative’, but it continues just the same. That is, participation is APPARENTLY obstructive. It is for the purpose of providing tensions in the field which will then permit the new to emerge and in the process present the conditions for its inevitable growth and establishment. It is understood therefore that such a situation of positive and negative forces is simply a feature of the age of transition. Indeed, it is a key feature of our times and it will itself be rendered obsolete with the full establishment of the New Way.


But this describes the danger. A very delicate balance must be maintained. The danger resides in the fact that the entire process is one of transformation of the darkness, of the Ignorance, for a passage to a creation of light and knowledge. Only the Supermind can create the proper conditions in which this balance is maintained without tipping the scale of Creation/Destruction, to plunge the world into the abyss by having introduced too much light before the field was ready to absorb it without using it to destroy. Hence the process often appears frustratingly slow: the truth-consciousness creates its own conditions.

The only way we can be saved as a race, as a planet, is if the Supreme Shakti controls our growth and our way AT HER PACE, according to her new way.


And so, the result is an appreciation of the fact that the power to grow and become established must be CENTRALLY posited and expand from there. In its early stages the new creation cannot count on protection from outside itself. It must generate from within its own protection, or create the conditions in the field which will allow for the control which is its own protection. It is never ‘exposed’ while it is yet in no condition to provide this self-protection.

When we understand that the whole point is to become aware – in the light of the new way – then our attitude toward the negative changes. We realise that obstructors, the Panis, the Dasyus, the Titans and the forces of Ignorance and the instruments of Inertia, have been precious and essential in our endeavour because they have collaborated, participated in the work in equal measure. Nay, their participation in a certain sense is even more valuable than the Gods’. Their obstructive tactics hasten the establishment of the new consciousness by providing the conditions within the field for accelerated growth as well as correction. Their obstructive tactics work both ways. Often the encumbrances they foist upon us, which appear to mercilessly and senselessly retard our work and introduce what may seem like useless expenditures of energy, are the means to correct the course and to regulate the growth so that only those steps may be taken which we can negotiate safely, securely and generating our own power of protection in the process, as we move on in this regulated experience of development by this very action of regulated progress.

This indeed has been Nature’s supreme secret and the cause of her extraordinary success as a creative power. But the merit goes to the Truth-Consciousness, the seed of which lies in the heart of all created things – like regulator genes in the nuclei of cells. This has been Nature’s hidden secret until now, until this new age of conscious participation: her collaboration has been to create the conditions whereby we would be compelled to expose her secret and allow the truth of her secret Self to stand as the luminous core/heart of the New Way.




The new creation is strengthened from within, making use of elements in its field for the purpose.

Skambha is also strengthened from within by the same token. As it grows it creates the conditions for its growth. It must deal with those conditions from its central position. Hence it has the impression of being alone, abandoned with no outside help at all. ‘Outside help’ would interfere and EASE tensions too soon, before this growth, this strengthening had occurred. The inherent power to control therefore REGULATES ALL THIS. It incorporates elements in its own time. This corresponds to the law of attraction and repulsion which is active in the emerging cosmos.

Two aspects of the emerging cosmos are especially controlled:

1/)Attraction and repulsion.

2)The pace of the process and the introduction of elements used to control this           via the above.


The first corresponds to the horizontal field; the second to the vertical. Both constitute the crossing of orbits or directions. At the juncture of the two, the true centre arises. Or better, because alignment has been done the true centre exists; because the true centre exists the intersection of this pivotal process is CENTRALLY placed. This allows them to operate ‘in a new way’, unitarily, no longer binarily. Consequently, this produces entirely different results. The seed, the core is different; and therefore so will be the cosmos.

Attraction and repulsion are thus never negative emotions coloured by likes and dislikes or preferences. That is the old way; self- or ego-centred. That is, it is never dependent upon the ‘person’. Always the Person – an immobile, stable, central Entity. A Consciousness, a luminous Eye, – a sun.

The process of attraction and repulsion in the new cosmos will therefore be at the exclusive service of the Truth-Consciousness and a consequence directly of the divine Purpose in the Core, or the incarnate Divine Will – never a personal will. To realise this the Yoga presents conditions for us to grow into this poise, sometimes painful indeed, but always purposeful. The aim is to BE THE SUN: centrally involved but free from the tugs and pulls in the old binary system, so precariously poised in a fragile balance which was constantly threatened with collapse. But this too has been controlled…it held until ‘the time had come’.

The intersection sets the pace, the ‘beat’, the rhythm for the process. With the existence of a Centre it is ‘harmonious’, a cosmos, a harmony of creation in matter. Without it, it is chaos and produces cacophony.

This discord translates itself in practical terms in the individual and group experience into a painful unknowing. The system can never create the conditions for its self-illumination. This means it can never hope to know what is happening, what the cause of its pain is – or even its joys. It is a helpless pawn, a plaything, and not a conscious instrument.




That old voice, ‘What if it should fail?’…One is so used to failure. But has there been any at all? …There has only been incomplete processes. One never reached the time of Victory because the process was incomplete.

This is the key of success of the New Way: Whole Time. It is Whole Time that brings the unavoidable victory. That is, VICTORY = WHOLE TIME, VICTORY CANNOT COME WITHOUT WHOLE TIME, WHOLE TIME = VICTORY.

And this is the answer to ‘failure’, that depressing scourge of the mental creation, the main tool of Inertia. Failure does not exist as we believe it to be. What we view as failure is simply that which is seen partially and isolated from the total process. Therefore we can proclaim that there is no failure, there is no misery and illness and death and supremacy of the Falsehood and the Ignorance. There is only partial seeing and by consequence partial process. And this describes our understanding and experience of failure.

Time is the impersonal Ally. What is in the seed, by the irrepressible power of time, must reveal the seed-truth ‘in the course of time’. Thus, if that seed was not formed on the basis of a total creation, or vision, then it will ‘collapse’ at a certain stage in its growth. It cannot experience Whole Time because its inner truth is something else, formed by different laws. Indeed, it belongs to a dimension which means that different time patterns operate in those dimensions. Dimensions are areas of time and space convergence. And they are always present at any point in the universe. This means that a person or an event is ‘governed’ by a certain pattern operating in a particular dimension, determined by a poise. This poise or alignment is the exclusive factor which determines what laws will govern our lives and endeavour and, by consequence, what the outcome will be. In this sense we can state: all is predetermined. And one can easily know the final attainment, or even the intermediate play, of any situation or destiny by simply perceiving this poise.

…This is the key to transparency. It is as if they were all attacking a ghost! The gnostic being is transparent, and this is indeed one of the main features of his/her being. But how? And what does this mean in real terms? We do not accept science fiction or miracles. The answers here are precise and mathematical, according to the formulas provided by the new cosmology.

Thus, how is the gnostic being ‘transparent’? Is it a ghostlike ephemeral, ethereal nothingness of being?

Clearly this cannot be. The current understanding of the transformation to a higher poise is that matter becomes more subtle. Thus, all sorts of speculations arise concerning the ‘transformation of the cell’, etc. And one is led farther and farther astray…

The ‘matter’ of the gnostic being is a transformed substance by virtue of this transparent quality. What this means is not that matter is rendered more subtle. It is simply that transparency implies a poise which places the gnostic being out of the dimension in which the forces of Ignorance and Falsehood operate.

The Earth is an impartial field for this play. All dimensions converge here; all are simultaneously present and operating. But the poise of the gnostic being ‘places’ him/her in a ‘dimension’ (here on the planet) which is governed by laws that by-pass the powers operating in other dimensions. By the latter it is meant that on this planet right now there are various dimensions which in appearance only are all of the material plane, but which in their essence are controlled by separate patterns determined by different sets of laws.

The key to these patterns lies in the Gnostic Circle. We see therein the Whole and the Parts. This means that the Gnostic Circle is, as it were, a scale. We measure the dimension an element is a part of by this rod which indicates how time operates for that element. Does collapse occur at particular points before Whole Time?

…One is protected by a poise which places one in a dimension that is transparent. In practical terms this means that though one is the centre of attack, the tools used for this attack and the attackers themselves must collapse because the ‘centre’ of that dimension is a ‘void’. ONE IS NOT THERE. One’s presence is an illusion. Indeed, that whole dimension is an illusion by virtue of the Void.

Thus, in attacking that ‘centre’ the attackers must fall into the Void. This translates itself, in practical terms, into the arising of circumstances which can only have one finality: a web which closes in more and more, or draws those elements – as time moves on – deeper and deeper into the situations which will compel their auto or mutual destruction.

…There are so many misconceptions and these create problems between people. One believes – because one sees that this is ‘reality’, – that everything is played out here, on this material plane. This means that the idea of oneness is just an illusion. People think oneness means one field and everything is governed by one law, one truth. That is, they do not understand the role of the multiple and how there can be an experience of the One and the Many in its true nature beyond this erroneous and limited perception. Oneness for them in its practical application means sameness, imposing ‘one truth’ on the apparent whole. Hence dogmas arise and battles ensue. It is a vertical assault: Who can impose ‘one truth’ which will oblige some ‘order’ to emerge?

The answer, as usual, lies in the key feature of the truth-conscious Supermind: the lived and simultaneous experience of the One and the Many.

The spherical experience, which is the true nature of reality, accommodates the One and the Many and resolves the paradoxes which the linear mental formula is incapable of handling. This describes the collapse of our times. But like the question of ‘failure’, we can take a partial view of what is happening in the world and then we cannot appreciate that only one thing is collapsing, while another lives and grows and establishes itself. The old world of a mental linear perception is collapsing, while simultaneously the new creation of the truth-conscious Supermind is arising. Both appear to be in the same ‘web’, entangled in the same destructive network. But this appearance is only the result of a partial vision. The collapse of the one, the rise of the other are governed by different laws and patterns…and the twain shall never meet.


21 June 1989


…Those energies collapse into the void, and the new creation will have one layer less to deal with, one crust less to contend with, one barrier less to have to break through.

For this is the truth: these dimensions are coexistent, but the old crusts are the dimensions in which the old time/worlds existed and exist. Though the new is transparent, those crusts or layers or barriers create friction. This is the encumbrance. And that friction determines the pace. The delays we experience are caused by the friction which is produced in our forward thrust by these dimension crusts or barriers.

As we go on experiencing these successive breakthroughs, we are progressively eliminating these encumbrances or frictions and the speed increases. This is the nature of acceleration.




This is the truth of the notion of Karma. It is not a moralistic judgement of good and evil, or the more immature idea of a final and ever lasting Judgement Day. It is simply that all things obey the laws of their inner being. Hence,


– All things obey the laws of their inner beings.

– All things are faithful and true to their inner beings.

– All things rise and fall, perish or persist according to the laws their inner beings            obey.


– Truth is that which is whole and all-embracing and not subject to decay, fragmentation and death. Truth is Being, immobile essence, perfectly perceived and lived centredness.


– The only true objectivity lies in the truly centred ‘Eye that Sees’.


– Objectivity is a quality of perception, and perception depends upon poise or ‘focus of the lens’ through which perception is done. The ‘focus’ means the crossing of directions which are either off-centred or centred. The latter alone  produces the clear focus by which objective truth can be perceived.

– Objective truth is only perceived in the core – or at the ‘point’ of perfect centering.


(to be continued)


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