Earth’s Secret

A Poem by Aryaman

Earth’s Secret


Inward, ever inward to that sacred point, the soul.

The ancient journey wends into the light of Day,

Now concretised the matrix woof of Matter’s realm,

Time’s Temple pulse here beacons those who seek the Way.


Conscious Time strands guide the pilgrim’s steady tread,

Perfectly aligned and centred in the present’s lucid scene,

Transported onward by a future/past’s relentless urge,

I am a willing slave to Time’s eternal play.


That yearning ache from search in aeons serpentine,

Attuned at last to Godhead’s absolute poise,

Draws me to that magic state of total sight.

Billowing waves of oneness inundate till now


Immersed in cooling concentrated air of vibrant peace,

Weighted lightness anchoring the being’s throbbing joy,

Beholding in wide-eyed wonder Mystery’s ultimate vault,

I share Earth’s secret in the core of Matter’s sleep.







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