The Tenth Day of Victory – Chapters 21-22

‘The progress of the Yoga is a procession from the mental ignorance through imperfect formations to a perfect foundation and increasing of knowledge and in its more satisfyingly positive parts a movement from light to greater light, and it cannot cease till we have the greatest light of the supramental knowledge…’.

‘The personal will of the sadhaka has first to seize on the egoistic energies and turn them towards the light and the right; once turned, he has still to train them to recognise that always, always to accept, always to follow that. Progressing, he learns, still using the personal will, personal effort, personal energies,to employ them as representatives of the higher Power and in conscious obedience to the higher Influence…’.

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga

Chapters 21-22 of The Tenth Day of Victory, Volume 1, are currently only available via purchase of the book. Click HERE to order.

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