The Tenth Day of Victory – Preface & Chapters 1-3

‘What do you mean by lust? Avatars can be married and have children and that is not possible without sex; they can have friendships, enmities, family feelings, etc., etc., – these are vital things. I think you are under the impression that an Avatar must be a saint or a yogi.’

Sri Aurobindo
Letters on Yoga
CE, page 422

‘If the Avatars are shams, they have no value for others or for any true effect. If they have no value for others or for any true effect, they are perfectly irrational and unreal and meaningless. The Divine does not need to suffer or struggle for himself; if he takes on these things it is in order to bear the world-burden and help the world and men; and if these sufferings and struggles are to be of any help, they must be real. A sham or falsehood cannot help. They must be as real as the struggles and sufferings of men themselves—the Divine bears them and at the same time shows the way out of them. Otherwise his assumption of human nature has no meaning and no utility and no value. It is strange that you cannot understand or refuse to admit so simple and crucial a point. What is the use of admitting Avatarhood if you take all the meaning out of it?’

Sri Aurobindo
‘Letters on Yoga’. CE. p. 411-122

This issue of The Vishaal Newsletter consists of the Preface and first three chapters of The Tenth Day of Victory, Volume 1, available now only via purchase of the book. Click HERE to order.

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