The Mother’s Chamber, Part Two

An Appeal to America—in defence of the Sacred Feminine

This appeal was interrupted for a few days, during which time I posted several items on ACC website; more particularly – because it is of a piece with this series – I draw attention to a detailed observation of the worldwide conspiracy, be it in science or spirituality, to suppress new knowledge that might force a disruption in heavily entrenched paradigms (see Those Unsettling New Paradigms). I intend to demonstrate how all these ‘conspiracies’ in different fields of knowledge can be brought back to a single source or root cause: the desire to keep the sacred Feminine suppressed so that the material plane can never be transformed in Her image.

What we see today in all walks of life is the over-powering rule of Mind. Our Earth is overloaded by this domination of Mind. Given its predominance, this top-heaviness can only be accompanied by ego-centeredness because of the imbalance created; the two go hand-in-hand. Penetrating deeply into the condition of the human species, we observe that everything we take pride in having produced on the basis of the material sciences, as we know them today, is reflective of this gross imbalance: the separative consciousness in place of the consciousness of Unity.

The ego cannot sustain the descent of the more refined energies of the Supramental Manifestation (see Thea’s Journal 28 June 2015, ‘All things in their rightful place’), of that higher principle seeking to become established as we transition from Mind to Supermind. To achieve that a new balance/poise is required by which a different ‘purpose’ is instilled in the human species, no longer imprisoned by the atavism it has been subjected to for millennia. With the Supramental Manifestation truly a new world is born – not the old world transformed, but an entirely new world. This requires a transformed physical vessel, newly balanced and aligned so as to receive and contain the finer energies required for that new manifestation to become established on our planet. This is the critical transition we are living through and cannot avoid.

This newness cannot occur with our current physical top-heaviness because of the rule of Mind and the sex-centred pivot. Everything our species has created can be observed to suffer from this affliction; it cannot be otherwise, for this is the Law that governs the evolution on planet Earth: the highest species sets the pace for the rest. We bear the burden of responsibility that being the leader confers. Our questionable leadership has clearly reached a crossroads.

The Mother left us with a graphic image of the realisation required so that the things promised can become reality. This simple imagery conveys what she called the symbol of the future realisation. In Part One I described how her entourage received that gift, resulting in the fact that it was never physically constructed. Further, any knowledge of her vision was summarily erased from the annals of the township’s brief history, where it should have taken pride of place.

This attempted suppression surfaced with the first mention of her vision and the significance of the chamber’s measurements in my book, The Gnostic Circle, that was being printed at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Press in Pondicherry. Printing was sought to be stopped claiming that the reference to her vision that I made in the book’s final chapters would ‘harm the Mother’s work’ (!), given the fact that in a footnote I stated this was not being built in Auroville (see The Tenth Day of Victory, Volume Two, Book One, Aeon Books, 2015).

Image from 'The New Way' by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet

The Chamber’s Core
~ Symbol of the Future Realisation ~

This was only the beginning of the conspiracy to hide the facts of the case – that what was actually being constructed was falsely advertised as her original. There was more to come even surpassing the perfidy of the first reception in Auroville; ultimately, the network covered the entire globe. Given that nothing but a shadow copy would stand as the centre of the town the Mother set on its way in 1968, I realised that though I had no effect in changing attitudes in Auroville with the first revelations of the chamber’s significance in The Gnostic Circle, I had at least received the gnostic content of her vision and plan; and that was far more important than cement and steel – provided it could be securely preserved for posterity. The Great Pyramid in Giza and the Sphinx served the purpose of preservation in ages gone by, but the contrary was happening now: the physical construction would also last for millennia perhaps and, if the custodians of her legacy were to have their way, it would be passed on to posterity in its distorted form. Who would know the difference?

Thus The New Way series was born. It went far beyond what was recorded in The Gnostic Circle and would be the only detailed documentation of the Mother’s extraordinary genius in the sacred sciences, far surpassing anything we have record of, be this even the extant examples across the globe that continue to bewilder us by the evidence they provide of civilisations whose core values were obviously so different from ours. They bear testimony to what I failed to convince the Mother’s entourage of – the fundamental principle of the Sacred: Knowledge supersedes all other considerations. At the same time, illustrating one of the most important precepts of the truth-conscious Supermind – there is no pretence, no lie, and everything is exactly as it should be, provided we have eyes to see in understanding this perfection at every moment as demonstrated in the Shadow Chamber itself that was built; it has the distinction of being the perfect representation of the off-centre/ego-axis of the present human species which can only reproduce a form devoid of any higher essence and purpose.

Once composed, The New Way, 1 & 2 in a single volume, proved to be unique in many ways. Never before had a book been written wherein a temple-chamber was the main protagonist. It is as if a dialogue is held in its pages between the chamber and the reader. Piece-by-piece it is ‘constructed’ in the book, thereby unfolding for the seeker an entirely new body of higher knowledge as the ‘edifice’ grows. All Hindu temples are books of knowledge, but none have reached the pinnacle of the Mother’s creation. They were conceived over 2000 years ago with the aim of preserving the Cosmic Truth – while evolution was still under the rule of Mind and the constraints this dominance imposed. Regardless of the constraints, they fulfilled the function for which they were created, and have remained the exemplary apex of Hinduism’s supremacy in the art of the Sacred ever since. With the descent of the supramental Truth-Consciousness, naturally a new conceptualisation emerges. This emergence of the new within the old brings its own set of troubles since India too was afflicted with passage through a dark Age and the diminishing of the sacred Feminine.

The overall purpose of the Hindu temple is to preserve knowledge of the Cosmic Truth. In so doing, the seeker is drawn into the nature of the cosmic manifestation with its innumerable energy combinations and permutations that the temple enshrines by the vast array of Gods and Goddesses that populate the Hindu pantheon. The temple so devised brings them within reach of the aspirant according to one’s individual temperament and what resides at the centre of one’s consciousness; that is, the human being carries the same Energy in his soul. The temple is divinely designed to reproduce the plunge into the soul, into that ‘hidden chamber closed and mute’ where the idol stands, a select aspect of the supreme Energy that is the Goddess in her all-encompassing Vedic form of Aditi, mother of all the Gods.

In the Hindu temple the Idol occupies the innermost precinct. All the glory of the fullness that permeates the cosmos is portrayed in the outer precincts by the captivating mythic images sculpted into the gopuram and elsewhere throughout the structure. However, they are left there, in the outer precincts – to remind us as we pass under the boldest and most magnificent rendition of that basic principle of Fullness of the Sanatana Dharma, the gopuram, that all of creation arises out of this superb Plenum, never emptiness, never nothingness. We enter the temple bathed in this experience and the divine Seer carries us further and deeper into the heart of this knowledge, so different from the Buddhist concept as, for example, magnificently expressed in the structure at Borobudur where reaching the apex the seeker comes upon an empty stupa, without the figure of the Buddha that had filled all the stupas leading to that culmination of the journey. There it is emptiness; here it is fullness. If transcendence is the goal, then the former is the answer; but if this Earth is to express the full reality of creation, the Life Divine as Sri Aurobindo prophesied, then we must learn to accept the maddening diversity the Cosmic Mother holds in her sacred womb, that all of creation is part of her Being. In the Hindu temple the journey inward finally takes the seeker into the intimacy of the sanctum sanctorum (the garbha griha) where the single Idol stands – even as in one’s innermost soul-cave the Godhead of one’s predilection is found: no space for anything else, just this beloved One.

That is the magnificence of the Hindu temple’s conceptualisation: the Seers of the Puranic era perceived how the structure of the human consciousness could be reproduced in the most material elements of our world. They thus preserved the Cosmic Truth as the foundation of human evolution from the womb of the Cosmic Divine and how we are conscious Seeing Eyes of her astonishing display of diversity within an all-encompassing unity. During the Age of Pisces it was this that was under severe attack, not just in the West, but primarily in the East as the chamber saga reveals. The final play-out is in India because that is where the foundations of the New Creation are laid when the Vishnu Evolutionary Avatar takes birth.

That fullness of the cosmic manifestation is the domain of the Goddess as the giver of Form, made sacred by the quality of its inner essence. This is a conceptualisation unknown to our contemporary culture, for no holy precinct of the religions that arose in the Piscean Age is sacred in the truest sense. They are places of worship, of prayer, but not structures that have the capacity to transform or to encapsulate energies from the circumscribing cosmos – a cosmos which in any case they shun, or reject as having any significant spiritual worth. In heaven alone lies salvation, they believe, beyond the cosmic Body of the Lord. She too, like the chamber vision, just does not exist. But for how long can this deception last?

The Mother incarnated in her fullest manifestation – what is described in western mythology as the Great Mother (Demeter of the Greeks), embodying the multi-faceted aspects of the Cosmic Divine (as the 6 in the descending Trinity of the Solar Line, 9/6/3) – in order to introduce the next stage, the new and enhanced sacred science and art. In bringing to Earth the Seeing and Measuring of the ‘symbol of the future realisation’, she disclosed what the realisation would be and in what way it differs from earlier times, grand as they may have been. As in the image of the Core here reproduced, we do not come upon one of the Idols enshrining an aspect of her cosmic energies as in the classic Hindu temple. Rather, we see the core of ourselves and the Earth herself, her divine Daughter – the future we are destined to become – indicating the special function of our planet as third in the solar system. The luminous Globe of the chamber’s core is the Earth, Daughter to Demeter, the Moon.

We could describe the Core as being an x-ray image of the earlier garbha griha; here we zoom in right to the bone or the innermost mechanism that sustains and carries out, through each individual soul, the evolution on Earth. The Hindu Temple was its precursor and is a hymn to the Cosmic Divine – the 6 of the sacred Formula. The chamber of that very Cosmic Mother’s vision is a hymn to her daughter-soul, the Individual Divine, the 3 of the Formula the 9th Avatar has bequeathed. This is the new sacred geometry and architecture for the new Age: in the core of the chamber, as in the soul of each individual, the supreme Secret is enshrined – and it is this inner mechanism that is captured in the Mother’s chamber. It is the manner in which, through the Third, transcendence is transmuted to the immanence of itself. This is the alchemical magic of transmutation as expressed in Sri Aurobindo’s formula as 0-1, or the birth of Brimos from Persephone (the Earth) as the Son victorious. This is the truth of who we are and why we exist.

The 6 and 3 join in the final countdown to creation or destruction: the choice is ours to make. But are we so foolish as to continue arrogantly crossing swords with the divine Demeter and force her to lay the Earth barren?

This third planet in the system is the position where the soul can lead the evolution of the species from within; thus, the symbolism of her chamber conveys just that: the soul directly beneath the ray of the Midday Sun, casting no shadows.

The off-centre ego alignment casts shadows. The realisation required of each individual is to become the symbol (the goal of the New Way), to aspire for a poise that eliminates the shadow – i.e., egolessness, not merely as a psychological condition but more significantly physical, without which there is no future realisation. We have had enough of a spirituality that denies the Mother (=mater=material) her rightful place along with her Daughter. To continue with this charade is a signal that, in the face of all evidence pointing us in the right direction, we obstinately insist on making the wrong choices.


To return to our saga, once The New Way 1 & 2 was completed I sent it to be printed at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Press, as I had done with all of my previous books, fully confident that its contents would gladden the hearts of whoever would read and learn of the Mother’s great achievement. As it turned out, reception was even worse than in Auroville! There a new plan, entirely unrelated to the Mother’s original, was preferred over hers, one that in her words made no sense. The New Way was revealing that pregnant sense, the gnostic Truth laid bare for all to know and appreciate. But in the Ashram it was not a physical construction, it was the Knowledge that was at stake, and quite literally as this narration reveals.

When two-thirds of printing was done and binding was to begin, a curious set of circumstances resulted in the nearly-completed book undergoing what can only be termed a contemporary version of the medieval burning-at-the-stake: it was shredded to pieces by the machine we now use to fulfil the same purpose. It needs to be stated, however, that this was not done at the behest of the Ashram’s board of trustees; the culprits were anarchic forces. But there is more on this further ahead since their participation reveals an essential component of the ego-driven world; nothing better explains the constraints Mind and ego-centredness impose, nor the necessity to move on to better times.

Thus, the only testimony to the Supramental Gnosis of the Mother’s Seeing and Measuring that was not carried over to a physical construction but preserved in a book, was similarly destroyed. By then, with this outrageous act reminiscent of the Inquisition, all traces of the Mother’s genius were done away with. The conspiracy went further than just the destruction of The New Way: any mention of the book in Ashram publications was expunged and its author discredited whenever and however possible. This interference was even extended to the publication of The Gnostic Circle abroad in a major publishing house (see, Chronicles of the Inner Chamber, Chronicle 3). Her original plan was not going to be allowed to leave any trace of its existence. Whatever testimonies there might be, in Auroville or in the Ashram she created, would henceforth be censored, or replaced by the Shadow. It just never happened. These acts were reminiscent of the Church Fathers in the 4th century, when dogmatism was formalised and the sacred Feminine completely abolished.

I found it telling that at that very time a growing ‘cult’ arose wherein disciples and devotees were encouraged to refer to her as ‘Mother’ without the article Sri Aurobindo had always used in his writings and which I have done as well, for the simple reason that with the article emphasis is laid on her cosmic status – truly in her fullest incarnation, she who brought to the Earth the new symbol of the gnostic Being. Dropping the article might seem insignificant but accompanying as it did the conspiracy to hide her vision and plan, it was meaningful: it reduced her to a purely human, motherly status – in other words, the Cosmic Mother was summarily diminished. How else to snuff out any effort to re-instate the sacred Feminine but via the way she would be addressed by her followers? It was so transparent: diminishing had to begin there.

With the authority invested in them for just being ‘close to the Mother’, for merely occupying the space she and Sri Aurobindo created as a laboratory for their joint Yoga, the control exerted over their legacy is formidable. As in the past with the followers left behind, they hold the ultimate authoritative word. These are indeed the new Church Fathers with the power, they believe, to abolish any trace of the sacred Feminine once again. History will always repeat itself until human nature is transformed.

Similar to the Auroville transgression, the Ashram conspiracy to hide the Mother’s greatest achievement from her followers is an unacceptable infraction in these times when transparency is sought to be upheld as a pillar of the Aquarian Age. This defeats the very purpose of Sri Aurobindo’s mission as the 9th of Vishnu’s line. In point of fact, there is a key player in the Ashram declaring in print and through the electronic media that Sri Aurobindo was not an avatar (see my Secrets of the Earth, Aeon Books, 2009). In the same light, all efforts to occult the truth and diminish the Mother’s cosmic status have to be exposed. The Mother’s incarnation and Act of Seeing and Measuring was essential for the reinstatement of the Goddess – herself made new, as it were: from the Great Mother at the heart of the conceptualisation of every Hindu Temple to the Supramental Shakti of the new Seeing who carries evolution forward in her irrepressible Act of Becoming. Nothing can halt her march. But certainly the most intrepid heroes are required to champion her cause in this time of transition.

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