The Mother’s Chamber, Part Three

An Appeal to America—in defence of the Sacred Feminine

The smaller the ideals, the fewer they are and the less recognised and insisted on, the less also is the work done and the progress realised; on the other hand, when ideals enlarge themselves, when they become forceful, widely recognised, when different ideals enter into the field, clash and communicate their thought and force to each other, then the race rises to its great periods of activity and creation. And it is when the ideal arisen, vehement, energetic, refuses to be debarred from possession and throws itself with all the gigantic force of the higher planes of existence on this reluctant and rebellious stuff of life and matter to conquer it that we have the great eras which change the world by carrying out the potentialities of several centuries in the action of a few decades.

Sri Aurobindo
On Ideals

In this Part I wish to throw some light on how such ‘conspiracies’ actually work. Again, this explanation based on real-life happenings will make fictional and new-Age romantic accounts appear insipid. None of the participants in the chamber saga were centred on a common purpose. If anything seemed to bind them, it was to obstruct me from succeeding; and since my only objective was to secure the implementation of the Mother’s plan, the outcome was the same: to undo her vision while at the same time to advertise the temple as her original. In other words, to usurp the place the chamber occupies at the heart of the New Creation and disfigure it. This, it needs to be pointed out, has been one of the most effective tools of the Adversary: usurpation. Falsehood was thus compounded.

On the other hand, the Ashram destruction compounded the Auroville choice over the Mother’s, and to hide the truth – fully exposed in The New Way – that what was being constructed differed critically from her vision and was therefore devoid of the Gnosis of her Seeing and Measuring. More than that, it was the Knowledge content that was targeted: the Mother had to be kept at a lesser, diminished status, it would seem. Was the quality of her Seeing and Measuring too exceptional for a woman? Surely if the chamber with all its intricacies had been Sri Aurobindo’s contribution, it would never have been challenged. Moreover, had he written The New Way would anyone have dared shred it to pieces? It is significant that two women were required for the densification or materialisation process, and that their contributions were treated so cavalierly – certainly reflective of the obstructions women must overcome in every walk of life.

None of those involved in the saga were guided by a common purpose. True, the common agenda was to hide all knowledge of her original vision and plan, but the individual instruments used to succeed in this dark agenda were all following their own vested interests. This is where the tale becomes very interesting because it reveals just how such conspiracies can succeed while those involved would never believe or admit that the role they played would be to obstruct the Mother’s vision from ushering in the new creation at the centre of which stands the sacred Feminine.

At this point in our analysis we enter into the domain of evolution itself and its goal. We know that the critical transition we are in the midst of is to establish the Supramental Manifestation on Earth. For that the top-heavy mental species – broadly categorised as patriarchal – must agree to abdicate and to allow the re-instatement of the Goddess at its heart, if the transformation is to be Earth oriented. This obstructionism comes from a well-entrenched patriarchy – West and East – that is presently using all its might to hold its own. It plays itself out on all levels of society and need not be spelt out. We are all too aware of the nature of the global civilisation we have spawned, with its brittleness and lack of the harmonising and softening suppleness of the Feminine.

This is not to be confused with weakness and docility, bodily or otherwise. Nothing could be stronger than the Daughter as she is portrayed in Hindu mythology in her form of the conquering Durga, who single-handedly vanquishes the mighty demon Mahishasura. Further, in her manifestation as Parvati, from her union with Shiva their warrior Son arises, the incarnation of the War God himself, who as a child concludes the work started by his mother Durga to conquer the mightiest of all Asuras, Tarak. This birth is echoed inRevelation, the last Book of the New Testament – the Second Coming is actually the Fourth Principle of the formula 9/6/3/0-1; or in the planetary harmony, the embodiment of all that the fourth planet represents for the Earth. In his return, however, he is the Victorious One.

For East and West, these are the powers required now to deal with the darkness that subjugates the Earth. Conquest is first in the subtle creative plane of the physical. When the channel is opened, as when the Mother entered the solar world and recorded what was seen, thereafter adding the all-important ingredient of Measure for the Earth plane, just as prophesied in Revelation’s final chapters, the task remained to build the bridge based on that Measure to conclusively connect the Earth to the solar realm.

In both cases – the myth describing Durga and her heroic exploits, and the fierce clash of forces described in Revelation – what is portrayed is the struggle that is required on the subtle plane once removed from the Earth, hence the fantastic imagery that the Seers of old couched their visions in so as to convey the fierceness of the struggle. What is transpiring is not a clash of civilisations as some historians believe, but a clash of forces.

In the case of Revelation, the tone changes in the final chapters once the Act of Measuring begins with the ‘golden reed’ and the city and temple come to the fore, descending from the heavens of the Cosmic Truth (the solar world of the Veda), the New Heaven and the New Earth of the prophecy. In The New Way series the prophecies are made real. Are we surprised then that the only factual record of this descent was the target of every concerted effort to impede it from reaching the public? In the past the Greek concept of an Ideal plane was prevalent; but corruption occurred when the Ideal descended into the physical. This understanding of the disfigurement the physical plane imposes on the Ideal was the masculine notion of the superiority of transcendence over any realisation rooted in matter. It accompanied the gradual decimation of paganism. In point of fact, Sri Aurobindo stated that if the Mother had not joined him he would have remained ‘up there’. Given the complexity of the task at hand, as a lone individual his position of Transcendent (9 of the Formula) would have been a repetition of the old yogas, all of which, with the exclusion of the process described in the Rig Veda, preferred the static peace which transcendence offers. In 1962 the Mother stated very clearly that the transformation could not be completed with just one avatar, but that a line in time, and perhaps space, was the way. The reason is that the Solar Line, which was the combined descent of four individuals, had to cover all the bases, as it were, for the completion of the task and the establishment of the solar world on this physical plane.

The Mother’s vision is the documented evidence – by her Act of Measuring – that it is possible to reproduce the Ideal, in this case from the solar realm, without any corruption. At the same time the negation her vision met with tells us just how determined the resistance is to that uncorrupted transposition. The mental/ego-centredness of the present human species has to allow space for the new Forms imbued with the solar light to grace the Earth. Though the attempt at transposition (into a physical structure) failed, the gnostic content of the chamber survived and has given birth to the first cultural expressions of the New Way, thereby preserving the evidence of the pristine, uncorrupted Supramental Ideal of the Mother’s vision.

What is the mechanism that compels human beings to ‘collaborate’ in such conspiracies, while claiming ignorance of any knowledge of a secret agenda or a common purpose binding all participants? What then does bind them together – because what I have related so far would seem to indicate a common overarching goal?

At the end of my narration it will be more than clear that a vast network existed which seemed to follow the commands of an unseen ‘general’, or a cabal of individuals pulling the strings from behind closed doors to oblige their puppets/instruments to suppress the Mother’s vision, and any text such as The New Way that would reveal the glad tidings of a Life Divine on Earth. However, no such cabal existed on this material plane because it was not necessary: with the off-centre alignment and the consequent ego-driven condition of the human being, orbiting the sex centre as in Leonardo’s ‘crucified’ man in the Square of his iconic drawing, a cabal of individuals is not needed.

The poise of the receiving instrument determines WHO PULLS THE STRINGS.

To avoid further interference, at the behest of supporters in Canada who were ready to cover all the costs,The New Way 1&2 was sent there for printing. But this was in the early days of Yoga before I had a ‘working knowledge’, so to speak, of certain complex occult operations. It was only in the 1980s that I became fully aware of the new alignment required for the Supramental Manifestation, if disfigurement was to be avoided. This is the theme of Volume 3 of the series, written in November of 1983 after a major yogic breakthrough that year. Therefore, believing that printing outside of India would assure completion, the text was sent to Canada and printing was indeed completed. In early January of 1981, I returned to India with 50 copies of the first edition.

Again the ‘conspiracy’ reared its ugly head: the remainder of the edition, though fully paid for, would not be released by the printer for another three years – for reasons best known to him – or perhaps unknown. He had no connection with the Auroville/Ashram network, or even any knowledge of Sri Aurobindo’s work, but still something pulled the most unbusiness-like behaviour out of this individual.

By then experience had taught me how the energy machine of the human constitution operates to fuel the system. A problem the current structure poses is that energy generation is restricted to the lowest chakra, affecting deep psychological layers of consciousness which, because of the depth and imprisoned nature of the operation, remain undetected. This imprisonment is intended to further the atavistic purposes of the species to ensure ‘survival of the fittest’, so to speak. Ultimately it ensures death when the energy machine runs down or closes in on itself.

‘I reveal to men the origin of their cause of existence.’
Leonardo da Vinci


Energy thus generated often turns poisonous when not released. In terms of western psychology the negative effects of this accumulation are usually associated with inadequate sexual activity, for indeed this is a central part of the operation of survival and propagation of the species. In what concerns the establishment of a new balance and alignment, when sexual indulgence is intended to remedy the situation the old alignment is simply strengthened, making the shift far more difficult to achieve of the axial pivot from the sex centre of the Man in the Square to the navel of the Man in the Circle of Leonardo’s inspired drawing. Regarding the sequestered edition, the issue at hand was therefore to encourage a release of that power or ‘to cut the stinger’, because the poisonous accumulation was supplying the ‘fuel’ required to sustain a prolonged obstruction (see Chapter 8, The Magical Carousel).

Once release does occurs, the accumulated power on which basis the books were kept imprisoned for such a long period, the magnetic connection to the source of that power is cut – i.e., to the one who ‘pulls the strings’. Indeed, within three months of this release The New Way emerged from the cave where its light had been occulted for three years. This part of its history will be told chronologically in Volume Three of my autobiographical study, The Tenth Day of Victory.

More evidence was soon to follow of the global reach of this ‘force’ I had taken on in seeking to bring the Mother’s vision forward. The fascinating part was that at each stage or blockage something essential, some iron-clad ‘knot’ was revealed as a hurdle to overcome if the new way of Woman was to emerge. I wrote Volume 3 of the series, always based on the Mother’s chamber, in November of 1983. The following year it was sent to nearby Madras for phototypesetting and printing, because by that time I realised the futility in seeking to evade interference from certain well established agencies directly involved with the legacy of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo. When an entirely unrelated person like the Canadian printer also fell prey to the resistance, it was clear that my involvement – though due to what I believed was simply a passion for the new knowledge and its creator, the Mother – went far beyond my original motivation. This was indeed the centre-womb of the new world that in 1957 the Mother announced had been born; above all, she stated that it was not the old world transformed but entirely new. This monumental transposition – direct and uncorrupted – was what the struggle to preserve her Act of Seeing and Measuring was about. I found myself, unsuspecting of the wider implications, thrust into the centre of what was akin to a formidable tornado, a force set upon uprooting the old to leave place for the new. I had even described the eventful moment in The Magical Carousel, Chapter 11, a prophetic mythic rendition of my own life as instrument for that change and my specific contribution; this was written in March 1970, just three months after the Mother’s breakthrough vision.

Alas, the printing of Volume 3 in Madras followed the very same pattern set for Volumes 1&2 in Canada: though having been fully paid for, it was sequestered for three years. When the phototypeset material was finally retrieved the original funds set aside to complete printing were no longer on hand for publishing, since what little was available went to building Aeon Centre of Cosmology at Skambha from 1986 onward. Though written in 1983, Volume Three was not published until 2005 and launched at the Intensive held at Skambha for the inner circle of the New Way students that year.

Over the 30 years of its existence ACC has given ample evidence that it is a true power-centre and that it has been the channel to bring to the world the foundational knowledge upon which the New Creation stands, and which serves as a means for the uncontaminated truths of the solar world to descend ‘without mixture’, as the Mother insisted upon with respect to the ‘symbol of the future realisation’. This is what The New Way series has preserved – the details of the realisation that can instil a divine Purpose as the new ‘genetic make-up’, so to speak, of the Gnostic Being.

In the concluding part of this series, I will describe the present stage of our task and once again how contingency plans were set in motion to overcome the remaining obstructions posed by the old guard, and how the pristine, uncontaminated contents of the Mother’s chamber were successfully brought to a wider public, as a demonstration of the new cultural expressions of the Supramental Manifestation, made possible by her breakthrough. To broaden even more the reach of the Knowledge, this appeal goes beyond India to America, the next destined venue of The Future Realisation exhibition. As seen from the cosmological perspective, this would be a further consolidation of the bridge between India and America, the details of which are presented in the concluding part of this appeal.

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