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The Mother’s Chamber, Conclusion

An Appeal to America—in defence of the Sacred Feminine

From the year 2001 the work of Aeon Centre of Cosmology entered a marked new phase that could be described as an accelerated process of ‘coming out’. This means that a threshold had been reached in that special 3-power year (2001=3), the first of the third millennium. The most overt indication was the collapse of the Twin Towers on September 11. Indeed, that date is now iconic. Within zodiacal symbolism we know that the sign Gemini stands for Mind among the 12; and Gemini is also known as the Twins of the zodiac. Its hieroglyph ♊ indicates this relationship, as well as the dual nature of Mind. Just as Cancer/Diti requires its opposite sign to fulfil its higher purpose, so too Gemini requires its opposite Sagittarius to unify what would succumb to uncontrollable divisiveness if left to itself. The pictorial image of the unification is the Centaur of Sagittarius, not separate creatures as the Gemini Twins but a single-bodied symbolism.

Therefore, though a hugely tragic event, deeper insight reveals that the image of the Twin Towers’ collapse left a deep psychic imprint, not only on Americans but on the whole world via the live media coverage that carried the imprinting as it transpired across the globe. This fact alone indicates that 9/11 was not confined to American shores; it had an evolutionary significance that went far beyond a struggle with international terrorism. America was chosen for this imprinting because of her inherent resiliency, because of which she has a destined role to play for the Earth compounded by the axial connection with India.

The United States of America enjoys the coveted capacity to re-make herself because America travelslightly, not being weighed down by the accumulated baggage of centuries of civilisational accretions. That resiliency is both a boon and a bane because it can lead to the superficiality of fads, for example. She needs a more mature influence such as Europe provided – unfortunately accompanied by the negative biases mentioned in Part Four. At this point India as a balancing power can help her shed those biases, precisely because of India’s roots in the sanatana dharma which enjoys an in-built and eternal method of renewal.


On the surface 9/11 was a terrible tragedy, but its iconic symbolism in its long-term import cannot be overlooked. Who can forget the image of the Twin Towers collapsing; it was the Gemini glyph set in motion with the profound meaning of the new beginning heralded by the demise of Mind as the regent of the species: there is another way, a higher principle waiting to take the lead.

That day in that first 3-power year of the new millennium, sounded the death knell of the supremacy of Mind and everything that it has spawned, which, unfettered, has imprisoned us in the old ways for far too long. The time of the unveiling of its balancing sign, Sagittarius in the higher hemisphere, has arrived, which, in the current cycle of 25,920 years, is not just higher mind as esoteric astrology understands the 9th sign, but the truth-consciousness of Supermind.

Naturally our politicians and diplomats have to contend with these calamities as best they can, in the effort to prevent repetitions and a further loss of lives. But how much better would responses be when stemming from an awareness of the deeper purpose driving evolution in which all nations and all peoples are equal participants, each with its own contribution?

We are at a tremendous crossroads of destiny, as Sri Aurobindo noted – indeed, we have the privilege of being actors in the descent of the highest Ideal possible in this particular cosmic cycle, when it is ‘vehement, energetic, and refuses to be debarred from possession and throws itself with all the gigantic force of the higher planes of existence on this reluctant and rebellious stuff of life and matter to conquer it.’ This is the ‘great era’ Sri Aurobindo foresaw that can ‘change the world’ in just several decades. And we do receive assistance from the ‘higher planes of existence’ as he stated.

As of 2010 (=3), the final count-down has begun: the play-out shifted into higher gear. The two nations are joined by an especially powerful bond that has not been discussed yet – number-power. They both attained independence in 3-power years, 1947, and 1776. This is the stronger binding power that has become activated in this third millennium. It was felt at Aeon Centre of Cosmology, seat of the Third in the Solar Line, and therefore especially sensitive to that number, by the impulse to extend the boundaries of its mission and to bring the content of the Mother’s chamber to a wider public that is not reached through books alone. There is a heightened push towards universalism, a characteristic of the new Aquarian Age. On external levels it is symbolised by the foundation of the United Nations in the beginning of the new Age. At deeper levels, the days of elite cabals and esoteric schools are gone, where coveted mysteries were closeted away from the population as the preserve of initiates. Therefore, if the New Way is indeed in harmony with the intent of the Time-Spirit, it must live up to the call of universalism and carry its message out and beyond its inner circle, as a natural, organic development.

This is precisely what happened when we entered the new phase starting in 2010. The method to attain that goal presented itself as The Future Realisation on the lines of an art exhibit (for lack of a better word, given its newness) of the gnostic content of the Mother’s chamber, as one of the contingency plans set in motion when the Mother announced to her entourage that she was handing the matter (of rejection of her vision and plan) over to the Consciousness that ‘creates a pressure’ to sort out the people who could build the chamber. Indeed, it was a question of constructing the chamber in knowledge, first and foremost.

The very first contingency plan was the unsuspected arrival in the Mother’s Ashram of the Third of the Solar Line in 1971, well prepared to receive the legacy of the chamber from the Mother herself and to take up its defence; as well as to begin constructing the bridge left half completed at her departure, which marked the completion of her mission as the Cosmic Divine of the Formula 9/6/3/0-1. The next half would connect the Earth to the cosmic plane, to root the Supermind in Matter. This contingency plan was entirely unexpected and foiled the intentions of those opposed to her vision; it furthered the role the chamber was to play in the redemption process of the sacred Feminine. The preservation of its gnostic content was originally through the books; and though every attempt was made to suppress that channel of preservation, The New Way did survive and was published in 1981.

Finally the most surprising contingency plan of all surfaced when the Ashram couple visited ACC in 2013, and informed us that they believed the propaganda that what was constructed in Auroville was ‘the Mother’s original’. They had also presented it to the visitors they accompanied to the site as the Mother’s.

The Future Realisation exhibition was born as a means to present the real chamber to the Mother’s devotees and disciples who might be interested in appreciating the Mother as an outstanding geometrician of the Sacred, and its central place in the Supramental Manifestation, since Aeon Books are not allowed to be sold in Ashram outlets. The exhibition was first presented as an offering to the Mother on her February 21st birthday in 2014 in Pondicherry at Aurodhan Gallery [See TFR-Pondicherry Photo Gallery]. But for dependents of the Ashram, as it stands today, to show interest in her vision and plan might rock the boat of the welfare society the institution has become. The courage needed to confront the authorities on their failure to make this aspect of the Mother known, would require an adventurous spirit, to say the least. This is expressed in a message the Mother gave to her disciples on 2 January 1972: The future is for those who have the soul of a hero.

The Future Realisation has served two purposes, apart from its cultural and aesthetic appeal. First, it has been a means to preserve the gnostic content of the Mother’s vision by a visual imprinting in the hearts and souls of all who visit the exhibition, in the process overcoming attempts to suppress knowledge of its existence.

Next, it is a very new cultural expression and experience, which carries us into the realm of Objective Art. One of the principal characteristics of this lost tradition in sacred art is that it has the potential to create the same impact on all viewers. The TFRs so far presented have fulfilled that requirement, as testified to by the entries visitors made in the guest books of each exhibition, first in Pondicherry and later in New Delhi. Apart from its aspect of Objective Art, The Future Realisation is an entirely new method of bringing the highest knowledge to a wider public in this Aquarian Age, especially those who prefer a visual experience over the written word. To visit the exhibition is akin to entering the chamber itself as a representation on Earth of the immaculate gnostic content of the solar realm, uncontaminated by ‘the things men do’, to quote the Mother. One is simply bathed in the supramental Gnosis; it enters through all the senses and creates an atmosphere that penetrates to deep layers of consciousness-being through our very pores, it would seem. The conceptualisation of The Future Realisation exhibitions stands as an example of the things to come in the way of new cultural expressions, and a scared art that would be a more direct transcript from the higher planes of the Truth-Consciousness. Our art galleries are saturated with meaningless creations that rarely, if any at all, express inspiration from the higher realms; they are purely expressive of the artist’s one-dimensional ego consciousness, without the power to encourage a transformation in the viewer, much less to help usher in the new times.

Once the purpose of The Future Realisation had been successfully achieved in Pondicherry –that it was actually possible to mount a display of this order in the form of an exhibition – it moved to a very special venue in India’s capital, New Delhi. It was displayed there in the first half of January 2015, at Mati Ghar gallery in the prestigious Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA). [See TFR-New Delhi Photo Gallery] Again the impact of this objective art was as anticipated. Visitors were not from the closed coterie of the Mother’s ashramites, but from a much wider and more eclectic public, yet the results were the same. At that point it was clear: The Future Realisation was destined to cross the seas and complete the cosmological bridging process by reaching American shores.

It will be of interest to readers of this series to know the history of Mati Ghar, the gallery at the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts in New Delhi, where The Future Realisation was presented in January 2015. Its architect, Sanjay Prakash, had the Mother’s darshan as a child in the late 1960s, while his parents were posted at Jipmer Medical College in Pondicherry. We do not have the exact date of the darshan, but we do know from the architect himself that he chose architecture as his profession when he began his higher studies. His approach was always ground-breaking, using techniques for cooling buildings employed in ancient times; he also used indigenous building materials such as adobe and bamboo – both of which have been replaced by cement and steel, greatly increasing construction costs.

In the 1980s he received a commission from IGNCA to construct its first gallery on the land allotted to the Centre. Mati Ghar, with its first exhibition on Time in 1990, would launch IGNCA as the country’s most prestigious cultural venue. Its design, following closely the indications given to the architect by the board of IGNCA, almost exactly reproduced the floor plan of the Mother’s original chamber. The two are reproduced below:


It ought to be pointed out that Indira Gandhi, after whom the Centre was named, had the original blueprint drawn up by the Mother in her hands as early as 1976 (see The Tenth Day of Victory, Vol. 2, Book One Twenty-Four), and two-thirds of The New Way 1&2 that had already been printed at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Press before it was destroyed, delivered by me in December 1978. Her full support was behind the construction of the Mother’s original which never materialised.

The next best option seems to have been to give pride of place to the essential lines of the Mother’s vision in Mati Ghar. The architect chosen for the experiment knew nothing specific of the controversy, nor had he seen the Mother’s plan; he fell into the category of ‘not getting involved’ and steering clear of what would not have received ‘official’ approval. Regarding the project, he related that his instructions were to follow closely the directions given to him by the Board. It was to be done in adobe and with a natural cooling system that was used in ancient times by the Romans.

Had the Mother planted a seed in his consciousness when he visited her as a child to help her preserve what was to be her finest creation? Or had contact with her ignited a flame of destiny that would facilitate making the right choices at the right time to be the only architect honoured with creating the vessel where, forty-five years later, his building would house the gnostic content of her vision? For it was at that very gallery, Mati Ghar, that Time did blossom with The Future Realisation, to fulfil the original purpose for which the building was created.

The Supramental Shakti is characterised by the ability to operate in simultaneous time (ST), as it is known in the New Way. It can be visualised as a circular perceptive capacity in contrast to the linear of the mentally-oriented human being. Above all, mind has a small role to play in ST, but this is not the place to discuss this aspect of the work we are engaged in. ST is much like the three concentric circles of the Mother’s plan itself. The distinguishing feature of ST is that at all times the multiple, or the circumscribing play of circumstances, is integrated or pulled into the central Consciousness embodying this capacity (in this case the Mother) – i.e. the unity of the One and the Many. Obviously such a capacity is well beyond the linearity of Mind.

Aeon Centre of Cosmology came into contact with the architect only in late 2014 when we began mounting the exhibition at Mati Ghar. One of our members had gone to Delhi to locate an appropriate venue where the same atmosphere the exhibit enjoyed in Pondicherry could somehow be recreated. On reaching the capital, it did not take long for him to be guided to Mati Ghar and everything was quickly settled – that was the only appropriate venue, but even he was unaware of the full truth. That was indeed the destined location, but at the time none of us knew just how ‘destined’ it actually was. The full story unfolded slowly.

The exhibition would take place over the first five days of January 2015 – but it was extended to the 15th by IGNCA in answer to popular demand. This fortuitous turn of events, the details of which were unknown to any of the participants, including the architect, this drawing together the strings of destiny to fulfil the Mother’s dream certainly made TFR/New Delhi a most gratifying event. To be made aware of the Mother’s part in the unfolding across time and space, added immensely to our joy at having been the ones to carry the gnostic content of her vision and plan to the capital of India.

Originally Mati Ghar was to serve only as the venue for the first exhibition IGNCA planned – it is interesting enough that Time was to be the subject, indicating that the choice of the gallery’s plan might well have been inspired by the Mother’s vision in which Time is central. Surely, the combined designs themselves are revealing. Mati Ghar was meant to be torn down shortly after that first exhibition, but it survived for over 25 years – until its true purpose could be fulfilled which was to serve as a venue for the Mother’s supramental Gnosis to be put on display at the nation’s capital, since the chamber could not be built in Auroville. After our exhibit was concluded Mati Ghar was permanently closed to the public and is likely to be razed to the ground. That it lasted so long is certainly reflective of the building’s own power of destiny at work: when in harmony with higher laws, those will invariably prevail over human choices and rejections.

This is a demonstration of the Supramental Shakti’s ability to always have a contingency plan at the ready. For some, those who cling to the illusion of free choice, a demonstration of the existence of a controlling poweris disturbing. But to those who are conscious of the role of the Goddess and how the Becoming or the evolving play of circumstances is her preserve, then the only aspiration we can have is to stop denying the Goddess her place in creation and to become as conscious as possible, a willing instrument in her hands as the Grand Puppeteer. In the new order that stands before us, she alone pulls the strings. However, even more disturbing for most is the fact that these harmonies she sets in motion can never be manipulated. They can only be witnessed, seen. That is our bliss: to be her conscious instruments.

Mati Ghar, IGNCA
Under the full Moon in Cancer opposite Sun in Capricorn
highlighting Cancer/Capricorn Axis
on 5.1.2015, at The Future Realisation exhibition


Our Appeal

The first two exhibitions, in Pondicherry and New Delhi, were sponsored by members of the inner circle of Aeon Centre of Cosmology. The next exhibition in America is a project beyond the means of ACC. It requires outside support. This Appeal is put out to those who have read this series and have vibrated to its contents and wish to collaborate in the next stage of outreach. The bridge must reach completion by opening the interested American public to the Mother’s creation in its most pristine form, The Future Realisation. To reach this goal ACC in India asks for contributions so that India and America may be joined in the fulfilment of the purpose for which the axial balance exists. In so doing the way can be demonstrated for Harmony and Purposefulness to prevail over the meaninglessness of chaos.

For Hindus in America this exhibition does more to dismiss the label of Superstition levelled at many of the myths, rituals, and practices in Hinduism than any other means, primarily because of the factual basis the gnostic content of the Mother’s vision provides to the tradition by its capacity to update the Indocentric vision of the Puranic Seers. No visitors of Indian origin failed to be moved by what they saw; this was expressed in the guest book by so many entries; an example is from the president of IGNCA, Shri Gharekhan:…Makes me proud of our country even more.

With regard to Hinduism and the ancient Tradition still flourishing in India, academia in the USA persists in clinging to the biases of a deep-rooted Eurocentric anti-paganism with which America herself has to contend as an affliction it cannot seem to shake off, and that colours her relations with the rest of the world with unfortunate consequences. To be a world leader with such dark biases is unacceptable and will never succeed. In India, scholars and academics – primarily historians of the Left who have dominated universities since Independence – need to re-appraise the Dharma with its own method of recording history (its myths, for example, which arise out of the cosmic harmony) and cease to foist on the culture the Eurocentrism their ideology fosters. In the light of the updated Indocentric cosmology The Future Realisation offers, what many even in India consider superstition cannot be dismissed so cavalierly. No amount of words can compare to the impact the inspired visuals of the Mother’s chamber have on viewers. Above all, The Future Realisation takes the discussion to a higher level by factually demonstrating that those myths and practices originate in the cosmic harmony which carries its own language and science, and therefore can never be labelled superstition (which implies beliefs and practices devoid of knowledge). Scholastic integrity demands that the content of these exhibitions be evaluated not on the backdrop of an outdated Eurocentric model, but studied within the parameters of the ‘third thing’ the Mother foresaw as replacing both the science and spirituality of today, neither of which can satisfactorily solve the angst of contemporary societies.

For Americans The Future Realisation offers an understanding of America’s higher purpose of destiny, something we tend to lose sight of in the hustle and bustle of survival and the politics of confrontation, in a world that has lost touch with the universal manifestation and our place within the grand scheme of things. It shows the way to a true harmony among nations, which the United Nations has yet to achieve because these cosmic harmonies are not incorporated into our deliberations. We have only vested interests of every sort before us; we need to recognise the inner ‘pulse’ of nations far beyond those vested self-interests – as, for example, the Power of 3 in both India and America, the inner pulsation that sets the tone for their participation in the new world order along with everything else. 1776 and 1947 were ‘choices’ serving a higher evolutionary purpose.

The Future Realisation/USA will be somewhat expanded, over and above the one hundred panels that were on display in India, to include material especially meaningful for America. And also to reveal the new precision, as it was called by the Mother, by providing numerous examples of the meticulous care the Supramental Shakti took in laying secure foundations for the new India to rise and take her place as centre of the Earth in this 9th Manifestation of 6480 years. Given the prevailing circumstances at the time of Independence, the democratic process itself was the tool to forge an indestructible Axis of Time in the nation, through what is known as the Lunar Line in the new cosmology.

Your contributions and suggestions for a presentation of The Future Realisation in America may be given to Aeon Group/USA or Aeon Trust/India, both awarded tax exemption status by their respective governments. This project, which is beyond the material means of the inner circle of Aeon Centre of Cosmology, offers an opportunity to those who see the value in this newly-revealed alliance of destiny, to play a role through this means in the establishment of the Supramental Manifestation on Earth, in which both nations are centrally involved. Therefore, it is in the just order of things that the presentation in America extends beyond Aeon Centre of Cosmology and becomes a collaborative effort, both materially and spiritually.



[Donations will be used for the exhibition & may be used for general operating expenses. Please inform us if you wish to designate your donation specifically for TFR/USA.]


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