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The Circle Thea, 20.4.2015

I wish to place before you as a Key perhaps the most important of all, the basis for all the rest; or we could say that contains all the rest: the Circle and its various divisions. Here I will discuss mainly one: the circle divided into four quarters. This is the basis of our new language (which the Mother expressed the need for when trying to explain to Satprem the simultaneity of Being and Becoming on 18.4.1961). but unless this is seen in the context of the 12-stage zodiac, the Circle is devoid of Knowledge: it just IS but it does not speak to us in a new way, a new language.

To give an example we have the third quarter, the Mental – but at the same time it is the Kshatriya, the third of the four castes. (Further, it is the location of the 6, the Cosmic Divine – but that is another story). This third quarter is where Death is located in the human progression. The question of evolution or the Becoming enters here. The progression through the same twelve, small or larger demarcations of Time, is always the same ‘language’. In other words, be it an individual or a cosmic dimension, the process is one.


To sum up, Death is located in the Mental Quarter. This indicates the current stage of human development progressing on to the next stage above Mind. I have written time and again that exclusivist religions of the Piscean Age made this ‘death’ a fixed and static point – the end of the road; beyond is a blank which could be filled with whatever nonsense was required to imprison the human consciousness. In the parlance of the New Way one can present this visually as the absence (to our conscious experience) of the fourth quarter. The visual aid is that the supramentalisation of the species is precisely the opening up before human evolution of that ‘missing’ quarter. That is Swar, the solar world. When Sri Aurobindo writes of bringing the Life Divine to Earth, of establishing it here, it is another way of saying ‘opening up the last quarter’.

This is why the Time Factor is so important. To integrate that quarter into one’s lived experience Time must be the ally (see the Gnostic Circle). When we are born we bring with us compact time, the compact Zero of the sacred triads. That Zero (our births) gives forth the One/1, and thereafter it is sequential time (the Becoming). But in the Supermind the experience is simultaneous: one comes rooted in compact Being and moves through, or is the instrument of that Being as it expresses Itself, or to experience Itself sequentially in the Becoming (of Itself). Therefore it is said that the purpose of material creation is that the Supreme knows himself – i.e. he uses the eye of consciousness in the individual (as lodged in one’s soul) to see himself in the Becoming (know himself in the experience of Becoming through extension). It is always that Being supporting the extension – therefore it has to be simultaneous, otherwise the material dimension would collapse into a void, become a black hole that simply does not SEE, where the light of consciousness is trapped).Material creation is therefore a vision that unfolds, no better way to express it.

The Circle tells you all this and much more because finally it is Number, when seen as the essence of the Circle, which then offers applicability via the calendar which is, again, nothing other than the circle divided into 12, the Mother’s symbol.


The Supramental Manifestation

This is the third stage of the transformative process Sri Aurobindo set on its way in 1872, when he took birth on Earth as the 9th Avatar of Vishnu. Its first two stages were carried out as a joint mission by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, his co-worker in the Yoga. Ostensibly the focus during those early first two stages was to lay the foundations for what came to be known as the Integral Yoga. The newness this added to the vast array of yogic disciplines in India was precisely its integral character. But this was in service of a higher purpose.

As I have pointed out many times, almost the entire focus during those decades was to reverse the direction of the quest assumed by all yogas approximately after the time of the Buddha. It was a joint mission to turn the tide – a tide virtually with the power of a tsunami – in that all the great realisers over the past 2000 years, barring very few, had opted for an escape out of the material dimension so as not to face the challenges posed by a creation in matter which appeared insurmountable given the totality of circumstances at that stage of the evolution of the species. To bring about this shift the collaboration of the Mother was essential; without it his mission could not have succeeded. And in order to succeed in the reversal, the planes of consciousness contained in the physical had to be brought into the process: the spiritual, the mental, the vital, down to the physical. Thus was born the Integral Yoga. It was the first stage of the reversal that would change life on Earth forever. The physical vessel had to be poised to receive the more potent forces in their descent, a physical that had been abandoned to its unavoidable destiny of disintegration, closed to the luminosity of the higher regions.

ma1After Sri Aurobindo’s passing in 1950, the Mother continued the process he was also engaged in, but on the subtle plane; and finally, six years after his passing, the long-awaited breakthrough occurred. It set the transformative process on to its third stage. But for the Mother on this material plane there was still much to do. Mainly, it was an overlapping period to prepare the field for the Third to enter. This overlapping, if it may be so called, lasted for 21 years; without it there would not have been a successful completion of the first two stages, nor the adequate field readied within which the Third was to take up the baton, as it were, of the critical third stage – corresponding to the vital in the four planes of consciousness; up to that point only the first two planes had been brought into the ambit of the transformation. Throughout the years the Mother remained physically incarnate after Sri Aurobindo’s withdrawal, the focus of her yoga was to create conditions for the transition to the Supramental Yoga from the Integral. Everything she did from 1950 onwards had this objective. The crucial turning-point came when the breakthrough finally arrived.

It was on 29 February 1956, 59 years ago, that the yogic breakthrough took place releasing the descent of a power that would ultimately bring about an entirely new principle operating within the evolutionary process. After it occurred the Mother made this statement:

‘This evening the Divine Presence, concrete and material, was there present amongst you. I had a form of living gold, bigger than the universe, and I was facing a huge and massive golden door which separated the world from the Divine. As I looked at the door, I knew and willed, in a single movement of consciousness, that “the time has come”, and lifting with both hands a mighty golden hammer I struck one blow, one single blow on the door and the door was shattered to pieces. Then the supramental Light and Force and Consciousness rushed down upon earth in an uninterrupted flow.’

This was the beginning. Significantly it was a 3-Power year, because much of what was to manifest thereafter was an intertwining of action between all the parts of the Solar Line, converging on the Third, opening the way to the 0 and the integrating power of the Fourth, the One. From then on evolution of the human species has been undergoing critical changes in the realm of consciousness; above all, these have had an accumulative effect, with the speed of change experiencing acceleration, like the tightening of a spiral. The technological developments in communication are responsible in large part for this accelerated progress; in itself this reveals a key feature of the new manifestation that can be more easily understood by visualising the methodology as circular; progress therefore is made by convergence. In the course of this message, I will explain the system in depth because it is a distinguishing feature between the Integral and the Supramental Yogas.

The task of the Third in the Line is to facilitate a vision of the Divine in action on Earth. The result is ‘seeing in understanding’ whereby all creation is her Being.

The capacity to observe the play of circumstances differently is one of the Third’s key additions. It requires an ability to perceive always the parts within the whole as a harmonious display, as order and no longer chaos. Succinctly this means a consciousness poised centrally, as if in the centre of the circle whose periphery would be that play. One thus becomes the Sun, or reproduces in perceptive awareness the astrological symbol of the luminary of our System ☉. In this circular methodology the issue of convergence introduces quite a new operation, never before experienced on Earth; it is unique to the Supramental Shakti as the prime mover of the evolution of consciousness. The principle characteristic of convergence, as opposed to linear processes, is that transformation is contingent on a simultaneous progress that as a harmonised action among the parts and the whole can then be integrated or drawn into the net, as it were, attached to the Centre of the new supramental cosmos.

From this central position we observe the harmonious relation between the parts of the periphery. This integrated perception of harmonised parts within the whole is attracted to the Centre that HOLDS – that is, this centralised play is the key to order. The harmony we perceive and measure in our solar system is because of the Sun’s ‘holding power’, if it may be so called. In the language of contemporary science it would be the gravitational pull of the Sun that keeps the family of planets in defined orbits or specific boundaries. The nine planets must display this Order because they extend into the system the harmony that is the essence of our Sun. It cannot be otherwise. The ancient text on sacred architecture, the Mayamata, describes the same principle of perception, revealing in the process the role the Hindu Temple has played across the ages: If the measurement of the temple is in every way perfect, there will be perfection in the universe as well. (XXII.92)

The temple in this verse is equivalent to the eye of perception of the transformed human being. Based on that centering of consciousness, order is perceived throughout the universe. This is not to be confused with the centering acquired within one’s consciousness-being as attained in the practice of the Integral Yoga, involving the transformation of the four major parts of the being within one’s individual cosmos. Centering in that scenario does not extend beyond. The Mayamata, on the other hand, points to a poise that extends beyond the confines of the individual consciousness: the entire universe is drawn into that central point by contraction – or the same ability ‘to hold’ as the Sun possesses by its gravitational pull. In the Sun’s case no exertion of will is involved: it is simply a state of being; the individual aspires to that same condition of Being – not an exertion of will, just Being, or Sat of the trinity Sat-Chit-Ananda.

But contraction as a cosmic direction acting on the material dimension is not alone. Its origin is in the subtle plane and carries the properties of the Unmanifest across the borderline where it meets the expanding field of space. The joining of the two directions lies at the heart of the universal manifestation as we know it on this side of the border. Without the harmonisation of the two, there could be no material manifestation. The balance between contraction/vertical and expansion/horizontal is the great secret of a creation in matter.


This is the same message in Leonardo’s famed drawing of the Man in a Circle and Square. The process he describes graphically is the same attributed to the Hindu Temple: remaining pinned to the Square the aspirant is boxed in, quite literally, within the limits the sex-centred individual experiences in life. Everything is self-serving, contaminated by vested interests of various sorts and degrees of severity. The reason for this cramped, cut-off condition is the imbalance as in the off-centred cross ✝. Contraction is not balanced by expansion. This unbalanced condition describes the state of the human consciousness in the recently-concluded Age of Pisces. Indeed, the most iconic symbol that had imprinted itself on the collective consciousness during that Age was the off-centred cross, the meaning of which is that the final stage of the Supramental Descent symbolised in the birth of the victorious – not crucified – Son had not occurred. Put another way, the Piscean Age was one in which shadows had to be dissolved – as in the ‘shadow’ of the 9thAvatar of Vishnu, and also the shadow-Son. These were the two ‘redemptions’ Sri Aurobindo had to attend to by his birth as the 9th Avatar, combined with his return as the 10th in an unbroken line of time. These shadows required his direct intervention.

In a word, the Man in the Square is poised around the ego – the off-centred axis – and regardless of the hours spent in meditation or psychotherapy, there is no escape from that constricted box: awareness is always conditioned by an axis stemming from the sex-centre and therefore bound to the atavistic purpose of evolving humanity. In such a poise perceptive capacity can never reach the extended boundaries figured in Man within the Circle – that is, incorporating the entire universe. In the words of the Mayamata, the Circle Man is integrated into the cosmic manifestation which then becomes perfection. It is perfection precisely when that extended integration occurs. This is the heart and soul of the Supramental Yoga. What is truly awe-inspiring is that individual incarnation, birth on this third planet of the System, offers the potential of expanding one’s consciousness to encompass the entire universe. The issue is therefore just how far can this take us. Can this new poise cover all planes of consciousness-being, down to the physical?

All of these elements are essential parts of the Supramental Manifestation. They have been elaborated one by one in the Keys of Knowledge presented in our website – the only site where the contours of the Supramental Yoga are presented to an aspiring humanity eager to collaborate in the great change the new Power of Gnosis has introduced.

In the new dispensation we cannot remain satisfied with the poise of the ‘crucified’ man in Leonardo’s divinely-inspired drawing. We want more now; we need more if the things promised by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother are to manifest on Earth. The Integral Yoga they established in their Ashram in Pondicherry, India, can no longer suffice as a channel for the manifestation of the promised Life Divine. We must move ahead to the Circle Man and integrate the entire universe by means of a consciousness-being so poised that we can ‘become the Sun’, or become the new temple for the new age by realising the poise described by the Mother as ‘the symbol of the future realisation’. In that image we see the vertical solar ray (that casts no shadows), the luminous globe, the supporting pedestal; all of which are upheld by the Mother’s horizontal symbol. The entire gnostic content of the Supramental Manifestation is contained in these conjoined elements. They give rise to the main key of the new cosmology, the Geometry of Time. This new revelation encourages that process of realignment to ‘become the Sun’ because all these parts are drawn into the centred consciousness and they then make sense, as in ´seeing in understanding’.

Only when the four members of the Solar Line are perceived to form one whole, each member covering one of the four planes of consciousness that constitute the reality of existence on Earth – Transcendent (Sri Aurobindo), Cosmic (the Mother), Individual/Soul (Thea), and the Fourth as the integrating power of the Supermind in the physical – can the first phase of the Manifestation be considered successfully completed. Likewise, in the fourfold Solar Line we understand the most important ingredient for a conscious participationin the Supramental Manifestation. It is the simultaneous perception of parts within the whole as a harmonised reality of life. Put another way, it is the combined vertical (Solar Line) and horizontal (the field provided by the collectivity) as the lived experience on Earth that the Supermind made possible.

In the subtle plane, which the Mother called the creative plane of the physical, the transformed Earth already exists. Our task is to be the instruments for that higher reality to become established on Earth as an indelible feature of the evolution – that is, to imprint it through extended Time, the first step in the transformation of the physical since Time is the congealing constituent of Matter.


The Worship of Number

navaghrahapoojaIndians love numbers. We might say Number is worshipped like a Goddess. In fact, perhaps it is this sense of awe the worshipped inspires that left India behind in the second half of the last millennium when the West took over to shape the destiny of the world, making advances in science that never occurred in India, even though many of those advances could not have happened without the breakthroughs in the sciences, mathematics for the most part, at a much earlier date in the East.

What happened along the way, and why was India left by the wayside as the West surged ahead, making good use of the discoveries of the ancients? Perhaps it was precisely the reverence Number inspired. Indeed, we have evidence of this attitude in the great South Indian contemporary mathematician, Ramanujan, whose legacy of equations continues to fascinate and befuddle. He openly acknowledged that it was the Goddess who directly inspired his work. In point of fact, his genius took the shape of all ancient science on the subcontinent by its reverence for Number, indeed as one would revere the Goddess. But where has that led India?

Clearly the West took over after many centuries of slumber – the very centuries during which India produced some of her greatest works of science. Why was India left so far behind while the West surged forward to overtake the forward thrust of evolution and become its leader? Indeed, so forceful was the thrust that the West succeeded in becoming the master of the world while the East cowered into a shell, taking all its glorious achievements with it into seclusion. The pre-eminence of the West was primarily seen in the use it made of those grand discoveries. In a word, it was the manner in which its science evolved to produce the astonishing technologies that have shaped our contemporary societies. And the development is exponential to the point of causing a serious imbalance: That very applicability has resulted in the stockpiles of devastating weapons that can destroy even our entire planetary home.

This is an application of science that could never have taken place in India for the reasons stated above: the awe-inspiring reverence for Number and its affiliates which is, we could say, built into the genetic make-up of those who have dedicated themselves to the pursuit of the sciences within the ancient culture. This is due to the awareness of an underlying unity in creation; or, as it is sometimes called, the unity consciousness enjoyed by the sages and seers of old who made discoveries in the sciences, on the shoulders of which the technologies of the West could evolve. The atom bomb was the result, though unintentional, of the path-breaking work of the physicist who shaped 20th-Century science, Albert Einstein. We live in the world he created where relativism conditions every aspect of our societies. The hydrogen bomb, along with the vast array of destructive items we cling to and stockpile, in anticipation of the protection they are believed to offer, could never have emerged from the consciousness of unity of the ancient scientists. And given this perception of an underlying unity embedded, if you will, in the genetic makeup of the race. India has never been an aggressive civilisation, or even to have indulged in the less obvious, though perhaps the more effective mode of aggression, the export of her spiritual achievements through proselytising – another mask donned by the world aggressors.

To sum up, it is the applicability of science that has given the edge to the West and enabled its hegemonic conquest. We lament that India lags far behind in breakthroughs in scientific accomplishments, usually measured by the number of Nobel Laureates belonging to a nation; when actually this paucity of ‘laurels’ from this ‘noble’ institution is a sign that India is destined to rise and take over the leadership – but the shape this takes will surprise many, primarily those who lament the lack of a scientific temper in contemporary Indian society. What is sought to be extirpated from the collective consciousness is not superstition – the supposed outcome when the scientific temper is lacking – but the reverence for Number that assures India will never create mechanisms for the annihilation of the human species.

This is a struggle that has been in progress for several centuries in India, culminating in our very times. It is her momentous choice of destiny: ancient or new. But there is evidence that an amalgam of the two is emerging, a breakthrough that can solve this legitimate conundrum. India is the only nation on Earth that faces the problem of carrying forward an ancient way of being that refuses to be silenced because it is still a living force in the culture. This being the case, we need to reflect on why this is so and how best to deal with the challenges this unique situation poses. It seems more than clear that a purpose is being served by this continuity. What might that be? Science in today’s India does not show evidence of path-breaking accomplishments that can throw light on this unusual circumstance of destiny, much less to offer a solution; rather, it follows the lead of the West unquestioningly. Any attempt to deal with the problem is dismissed as backwardness. Admittedly, the desire in some quarters to highlight the scientific achievements of the ancients stirs up a hornet’s nest, perhaps doing more harm to the cause than good. The issue is not to show what might or might not have been done in the past. What is being done today to heal a divide and offer a solution?

The global culture of relativism as it exists today stands in stark contrast to the ancient culture founded on the Sanatana Dharma. It is a barbaric place, by far more uncivilised than ever before, in spite of the swift strides taken in organising our politics, our judicial systems, and many other areas of collective living, which, compared to the Eurocentric civilisation we are fast leaving behind, appear to the modern mind as enlightened. But is this really so? I repeat, we stand on the brink of total destruction. Our cherished science has created an array of weapons for our total annihilation. All that is needed is the push of a button and catastrophe is unleashed. Will the moral and ethical standards that regulate our societies be able to restrain the human being, as ‘barbaric’ as he presently stands, from pushing that button? The imbalance between matters of science and spirit almost assures us a fate of inescapable collective suicide. The ancient spiritualised scientific mind of Bharat would be the answer, as many feel, except for the fact that a millennium or two stand between the Rishis and the scientists of our 21st Century – a cluster of centuries that can neither be wished away nor ignored. Yes, India can solve the conundrum; but first she has to understand the problem to be solved. The search can begin by re-examining precisely the points being made: the great leaps the scientists-cum-yogis made in the ancient world arose in a civilisation that knew no distinction between matters of the spirit or the material. It was all one. History provides an example.

There was, in those remote times, no separation between astrology and astronomy. The former studied the mechanics of the cosmos solely for the purpose of constructing a horoscope whereby the totality of life of an individual could be known. Mechanics served a higher function; for example, the advanced geometry in the Vedic Age served to construct the vedi, the altar for the Sacrifice; it was not simply geometry as an abstract subject for those to indulge in who take delight in the rarefied reaches of the speculative mind. These activities were not merely indulgences in dissecting surface phenomenon. Life was a seamless whole: the surface phenomenon of astronomy was understood to be merely a garment worn by the Shakti to enhance her inner beauty. The Body beneath could never be ignored, as in the practice of astronomy today. Therefore, when the astronomer cries PSUEDO-SCIENCE! at the millions in India who refused to be sidetracked, we must ask how the contemporary astronomer can be so foolish when the sage sees that he is enthralled by and entangled in only the outer garment and cannot come close to the astrologer who worships that Body of the Goddess beneath, in no way disconnected from the garment she wears and periodically changes in the unending delight she takes in keeping abreast with the fashion of the times – indeed, she herself being the Designer. She embodies the very essence of reality: multiplicity in unity. Put another way, diversity in unity. It is time for India to live up to the formula.


The problem goes even deeper. If we follow the thread from the ancient past to the present, it can be summed up as the conflict between the spiritual and the material. However, the ancient Indian mind knew no such conflict; it is a malady of our times across the globe and can best be described as the affliction of a separative consciousness. But let us be clear. The West simply stepped in to fill a void that was created in India, indeed by those wisemen who set aside Fullness (the ‘womb’ wherefrom Number arises) in favour of the Void, the Emptiness. This shift in the spiritual quest that began to take shape in the early days of the first millennium bore direct results on the theme of this essay. The focus on the Void was India’s response to the abolition of Goddess worship the West experienced. There it took the shape of a disregard for the Spirit and a focus entirely on the material. Science was the tool to give substance to this focus, while wisemen in India mastered the art of escape into the luminous expanses of the Beyond. That became the goal of all spirituality. The split between Spirit and Matter was thereafter a fact of life on the subcontinent, to the degree that even the filth that surrounds us no amount of social activism can change; this too can be traced to the split and the escape route as the preferred spiritual attainment, chosen by those who had always been the leaders of the civilisation. This was a dramatic departure from the civilisation as it stood in the Vedic Age when no such escape was taken. Is it any wonder therefore that the verses of the Rig Veda remain a mystery to scholars, even the most erudite, and by consequence the Rig Veda has been used to divide and rule the subcontinent by Indologists at the service of mammon?

In the last century the Earth was seen from space as a single expanse without borders; the division between East and West is an illusion conjured up in our separative consciousness which, we are forced to admit, seems now ironclad. Yet the photograph of a boundary-less Earth haunts us; it has become the new Icon to worship. How then is the divide to be bridged and for unity to give birth to a new paradigm?

The thread of the Sanatana Dharma survives, worn but still recognisable. The proof is that India struggles with the problem even though she has not grasped its fullest depths and its corrosive effects on her contemporary civilisation. Bharat in the world of today is like a fish out of water. The conundrum is resolved when she learns to follow the thread linking then and now and realise where the fault line truly lies. It is not in the lack of a scientific temper, or the little-understood genie of Hindu resurgence freed from the bottle in which it has been imprisoned for several centuries, pre- and post-independence. These are all distracting surface conflicts – all of which mask the true problem: Being a civilisation where the Spiritual has always led the rest, the fault lies right there, and nowhere else. It is the shift in the yogic quest to a Beyond, thereby abandoning the Earth to the most aggressive predators, those who pursue the path of material exploitation, having lost sight of the Body of the Goddess that is the Earth they mindlessly ravish. The call of the hour is to worship the Goddess in her full glory which, it needs to be stated, cannot be experienced in rarefied dimensions beyond this material plane. This material universe is her Body. To be endowed with a consciousness that can recognise this highest truth is the supreme boon. She alone can inspire the civilisation that she has been nurturing in her bosom where true all-inclusiveness resides.

The Conundrum of India’s Choice of Destiny, Conclusion

There is another point to make regarding the contentious issue of what exactly the ancients knew or did not know. It is not surprising that the scriptures give details of flying machines, extra-terrestrial travel, and so forth. Clearly these descriptions pertained to a very ancient past that is carried over in myth – which we arrogantly label fiction. But the fact is the human species is much older than assumed; in fact, the date of human appearance is continuously being pushed back. In the new cosmology we see that our 9th Manifestation is the concluding round of 25,920 years in a cycle covering 77,760 years. Therefore, it is quite possible that this knowledge was known in those very remote times and handed down in myths and epics – because that is their purpose: to record recurring history. The interesting part is that there are extant examples of just how advanced past civilisations were, provided we examine the evidence with a view to honour truth.

The Great Pyramid at Giza is one proof: the very ancient Egyptian civilisation that built the colossus was far in advance of our own. Countless experiments have been done to find out just how the pyramid could have been built. Of course our children are taught in school that construction was done by slaves at the behest of a megalomaniac Pharaoh – clearly an absurdity, as finally admitted by knowledgeable sources. Let us bear in mind that until the Eiffel Tower was built, the Great Pyramid was the tallest man-made structure in the world. But somehow we cannot admit that the ancients had technologies superior to ours; for indeed, that is the result of these more recent tests. They prove that even with our modern technology we could not construct a similar monument. Nor do we understand why it was built in the first place. An example of the technology that might have been used to build the Great Pyramid can be found in the work of Ed Leedskalnin on Anti-Gravity at his Coral Castle in Florida, USA; details can be found on the Internet.

However, for the purposes of this study the Sphinx, also located at Giza, is of more relevant importance. The date given for its construction is now disregarded by geologists who have pushed it back because of the weathering it has undergone, leaving irrefutable signs that the Sphinx could only have been built during an era of heavy rainfall; this places the date around 12,000 BCE. This tallies perfectly with my assessment based on the zodiacal content of the monument, published in 1974 well before the latest findings. In my assessment it would have been built in the Age of Leo within the same time-frame geologists have now proven. But there is something of greater interest to note which takes us back to the Vedic Age, also much earlier than currently estimated. The evidence is found explicitly related to the zodiac in the Vishnu verses of the Veda.

The monument consists of two zodiacal signs, Man/Aquarius (head) and Lion/Leo (its body); or the Ages of Aquarius and Leo respectively; these signs stand face to face in the circle. Aquarius is our present astrological age. The message of the Sphinx, designed to last for eons, is that the colossus forms an axis between the signs Leo and Aquarius; the former was the astrological age of its construction in Egypt, which now receives confirmation by geologists; the latter is the present age of fulfilment, Aquarius. This becomes clear if we examine the evidence found in the Vishnu Trivikrama verses of the Rig Veda. Apart from being the earliest reference to the Dasavataras, they refer to two of Vishnu’s famous strides, the 1st and the 3rd. The signs are Leo, the Lion, and Aquarius the Man, known in astrological tradition as the sign of Friend, Mitra of the Veda. I quote here only the verses pertaining to these steps:

That Vishnu affirms on high by his mightiness and he is like a terrible LION that ranges in the difficult places, yea, his lair is on the mountain-tops, he in whose three wide movements all the worlds find their dwelling-place.

May I attain to and enjoy that goal of his movements, the Delight, where souls that seek the godhead have the rapture; for there in that highest step of the wide-moving Vishnu is that FRIEND of men who is the fount of sweetness….

(RV, I, 154, Sri Aurobindo’s translation)

More conclusively, the Sphinx was finally uncovered from desert sands in 1926, the very year the Aquarian Age began, the year when the 9th Avatar went into complete seclusion to bring down the new Power, the Supermind, which is transforming life on Earth. This example should suffice to prove the relevance of the universal Language that is the zodiac, a carry-over from the Vedic Age of far earlier prominence than is assumed.

From my point of view, the outstanding part is that the Great Pyramid had to be of such colossal proportions that this proof of a superior knowledge in the ancient world would survive down the line of time almost intact, and stand before us as evidence of what we refuse to see right before our eyes. Therefore, with this proof, is it so farfetched to believe that air and space travel were known in very ancient India? Certainly the Symbol-Map tells a similar story if we cease placing the origin of the zodiac in Mesopotamia, and accept that it has existed from time immemorial and could very well have had its origin in India, if we consider the importance given to the signs and symbols, as proven by the geo-cosmological evidence presented, as well as the Vishnu Trivikrama verses.

Capricorn-Makar, the sign in question, just happens to be the most important of the 12 in the culture of Bharat. Foremost of all, it is the sign/month of the victory of the Aryan Warrior in his/her journey to Swar – for indeed, this sign provides us entry to Swar if we make use of the portal the Makar Sankranti opens before us on the Solstice of 21-22 December each year, the day when Makar is celebrated in all ancient and new traditions across the globe – except in India where the Sankranti is celebrated 23 days after the Makar portal actually opens to inhabitants of Earth, thereby losing the possibility of entering Swar while in the material dimension and not through death.

Therefore the Rishis are called the Immortal Ones because they had this key that would allow them to ‘cheat Death’, as it were. This is what the Makar Sankranti signifies when it coincides with the shortest day of the year – meaning the day when the portal to that Immortality is reached. Significantly, it was this very day that Bhisma chose for his departure. Being India’s ruling astrological sign and of such profound significance, its celebration has been preserved from very ancient times and could continue to retain the same importance, provided it is timed to coincide with the actual physical shortest day when the light of Surya begins its increase – and only then, 23 days earlier than the current timing.

It is in this manner that the ancient knowledge is effectively lost, when astronomers appropriate to themselves the right to dictate terms to astrologers, claiming the sole right to precision and scientific accuracy. Due to the interference of astronomers in the sacred sciences, India has lost the connection to the cosmic harmony as presented in these pages and cannot apply the ancient Arts as suitable in the contemporary setting.

I believe the ancient way will impose itself to some extent over the date provided by the new India’s Independence because of all the nations in the world India is the only one where the thread of the Sanatana Dharma has been maintained and carried over to our times. The new cosmology establishes what Indians feel in their hearts, but in this age of the truth-conscious Supermind that Sri Aurobindo has introduced, we must present the evidence of what has been stated above in a manner commensurate with our times. Therefore, since experience has proven that Supermind creates the conditions for its own emergence and establishment, we can use the circumstances it creates, and within which we must evolve, to explain and clarify the conundrum; especially because through Mahakala’s power there is a precise and measurable control over the play of circumstances that helps us establish the new Indocentric cosmology as the provider of insights into destiny unlike all the predictive arts known to humankind.

The problem India faces is precisely this dual position between which a choice must be made – ancient or new; the two do not seem to be able to co-exist. However, unique among nations Bharat strives to maintain her ancient foundation intact, upon which she builds the new. The new cosmology can be a formidable assistance in this almost impossible enterprise, certainly a balancing act that none of the ancient civilisations have succeeded in accomplishing. All have perished along the way – all except the Sanatana Dharma that India has been entrusted to carry forward.

In the birth of the new India the Time-Spirit has provided the nation with a clear directive to indicate the way ancient and new have been used by Supermind to create the conditions for its manifestation; furthermore, to reveal its precise control over the unfolding. The date 15 August 1947, though its total digits equal 8 and therefore point to a certain inconclusiveness, confirms 1) the necessity of an axis between the USA and India, as I have been pointing out since 1974; and 2) how a conjoint analysis of their dates is the conclusive proof that ancient and new combine to cement the knowledge.


Their years of Independence provide the indication of the number-power both resonate to, the 3; but we must now add the actual day of America’s independence, July 4th. This draws into play India’s ancient ruler Makar, because July 4th falls in the sign Cancer, directly opposite on that Vedic one circle to India’s ancient ruler Capricorn as the axial-shaft in the diagram indicates, confirmed by the sign’s hieroglyph on the geography of India. Without this added to the mix, there could be no understanding of the necessity of the Axis at all – which, it must be added, is further confirmed by the position of both countries on the physical globe itself – that is, they stand back-to-back. Therefore, in this simple manner we encounter again a marriage of a new Heaven and a new Earth as the scriptures prophesied.

Finally, the Vishnu Line of Ten is further confirmed as the backbone of the Sanatana Dharma through India’s full date of Independence. To be consistent we must incorporate the day and month of India’s independence as we have done regarding the USA July 4th birth. In doing so this composite analysis confirms the prime role in the culture of the Vishnu Line of Ten by the fact that August 15 is the birth date of his own 9th Emanation. Thus, through this composite analysis, all contained within the Vedic one circle, many aspects of the civilisation’s destiny are revealed – as well as the sublime control of Mahakala over all things relevant to the preservation of the Dharma. The Vishnu Trivikrama verses also confirm the universal character of the Circle since they prove that the Dasavataras are of Vedic origin and not of the much later Puranic Age. This is the value of having the clue of the ‘one wheel’ from the Rig Veda itself, by which we are assisted in reaching the consciousness of Unity and Oneness enjoyed by the Rishis through the vision of interconnectedness that the Circle offers. This is a unique circumstance on the planet today, in our world where the separative consciousness reigns supreme.

It goes without saying that there are ‘armies’, as it were, set upon impeding this ‘balance of powers’ – old and new. Who their commanding officers are need not be enumerated, they are well known; above all, we must recognise that they are not restricted to ‘outside forces’: they are in our very midst and are recognised by being in a bubble of ‘frozen time’, as I call it. The purpose of this essay is to strengthen from within the elements that can escape this nefarious entrapment and have been called upon to carry the civilisation through to re-establishment of the Dharma via the in-built mechanism that was provided in an Age now lost in the mists of time.

The commonality between the two nations via the 3 number-power that falls in the Vaishya quarter of the Vedic Circle is a penchant for commerce; it has always been the overall driving force behind American policy, though not necessarily the Indian until recent times. For America it is not territorial hegemony but economic – witness the activities of the United Fruit Company in Central America in the last century that helped the nation earn the label ‘the Ugly American’. Fast forward to the 21st century and business once again comes to the fore and finds a decided resonance via the number 3 with the new India.

As illustrated, through the diagrams I demonstrated how the caste structure is cosmic, making it therefore an organisation of society that is ever-present worldwide. As long as the cosmos lives, so long will this fourfold division of society endure in spite of the brittleness that occurs when aspects of the ancient tradition become trapped in ‘frozen time’.


We know that the Sanatana Dharma is able to re-make itself precisely because of its cosmic connection that reveals the way to change within the stability the structure of the solar system itself provides – i.e. the unchanging equinoxes and solstices. These structural balancing pillars provide the coveted Immobile within the Mobile, or Agni of the Veda, the truth-foundation that permits – nay, demands – periodic renewal when that brittleness must be broken up if the Dharma is to survive and not join the fate of all ancient civilisations that were not invested with the duty to ensure survival and reach the point made in this series: transformation of the Cosmic Ignorance (subjected to frozen time) into Cosmic Truth via the intervention of Vishnu’s 9th Avatar whose very birth date sets the renewal mechanism on its way, precisely the task before each of the ten evolutionary Avatars. I demonstrated through the diagram how caste persists throughout the world, though named differently. We see therefore that the second quarter, where the number 3 falls, refers precisely to the business class, economics, suppliers of society, as well as energy sources, and so forth. It cannot be denied that the same holds today and this can be illustrated through India’s struggle for independence. The man who took hold of the movement and carried it through resonated with that number power through his Gujarati birth. Today we have Prime Minister Modi taking the nation forward with emphasis precisely on all aspects of the second quarter of the Circle; and he too is Gujarati as was the Mahatma. Taking advantage of this commonality, we see a rapprochement between America and India prominent on this government’s agenda.

To summarise, across the ages select civilisations have been given specific tasks for the preservation of the perennial Knowledge, which in India we call the Sanatana Dharma, I have written extensively on this fascinating subject because in many cases archaeology and historical research confirm my findings, based on the keys the zodiac provides. In my major work, The New Way 1-3, I use the linkage across time and space that the Sphinx provides to reveal the connection between these two great civilisations, Egyptian and Indian; ancient Egypt of her extant monuments that are testimony to the attempt to preserve this Knowledge, no longer exists. But India thrives, in spite of all attempts to sever the thread to that ancient past.

One of the tasks allotted to ancient Egypt was, as I noted, to conquer space. This is made evident in the colossi still standing, the only evidence of that ancient past, wherein the Knowledge was indeed preserved. Constructions such as the Great Pyramid truly conquered space in that this particular pyramid has remained standing on Earth across many thousands of years; it served the Knowledge well by being proof that a race with superior technological expertise – if nothing else – once flourished, with the understanding that not only was the structure meant to preserve this testimony of a superior technology, but, more importantly, the underlying focus – or purpose – of the civilisation was that this monument would preserve for generations far into the future that the focus of the entire population was on nothing but this perennial Knowledge: the vision of the Cosmic Truth. This is what we find today in the Great Pyramid.

However, lest the message be missed in a world closed to the language of the zodiac– the Cosmic Truth – in front of the Great Pyramid is the Sphinx revealing the eternal relevance of the cosmic script even more explicitly; the purpose of the Great Pyramid was functional; the Sphinx conveys the Cosmic Truth. As pointed out, similar to the Rig Veda hymns to Vishnu, the Preserver, the Sphinx contains two signs of the 12, Leo and Aquarius. The age of its construction some 12,000 years ago, and the age of its revelation – the completion of the task – Aquarius, the Friend Mitra of the Vedic verses, our current astrological age. More conclusively, the Sphinx was completely uncovered from desert sands precisely in 1926, the very year the cosmic clock turned to Aquarius (the Friend Mitra), and the 9th Avatar of Vishnu went into complete seclusion to carry out the task allotted to him for the preservation of the Dharma, after a passage of almost 6000 years from Sri Krishna’s time.

India does not preserve the Dharma as it was done in Egypt – that is, spatial conquest, or the ability to manipulate material elements for the express purpose of surviving the ravages of time. She reserves in her store of Myths, starting with the Rig Veda and the valuable Vishnu Hymns in complete consonance with the message of the Sphinx. The strides taken by Vishnu move across the astrological ages of his own signs of Preservation – Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, the ages in which the 7th, 8th, and 9th of his sacred Line have graced the Earth with their healing presence to keep the Sanatana Dharma alive.

India houses a Mythic Society, and this can never be changed, regardless of the relentless attempts to extirpate this unique component of the nation’s cultural expressions because this is the task allotted to India: conquest of Time which is only accomplished through the human incarnation, through the long line of Rishis, preservers of the Dharma and in particular the Vishnu Dasavataras; they appear during Ages of Preservation to re-set the cosmic clock. Egypt accomplished this task with the Great Pyramid; India requires the Avatar because the Cosmic Truth resides in the soul of the human being, and Time is the vahana of the soul.


Where does the re-setting stand today; the cosmic clock is 23 days off the true zero-point. The equinoxes and solstices hold the key to the correct alignment – Mahavishuva on 21-22 March each year, without change, and thereafter Makar Sankranti on the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, again without the need of any humanly devised ‘correction’. The cosmos holds its own truth if the mechanism handed down through the ages is respected. The divisions of the circle, as given in the Rig Veda verses quoted earlier in this series, are precise: The One wheel…shakes not in the least. It is unchanging and as eternal as the Dharma.

It is so simple. And yet the wise Rishi questions, ‘Who can understand it?’

The Conundrum of India’s Choice of Destiny, Part Four

The coming together of the USA and India as seen in the new cosmology is ‘destined’, how and where do we read this destiny, if at all it exists? For decades India and America have been keeping a distance imposed by the exigencies of the erstwhile Cold War; and there were certainly many reasons for India to be suspicious of America’s intentions – its close relationship with Pakistan proves that those suspicions were not without foundation. In the midst of mounting evidence of wrong-doings and pressure from the international community, to some extent America’s stance has been worn down. No doubt playing a decisive role of late has been pressure from the business community in the USA, for as we know, America will ultimately put business interests above all else. Number-power of the new cosmology helps us understand why this is so.

In reducing a given number to its seed digit by the Mathematics of Unity, we discover that the year of America’s independence reduces to 3 (1776 = 1+7+7+6=21=3). To learn in what way 3 may indicate America’s preference for business, we need to insert the number together with the full scale into a geometric design that allows number to speak to us, as it did for the Ancients. This is the Circle. There are verses from the Rig Veda that give precise instructions on how to begin the exercise of making the cosmic connection by various divisions of that ‘one wheel’,

Twelve spokes, one wheel, navels three.
Who can comprehend this?
On it are placed together
Three hundred and sixty like pegs.
They shake not in the least.

Rig Veda 1.164.48


Dividing the circle (wheel) into 12 parts (spokes), and 360 degrees (pegs), we know that the circle in question is the ecliptic plane where Earth and all the planets travel in their respective orbits around the Sun. These are our 12 months of the year.

To locate where the number 3 falls we see that 3 is one of the angles of the inner triangle (gold-orange colour), and that it falls in the second quarter of the wheel, the Vital. On this basis when we state that by virtue of the year of Independence, 1776, America vibrates to the number 3, the Gnostic Circle reveals where that 3 falls within the One Circle of the Veda. It is in the second quarter of the fourfold division of the ecliptic divided into 12 (spokes), for these 12 are then sub-divided into four which is called Twastri’s Bowl in the Veda; the four angles are the Cardinal Points that determine our seasons on Earth. More importantly, they are the equinoxes and solstices, the stabilising pillars that support us in Time and Space in our orbital journey; given the stability provided by these ‘pillars’, they fulfil the last line in the verses quoted above in reference to the divisions of the one circle: ‘…They shake not in the least’ – perhaps the most important lines in the quoted text.

One of the first references to the four castes is found in the Rig Veda, in X.90.11-12, known as the Purush Shukta verses; it may not be known that they have their origin in the cosmic harmony, as almost all cultural expressions on the subcontinent. As the verses explain, a part of the body is allocated to each caste; similarly, each part of the human body is said to be governed by a particular zodiacal sign. Therefore we can lay the human body along the periphery of the Circle (always the Vedic one circle), starting with Aries/Agni, the head; proceeding through the circle/body, the 12 end with Pisces and the Feet of the cosmic man. Because we are dealing always with the one circle, as prescribed by the Rig Vedic verses quoted above, each quarter of the Circle when divided in four parts covers one of the four castes, as this diagram explains.


The great key of knowledge passed on is that all measurements are done in the One Circle; this injunction is what allows the Vedic laws of equivalency and correspondence to be applied, on the basis of which the cosmic harmony can be read like a book. This is what India has preserved from ancient times, though today it is not a part of the study of post-Vedic Jyotish. Continuing to disregard this key results in the loss of the cosmic connection entirely.

Apart from caste in India, contemporary societies across the globe are divided into the same four major categories, though designated differently: 1) Shudra: labour, tillers of the soil, serving classes, etc, 2) Vaishya: Economics/commerce, industrialists, suppliers/traders, etc, 3) Kshatriya: Governing classes and protectors of the people, etc, and 4) Brahmin: the class that in contemporary affairs lies dormant and is sought to be replaced by the intellectual class; in point of fact, this is the quarter that has been appropriated by religions and philosophical/spiritual elements in society. It is now placed within reach of the human being only through death (heaven). However, it is neither extra-terrestrial nor extra-cosmic, but has simply been closed to the human species in attendance of the new Power the Avatar brings on Earth. In the Vedic Age this last quarter was Swar. Sri Aurobindo makes clear that there was a departure from a quest for the Vedic Swar here on Earth, via a mechanism explained in the Rig Veda very carefully. He wrote, ‘The ascent of man into heaven is not the key but rather the descent of the Spirit into his normal humanity and the transformation of his earthly nature. For that and not some post mortem salvation is the real new birth for which humanity awaits.’

With these keys of knowledge the understanding the Rishi encourages can put each thing in its rightful place;therefore, the items mentioned so far can reveal their common truth-essence and make sense out of apparently disconnected events. For example, the second quarter of the circle is the position the new India also occupies (1947=3). The business penchant holds true in both cases, India and America. However, in India the strongest influence comes via her ancient astrological ruler, Capricorn/Makar, which we can also locate in the Vedic one circle. The 3 number-power is the recent ingredient of her destiny and, while of less significance, it does carry enough weight to make it a determining factor in the joining of the two nations for the benefit of the entire globe in that the USA and India resonate to the same fields the 3 number-power embraces.

This is how we begin to see that only through an amalgam of ancient and new can the affairs of contemporary India be assessed properly. The cosmic harmony based on the Vedic one circle that ‘shakes not in the least’ is the methodology to employ. Let us examine the elements that allow us to grasp the connections between the two nations with the aid of diagrams illustrating the way the One Circle is the key.

India poses an interesting problem regarding destiny. A horoscope can be drawn up for the new India based on the exact time of Independence on 15 August 1947. However, the problem lies in the fact that there are two ‘influences’ to consider. One is seen in the new horoscope of 15 August, which places her in the second quarter at the 3 angle (1947=3); the other is Bharat’s ancient astrological ruler that dates back to prehistory, for which obviously we have neither date nor time; it is Bharat’s ancient ruler that is the thread of the Sanatana Dharma carried over into all her cultural expressions. We know from worldwide astrological tradition up to the present that India’s ruler is zodiacal Capricorn (Makar); but more importantly, this is confirmed by the sign’s own zodiacal hieroglyph, given its synchronicity with actual geographical Akhand Bharat.


This reveals the present-day conundrum Indian society faces. Which influence is to prevail? Interestingly, the destiny pattern itself established for the new India by Mahakala provides the answer. However the question to ask is who can understand, or rather, read this composite destiny, unique to India? We have no other model to turn to. Therefore an entirely new cosmology had to be revealed in order to be able to do justice to this unique circumstance of destiny. To be borne in mind is that ‘reading’ this special arrangement is the way to move into the new dispensation armed with a knowledge that can provide the required determination and strength to weather all the storms that may lie ahead.

For those unfamiliar with astrological tradition as it is practiced worldwide, the hieroglyphs corresponding to each sign, as seen in the above diagrams, are of very ancient origin, so remote that we have no record of the exact date they were first ‘seen’ and then passed into the store of higher knowledge that has survived since then. They are, as it were, a shorthand script of universal character and relevance – indeed, an eternal universal Language. Therefore, when I place before the reader the Capricorn/Makar hieroglyph superimposed on the geographical body of Akhand Bharat, the exactitude in the correspondence is awe-inspiring. Prominent in the news of late is the attempt to show how much science was known in ancient Bharat, often anticipating discoveries made only in the last century. We are familiar with the breakthroughs in mathematics and geometry, but even more interesting is the correspondence I am placing before you. How was the actual geography of the subcontinent seen in such a remote age before the airplane or the space rocket existed – or so we assume? The answer will never be found, so we can lay the question to rest. My point is that this Map/Symbol was discovered, or better unveiled, only in 1974. It plays a primary role in the new Indocentric applied cosmology because we can actually measure the spatial landmass not only on the body of the planet’s latitude coordinates, but even more importantly, we have a key to its temporal measure when we carry this over to the universal calendar via longitude coordinates. It is this symbol-map that holds the profoundest details of India’s ancient and new destiny. For that is the point: without this symbol-map we could not bring about the harmonious resolution to the conundrum: ancient or new? Nor could we appreciate the conjoint role India and America play in the new dispensation.

Welcome Message from Thea March 2015

thea-pondy3-216Why is Aeon Centre of Cosmology putting forward its work of the past several decades in this new comprehensive format? The reason is that never like now has the national discourse in India and throughout the world become so intensely polarised. In India this polarisation revolves around a question that seems to defy solution: Is India, born as an independent nation in 1947, to revert to establishing itself on its ancient moorings, or will those be discarded in favour of the reigning principles of our 21st Century, in many ways foreign to the ancient tradition?

This is the new India’s 67th year. However, that newness is only a small part of her history. The contours of her abiding civilisation are found in carry-overs from very ancient times. Having this dual living framework of destiny and being unique among all nations for this very reason, Aeon Centre of Cosmology is duty-bound to provide answers that can help resolve the issue of an amalgam of both ancient and new as a living force within the context of conditions on the globe today.

thea-pondy1-216For a number of years ACC posted numerous articles on its blog-site, Puranic Cosmology Updated, revealing the method of updating as an in-built mechanism of the Sanatana Dharma, the foundation of the civilisation from ancient times. Those articles presented the way in which the problem, ancient or new, can be effectively resolved. The mechanism dates from the distant Vedic Age. In India given the continuity of the Dharmic tradition, the issue seems to be centred on two aspects primarily. Is the new India to be based on science, somewhat contemptuous of her spiritual heritage which many modern thinkers hold responsible for a pernicious backwardness? On the other end of the spectrum are those who believe India’s spiritual foundation is her gift to the world and constitutes her uniqueness. However, the result offered by our updating is not a mixture of the two, science and spirituality as they stand today. In fact, the latter is far more in need of updating because, as the new cosmology reveals, spirituality is subject to evolutionary laws as much as the more material aspects of life. In fact, standing at the forefront of the Dharmic way, our attention must be focussed on the developments that surround this primary ingredient of the subcontinental ethos. The result is what the Mother called in 1962 the third way beyond science and spirituality. Penetrating deeply we do note that as they now stand, neither can offer the solution required to bring into being a harmonious resolution.

thea-pondy5-216A concentration on the contours of that Third Way has been in progress at ACC since the 1970s. It is a harmonious blend of old and new. The objective of our new and more comprehensive website is to point the way in a factual manner for India to realise that if, as stated by Swami Vivekananda in the beginning of the last century, India is the Vishwa Guru (World Teacher) to lead the march into the luminous future that Sri Aurobindo called the Life Divine on Earth, the demands this places on the nation have to be faced and the tasks required have to be embraced. It is the new Indocentric cosmology that provides the answers and unveils the core of that Third Way.

I welcome all those who wish to collaborate in this noble enterprise—for surely there can be no more noble aspiration than to create the conditions for a rapid transformation in India and the world that will permit the New Heaven and the New Earth of the ancient prophecies to become established on this, our planetary home.

The Conundrum of India’s Choice of Destiny, Part Three

In Parts 1 and 2 a foundation was established for an in-depth analysis of the cosmic harmonies in which India figures centrally to support an edifice consisting of a body of knowledge newly revealed in our times. In this section the applicability of the knowledge can be conveyed from the outset if we take as an example the celebration of Independence in 2014. I use this example to illustrate the necessity of bringing the lens of perception into focus if we are going to make sense of India’s contemporary life while honouring her illustrious past and the gifts she has bequeathed to the world. Mention was made of the Zero, for example, as one of her most valuable contributions. Therefore, I will continue to use the Zero with regard to the 2014 anniversary because it was officially celebrated as India’s 68th. The common method of calculation would be to subtract 1947 from 2014; the result is 67, not 68. To explain the discrepancy it is said that India had started her 68th year. This is of course correct, but to study her destiny on the backdrop of the cosmic harmony, as measured within our universal calendar, for applicability we must locate her Zero Point, on which basis India is 67.

This may be confusing. How can India be both 67 and 68? For the sake of consistency, following suit we would call a new-born infant one-year old at birth, ignoring the 12 months needed to complete the first year – which would actually be the infant’s true and proper zero year. We fill that zero with the 12 months, until the first is reached. At that point, as per the system used to reach 68, we should hold that 12-month old baby to be 2-years old, which clearly we do not do.

I bring up this point because the seed digit of 67 is 4 via the mathematics of unity (6+7=13=4); any year equalling 4 (13=1+3=4, 22=2+2=4, and so on) is usually important insofar as it is a stressful period for reasons I will make clear by the structure of our solar system itself, which tells us everything we need to know about that Orbit; but it is understood only when 0 is the starting point for calculating the birth, as in the birth of the independent nation. The conditions prevailing at that zero starting point will put their stamp on the evolving element that entered the Wheel of Time at that given moment, much like the stamp on the infant at birth of the converging circumscribing cosmic harmony. With the first independent breath of the infant that harmony is taken in, on which basis the horoscope of this convergence is read. That would be the infant’s zero point.

Going deeper it is seen that with the first independent breath (prana) at birth the child is fully disconnected from the subtle planes, a gradual process that has taken 9 months to complete, during which time there has been a compaction of the essence of ‘the other side’ into that zero moment of birth – or, as in Sri Aurobindo’s terminology, the compaction into the 0 of the three planes of consciousness that constitute the reality of our world: Transcendent, Cosmic/Universal, and Individual/Soul. These are compacted into the Zero, for which reason it is the supreme container of the Light of Gnosis, while its physical counterpart, the Sun of our solar system, is the giver of our material light and life. Of far greater importance than its usage in mathematics, the real revolution the Zero brought was when the Rishi first ‘saw’ the 0 and understood its significance for the world of higher knowledge; the rest followed suit.

Regarding Time the three are Future, Past, and Present. Precisely because the three times exist in the subtle dimension, albeit in compact form, we sometimes have glimpses of the future since it already IS. The number equivalents of this compaction of Time are 9 (future), 6 (past), and 3 (present). On ‘the other side’ they compact into the 0 in triads; but when the reversal of birth takes place, from contraction in the 0 numbers begin to extend or expand in a sequential order, 1 to 2 to 3, to 4, and so forth. That is why it is essential to be precise about the manner in which we register the passage of time on planet Earth.

Psychics often miscalculate the timing of events foreseen because they have penetrated the compaction which has not yet evolved in sequential time on this side of the demarcation. The blessing that birth offers is the conscious participation in that extension; therefore it is said that the Gods do not progress and in some cases are even envious of humans! Myths often describe delightful tales in this regard, especially the Greek myths.

I will provide an example of the precision required by referring to the 2014 discrepancy between 67 and 68. Which is it to be? The event itself will provide the answer. For that I must present a diagram, the Gnostic Circle, (The Gnostic Circle, PNB, Aeon Books, 1975) that can illustrate the way in which we bring precision in an area, Time, which is believed to be far too elusive to offer any exactitude, especially in our world of the Science of the Relative. It is important to draw in the triadic number sequence at this point because the entire history of New India is constructed around this sequence, 9, 6, 3, 0. In the enlargement below this triad is found in the golden triangle, or the orbits of Pluto, Saturn, the Earth, and the Sun, the 0. India stands out as unique in the world because by her very evolution in Time she plays out the grander harmony of the spheres that alone can make sense of why we exist on this planet, and the purpose of the Earth herself in the evolutionary scheme.


These higher processes involving birth – of an individual, a nation, an event, or even an idea – take place in 9 stages. Therefore we understand that 9 is of special importance and indeed it is held as sacred in India from ancient times, starting with veneration of the Cow, whose gestation period is the same as the human’s. This is often connected to the calendar, as for example celebration of the 9 Nights of Durga, or the Ram Navami, and so on. In the diagram above, called the Gnostic Circle, the 9 is incorporated centrally (see enlargement). This design could only have come into being in our times because the solar system had to reach the maturity of 9 planets in orbit around the Sun. As pointed out in Part 2, the number system India bequeathed to the world figures prominently in this exposition because the 0 (holding the key to the entire unfolding) is that Sun, and the 9, with which the 0 is equal, are the planets; the system’s maturity was reached only in the last century with the discovery of Pluto, 9th in the series to complete the triad of the outer planets; this addition of a greater triad to the former six of the solar family in itself reveals the special times we live in, times of culmination. But this completion has been recorded in every Hindu temple ever built by the Navagrahas positioned at the entrance, exhorting all to pay homage to our solar family of 9. This is not superstition or ignorance of the mechanics and constitution of the System; rather the Seers of ancient times had to preserve the knowledge of 9 in attendance of a future age when astronomy would catch up, as it were, and discover physically what the Seer ‘sees’ subtly.

In this diagram, we have the harmony of our solar system contained. The 12 signs/months are given the zodiacal names used universally; this would be the horizontal/space plane, if we view the diagram three-dimensionally. The next to consider is the vertical/time which is the 9 planets in their proper orbits around the Sun, the 0. Thus, the Gnostic Circle is a combination of 9 (planets) and 12 (zodiacal signs); it is a Wheel of Time that one enters at birth or, as in the case of India, when she was born as an independent nation in 1947. The 9 orbits are actually 9 years, applying the Vedic laws of Equivalency and Correspondence. India would have moved through the Gnostic Circle 7 times from 1947, plus 4 years. In this manner we see that the nation in her time experience is dipping down and moving to the belly of the diagram. She reached the 4 Point on 15 August 2014 – or the orbit of Mars, the 4th planet of the solar system.

To be carefully noted is the next stage, or the 4.5 Orbit – that is, the orbit situated between those of Mars (4) and Jupiter (5). It does not have a fully designated number because we do not find a true planetary body there. It is the Asteroid Belt, populated by millions of tiny particles, perhaps remnants of a celestial body seeking maturity but that never quite made it. Be that as it may, passage through this orbit (in calendar time) results in the stresses that celestial body may have experienced eons ago: a break-up, a shattering; or, as it is often experienced in the life of an individual passing through this orbit, a disengagement of excess baggage, as it were. However that may be, this passage is critical.

We may take the multiples of 9 to illustrate the 4.5’s unusual character. Moving down both sides of the circle (see GC’s centre portion) at the same time, we reach the numbers 1 and 8, or the second multiple of 9; next in line are 2 and 7, the third multiples; then 3 and 6, the fourth, and so on down the body of the circle. We end the exercise at the fifth multiple, the 4 and 5. But at this point, if we wish to continue the exercise we have to reverse the direction and move upward around the same circle. We then have 54, the sixth multiple, then 63, the seventh, and so on until we reach the ninth multiple at 8 and 1. Therefore, the 4.5 Orbit is also called the Reversal Point.

Succinctly, it can be said that the completion of Sri Aurobindo’s mission for the world is centred on this very Reversal Point, the 4.5 Orbit. Indeed, the core of his mission was to reverse the direction spirituality and religions had taken up to the time of his birth from a quest for the Beyond in favour of a reversed direction to establish those highest principles of Transcendent, Cosmic, and Individual/Soul on our very planetary home. This is the colossal labour of Vishnu’s 9th emanation – himself as the 9th embodying everything the 9 embraces. As the 9 he embodied Transcendence; as the 4th in his returned form, he embodied Immanence, certainly the greatest mystery theology has ever contemplated: How Transcendence becomes Immanence.

There is a method to the madness, however. As can be noted, the 4.5 marks the mid point in the 9-year cycle, barely half way through the cycle. What is shed at this point is whatever stands in the way of the loftiest attainment to which one can aspire if we are intent on developing into more evolved human beings, conscious participants in the process of evolution, as the species moves up the ladder to a higher stage beyond the rule of Mind, to serve as harbingers of the next principle which Sri Aurobindo called the Supermind. It can never be emphasised enough: the human race is transitory; it stands at the threshold of a great evolutionary leap.

There is so much more to learn from this diagram that explains the trials and tribulations of the ancient civilisation. To illustrate, this area, the 4.5 Orbit, is also known as the area of escape. When the stresses of an existence in this material creation become too much to bear, when suffering is a crushing experience, compassionate souls like the Buddha use this point as the path to help human beings avoid the suffering that seems to have no other solution. He took this option as the avenue of escape from the material universe with all its misery and pain, for this stage in the movement, or the ‘journey’ as it was called in the in Veda, does offer a choice of destiny: here we pass from the lower hemisphere across the cosmic horizon, as it were, and enter the upper hemisphere to serve the Higher Cause. The culmination is in Uttarayana. What this meant in the Age of the Rishis is that one was set upon the path to Immortality and no longer subject to death as experienced by the mortal race, children of Aditi’s 8th son, Martanda.

The diagram displays this potential of the 4.5. With the enneagram (circle divided into 9 parts) forming the lines on the basis of which the planets are incorporated into this composite map of Time, we can actually see that this is like the birth channel. But is it to be birth leading to a higher experience within the material universe, or ‘birth’ into another dimension by dissolving all the ties that bind us to this creation in matter in preparation for death – that is, nirvana, the ultimate experience of dissolution? In this sense the 4.5 is the supreme location in Time of a choice of destiny: do we agree to continue the journey and complete the cycle, moving into what is known as the higher hemisphere as a service to humanity and the evolving species, or do we abdicate and refuse to fulfil our duty as prescribed by the formula 9, 6, 3, 0 – that is, to bring those highest principles of Reality to Earth by establishing on this planet what Sri Aurobindo called the Life Divine? That is true service, not limited to oneself or one’s personal liberation but to help the whole of humanity reach the summit of evolution by which the species itself can live in the luminous Truth-Consciousness of the Solar World or Swar. Sri Aurobindo made the position very clear when he wrote to his disciples what the goal of Buddhism was and that the realisation of Nirvana was ‘the halfway point’:

‘As to Buddha’s attitude towards life, I do not quite see how ‘service to mankind’ or any ideal of improvement of the world-existence can have been a part of his aim, since to pass out of life into a transcendence was his object… (Letters on Yoga, CE, p.60).

‘Nirvana cannot be at once the ending of the Path with nothing beyond to explore… The reconciliation would be that it is the end of the lower Path through the lower Nature and the beginning of the Higher Evolution. In that case it would accord exactly with the teaching of our yoga.’ (Ibid, p.67)

Fortunately for the human race India’s destiny is to be the leader and to carry the species through to completion of the entire circle, and during passage through the 4.5 Orbit to choose to be at the service of the higher Cause rather than dissolve all that binds us to existence in this material dimension. This is her blessing and her bane. As this study will reveal, India is by destiny the centre-soul of the Earth. Actually, she has no choice but to fulfil that Dharma to which she is duty-bound from the first breath she took as a civilisation committed to carrying forward the Sanatana Dharma, the purpose of which is to reveal the path to the solar summit and never to abandon the Earth. For this reason India maintains the thread linking her to that ancientmost period when the Dharma was breathed into and became embedded in the consciousness-soil of the Earth with the sequential appearances of Vishnu’s emanations. Much water has passed under the bridge of Time since then, many yugas have come and gone – but across the millennia India has kept the cosmic thread intact through the periodic appearances of Vishnu’s Avatars – the Line that I call the ‘backbone’ of Hinduism. If there is anything that we can call permanent in the long history of Bharat it is the continuity of the Avataric Line of Vishnu, to which her Epics bear testimony.

To conclude, we return to the Independence celebration, the proof that the new India is 67 is found in the developments since that anniversary which themselves confirm the point I am making. For if we consider that 67 is the age calculation applicable in the cosmic harmony, and we realise that the new nation had reached the orbit of Mars on 15.8.2014, we carry the calculation further ahead in the year and note that the critical 4.5 Orbit passage would occur in February of 2015 – that is, exactly six months after the 67th anniversary as measured in the Gnostic Circle. Interestingly, and to prove the point, there were indeed shattering, asteroidal events at that very time. The intensity of the passage is usually noted from several days before the exact midway point to several days after. Right around the time leading up to the mid point there was considerable ferment engendered by the polls in Delhi. Moving closer to the exact 4.5 (15 February 2015) on 10 February the Aam Admi Party (AAP) was declared the winner; the new government was sworn in on 14 February, just a day before the exact passage. And as if to emphasise the correct birth number for these applications, the party won an unprecedented 67 seats!

To bear in mind is that this measurement starts from the birth of the New India and brings into play only issues related to that new happening – hence the political situation is important to note in studying the 4.5 effects counted from the 1947 Zero Point. I noted above that Sri Aurobindo confirmed my assessment of the 4.5 Orbit as the ‘escape’ route and the position in the cosmic harmony of the Buddhist Nirvana realisation, as well as all Yogic realisations that give vent to a tendency buried deep in the human constitution to abandon the Earth in favour of the luminous Beyond. The Heavens of all religions fall into the same category.

By these convergences the student of the new Indocentric cosmology realises that a consciousness capable of seeing in terms of interrelatedness, of the harmony of parts within the whole is a key element that carries us into a new dimension where we understand the true nature of Reality. Also to be understood by this analysis of the birth date of the new India and its arrival at the 4.5 Orbit in mid-February, is that withdrawal from involvement in the evolutionary process in favour of seeking repose in laya, as Sri Aurobindo noted, is really not in harmony with India’s higher destiny and the role she is destined to play for herself and on the world stage. Service is the keyword, but this extends beyond the nationalism we uphold today as the beacon for her youth. It is service to the higher cause wherever that may take her in the fulfilment of hers and the world’s destiny. This is the core of the Sanatana Dharma that can never be lost sight of. It is a Dharma for the Earth as a whole. There can be no separation, no isolation from all aspects of her life.

With this background we can now study the exquisite manner in which the ancient and the new are intermingled in the destiny of contemporary India by an in-depth examination of the cosmic harmonies that indicate the inevitability of America and India coming together for the uplift of the Earth and all her societies.

The Conundrum of India’s Choice of Destiny, Part Two

The material I am presenting is distilled from over forty years of concentration on the cosmic harmonies. The resultant body of higher knowledge can be summed up in a few simple diagrams that I will present in the course of this series. They are founded on the perception of Cosmic Truth as opposed to Cosmic Ignorance; that is, a focussed vision in which all things find their rightful place within the Harmony; therefore they continuously disclose greater depths and wider vistas as we apply the diagrams to the issues at hand. They reveal Being and Becoming: in the present context the Becoming refers to the actual unfolding of the contemporary events we are analysing in which India is central. Indeed, because of this centrality ‘the centre holds’, in contrast to the point made by the poet Yeats in the last century on the condition of the world, ‘the centre cannot hold’. Without the central point – as in the astrological/astronomical symbol of the Sun ☉ – the play is simply one of chaos: things happen but they make no sense, there is no connection, no unified perception of the ever-changing play of circumstances. More specifically, Cosmic Ignorance describes chaos.

The Centre is the Seeing Eye, as it were. This ‘seeing’ is not merely a passive act. Rather, the very Act of Seeing the cosmic harmony in the light of the truth-conscious Supermind brings the heavenly harmony into focus, and therefore it holds; or the unveiling of the true centre imposes an order in the peripheral play that can then ‘make sense’. Cosmos/order is the prime characteristic of the universal harmony as seen from Earth because it holds by virtue of the existence of a centre. This is the nature of the entire manifest universe: centres are everywhere, macro and micro. It is the nature of the human incarnation where the soul is the centre that can then create harmony out of the chaos of our own individual existence.

There are significant verses from the ancient text concerning temple architecture, Mayamata, it is stated, ‘If the measurement of the temple is in every way perfect, there will be perfection in the universe as well’ (XXII.92). This might seem paradoxical. We would assume the correct order to be that the perfection seen in the universe by the sage is then transposed into the temple architecture. But this is not the case in the higher perception of reality: the sage states exactly the reverse which is correct. The seer engages in the Act of Seeing that focuses the lens of perception, on which basis the perfection that eternally is can be perceived. The temple is therefore understood as the ‘lens’.

In this Age of the Supermind the knowledge contained in the vision is such that it ‘makes all things new’. Put another way, the ancient Veda and also the later little-understood Revelation of St John describe a salient feature of the great new order when, it is stated, ‘a new heaven and a new earth’ emerge. We can well understand what the sages meant by a new Earth, but it is not easily understood what a new heaven might mean. The descent of the Supermind explains the matter. It is precisely what is being described in these pages: the Supramental Avatar brings the revelation of exactly what is needed for that New Heaven to manifest: Supermind transforms Cosmic Ignorance into Cosmic Truth and thus is a new cosmology born, Indo-Centric for the first time since the Puranic Age. His very birth sets that process in motion, as I will explain. It all culminates in our very times – not in a hundred years from now, or a thousand. The issue is not to miss the moment. We are called to be conscious participants in this revolutionising transformation of life on Earth. Thus there are certain key elements of contemporary life that help us focus the lens as it had never been focussed before, not even in the Vedic Age. Prominent among them is the number system India gifted to the world – the scale 0 to 9. Zero holds the supreme key when it is known as Fullness and not the shunya of today.

Taken together 0 and 9 express the reality of creation. A cosmology has evolved on the basis of the newly-focussed Lens that reveals the 0 as the Womb of Fullness, of the primordial energy of Consciousness in a state of REST; the 9 denotes the fullest extension of that Energy – i.e. the MOTION (the Shakti) whose vibratory intensity brings into being the forms of the dense physical universe, our dimension whose overall number is 9, or the number of the Divine Mother whose geometric symbol is the circle. We have the two expressed geometrically in the symbol of the Sun: the inner point is the Zero, the outer circle is the Nine ☉.

In chanting the Gayatri Mantra each morning, as many Hindus do, with this grounding in knowledge the act becomes far more meaningful. The Sun, through the correct application of the sacred sciences, is no longer just the giver of material light and life; it is also the holder of the highest Light of Gnosis to which the human being can aspire in any given Age. In the course of this series not only will India find her place within the newly revealed Cosmic Truth as the soul-centre of the Earth, but each inhabitant will rejoice in the realisation that the individual is also that very centre-soul. The sages have known this, the scriptures describe it, but none have made it applicable in our very times – the same truth updated and thereby enhanced and in no way diminished. Harsh fundamentalist stances are thus avoided by the updating that is the heart and soul of the Sanatana Dharma.

We apply this understanding and verify the above by any sum in which 0 and 9 are contained, and by eliminating either one the final sum remains the same. Thus, 1950 would always result in 6 when both 0 and 9 are eliminated. This shows the direct link between the two; and, what is of greater importance, that REST and MOTION are equal, the latter being simply the result of the intensity of vibration of the former. Put more simply, the subtle is not the superior poise, even as rest/silence is also not superior as many believe. With the emergence of the Cosmic Truth and through these very pages we will realise that the two – also expressed as Being and Becoming – stand together as the foundation of our world as equal partners and that they are ever-present simultaneously. It may be expressed another way: Permanence, the goal of a number of paths (in this case represented by the 0) is not superior to Impermanence (9, as in the play of the Shakti). This truth – undeniably our lived experience on Earth – is constantly denied when Silence / Permanence / Non-Being are put before the seeker as the only true reality. Whereas, reality is the simultaneity of the two, 0 and 9, and both constitute the foundation of our world.

Because of contemporary systems of Measure, given science’s progress in many interconnected fields, the application of the scale 0-9 can be tested by relating the seed digits of any given year to the universal calendar via the Mathematics of Unity as in 2015=8. We begin to understand how this supramental Knowledge is in no way abstract. Therefore the new Indo-Centric Cosmology is called an applied cosmology. It makes no sense nor can it have any transformative power without applicability. Without a grasp of these basics the universal harmony remains a closed book, as it has been for many centuries. But with these basic keys we unlock the door to that inner chamber, and soon realise that the Mathematics of Unity is the means to connect the subtle dimensions to the physical in an applicable manner that can satisfy the need for empiricism.

To prove the point we have what I call the cosmic credentials of Vishnu’s Avatar at our disposal. His very entry into Earth time, as recorded in our universal calendar, is the first step in the construction of this new-age Temple of Gnosis. Thus his birth in 1872 equals 9 by the Mathematics of Unity; and that 9-power year marked the beginning of the transformation of Cosmic Ignorance into Cosmic Truth, or the perception of that New Heaven prophesied so long ago. Almost a century and a half have passed since the avataric descent began in Earth time, but from that point on a series of other births have occurred to forge an axis that serves as ‘holding power’ until the newly-independent nation had reached a maturing point and was in a position to ‘hold’ for the entire Earth by virtue of her rightful position of soul-centre of the planet. Because this momentous time is upon us, in this series I will present factual proof of India’s ordained role based on the evidence provided by the new cosmology, for she is unique among the comity of nations.

The Conundrum of India’s Choice of Destiny, Part One

The timing of events on the global stage is always interesting to observe, especially during elections; this has been the case in the recent Delhi assembly elections. We witnessed what would normally have been of purely national interest take on an international character. This was facilitated by President Obama’s farewell speech to the Indian nation on the morning of 27 January last. All had been going well, indeed very well – but at the last minute a spanner was thrown in the works. I observed the situation with perhaps a greater interest than most because the USA and India coming together is required for an emerging new world order. On the surface it would seem that Obama is intent on bringing that re-structuring to an end, because certainly India cannot accept that outside powers dictate terms and place conditions, as veiled as they may be, on a friendship that promises benefits to both parties. But let us probe more deeply into these recent events; there is much to learn.

Tolerance is a word that was sprinkled throughout President Obama’s castigation: religious tolerance was his call. Ironically, it was a case of bringing coals to Newcastle because if there is any area on the globe that has consistently demonstrated openness to all faiths it is the Indian subcontinent. However, this is not because the civilisation was ‘tolerant’ – a word that might apply to other nations if indeed they sought to accommodate diverse faiths in their midst alongside the mainstream religion. More often this was not the case. Not only have other beliefs not been ‘tolerated’, many were severely persecuted.

If we take Obama’s speeches both in India and in the USA after Delhi, we see how far the West is from understanding the Indian approach in such matters; as well, woven throughout was the attitude of, indeed, tolerance: We tolerate you in our midst, but we (mainstream Christianity) are superior. Its condescending implication is what makes it clear that ‘tolerance’ cannot be preached to a civilisation founded on the Sanatana Dharma. The more accurate description is ALL-EMBRACING. As history records across the millennia, India has consistently demonstrated this quality, having opened her arms to any number of refugees fleeing from religious persecutions in western countries. Unfortunately, India is being pressured from those very quarters to become more like them – tolerant or benignly condescending. If this does indeed come to pass it would mean the end of the Sanatana Dharma – the only all-embracing tradition on the globe today, without any overt or covert sense of superiority; on the contrary, in embracing others she has succumbed to a sense of inferiority with which she is still grappling.

There was another troubling element injected into the Delhi elections; astute observers sensed there may have been a method to the madness. There was a protest outside a Catholic Church in the capital just before polling. Its timing and the presence of certain political leaders contesting the election indicated that it must have been a planned affair to influence the electorate. But there was more to the madness, coming so closely on the heels of Obama’s castigatory speech on religious tolerance. The protest sought to convey the very same message: not only intolerance but persecution as well. It was a means to fortify the western Christian lobby and its international agenda which many believe was behind Obama’s own diatribe; the Delhi Christian event fell in line by its carefully crafted protest that would ensure national and international media coverage – women dragged away from the site of the illegal protest by the police and carted away in buses. It had all the appearance of a staged affair and that the political leaders showing solidarity in their midst were intent on reaping electoral benefits. Just a day earlier those same leaders vehemently denied courting support from religious quarters, yet there they were!

Where is the dividing line between Church and State that America champions? If the Christian lobby can ensure that the Chief Minister of an Indian State is denied entry into the country through pressure exerted on the government by that lobby, does the divide really exist? There are no officially recognised lobbies in India as in the USA, but the very same pressure is exerted through cases of timely staged protests. This is lobbying Indian style. And if any elected government has the guts to enforce the law and firmly deal with the matter, as was the case in Delhi, it is labelled intolerant and anti-minority. How does a government with the best interests of the country at heart deal with such cases within a democratic structure? On the eve of polling the strategy can be very effective, especially with Obama, the most powerful man in the world, setting the stage with his own shoot-and-scoot farewell address. It does not get any better than that as a strategy.

Thus, Obama’s ‘Farewell to India’ was questionable, interfering on more levels than a cursory survey would indicate. It was not merely uncalled-for big-brotherly ‘advice’, it was revealing of the great battle being fought across the globe in which India stands entirely alone. Destiny has called upon her to carry forward the Dharma that has perished everywhere else. None of the ancient civilisations exist today with which India could find a kindred spirit. They have all succumbed to the wave that swept across the planet and replaced their all-embracing character with an exclusivism unknown when Goddess worship was prominent. This took a particularly revealing aspect when the focus was on elimination of idol worship throughout the last Piscean Age (234 BCE – 1926 CE). The connection between the Goddess and idol worship of any sort is not recognised by most; however, a deeper penetration uncovers the linkage in that the Feminine is the giver of form, in the Veda known as the Divine Maya. Without a respect for her role along with the Supreme, her relevance in equal measure, idol worship cannot make sense.

Down the line of time we see the effects of this dismissal in the growing number of attacks on women throughout the world, the intensification of their suppression in lands where the wave manifested particularly robustly, and in many other facets of 21st-century life which we like to consider ‘enlightened’. Because the wave brought with it a cloud of darkness, the connection was finally obscured and even India succumbed in her own way to the Time-Spirit’s imperative fiat: an Age of Darkness (kaliyuga) set in across the entire globe becoming more obscuring as time moved on until the Light was almost entirely extinguished.

At that point Indian realisers veered toward quests for otherworldliness and thereby completely abandoned the Earth, favoured planetary abode of the Goddess. Then, at the appointed time, Vishnu’s 9th Emanation took birth and in the last century he laboured precisely to reverse that otherworldly trend – in a word, to save the Earth, just as many myths foretell. His total seclusion in 1926, the very year the new Aquarian Age began, was criticised within the Freedom Movement of which he had been a prominent figure, without understanding that the new age of Aquarius brought a specific task to the fore: Sri Aurobindo was focussed entirely on not only reversing the trend of otherworldliness of all spirituality and religions, but on bringing down the new Power that would be India’s gift to the World. He called it the Supramental Truth-Consciousness or the Gnostic Supermind, which would allow for true enlightenment. India has been nurtured throughout the darkest of nights to be the home of a Supramental Gnosis unknown since the Vedic Age; and even the glorious attainments of that illustrious era will pale in comparison to what lies ahead with the establishment in the evolution of the next principle above Mind, the Supermind. This was the 9th Avatar’s task. But though the war was successfully waged in the subtle dimensions against forces hostile to that accomplishment, it still needs to be worked out in the physical dimension by imprinting it in the evolutionary matrix in such a way that the Earth can never more be submerged in darkness.

None are aware of the important turning point India has reached, which Sri Aurobindo called ‘a choice of…destiny’: ‘At present mankind is undergoing an evolutionary crisis in which is concealed a choice of its destiny…’. The point the Avatar makes is that the choice is for the whole of humanity, and that this ‘evolutionary crisis’ will determine the course of evolution on Earth. We need to discover factually India’s role in this act of choosing, using methodologies known to her from ancient times but updated for contemporary purposes.

Thus, my intention is to share with those who need to know the precise shape of the new dispensation because the passage now must be a conscious, participatory one. On that basis the pressures exerted by less mature nations can be understood for what they are: last-ditch attempts to keep the Earth closed within a cloak of darkness. Figuratively, it is as if she had been engulfed by a sheath like a mother nurturing a luminous foetus of Light in her protective womb.

The wave of darkness spread across the world throughout the Age of Pisces prior to our own (234 BCE–1926 CE). The stakes are higher now than ever. This is not merely a hegemonic struggle for territorial influence and/or conquest by one nation over another. It is the survival of the entire Earth that stands in the balance, just as the ancient myths record. India’s mission for the world and for which she has been assisted across the millennia to keep the foetus alive, as it were, is to nurture and strengthen the thread of the ancient all-embracing way of the Sanatana Dharma so that she may take up her position as the one and only cosmological centre of the Earth – i.e. the Earth’s very soul embodiment.

This is why to describe her alliance with the USA as one of ‘equals’ is incorrect. America can only look to India for guidance into the new Light; she cannot attempt to impose her immature grasp of the matter on any nation, much less India, the soul-centre of the world. I will explain the cosmological basis for this statement; in so doing we establish a more secure foundation for an examination of India’s unique destiny. Even more interestingly, on the basis of the new keys of knowledge at our disposal, we can discover the manner in which to solve the riddle of her destiny that can be summed up as a choice between the Old and the New. This analysis of the connecting cosmic link between India and America reveals that an amalgam of both ancient and modern is the answer; the way in which this has been expressed through the new cosmology is what makes the destiny of India unique among all nations. It is only the Centre-soul that can provide this function in an age wherein the Cosmic Truth is to replace the Cosmic Ignorance that currently prevails. This exercise will not only reveal the link between the two nations, but the deepest purpose served by their axial binding.


The Miracle of Oneness 9 a concluding summation

I would like to bring this series to a close not with another Journal entry but with a summary of sorts based on the responses to what I had been recording after an important breakthrough. The realisation that contraction is a property of the Zero was well known before this latest act of seeing. What changed was so simple that I cannot now understand how it was missed for so long. Being a ‘cosmic direction’ (along with expansion) proper to the Zero, and the latter being the compaction of the three times, it should have been obvious that contraction was on the other side of what science calls the event horizon; or else beyond the borderline of a singularity. Thus, the entire event occurs on the other side. And it is constant, ceaselessly creative. Therefore it can easily qualify for the elusive cosmological constant. It is through contraction that the properties of the Zero are carried over into the material world and indeed become the upholder of the entire manifestation ‘on this side’.

When passage is made into the Zero, beyond the material threshold, it is true that the mathematical formulae and laws of physics cannot be used to measure and to explain the process. Unity is the keyword and I stated that the Mathematics of Unity is required in order to reach the essence of Being. This same system may be used on this side of the cosmological threshold, and by reduction to a seed digit something of that essential being can be explained; moreover, this allows for applicability.

Important to note is that the realm of essentiality is known as the solar world because the Sun (0) is the source of essence. When that Essence is drawn into our material universe of 9, by processes of yoga devised for that purpose, the individual who has attained this new balance or poise of consciousness-being necessarily becomes governed by laws that hold in the solar world.

Sri Aurobindo’s mission to bring ‘heaven’ to Earth, or to establish that Kingdom here, implies this shift which then places the individual capable of the realisation here – but not here; that is, the laws operating for a creature bounded by the pivot at the sex centre. with its atavistic drives and ego-dependency, are inoperable when the solar world becomes established on Earth. This means that the laws of essentiality are the protection required to allow the new creation to be born in this material dimension and to grow and ultimately flourish. Without the realignment and crosswise new balance that brings into being a true Centre, no such protection exists. The Mother was especially concerned about this aspect of the Truth-Conscious manifestation: how would it survive in a world hostile to the higher things?

But this would be a contradiction in terms because once centering of the New Way has occurred that ‘point that has filled the Void’ cannot be withdrawn. Practically, this means that a mortal creation pivots a void where the fullness of the Centre should be. This situation not only furthers atavism but is also the reason why a creation orbiting such a void must collapse into that emptiness.

The goal of the new creation is therefore to fill the Void. This can be done by centering and realignment. In symbology it is described as the equal-arm or the off-centre cross. Where the two arms join at their exact centre the Point emerges that fills the Void.

Once accomplished, the laws of the Zero-Centre prevail, and they carry us to immortality. When contraction in the Zero is seen and the cosmological constant is realised as just that, a constant, then we are certain that the kingdom of the Sun has established itself on Earth and eventually must take over her evolutionary process. Then, Time, evolving out of its Zero-Womb, is the motor for what extends through the speed of consciousness to establish the solar world on Earth.

Entrance into the Zero is cosmologically possible during the period known from ancient times as the Festival of Light. In Rome it was called the Saturnalia because that Cardinal Point is Capricorn, ruled by Saturn. In terms of the harmony of our solar system and the laws of equivalence where one day equals one year, the fourth Cardinal position is Cosmic Midday. The pertinent image is the Sun directly overhead, casting no shadows – i.e. a shadowless realm or existence, with all that that implies and which the Tradition calls the Golden Age, or in India the Satya Yuga, the Age of Truth-Consciousness. It is said that the Gods walk the Earth in the Golden Age; but what is meant is that the solar world (Swar) has ‘descended’ bringing into the evolutionary process its higher laws, implanting a new divine Purpose in the heart of humanity – indeed, raising the level from a mental to a supramental species.


When it is known that the laws of physics break down ‘on the other side’, we understand that the answers we seek regarding the world and evolution cannot come through the contemporary disciplines by which we probe the cosmos from this side. Integrality and unity are the keywords in the New Way, both of which are impossible to realise through contemporary science. It is evident on the other hand that these realisations are part and parcel of the solar world – its very essence in fact. Thus, to attempt to use features of the New Way to validate the discoveries of the scientist is misplaced. The New Way is its own science. Born of the truth-conscious solar world, it alone explains the laws and functioning of anything to do with that higher realm – i.e. the appearance of Vishnu’s Avatars. They are known as offspring of the Time-Spirit; as such and considering that Time arises in that womb of essentiality, we could call these emanations offspring of the Sun as well. Moreover, as the only physical embodiments of that solar essentiality, it is not surprising that the higher laws are revealed through their very births recorded in universal calendar time – a method verifiable by all.

There is always a tendency in the human being to measure or evaluate anything new on the basis of the Known. One trained in science will seek to use science as the barometer: everything else must make sense in relation to that. Or else, as we have witnessed from time to time, there is an attempt to gauge the value of the New Way on the backdrop of a commitment to a path of yoga or a philosophy that had arisen during previous Ages. The psychotherapist will do the same by isolating certain features of the Integral Yoga which seem to include certain tenets of psychology. In doing so these attempts to understand a system complete in itself by reference to any of the known disciplines would be placing severe limitations on the New Way, the very limitations that have stymied progress along the lines mentioned. To put the lesser in its rightful place within the whole a higher synthesis is required which by its very nature of integrality can make sense of what lies at levels beneath it. That higher synthesis is then all-embracing and brings completion to the analysis which had been withheld in previous lower hemisphere attempts to understand our world. The imagery of The Magical Carousel can help us appreciate what it means to have an all-encompassing vision: it is as if we stand on the mountain top with Omanisol, beneath whose feet lies all of material creation.

The question of a universal calendar merits clarification since it becomes the tool for verification rather than the complicated mathematics suited to an elite. Such a calendar encapsulates for the masses the cosmic harmony that is a direct extension of the harmonies of the solar world. This means that the rhythms of our third planet from the Sun will express for us that essentiality through the lived experience of her orbital dance around the luminary. Like a carousel horse she experiences several motions which are her unique way of giving expression or form to her upholding Essence. Similar to a gestation, the Earth holds these rhythms within herself to become for us the embodiment of the solar essence. Therefore, to ignore her rhythms and pulsations in favour of heavenly or extra-cosmic harmonies far removed from her experience, is to do a serious disservice to our Mother. A true calendar must therefore regulate these terrestrial harmonies as they unfold in the course of the Earth’s orbit of the Sun in 365 days, which are then divided into sections marked off eternally and accurately by the Cardinal Points four times a year. These rhythms are simple, visible and materially provable.

Because the laws of the solar world operate in a true Centre, Skambha can help those who come into its atmosphere to get in touch with their essential being. The practical result is a re-focussing of their lens of perception within the context of that essentiality, into a world of unity beyond the binary constraints we are accustomed to. Centred thus, all then serves the purposes of the One – positive or negative. Focussing the lens assists us in ‘seeing in understanding’ whereby we are able to discriminate between the two and gradually reach a poise of consciousness that furthers only the positive and does not require the negative any longer. This is what is meant by standing beneath the ray of the midday Sun, casting no shadows. The Mother captured this poise in her plan of the inner chamber and knew from the outset that it was the ‘symbol of the future realisation’.