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The Miracle of Oneness 8

‘We have then an identical apex atop the pyramid of Sri Aurobindo’s symbol proportionate to the one at Giza when the Great Pyramid fulfilled its function involving space. In the Mother’s chamber time is the issue, because of which consciousness is central. With time we are dealing with the other side, as it were, before the event horizon, pre-‘big bang’ or whatever, pre-space, or before compacted, compressed Time gave birth to the One, or the point of space. In Egypt the principle or the cosmic direction in operation was expansion, proper to space. In the Mother’s plan the direction is contraction, proper to time. Contraction in turn is necessarily linked to gravity. Perhaps for this reason secular science has not cracked the gravity conundrum as yet and cosmologists pin their hopes on discovering the theory that unifies everything for a breakthrough in precisely the question of gravity’s function. Hence the discovery of the exact mass in the universe is a burning question. Indeed, we are so much in the thickest darkness that in spite of our dazzling technology and mental prowess in mathematics, 96% of that mass is unknown, unaccounted for, and is thus called ‘dark matter’. It is out of the reach of our instruments of measure.
‘Indeed, the answers are beyond our reach because they lie ‘on the other side’. Not transcendental somehow, disconnected from the immanence of the time and space we know, but an involved transcendence yet ever ‘dark’ because this question of the three dimensions of compressed time (9/6/3) giving birth to the One through the compact 0 of fullness (0-1) is ignored. For this reason the Supramental Solar Line descends into Earth time – to imprint that code in the heart of material creation as a functioning, living and determining principle ever after. This is the foundation of the new creation, this simple equation: 9/6/3/0-1.’

The question of mass and alignment
‘The pre-Pharaonic Egyptians understood the question of mass. The Great Pyramid provides the proof. Science has not addressed this aspect of the colossus yet, mainly because it still refuses to accept that its builders possessed a science and technology far beyond ours. It is impossible, they sustain, and therefore they refuse to look at it, in spite of the ground reality.
‘The answer we seek in the Great Pyramid lies in its mass which involves the most baffling aspect of the structure: the size and positioning of the massive stones that tightly and accurately constitute this mass. But there is more, and this involves alignment and the core, which in turn are provided by shafts of great precision traversing the Pyramid, and the chambers at specific locations and of specific dimensions. . . .’

This quote from Chronicles of the Inner Chamber reveals how accurate perceptions were at the time, almost 9 years ago. But there was that telling piece missing, the same as it has been missing for scientists – this question of gravity, its origin and function which then allow it to be integrated. How fascinating that in my work it was also gravity/contraction that was holding out. However, this is Supermind in action, unlike with contemporary Science. Thus, this perception of gravity/contraction is withheld as a part of a controlled process of unveiling. That missing piece is unfolded in a natural organic order – and it is always there as part of the process but withheld or veiled. The veil is lifted when the time comes for its integration to make greater sense. Supermind moves from truth to greater truth. Therefore, unlike in Science, when gravity/contraction is unveiled as it is, there is no contradiction, no need to discard the perceptions so far: it is just another layer of petals that open making the rose that much more beautiful.

Gravity would necessarily be the problem because it resides on the other side. Without that connection this particular force eludes integration – as it had done for me and for physicists and scientific cosmologists. But simultaneity holds the key. I always held the perception to be true that contraction and expansion were simultaneous; but only now does it all fit into place, with contraction/gravity being the very element that can effectively ‘put each thing in its place’. This is the primary function of Mahasaraswati, the reigning Goddess of our 9th Manifestation.


All along I have been asking the scientific sceptic to explain how a series of births could unfold according to the Supramental Formula as in the Lunar and Solar Lines. None have taken up the challenge because their only conclusion would have to be to label the phenomena ‘coincidental’. This might have been true if it were just two or three such ‘coincidences’ – but over a dozen? Moreover on page after page of The New Way these coincidences are revealed. Each one goes to strengthen the original premise: the link to the other side of the event horizon or beyond the singularity. Therefore, in this simple manner, which requires no complicated math, the proof of Supermind’s controlling power is made evident.

I have also seen a decided coherency in this string of ‘coincidences’ on page after page of The New Way. These births with their respective dates and timings have furnished, if not proof at least confirmation of certain features of the new cosmology which are overlooked in other disciplines; and they all tend to highlight the role of the Earth in the cosmic harmony and how all measuring must be done from this third planet of the System.

The number of years in one round of the Precession of the Equinoxes is another case in point. They are 25,920. As noted in TNW2, each member of the fourfold Solar Line fills this 25920 ‘formula’ by the reduction of their birthdates to their seed digits thus: the Mother – 2; Sri Aurobindo – 5. These are then separated by the thousand mark to then continue with the third in the Line, Thea – 9; and the Fourth – 2. But what is overlooked when researchers employ the Precession with regard to ancient monuments in archaeo-astronomy for instance, is that the Precession is established by the slow gyration of the Earth’s equinoctial plane. They search in the beyond, thousands of light years away for the answers they seek, and become lost in that great womb of the past. They tend to view the constellations as the origin of the phenomenon, or at least as the ‘face’ of the cosmic clock wherein we measure the flow of the astrological ages.

Similar to the equal divisions of the Nakshatras, the sphere within which the equinoctial plane is tracing a circle in 25,920 years is simply the circle divided into 12 parts, the same way we divide the ecliptic plane. The actual constellations, each of greatly varying dimensions, play no role in the exercise. It is possible that a particular star in the constellation serves as a pointer or marker and can therefore provide a clue to the Age when, for example, the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid were built; but those physical constellations play no further role. The astrological ages (and the 12 Manifestations in a larger application) are simply equal divisions of 30 degrees each of the circle of the heavens circumscribing the Earth. That is, the heavens seen and measured from our planet. Again I must repeat, all measuring is done from the Earth.

In this exercise the mystery of the precise unfolding of the Ages cannot be solved as Nirayana Astrology seeks to do by trying to pinpoint a starting point in this circle with no beginning or end, properly speaking. The age-old mystery of mysteries is how to locate that Zero Point, because without it the heavens are devoid of meaning and can be all things to all men. After all, there are no equinoxes or solstices ‘out there’. Thus, the Earth, based on these Cardinal Points, can provide the accuracy that would be otherwise lacking.

The mystery is solved by sruti, hearing the sacred Word, or revelation. And this date is then confirmed by the Vishnu Avatar who takes birth precisely so that its timing will confirm the sruti scientifically, as it were. With the descent of the Avatars only every 6480 years, once in each quarter of the Precessional Round, that is when the cosmic clock can be re-set. Again we see that the birthdate, in this case of the Vishnu Avatar, holds the key to accuracy.

This re-setting has been done in our times through the birthdates of the members of the Solar Line which serve as ‘hands’ of the cosmic clock. But the Avatar is denied his birthright in the very land that treasures the legend of the Dasavataras. Therefore, Hindus cannot move along with the Time-Spirit and consciously assist in the transformative work of the Avatar. Their ‘clock’ is off by 23 days. According to the measure provided by the Precession, that would be 72 years per degree/day – a total of 2160 minus1656 years before the new Age will dawn for Hindus. It is so true that a prophet is never recognised in the land of his birth.


Thus a string of birthdates is the only formula required to prove the reality of the ‘other side’ with its determining power. Our physical universe is simply the extension of the essentiality of Being in this act of Becoming when the threshold is crossed. Space is the servant of Being, the fourth dimension of Time. However, there must be a truth-essence by which we can verify the process as one of truth-consciousness. This is provided by the 9th Avatar himself when he enshrined the sacred Formula at the heart of his own symbol: 9/6/3. It was then demanded of him that he continue the process through to its logical conclusion by becoming the Immanent of his transcendent Self as the 9 in the Formula. And thus, by his own birth and death and rebirth – in a continued line in time, from that side to this and back again to then be be re-born and thus to cement the highest truth of all times in the evolutionary blueprint: the complete formulation of Transcen-dence to Immanence, or 0 to 1. After his triumphant return the Formula stands completed: 9/6/3/0-1.
In the view of Plato creation is nothing other than God ‘geometrising’. In the vision of the New Way, his perception is given a practical application which was lacking in ancient Greece. He would not have been able to draw his vision out of the realm of philosophy. Therefore we refer to this as an applied cosmology.

With the final piece added to the formulation it becomes possible to appreciate Plato’s vision in greater depth because we perceive both sides of the divide – spatial deployment where geometry is the tool, and then into essential Being when Time alone is seen as the first cause, if you will. This in the New Way becomes subject to the measurement of the Geometry of Time, a formulation unknown in the ages prior to the manifestation of Supermind. God, in this New Way does indeed geometrise; but first and foremost with Time. When the threshold is crossed to materiality, spatial geometry can evolve; but for the New Way it is still the Geometry of Time that authenticates and concretises what lies on the other side. The key to this transcription – subtle to physical – is Harmony, the very character of a creation in matter, a creation of 9. That is, the full scale or all Tones enter into the play of the Many on this side of the divide. The difference between the Age of Supermind and former times is found in the number system utilised for measuring. In Greece, as in Egypt, Mesopotamia and elsewhere in the old world, the scale went from the number 1 to 10. This is made evident in the system Pythagoras introduced which was the basis for all formulation then. The symbol he devised to convey this scale was the Tetraktys, a triangle consisting of 10 dots. As I pointed out elsewhere, there was no place for the Zero in his system; that means there was no place for what the Zero implies: the essential upholder of the material creation is Time, and hence the passage from spatial to temporal geometry as a measuring tool.

To be able to incorporate the Zero we have to see the scale as India has done – 0 to 9, no longer issuing from 1. Only with that perception can we bridge subtle and physical. The 0 holds the 9 but as triads – this is important to note because then the persistence of the Trinity in all philosophies and the theologies of numerous religions is understood. As the physicist-chemist Dr Peter Plichta, understood, the triadic pattern is expressed throughout our material universe, from macro- to microcosm.1 But Plichta was not bold enough to carry his perception into the subtle plane of the Zero. He too, it seems, was bound by the limitations science imposes.

Our universe, being the extension of the Zero’s compaction, can only extend what is in the Zero-Seed. Therefore, its harmony must be perceivable with the same coherency we find through-out the new cosmology. The latest veil that has been lifted can allow for deeper dimensions of the Zero – and indeed of the entire scale – to express itself according to the supramental formula and its laws. It becomes applicable when we see the scale played out in our solar system (macrocosm). In that perception the 0 is the Sun (logically) and the planets are the 9 Tones that owe their being to the Zero-Sun. We wish to confirm the carry-over from the plane of essentiality as a projection of the 0 to 9 scale; moreover, it is not just a theory or an abstraction as it was for Plato, relying only on a subjective perception or realisation. This essentiality has to be perceived by all and measurable in a simple manner open to all.

Materialisation of the scale reaches the point where it passes beyond theory with the descent of Vishnu’s Avatar – precisely the 9th to complete the scale.

In the new cosmology the Zero is the Sun of our solar system. Therefore, when it is called into play we realise that we are interacting with what the Rishis called Swar – not heaven but simply the solar world. I have discussed this solar essence when analysing the number harmonies of the Solar Line. I explained that being of the essence of the Sun or having descended (vertically) into this material universe from the solar world, this essentiality would be reflected in their very births, via their date of entry as a whole triadic unit, the essence of 9 playing itself out here in the form of a harmony of 3, 6, 9. But being from the solar world it is only the year – the property of the Sun – that is required to transcribe the essence of the solar world into the material extension of itself; always on the basis of 9 and its triadic harmony. Thus the three years in question, in a descending order, are Sri Aurobindo, 1872=9; the Mother, 1878=6; and Thea, 1938=3. Their full birth digits are also used as I explained in The Miracle of Oneness 7, but the imprinting demanded in this descent from the solar world is attained when the years alone are counted – solar in essence, being of the Zero.

The Lunar Line, on the other hand, was not a descent from the solar world of Swar. Therefore the full digits of their births were required – day, month and year – because the Moon is like a relay station. It does not orbit the Sun directly as our planet does; its orbit of the Earth serves her purposes primarily. The Earth receives the Moon’s input as if from a relay station (reflected light) and places that at the service of the One in the form of the Zero-Sun which she orbits to map out the year.

This is the manner in which the Zero-Seed triadic harmonics become expressed in our universe. And for this reason our universe displays such an exquisite harmony, which science cannot explain and which theologians seek to explain as the work of God. However, that ‘work’ is far more ‘scientific’ and materially measureable than any religion cares to acknowledge. But it is its own science, the understanding of which cannot be grasped through scrutiny of contem-porary science and an attempt made to use the new cosmology to validate the former. It is the other way around. Sense is made of science’s limitations by the new cosmology first and foremost. One cannot reach truths of the solar world through contemporary science because of its imperfections and serious limitations. It ignores essentiality entirely which is the foundation of our material universe that it seeks to understand. To attempt to do so carries one deeper and deeper into the labyrinth of chaos.

1 God’s Secret Formula, deciphering the riddle of the universe and the prime number code, Element Books. 1997.

The Miracle of Oneness 7

Truly new doors of perception have opened. All one has to do is observe the surrounding circumstances of the work at Skambha with the newly re-focussed lens, and without fail it is an engagement of equivalency and correspondence, as it was for the Rishis of old. Because of the latest breakthrough, last night, so completely I ‘felt’ surrounded by the Rishis who were all smiling…

This has been a special moment at Skambha and those who were able to withstand the intensity benefitted from being here. But even those who could not, who fled, can benefit from observing themselves and their responses to the pressure of Contraction – namely M and F.

Through them and their respective responses to the pressure – atmospheric pressure (AP), shall we say – I understood more deeply the world situation and perhaps what lies ahead. M’s response was immediate, impelled from the vital, unreflecting flight; and his profession has certainly reinforced the tendency. On the other hand, F was also overtaken by the urge to flee; but his response was more mental rather than vital as it was in M’s case. He reflected, calculated his moves carefully. In both cases I was given to see the state of the world – i.e. what historians call the old world and the new; or Europe, the old world (and Asia as well, but not exactly defined in the same way because of the limbo Asia was nestled in while Europe dominated the world); and the Americas, the new world. I believe that having these two ‘continental representatives’ at Skambha in this pregnant moment was carefully arranged to show me what lies ahead. What emerged was a penetration more deeply into the essential being of these two ‘worlds’, their pulses, as it were.

Once again these reflections brought forward what I have long known: the geographic births of each member of the Solar Line was also carefully crafted to highlight the two worlds, old and new; or the two ‘creations’ within which each member must carry out their respective labour/yoga.1

Both Sri Aurobindo and the Mother were products of the old world – the Mother by virtue of her birth in Paris which in the 19th and early 20th Centuries was the cultural hub of the world. Sri Aurobindo passed all of his formative years in the old world, though having been born in India. This piece of the mosaic is important because it reveals how India straddles both worlds – old and new. To bear in mind is the fact that Sri Aurobindo’s birth occurred when India had become an extension of that old world. It was the prized ‘jewel in the crown’ of the imperialistic power, of which it was said the Sun never set on its empire. Clearly his birth in the midst of that culminating falsehood, the last gasp before dying of the prevalent Piscean colonisation culture, was purposeful. India witnessed through this exercise the great shift from Pisces to Aquarius in 1926.

The two Continental Representatives at Skambha during these momentous days responded according to the essential nature of the old and the new worlds. The difference lies in a culture dominated by fear (the old world) and hence favouring the status quo; the other is characterised by an unthinking recklessness having no fear, plunging ahead on the basis of that innate fearlessness.

The question of an Anchor assumes importance in this observation. In the new Age of the Supermind the goal is to ‘anchor’ the world in the true Centre, geographical and the subtle Point that serves to connect the continents to the ‘other side’ of essential being. This had not existed in Sri Aurobindo’s time: India was void, but like unto a womb ready to give birth. His and the Mother’s Yoga was essential to permit the birth of the New Way, the new world, the new creation. It was only in 1983 that the Anchor was lowered into the womb of essential Time and India became firmly rooted – but still in time essence only. In 1986 its ‘space’ began to expand or extend that Time-Seed, but now firmly anchored to become the Stable Constant of the new creation. The Yoga of the Chamber in that special ennead, 1980-1989, was the anchoring process via the yogic construction of the Mother’s architectural plan that was the new model of the universe. Due to this fact the chamber is known as the Stable Constant at the centre of the new city-consciousness.
It is evident that the 6 and the 3 are the feminine powers suited to deal with matter, with a ‘creation in matter’, as the Mother described of the number 9. Without 6 and 3, the 9 indeed remains ‘up there’, unfulfilled, unextended, or ‘spaceless’ because Time has not crossed the threshold to reverse and extend itself and thus give rise to space. The 6 provides the horizontal expanse of 12; the Third the 9 of the temporal deployment through the year. Indeed, it is the Year that unites the two, 9 and 12. Therefore the Year was honoured above all else in the Vedic Age, as well as in the Mother’s chamber.

Over the years since 1986 Skambha has matured. As I wrote earlier, its power has increased significantly; its essential nature of Contraction – being linked directly to the Source – is felt ever more intensely. Therefore our Continental Representatives could only react as they did under the circumstances – for that power of Contraction is the same force that causes death in a mortal creation in orbit of the Void. Thus, when its power becomes more intense, instinctively the situation appears to be life-threatening. In both Representatives the responses were indicative of the continents – old and new – which they brought into the mix at Skambha by their representation at this special moment. As representative of the old world F responded as we would expect: he clung tenaciously to an anchor in the old world. Important to note is that fear coloured his response, but it did so cunningly, as we would expect of such a representation. It is the response of Europe in situations that arise where its existence is threatened.

Regarding its contemporary history, the ‘European Union’ is doomed to fail because it is, precisely, a union, and not a conglomerate of nations based on unity. Therefore there is no essential experience of such a unity that alone can be the binding adhesive of nations. The grouping can involve only superficial layers of society – i.e. an economic accommodation based on vested interests. This cannot answer the demands of the new creation that seeks to take shape. Unity can; union of vested interests cannot. In the process fear was the uppermost response in our representative of that world. To protect the vested interests of a dying world, it was necessary – nay, predictable – to resort to cunning. This is what the Mother meant when she stated that the British left something ‘rotten’ (rotting) in India (‘…quelque chose de pourri’). And this lies at the root of the divide-and-rule tactic England used to cunningly preserve its rule. After all, a world in disarray, wracked by divisiveness and strife, would ultimately benefit that dying empire. In departing the cunning tactic was to splinter, to tear asunder what it had possessed but which it was forced to leave by the mounting tensions on the world stage of the dawning New Age. This cunningness was fully on display in our continental representative’s response to Thea’s act of Seeing, even to the extent of divide-and-rule by seeking to tear the Solar Line apart, pitting his inner ‘Mother’ against Thea.

On the other hand we have the response of the representative of the new world. There was no fear present in his flight, nor for that matter any anchor. There was, however, a reckless fleeing into the arms of the Unknown, but nonetheless ultimately seeking comfort and some sort of anchoring in the known – which, ironically, for him was situated in the heart of the old world.

This is an example of how observation, when anchored in the true Centre, can reveal in the play of circumstances what IS beyond surface observation. This is the character, or the blueprint of the collective Yoga of Skambha which even its residents of long-standing miss – seeing trees, overlooking the forest. Can there be any more sublime collective yoga than what the New Way offers, where each participant is elevated, in due course of time, to the coveted status of Individual with a COSMIC PURPOSE? This is the function of the City-Consciousness, at the centre of which stands the Centre.

Bear in mind that Thea is that Anchor because she is the Centre. She brought it into being in this material creation of 9 from the plane of essentiality. It would not ‘exist’ but for her engaging in the birth process ceaselessly – the births that make all things new. Thus when her vision is rejected, that anchor is uprooted for the participant in question. The play of circumstances takes over as delegate, once Thea is rejected. The removal of the Centre is the definition of chaos – witness Auroville.

Representations, equivalencies, correspondences take place only in a true Centre. It is there that a microcosm can be equal to the macro, allowing the Seer to peer into that reduced space to understand the conditions in the larger body and to bring about changes therein. All who participate in such an exercise ‘serve the One’ in this special and sacred endeavour.

In like manner, the physical embodiment of a Centre offers a unique grace, facilitating the act of Surrender demanded in this transitional period. That embodied Centre holds the parts and the whole together seamlessly, as is the case with all circles and their peripheries. The central Point gathers (or gives birth to) the 360 degrees in toto that surround it, as well as each individual degree and/or their respective groupings – i.e. the Gnostic Circle with all its divisions.

This describes the supramental action in the world and explains why embodiments of its foundational components are necessary – some serve positively, others negatively; but all are nonetheless at the service of the One. In this instance we have been given clear indications of the approaching denouement or unravelling of the old creation, as the new rises and pushes aside the detritus of the old in an increasingly obvious manner. The weaknesses our Continental Representatives displayed will be the gaps where wedges can be driven to weaken and finally bring down the old structures. As was seen through our Representative, America’s ‘flight’ pattern is reflected in her unwillingness to have been involved in past conflicts on the world stage; hence, the need for ‘shocks’, such as in 1942 and then in 2001, to compel this involvement for the greater good, and to add its courage and daring to become the Centaur Saviour, for a time, of a world at the mercy of the Hostiles.

This exercise also shows us how to find strength in the transition by not giving in to the respective weakness. America, for example, must not allow the current economic crisis to instil the fear that Europe experiences when its boat is rocked. America, because of its ‘baggage-less’ condition, unburdened by a hoary tradition can continuously remake itself, drawing from its pool of youthful unencumbered energies. Its ‘pulse’ falls in the second quarter of the Gnostic Circle – that is, the sector governing economics, banks, energy resources, industries, and so forth. Therefore the current economic collapse can make or break the nation since at stake is indeed its survival, the health and vigour of its original Note, or its slowly diminishing power leading finally to collapse.

The situation for Europe is far more complicated because of the artificial construct of a ‘unity’ that is no unity and a oneness that does not effectively exist. Therefore each component must deal with the denouement individually, primarily by discovering that individual pulse on an individual basis. It must first recover completely from the disease of hegemonic drives – political, economic, cultural or religious – on which it had thrived in the colonial period of the Piscean era. This is the first step on the road to a real unity that goes far beyond economics. Each one must find its place within the Whole, find its individual contribution as the foundation for the manifestation of the true world unity that is striving to emerge.


A word needs to be stated regarding such times in the course of one’s development, times which are known in the Tradition as ‘moments of truth’. In this instance we could say we are going to examine the ‘tree’ apart from the forest. Negative responses do serve the purposes of the One, but what might be the effect on the individual? Each one must deal with the issue as best he or she can – but one thing is certain: a set of circumstances is set in motion from that moment onward based on a disconnection from the true Centre, or an interruption of the contact. The choice in such a situation is usually based on self-indulgence and ego drives and satisfactions. These are often couched in terms the ego concocts such as ‘zones of comfort’ – i.e the comfort of the past. In our particular case, both clung to their ego demands, ignoring the fact that their presences at Skambha were needed for certain specific tasks to be done. But neither could relate to that greater Good (the forest), even though the hand of the great Controller was unmistakably evident in the careful ‘set-up’ a ‘moment of truth’ requires. In other words, things were made exceptionally clear and simple: this or that. All the help had been given to overcome the lesser drives of self-centredness and to serve the higher cause positively.

Such moments of truth are rare; they do not visit everyone, only a select few. In the Gnostic Circle this would be encountering the 7 Point and being invited to ‘enter the Mountain’, those innermost reaches wherein the Axis can be forged that connects one to essentiality of Being (Omanisol). The ladder in The Magical Carousel in Capricornland is a visual image of that special axis joining the Source and its extension as a conscious state of being. Especially important is when there is a guide to help us face this moment in the best poise possible; and the recognition of such a guide is based on one who has the capacity to arrange a ‘set-up’ which will be able to serve the aspirant in this difficult moment when all is lost or all is gained. The key realisation for this purpose is the capacity to hold. One always stands alone in the Mountain Chamber. That is what is demanded of all Initiates. Only in that solitude is the Axis forged.

There is neither negative nor positive judgement when the choice is made. There is simply WHAT IS. And the negative serves the One when there is this Moment of Truth and all is brought to the light of day, when we stand naked beneath the ray of the midday Sun.

1 In a similar vein, the connection of the Lunar Line with Kashmir was pivotal when we consider the role Kashmir played from the beginning, with the Eye of Shiva therein.

The Miracle of Oneness 6

I had done so much, realised so much, but only now do I understand how little I knew. Without understanding essentiality and where it lies, how could I have had accuracy? Hanneke wrote to me this morning, quoting something I had written about Omanisol in a paper in 2011, ‘Visions Unrealised’ (how apt the title!). I had already seen that Omanisol was that ‘essentiality of being’. Clearly the ladder connecting her to the Time-Spirit was absolutely accurate because that essentiality is indeed the product of Time; or rather, it uses time as its tool for deployment.1

The deductions I had made, the conclusions, the explanations were all intuitively correct; but now it is the Knowledge, the correct deductions based on higher knowledge and the accuracy of Supermind that can put each thing in its place. It is only then that a repetition of the realisation is possible in some form or another.

Now I understand why filling the Void, centering, can place us in another dimension though still here. We do occupy this space along with everything else, but centering of the New Way creates a shift in time properties. That is, it is Time that gives rise to space in the extension of Itself. But when we are compressed to a Point in that extension, we connect with the Source of our world. That is where the Point finds its being. That is the realm of Sat, Being. With that, and only that, Being and Becoming are explained as simultaneous because in this expansion of Time we carry Being as upholder (0-1) with us and we are governed by ITS laws. This means that indeed we do not ‘exist’ for the old creation (of mortality). We are here, but not here.

I have known this from 1983. I have proven it in various situations, namely the attacks like at Brooklyne in August of 1983, just months after centering and ‘filling the Void’. Even without this latest, I knew exactly how that realisation would operate, how it would put one in another dimension, but occupying the same space. I understood the mechanism, this question of being here but not occupying the same ‘space’ as others who had not ‘filled the Void’. I ‘lived’ it deeply on 24 February 1992 – 9 years after the realisation when the attack was serious, physically life threatening: it was a matter of survival. My very life depended on being governed by other ‘laws’ and therefore in a different ‘space’.

What is clear is that this connection is described in TMC in Chapter 10 (see footnote). And in the Gnostic Circle it is in Capricorn after compression to a Point by the speed of consciousness of Sagittarius. This centering is what opens the portal to that ‘other side’ – or in the Gnostic Circle it is the final quarter of the circle. Indeed, it is had always been known as heaven, or something, somewhere DISCONNECTED from our space (and time) because truly it is. The golden globes the children receive (from the TIME-Spirit, it is to be noted) stand for the Core as it would be for any cosmic body. When compression and centering have occurred, the Void is filled by drawing the Point from the plane of essentiality – plugging up the hole, as it were. Thus is the Core born. And only then can immortality be attained.

During the attacks I knew that I was operating under different laws – the rules of the game were different for me precisely because there was no Void any longer at the centre of my universe. My attackers could not reach me because I was not THERE, in that same space as they – here but elsewhere for all practical purposes. Everything appears the same and yet is different.2 It is this mechanism that allowed Carlos Castaneda to jump into the abyss without danger. When his assemblage ‘point’ had been shifted, his world shifted as well. I lived the experience pointedly, poignantly on 24.2.1992, when it mattered most. Then it too was a life or death experience.

However, to be borne in mind is that the Solar Line descends into this material creation of 9 vertically. The rest, as described in the Mother’s chamber, ascend and enter through the horizontal, from below. We descend vertically into the Globe by the power of Time directly. Therefore, when we have these experiences and realisations, they are imprinted through the Ray (the year) into the matrix.


My realisation of 1983 I knew was a before and after – nothing would be the same again. In that ennead I ‘constructed’ the chamber, piece by piece; again by the power of Time – each year adding another element of the design. In 1983 (=3) I placed the Globe in position at the perfect centre. It was the hardest task of my yogic life. But everything changed then. From that realisation I knew that though I stood completely alone, the Work could not fail. Time would propel it forward. A unitary world had been born or set on its way to expansion by the laws of a new Time. Very shortly after this the binary world of the two superpowers collapsed in an unexpected and sudden ‘velvet revolution’; and everything since then has been the gradual evolutionary, organic growth of a new world governed by different laws from the old, a world in ceaseless contact with the Source and therefore always ‘full’, ever replenished. The old mortal creation consumes itself through the collapse of energies into the Void at its heart. When it reaches the reversal point, growth turns into the process of decay. Thereafter, it is just a question of time…


The process ‘beneath’ ground level rose above from 1998. The foundation stones (Gnosis) had been successfully laid in the trenches Sri Aurobindo and the Mother had earlier dug while they laboured through the mire of the Ages amidst the negation of the old creation. For if this was to be truly a NEW world and not the old simply transforming itself, as the Mother stated, then those trenches as well had to be new, of very special and exact ‘dimensions’. Also HERE, but not here. The foundation blocks (of the New Way) were placed therein between 1971 and 1998. Thereafter, coinciding with the onset of the third millennium, this new edifice (world) began to rise above ground, made especially evident in the first 3-power year after 1998, 2001. Each year that passes offers more solidity to that structure (of the new world). It is INDESTRUCTIBLE simply because it does not occupy the same space as the old, given that its ‘space’ arises from the new Time; therefore, it has to be different. The new aphorism is that Time creates its own space for extension of Itself. Time pushes space forward, ever expanding the seed of Itself, deploying It through universal corridors ceaselessly. Therefore, to change anything here, on this side, we have to connect with that ‘Omanisol’, immobile on the mountain peak. She, as TMC explains, offers impeccable protection because of the laws of her Being which create their own ‘space’. Truly, The Magical Carousel holds all the secrets of the new way, the new realisation, the birth and development of the new world, in perhaps the most exact and astonishing prophecy ever encapsulated in Myth.

Thus it is said that Supermind creates its own conditions for its manifestation – and is its own protection from within.

Because we ‘descend’ (vertically) down the Ray, we are carriers of the seeds of Time, the new Seeds. Therefore the space we create and occupy is also new, where the seeds will sprout and grow into infinity and for all eternity.

1  ‘Therefore, who is Omanisol?  Of course we can say it is the Mother. Yes, that is true. We have Sri Aurobindo as the Time-Spirit and the ladder links to them both. But Omanisol is more than an individual incarnation: she represents a state of being. And that state is best described as Immobility amidst the Mobile (the tornado). Visions Unrealised, 10.9.2011.
2 The ‘practical’ aspect is that the play of circumstances operates differently when centering is done. One stands at the centre of a different world and the circumstances then MUST serve the purposes of the One, the Centre. Therefore, when my most ferocious attacker came at me with his club, ready to strike in a furious rage, before reaching me (completely immobile amidst the mobile – this was essential) ‘something’ intervened and drew his attention elsewhere at the very moment he would have struck me. It was so clear: something intervened. We might call this luck, the Divine intervention, etc., but the explanation is far more ‘scientific’ – but science of the New Way cosmology.

The Miracle of Oneness 5

This latest Act of Seeing has brought an unexpected result. I understand why the residents of Skambha are all women, with men joining few and far between and usually for brief periods. The reason is now so clear. But it has become this clear only with the latest breakthrough; and it is as coherent as everything else connected to this work.

How did Skambha come about? In viewing its origin the affinity it has with women is natural – and obvious. Skambha is a true and indisputable ‘centre’. The physical land was discovered only after centering, as in the New Way, had occurred in 1983. It geographical coordinates fit the prescription exactly. Thus, to truly understand Skambha one has to know the nature of a true centre and how it emerges. It comes into being under intense pressure of contraction. It is spherical pressure, pressing in from all sides, converging on the Point that is forced into this material dimension from ‘the other side’, which act then results in ‘filling the Void’. This is the objective. Without that there can be no birth of the New Way on this side; and consequently no progression toward immortality. The emergence of a Centre that fills the Void is the very first step on the long road to an immortal state of being.

Thus, the issue is intense (and almost unbearable) contraction. It is as if the whole universe converges on this single Point – compressed consciousness-being. The creation of such a Centre re-enacts the act of creation itself. It emerges from the other side, from that essentiality, compelled into this material universe by the act of supreme contraction.

The difficulty lies in withstanding the pressure even and especially when it reaches an unbearable intensity, and not succumbing to the usual escape pattern of the mortal creature: death. The habit we have formed, and which we reinforce with every death or a particular psychological response pattern, is to allow ourselves the appeasement of the escape from the intense contraction by exiting this dimension. Therefore, for the mortal creation the Void becomes the soothing ‘comfort zone’. It is a mere illusion, an accommodation in defence or our mortality and the fact that as we are presently constituted, our consciousness cannot withstand the intensity of contraction that is the prerequisite for filling the Void.

I now know more in depth why I was told at the culmination of Vivienne’s birth, ‘This is why you were born a woman.’ Women have a natural affinity with contraction. Every birth is the result of contraction. The Enneagram, itself on the rhythm of 9, describes visually the contraction of the birth process. And the Enneagram is the 9 of Time, the vertical, companion to the horizontal and expansion.

These reflections also explain more pointedly why the Mother stated that her force works best through women: to ‘give birth’ to the new supramental creation that demands a centre at the heart of its fledgling cosmos, women are logically, organically more suited to the task. This has now been confirmed in full by the latest Act of Seeing.

Men do not enjoy the same affinity. Their natural poise of consciousness- being encourages flight, escape when contraction is felt. It explains why men cannot stay at Skambha. It has nothing to do with the attitude or demands of a domineering personality, as some believe. Rather, this portion of the Earth being a true Centre, enjoys an atmosphere that partakes fully of the characteristics that are required for a Centre, first of all to come into being; and then to continue an organic maturing process by the aid of Time, with which a Centre has a natural affinity. Indeed, as Time advances, so too does the power of the Centre increase. This is witnessed at Skambha. As of the past two years, since 2010 especially, Skambha’s power has increased palpably, measurable by the effects its pressure of contraction exerts on its permanent residents, but especially on the men who come into its orbit. Of late the urge to escape – in some cases almost an act of desperation, it would seem – has been evident. This indicates the increased action of the Centre. Men, as is their organic bent, have much more difficulty in withstanding the pressure of contraction. They are obliged, forced to flee because if they do not they fear they will collapse under the unbearable pressure, become irrelevant or even suffer the extinction of their manhood. Such is the intensity of the Skambha atmosphere.

Women have a poise of consciousness-being that is better suited to the atmosphere of Skambha. The monthly cycles they respond to – and which the male of the species ignores – engenders a natural affinity with the vertical of Time, and hence with the cosmic direction of contraction. Therefore Pablo once said, ‘Women are at the centre of the Earth, men outside.’ Every cosmic body, galaxy, star, planet must experience intense contraction to come into existence; or rather for the formation of that structure’s core.

The male drive to control women, to dominate them, and even to rape is due to the ever-present gnawing innermost lament at lacking the components of consciousness-being which can create in him the same affinity with contraction – because that affinity is also what makes women open and receptive to that essentiality of Being where contraction and gravity have their origin. It is this affinity that makes women feel comfortable at Skambha while men feel discomfort.

Sri Aurobindo did not succumb to the pressure of contraction. He knew how to avoid the oblivion of Death. His ally was Time; and thus was born the One. Woman cannot be the One; she is the channel for its emergence from the other side.

Roles are now more sharply defined.

Thea is unveiled at the Centre as the Centre, as holding the key to centering in her consciousness-being.

The doors of perception this opens are many. This is just the beginning.

The Miracle of Oneness 4

We always marvel at the perfect harmony of our solar system, particularly displayed in the phenomenon of eclipses. But we must always remember that the 9 functions there as well – the cycle revolves around 18 (9). The spatial phenomenon simply displays the harmony of Time once again, from the other side – whole Tones transcribed here.

The exquisite harmony of our universe has no non-speculative explanation. We invoke ‘God’ to settle the matter – which explains nothing. It is all far more ‘material’. We must only refocus our lens to carry us into essentials and not take refuge in speculations and abstractions.

The universe is what it is because the creative upholding Womb is what it is. Therefore our solar system, for example, can only carry that essentiality into the extension of Itself in space. When we stand in awe of the harmonies that surround us, we are standing in awe of the face of God. The materialist, the spiritualist and religious dogmatic, will argue the issue for ever – and the twain will never meet. Both are right, yet both are wrong. They have not gone deep enough. The cosmologist believes that in the depths of space he will find the answer. Thus, he penetrates ever deeper into the past – moving thereby farther and farther away from that portal (in the present) through which he can gain entry to the secret chamber of his own soul, his very own laboratory, and touch the essence of Harmony.

Of course the upholder of Intelligent Design must sustain that only a God-like intelligence could create the perfection we see about us. Out of that equivalence, however, he must exclude the human being because his imperfections are anything but Godly.

It is all far more ‘mechanical’: whole tones of contraction – the contraction of the original triadic building blocks of creation – BECOME the universe. Holding within that compacted Seed the essence of Harmony, when expansion takes over only that triadic harmony can become the material universe.

There is no division – cut and dry. There is only reversal of the 0 to 1, which is the fourth principle of Integration. Indeed, without that 0 to 1 there is no universe, nothing binding and integrating.

The Miracle of Oneness 3

I understand the difference between this side and the ‘other’ and why Number is used differently here and there. In the ‘other’ the issue is essentiality of Being. Therefore whole numbers are used as the Measure and the method used is the Mathematics of Unity. We apply the same system on this side by reducing sums to their ‘seed digits’ in order to arrive at their essentiality. It is the way we connect to ‘the other side’, or the realm of Essence and essentiality of Being.

The proof of the accuracy of the system on this side is reached through application of the Formula, 9/6/3/0-1. This is done initially by following a series of births equalling those essential Numbers. The avataric emanations of Vishnu take birth according to that harmony because they serve as the Bridge to ‘the other side’. Without their births we have no non-speculative proof of that essentiality or the bridge linking Essence and Form of this material universe. Nor can those essential ‘tones’ be imprinted in our matrix of evolution.

The number system universally used is superbly suited to bringing the highest truth within the easy grasp of humanity. The Zero is of course the prime innovation. When that was ‘seen’ (in India) the seed was planted and the manifestation of Supermind was inevitable. The Zero, like the Shruti, holds the key.

On the ‘other side’ ‘whole tones’ describe accurately the Essence which is carried over to this side in the manifestation of the universe. There is really no separation between the two – essence or essentiality and form, or a creation in matter. We ‘see’ only the latter. The Sage ‘sees’ essence as originator, and then upholder of Form without division.

So, to discover essential Being in this material creation we reduce sums to their seed digits. That tells us the Note that resonates through the object or person. But the single-most important aspect of the New Way is the Solar (and Lunar) Line. This is how we prove that this harmony, the magnificence of the Formula, originates on the other side. Without the existence of the Lines, falling in the structure of the Formula, or striking these whole Tones on this side, in this expansion of that essential Being, there could be no empirical proof of the accuracy of the new cosmology. We do not require complicated mathematics to understand. We ‘see in understanding’ because we realise the function of the Vishnu Avatars and their periodic appearances to be that proof. With that key alone the proof is presented. Supermind not only creates the condition for its manifestation, it provides its own proof of accuracy through the simple understanding of the oneness of 0 and 9.

We ‘see’ the Zero as the womb of essentiality of Being. We ‘see’ that very same essentiality extended in the material universe from that Zero via the reversal that carries the vertical into and through the horizontal; and by this shift or reversal the Absolute engenders the material universe out of his own Being. We ‘see’ the Zero as rest, the 9 as motion – but rest born of compaction, and motion born of that compaction, not the sterility of statics. We ‘see’ both directions as simultaneous features of our universal manifestation – one without the other is separative and delusional and the cause of all our woes: the Void, Nothingness, static Peace all describe incomplete perceptions which, when the Truth-Consciousness is unveiled, when the lid covering the Sun is finally removed, constitute the very epitome of Falsehood. They prolong the reign of the Ignorance and subjugation to the Lord of Death.

That India lies at the centre of the Age of Supermind cannot be doubted. Her role was revealed when the Rishi first ‘saw’ the Zero. With that Fullness was ‘seen’ as the womb of creation. The reign of the Void had come to an end in the flash of that Seeing. For the rest the 9, or the power of Time, gestated that new Supramental Creation whose birth then occurred in this 9th Manifestation.

The entire saga is explained through the analogy of music: over there the 9 notes exist as whole Tones, in that essentiality they are like pulsations – indeed, the pulsations of the Sun, 9 in our 24-hour day, one pulsation each 2 hours and 40 minutes. The Sun carries this harmonic pulsation into and through its planetary family. But only the Earth, third in the system, is equipped with a mechanism that renders the tones/pulsations sounded on the other side audible, measureable here. After the reversal, because of movement harmonies are made possible based on the essential 9 tones. The Zero never ceases to be the upholding Womb – as even as its tones/pulsations expand in space in a ceaseless display of Harmony. Thus harmony is the property of the Third Principle. It is the contribution of the Third in the Line.

Only in the classical music of India of the Carnatic tradition do we find the most faithful expression of the Supreme Truth. Only in Carnatic music of India can we ‘hear’ the oneness of Essence and Form.

The Miracle of Oneness 2

Dark energy or matter is not to be measured as we would in ordinary circumstances. This is a property of the Zero. It is ‘dark’ because like the compacted ‘sound’ in the Zero which we cannot hear, we cannot ‘see’ this energy – which actually is not an energy. It is an all-pervading cosmic direction, or alignment. It ‘holds’ by virtue of this contracting action in counterbalancing the expansion on this side. Clearly the wrong tools are used in measuring because they do not know what it is exactly, and they then apply the laws of physics which hold for the One and its expansion. We know it is there by its effects. We conclude, we deduce that this is more than 90% of our universe – and yet we do not know how to measure it!

Dark matter is beyond the Expansion, beyond its laws. It is the origin of gravity on this side; and certainly gravity is the force that resists integration. It must because its own roots or origin on the other side are unknown. Scientists do not know how to approach it, how to bring it within the ambit of the other forces and the laws that govern them. To understand the origin of the gravitational force we must know Time. That knowledge lies ‘on the other side’ – hence it eludes the physicist.

Time is ‘measured’ on this side through the process of birth measurable by the calendar which is a faithful reproduction of the harmonies of our solar system. The December Solstice is the doorway to ‘the other side’ when perihelion occurs and there can be contraction to a point; hence in all advanced cultures it was given prominence, like the temple at Konarak, Egypt where the rising Sun on that solstice occurs each year exactly between two pillars/walls. How exquisitely the passage to the other side was portrayed.

A calendar like the current one used by Hindus completely distorts this experience. According to the Nirayana astrologer that sunrise would be measured 23 days AFTER the event, and of course the synchronisation would fail – as would the entire Vedic method of equivalencies.

OM, like the raga/shruti, also provides the correct understanding of the origin of things, with the three stages of contraction (in the primordial vibration) leading to a Zero/fourth. So accurate, yet so unproductive in this science-maddened society that has lost all touch with its ancient wisdom.

Thus, the harmony of our solar system, and the Earth’s contribution to the composition, is the display of what lies beyond. Our solar system is unique because it faithfully transcribes in space the grand harmony that exists on the other side of materiality. And the contribution of the Earth is to offer the key through the December Solstice to the portal that can carry us to that beyond in full consciousness. Not to heaven or hell or extra-cosmos, but rather into the deepest dimension of our material reality. We are contracted to a ‘point’ in the deepest recesses of the soul where we experience the same 9, 6, 3 – or the Transcendent, Cosmic and Individual trinity. Only birth on Earth allows us to do so because the soul is the special quality of this third planet. We can make of our sojourn here an Underworld where the Dark Lord Pluto reigns; or we can, thanks to the supramental Truth-Consciousness, bring what lies in the core of ourselves to the surface and then to establish life on Earth according to those triadic principles of the New Way formula. The Avatar comes for this: to open the way by his birth and death and conscious re-birth for this foundational experience.

The Miracle of Oneness

I have finally seen something that I have been missing since the beginning – contraction and expansion are indeed simultaneous. This was a most accurate perception. But they are not happening here at the same time. Contraction is a property of the Zero, not the One. This I know. But my mistake, of sorts, has been a serious one. Contraction is on the other side; and it is constant. It is the cosmological constant Einstein finally disowned. He had the right perception, but since the laws of physics and mathematics break down in the singularity, he could not ‘prove’ the point. Indeed, he had always to deal with the Point. He could not ever conceive of the Zero. Therein unity holds – i.e., the Mathematics of Unity. There Number IS, whole and complete in itself. Physics, math as we know them cannot explain – much less prove – the elegant simplicity of that Unity. Whole numbers, as number-powers, alone ‘explain’ reality.

The Zero/Contraction is what holds the universe together. It is the binding force – the eternal all-pervading Centre. Without that there is no universe at all. And those number-powers encapsulate the Transcendent, the Cosmic, the Individual Soul. These are the triadic principles of all creation, of all created things. These principles through the 0/1 are at the root of our universal manifestation – and they are the components of the individual Soul, our vahana in this material creation of 9.

This is the magnificence of the 9 – the number-power of the Divine Mother as India has long understood…

Everything I have perceived and written since the beginning is true. But now, 36 years after the most important breakthrough of the Avatar’s descent, the final ingredient has come which has eluded me all along. Yes, Contraction and Expansion are indeed simultaneous. But I could not formulate accurately and completely how this simultaneity is experienced – factually – in the universe. Now it has come, 36 years after the first Seeing. It has come.

On this side we experience Expansion. It cannot be otherwise given Time’s ‘arrow’. But Contraction is ever present there always. It is not that it ceases at the threshold and Expansion takes over. Indian classical music expresses it perfectly: the Shruti never ceases. It upholds the expansion of Sound that arises from the Silence – silence to us because it is on the other side of our material threshold. Therefore, to our senses it appears as silence. But really it is Sound compacted – all sound in a seed. We have no faculty to ‘hear’ sound compacted. And this is the marvel and the beauty and the grace of a material manifestation. And more particularly of our Earthly evolution. Here, perhaps unique in the universe, we can SEE, and HEAR along with the Supreme. To see, to hear his own essence the Supreme requires a creation of the 9 – otherwise IT just IS, but IT cannot know this Is-ness. It is therefore impoverished, incomplete, diminished – unembellished.

Like the raga that compacted Sound experiences itself as embellishment, raga, melody. Therefore, there can be an infinite number of ragas because everything is contained in the Zero. That is why Nothingness is a falsehood, a distortion of the Absolute Reality. Only Fullness describes the true reality of our world.

This is a glorious day. Christians celebrate it as the death of the Son Crucified. They had not gone far enough. They have not seen the Son Victorious. Only India has…

It is curious how this tiny missing piece, just a more finely adjusted, focussed lens, can make all the difference in the world. Now perception is whole and sound – and indestructible.

Everything was correct all along: the One is that Fourth of the Solar Line where reversal takes place. Indeed – contraction and expansion, vertical to horizontal. It has all been true, been seen for the past 40 years; but this small element can make all the difference in the world. IT ALONE IS VICTORY – the Victory that ever IS.

Yes, the Becoming is the most blessed component of Reality because it allows the Absolute to see and to know his own essential Being. Therefore Being and Becoming too are simultaneous because it is that BEING that extends, and in the extension of Itself, knows and sees and experiences Itself. Hence Oneness is the very essence of the Absolute. Without it there is no Seeing or Knowing: the Absolute constantly dissolves into the stillness of Its eternity and infinity. But in our universe, on Earth, we can live the Absolute’s eternity and infinity in Time and Space which are the material expressions ON THIS SIDE of the Its Eternity and Infinity.

Einstein caught the tail of it, but the limitations of his discipline would not permit him to ‘cross the threshold’ to the other side. Indeed, that discipline broke down and he had to retreat, calling his cosmological constant the ‘biggest blunder of his life’. Whereas all he had to do was to plunge and discover the essential and complete nature of Reality. But he was trapped by the limitations of his discipline, trapped in the Becoming alone ignoring the oneness of Being and Becoming, of the 0 and the 9.

Today, April 6 we reach the bottom of the Core’s Pedestal [see The New Way, Vol. 2] – the point of the Return, of the reversal from the vertical of the descending Ray, and the horizontal Base of the Mother’s symbol. Truly the Inner Chamber holds all the secrets of the Future Realisation. And that ‘future’ today becomes the Present – if we but see.

This is the secret of Oneness. Indeed all is one – there and here. The separation exists only in our limitations, our divisiveness. We must see and live that Oneness. In that experience lies the key to salvation.

Thea’s 2011 Commentary on Auroville and the Rejection of the Mother’s Temple Vision A Commentary for students of the New Way

‘Auroville gropes in the dark, while those who have accepted her vision and used her original plan as a ‘philosopher’s stone’ to understand the nature of Supermind, rejoice in the wisdom that is continuously flowing from that Plan.’

a brief examination of the youth in Auroville
by Carissa Devine

by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet
31 July 2011

I have just read Carissa Devine’s research paper on the condition of Auroville. According to her paper she has put all hope for Auroville’s rescue in the youth. At the same time she holds that the young of Auroville are necessarily a product of the conditioning they receive from their parents and the older generation of Aurovilians. In her words, the youth of today lack those ‘precious blessings given by the Mother’ in the early days when the Mother was physically present. ‘…Without the Mother here to inspire directly, this responsibility is passed to the parents and the community itself’ (p.4).

This is, to put it bluntly, a clear case of the blind leading the blind. But the solution the author recommends is to respect the youth, to listen to it and to provide the right atmosphere and freedom to explore and perhaps to discover the role they will play in the establishment of a life Divine on Earth. Of course what is lacking entirely is the vision encapsulated in the Inner Chamber’s original plan for the Matrimandir. If that had been set in place, the Chamber of the Mother’s vision would have had the power to create the atmosphere that would have set in motion the means for the establishment of the right conditions in that field for the manifestation of exactly the gnostic essence of the Mother’s original plan/vision. More specifically, the Chamber of her vision is the supramental Gnosis upon which the new world must be built. It is the ‘seed’ out of which that world evolves. The proof lies in the continuous flow of Knowledge that has come out of the Chamber when, as I have done, it is made the foundation for the city-consciousness to find support and inspiration. One of its principal, proven attributes is a power to attract and repel elements seeking entry into its ‘system’. This is essential. It is not a human choosing but a Divine imposition.

The Mother created a new model of the universe in her original plan. It must be looked upon as a cosmos with the Chamber as its central Sun. When there is a ‘centre that holds’, in the reverse words of the poet, this cosmos comes into being. It is a complete system similar to our solar system; but centrally placed, like our physical Sun, is a core of Gnosis. This is its foundational harmony. And similar to a majestic tree that evolves from a tiny seed, so too the community that is drawn into this fledgling cosmos can only evolve into instruments capable of furthering the contents of the central Seed. It cannot be otherwise because these are the supramental Laws that govern the evolution of a gnostic community, based on the Supramental Vision which the Mother had the ability to draw down into our atmosphere by her superior ability to Measure – as Sri Aurobindo has explained of the Vedic Divine Maya.

Having stated the above, let us examine the situation in Auroville that has taken shape after the now-famous 18 days during which time, in early January of 1970, the Mother sought to defend her vision before the non-believers (see, The Matrimandir Talks). It was then that the Mother’s vision was rejected as the heart of the fledgling township. The current situation in Auroville is described in the researcher’s paper under discussion. However, the author does not have the keys to that Gnosis, as we find in the Mother’s original plan of the Chamber, which would cause her to analyse the situation differently. Her paper is based on sociological guidelines, coloured by her interpretation of how to allow the Mother’s inspiration of Auroville to take shape. But this is not the way of Gnosis – which indicates that all is perfectly as it should be in Auroville: there is a void at the township’s centre in lieu of a core of Fullness, a gnostic Plenum. And what we see in Auroville today is perfectly descriptive of that void, – the constructed inner room of the Matrimandir. There is no lie; all is perfectly as it should be. Nothing can take shape in Auroville that does not conform to the central Void.

On the other hand we have the three volumes of The New Way that reveal exactly what evolves from the gnostic Plenum. Once more, there is no lie. With the Mother’s vision in the core – very minutely described in the pedestal and globe of her original plan as presented in The New Way – only the supramental Gnosis can and must evolve, facilitated by the impeccable and compelling control of Mahakala.

This is the Age of Aquarius; it stands opposite to the Age of Leo in the zodiacal wheel. The latter saw the rise of the Great Pyramid and Sphinx at Giza. The construction of those monuments of a superior civilisation, may have been executed in a society established on a hierarchical structure. The sage would have given a plan and this would have been executed by instruments perhaps unaware of the higher meaning and essence contained in the plan. That was another Age; our times require a universal spread of the Knowledge. Returning to our subject, it would not have been sufficient for the residents of Auroville to have become engaged in an exercise identical to what was experienced in a former Age. This time the executors had to understand and accept the gnostic content of the Mother’s vision and plan. It was all perfectly arranged for this to come about; but unfortunately those executors – and the Auroville community as a whole – rejected that vision and replaced it with a simple architect’s interpretation based on his ego projections. This is what stands at the centre of the township. This is what the community consciously chose. That choice is reflected in the dark crystal on a see-through stand in the actual room, contrary to the Mother’s design: a translucent Globe on a geometrically perfect Pedestal.

I write that it was all perfectly planned by the Supramental Shakti to carry the construction of this ‘new model of the universe’ into the new Age in keeping with its universal character: conscious participation is the choice offered to those who wish to form that foundation for the new race of supramentalised beings. The first step should have been to construct that edifice based on the awareness of its supramental content. Therefore, pari passu with the construction, even before anything had been built, toward the end of her life the Mother poured forth the Inner Chamber’s supramental gnosis, all of which was placed before the residents of Auroville.

Not one vibrated to the Mother’s vision; not one fought for her plan to provide that gnostic Plenum at the heart of the project. The result is there for all to examine: Auroville gropes in the dark, while those who have accepted her vision and used her original plan as a ‘philosopher’s stone’ to understand the nature of Supermind, rejoice in the wisdom that is continuously flowing from that Plan. And to assure the right choice, the Third in the Solar Line was entrusted with the task of passing on the knowledge of the Mother’s plan before anything had been finalised in the construction. Lamentably, that Knowledge from the very beginning was rubbished by the community. The Third had no other task but this: to bring down and to formulate the gnostic content of the Mother’s plan so that it could be the Guide, the Guru for the community: not the Third herself, but the Chamber alone.

This was accomplished with meticulous care. The result is we have brought into the world, we have established on this Earth the ‘seed’ of that Gnostic Plenum. And from there the new world arises.

Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet
Director, Aeon Centre of Cosmology

Cosmology, Old and New Following its evolution from ancient times, in search of of keys for renewal and application today

The Great Divide

– Its purpose and implications for survival of the Veda



India is a good model to use if we want to follow a civilisational development from the beginning of at least recorded history to the present. For this purpose there is the abiding discipline of cosmology. The earliest recorded example of that discipline, or rather its product – a certain widespread level of awareness along the particular lines the record indicates – would be the Rig Veda. Few would be willing to accept that this early record of cosmic praises can be considered cosmology. But if we follow the unbroken line from that period to the present we easily note the relevance. And we are also able to understand the fundamental difference with our world as it moves in toto to its ‘brave new’ complexity.

 The important element that distinguishes the cosmology of the Vedic Age and our present scientific brand is the focus on the human element and the development of a superior consciousness central to the collection. The difference can also be evaluated by the simple fact that to the modern Indologist and historian the hymns are simply the emotional outpourings of primitive nature worshippers – pagans, as they are labelled in the religiously-influenced mind of monotheistic academicians and theologians. Only very few have detected anything deeper in the Veda. And yet the text, to one initiated into the same system it propagates, is our best example of what contemporary cosmology lacks. Scientific cosmology makes no mention of the element so central to that of the Vedic Age – the evolution of human consciousness in harmony with the cosmos and able to use its harmonies for self-perfection and the perfection of the entire civilisation it spawned – a society in which the ills of the modern world would appear to have been absent. As an example, the approach to Nature in those former times reveals a very different connection. The world was alive, a living being; the same awareness was extended to the entire solar system with each planet given an identity and imbibed with a consciousness. Indeed, the significant difference between then and now is that there was clearly in evidence a spirit of oneness, making the Earth and the surrounding cosmos a single being.

In our times this understanding has only come through certain mystical experiences to select individuals. It is an awareness that has been aggressively eliminated from our sciences, with the exception of certain trends somewhat outside of the mainstream such as the Gaia Hypothesis of James Lovelock in the 1960s. Given the thirst abroad upon the planet to find connectedness and purpose, it became a beacon for New Age and ecology groups throughout the world. But even the Gaia Paradigm, now considered a theory and no longer an hypothesis, does not incorporate a precise method to evolve a higher consciousness and a spirit of oneness which we find elaborated in the Veda, for indeed there are the guidelines of such a system in the ancient text.

The Rig Veda has preserved its yogic method of the evolution of consciousness for all times. But evolution cannot be fooled. The very fact that the verses are in the main incomprehensible, or have been poorly interpreted to support a largely fossilised ritualism rather than the deeper aim of self-perfection, confirms that the old cosmology had lost its bearings. Somewhere along the line the human component was eliminated, which had previously been the central objective of the process. Having deliberately secured that elimination the resultant scientific cosmology has brought the world to a critical crossroads. Science and technology have run amok with their successes. Almost every branch of learning and technology has carried us collectively to a dangerous crossroads without being able to ensure us that these remarkable discoveries will not carry us to a partial or complete annihilation of the human species.

This impasse would have been unthinkable in the Vedic Age precisely for the reason stated: the focus was on the human element and the development of all parts of consciousness-being in harmony with the cosmos. Perception of the binding integrality and oneness of creation is lacking today, though with every breakthrough science makes we are faced again with the disastrous effects such ignorance can cause to humanity. We could argue that being so ‘primitive’ and ‘technologically under-developed’ the inhabitants of the subcontinent had little choice but to concentrate on the only available laboratory for experimentation: the human component.

While that focus bore the desired results in producing a society in harmony with the cosmic surround, this was only part of Nature’s plan. As it turned out, this one-sided development of sorts while essential would not have served the evolutionary purpose as mapped out in cosmology itself. Our good fortune is to be living in the age of synthesis. To play out the cosmic Purpose there had to be a separation, a determining divide precisely in what has come to be known as the concerns of the spirit in contrast to those of material existence. Both had to go their separate ways and be left to their own resources for the destined synthesis to evolve. The question now is to examine those developments on either side of the divide. In the process we will uncover the way to that Synthesis.


The unravelling begins

Early in the Age of Pisces (234 BCE to 1926 CE), the definitive split between the way of the Spirit and that of Science became consolidated. It was also then that the Vedic Way began to suffer a decline. The effects of the parting of ways was harshly felt in the subcontinent in that gradually a corrosion set in with the loss of an emphasis on a cosmological system geared toward establishing a society of a higher model by first consolidating that superior level in the individual and collective consciousness. On the other hand, science on its own, bereft of  the control a higher consciousness can provide, veered off and gradually produced a global society demonstrating this failure in that its proclivities have carried us to the brink of annihilation. If we do not bring about our downfall through global warming and its consequences, we may well do so by the unstoppable stockpiling of lethal weapons of mass destruction. Regarding the latter, it is now generally accepted that it is just a question of time before something of that stockpile falls into the hands of extremists who are playing out their religious or ideological beliefs on the world stage. For instance, the arrival of religions offering salvation in an afterlife made it possible, when carried to an extreme, to convince vulnerable youth that martyrdom is the way to that salvation, the quickest and surest way. Thus armies are gathering, weapons are amassed to play out a final Judgement Day, but one that may be quite different from what is prophesied in our holy books.

Scholars often become victims of the parameters set around their respective disciplines; they tend to miss the forest for the trees. The true purpose of cosmology is to transcend those limitations. As a discipline it alone among all others is capable of revealing a consciousness of unity and oneness such as the ancient sages enjoyed and which will be the solution to our problems today. In this essay I will introduce a cosmology that calls up that ancient way but now brought fully into the context of our contemporary civilisation. This exercise will prove that in understanding the ‘logic’ of the cosmos the culprit at whose feet the divisive consciousness of our times can be laid is, in a word, otherworldliness, with its focus on an afterlife. But it is not only exclusivist Piscean-Age religions of the Middle East that have inculcated this belief in a redeeming Beyond; the subcontinent has been its victim as well. After the great divide all spirituality, with perhaps only few exceptions, took the same route away from an Earth-based realisation such as the Vedic Age had produced.  The only difference between this development and the occidental model based on that Piscean exclusivism is the continuity we find in India, extending to a former Age prior to the Piscean. Though the Veda is a closed book for thinkers today, it remains the bedrock of the evolution of consciousness and the many spiritual disciplines that have evolved over this period. Fortunately we can make use of this continuity to discuss the problem the great divide has caused in order to pinpoint that culpability and thereby to learn the manner in which it can be overcome.

To this end the cosmology bequeathed to us from the Vedic Age has to be updated. In so doing when we seek to apply the system today, not only will its inadequacies be revealed but also that the need for updating is upon us. None of the postulations of the Age of Pisces will adequately serve us in this process, precisely because of the otherworldly emphasis they all harbour. But in maintaining the thread of development intact, even if distorted, we find ourselves in a position to discover exactly how and when the degeneration set in and, above all, what its purpose has been. In the realm of spirituality just as in science it had become imperative to lose the original poise in order to encompass a wider base, global in fact; this would be provided by science set upon its own discoveries, thereby creating a new field where cosmology of the Vedic type could flourish in an unprecedented manner because science had paved the way.

The key lay in integrality. This was present in the Vedic Age as we will discover, but the scope or reach of the realisation was perforce limited to the subcontinent. Today cosmology must be integral and all-encompassing: it must cover the entire globe.


Universalism and wholeness

It would be unfair to lay the blame entirely on spirituality for our woes; the materialist consciousness out of which science arose plays its role in the conundrum as well. If this material life is all that matters and there is neither an afterlife nor future births to consider, then the control religions could hold over human beings is eliminated by dissolving the notion of sin, punishment and recompense. With that elimination, however, went a certain respect for our planetary base: science of the staunchly materialistic kind repeatedly demonstrates this disrespect, to the point that in an uncontrolled frenzy it has collaborated with the spiritual camp to bring us to the brink of extinction.

Based on a study of the development of cosmology from the Vedic Age to the present, we are able to note the limitations that brought about the need for the great divide; and also how processes are constantly evolving to prepare avenues of expression for the new dispensation so that the whole Earth can benefit and not just the subcontinent. This analysis will provide evidence to suggest that the cosmology of the Veda continues to be not only the bedrock of Indian spirituality but how the survival of the thread connecting today’s expressions to that bedrock in itself indicates the necessity for the planet to preserve and protect that continuity for the survival of not only the Veda but the species itself. In this exercise it will be interesting to note how these discoveries can be made simply by observing the degeneration that set in after the Vedic Age had passed, and the inadequacies of the old cosmology when analysed with a contemporary eye. These made it imperative for science to lend a helping hand by providing an Earth whose body itself had become whole in the last half of the second millennium; this perception of wholeness has been further consolidated by space travel and the image of an undivided borderless planet irrespective of the ills a divisive consciousness continues to generate, depriving human beings of that binding sense of Oneness which is our natural birthright.

We will attempt to follow the thread connecting us to those former times via one precise area: cosmology. Ervin Laszlo, whose thoughtful book, The Creative Cosmos,[1] makes the case for cosmology as the one discipline capable of expressing and answering the concerns of our contemporary world, writes on page 26,

‘…The next great paradigm shift in science will be by nature transdisciplinary – it will be a cosmological revolution in the classical sense in which cosmology has always been the science of the whole of reality (kosmos, after all, means ‘ordered whole’ in classical Greek).’




In this essay I intend to present just a few examples of the way a cosmology or a philosophy can escape fossilisation. In point of fact, it will become clear that only a culture, a civilisation rooted in the cosmic harmony can indeed escape the dogmatism that must perforce accompany a system without such an in-built mechanism. There are two aspects to note. One is that a certain stable constant exists which when discovered serves as an axis similar to those proper to every planetary and stellar object; indeed, proper to the centre of our galaxy and universes beyond. We could almost state that the Axis is the basic premise and truth of existence in a material creation. Without this ‘centre that holds’, there can be no formation of a cosmos; at least as we are able to discern from observation of our particular dimension.

An axis is the pole whereby that which is static becomes dynamic. It does so by involving certain cosmic ‘directions’. There are two such directions in our manifest universe, contraction and expansion. When we speak of ‘the other side’, we actually mean the intensified compaction of its essence, beyond the reach of our present mathematical aids, in an ever increasing drive as if in a descending movement. The borderline or threshold is the barrier beyond which that ‘drive’ cannot pass without, it would appear, disappearing into nothingness. But since our world is born of fullness, this never occurs. Fullness is thus the unalterable upholding quality or principle of our universe.

When this compacted essence meets or crosses that threshold, it turns back upon itself. The result is the emergence of a pulsating point born of this intense contraction in its self-generated drive. That threshold is the direction of expansion. Contraction and expansion wrap around each other, in a sense, and an axis is born. These conjoined directions stabilise each other everlastingly – a steady state as it were. Thus there is no material aspect involved, measureable with our current tools. Nor is it exactly an energy. The ‘substance’ of an axis is simply the marriage of two directions which can be described as contraction and expansion. The ancients did not rely on measuring devices to plumb the depths of Reality and its true nature, as we understand the term; they experienced the creative process in their innermost beings. The result is the record they left of those experiences, the Rig Veda. Naturally its hymns are incomprehensible today; they belong to another world, another time, another poise of consciousness.

The lived experience in the human consciousness of the conjoined directions is a new balance; that is, when the proper balance or harmonisation occurs an axis can emerge, be this macro- or micro-cosmic, the result of a cross-sectioning of these basic cosmic directions. The Rig Veda hymn, Nāsadīya Sūkta (RV X, 129), translated by Raimundo Panikkar as the Hymn of Origins, states in verse 5:


A crosswise line cut Being from Nonbeing.

What was described above it, what below?

Bearers of seed there were and mighty forces,

thrust from below and forward move above…

Who really knows? Who can presume to tell it?

Whence was it born? Whence issued this creation?

Even the Gods came after its emergence.

Then who can tell from whence it came to be?

And the Rishi concludes with these inimitable, profound words,

That out of which creation has arisen,

whether it held firm or it did not,

He who surveys it in the highest heaven,

He surely knows – or maybe He does not!


The origins of material existence in this view would not be a ‘big bang’ but rather the combined directions similar to the breathing mechanism with its own contraction and expansion, born of a primordial Pulsation (tapas) which lies at the root of all motion. However, we experience breath as a contiguous rise and fall. In the creation of a cosmos they are simultaneous. In the Rig Veda the axis that is formed of these intertwined ‘directions’ is known as Skambha, the cosmic Pillar, support of the worlds and the fulcrum of creation. Panikkar defines it in the Glossary to his book, The Vedic Experience, as ‘The cosmic pillar, understood to be the stable center of the universe (axis mundi) and its hidden support.’ (All India Books, 1977.)

Being creation’s ‘centre’ this axis or skambha supports movement, essential to all consolidated bodies in this universe whose essence is perforce movement. In point of fact, it would be the first stirrings within that original ‘something’ that ultimately creates an axis which in turn becomes the binding energy of that particular body. The ancients on the subcontinent called that first stirring OM – the primordial sound at the Origin and which reverberates endlessly in the great diversity that is the universal manifestation. Science calls it, or seeks to discover this secret ‘something’, by other names – the Big Bang for one. The two are hardly comparable, we must admit; OM creates or reproduces that stirring vibration every time it is sounded with the correct intonation and within the correct context. We can hardly expect ‘big bang’ to do the same!

Again we must not miss the forest for the trees. Whatever the origin the result is a constant unfolding or ‘becoming’ of that original Being of a compressed pulsation. Thus, Becoming is truly the grace we are granted to escape fossilisation, once we realise that we are only more and more complex displays of that original creative Sound.


Universal harmonies

It is possible to state that each consolidated body in our universe strikes a particular note in this immensity, and its axis obliges that body to mark out a certain tempo as in a musical composition. But all have their origin in OM – however we wish to call it. In other words, using the Becoming of that ‘sound’ we can not only find our way to Being but we can discover just what our ‘note’ might be in the grand scheme of things.

Encouraging the observing Eye to seek and dwell on the ‘first moment’, as science does, is to move farther and farther away from the means not only to discover that ‘note’ but to take our place in the cosmic design, fully conscious of what we are meant to contribute. Therefore the ancients in the subcontinent focussed on the method to bring the human being to the point where he or she could join the cosmic symphony in full awareness of its overall Harmony embracing both the vast and the small in a sublime experience of Oneness. They provided a background for the process which reproduced both Being and Becoming close at hand. They did not extend the eye of perception beyond their recognised ‘field’ so that a certain intense concentration (tapas) would come about that could provide each individual with the energy demanded to undertake the sacred ‘journey’, as it was known in the Vedic Age. The parameter for the process was our solar system. It was viewed as a single ‘family’, and as we are creatures born of the Sun’s third ‘offspring’ our experience of life in all its aspects must be coloured by our position within this family unit, as it were.

There is a certain temporal aspect to the issue: contemporary science uses evermore complex instruments to peer through the folds of space in the effort to reach that First Moment, that Big Bang and the beginning of Time. In other words, it is a penetration into the past. There is no other way for science to proceed because of the POISE it has adopted, – almost an obsession with the known, with what has been and will never more return. This is a positioning external to the fact. It might be argued that quantum physics proceeds in the opposite direction and hence into the minute present; but experience records that the phenomenon observed cannot be separated from the action of observation. While this indicates a certain desirable unity, it more likely indicates that this method of discovery is also inadequate; and though the timeframe is shortened to the extremes our observational techniques permit, simultaneous identification is withheld, the keystone of the Vedic experience.

Extension beyond is simply another manifestation of the belief in an Afterlife that religious adherents cling to in the expectation of salvation. The scientist of course does not dwell on the future, heavenly or otherwise, which to him and his kind cannot be known or proven. On the other hand, religions put all their cards only in the basket of that future condition, whose reality, if any at all, can only be speculated on and never proven as science demands. It must be believed. There is no factual proof of the existence of ‘heaven’ of whatever sort. It is a condition which can be known only by crossing the threshold of Death. And as we experience Death today, we cannot then consciously re-enter life to factually prove what that heaven might be and if it truly exists.  At the time of death the human being experiences the same contraction to a ‘point’ as described in the passage across the border of our material dimension. But our transitional stage of evolution makes the passage an experience of nothingness not Fullness, ergo …‘dust unto dust’.

Thus the unknown future blocks the aspirant’s path with only faith to sustain him through life’s tumultuous avenues of pain and suffering. The scientific method, on the other hand, would appear to be far more concrete and believable, because one is constantly dealing with the known, the accumulation of past experience, be this for the individual as in psychoanalysis, or for the theoretical physicist and scientific cosmologist who peers into space, carrying his perception deeper and deeper into the past and to that First ‘Bang’.

The Vedic practitioner, in contrast, does neither. Its initiate does not extend his perceiving eye into the past or into the beyond and the future. Moreover, and this is important to note, the only ‘telescope’ used for the purpose of discovery rather than an extension outward carries the aspirant deep within to that inner most point of the Soul. This reveals the different poise adopted – neither into the known past, nor beyond and into the unknowable future. The inner point is the temporal Present; it is attained through centering of the consciousness on the axis of being that comes through a perfect balance in time and space. In that innermost dimension the truths of the cosmos are unveiled through the lived experience, as the Rig Vedic Hymn of Origins reveals.



The stabilising Axis of Being

Being and Becoming are offered to us eternally, for as long as the solar system exists. The quality of Being is cosmically conveyed by the Stable Constant. It is the ecliptic upon which, within which the entire Family travels; and through the respective tilts and rotations of axes, our System creates its very own music of the spheres.

In our solar system the ecliptic ‘densifies’ the cosmic directions of contraction and expansion via the Solstices and Equinoxes. Within the 365 days of the year, at four points in our annual circumambulation of the Sun, this same function is carried out to become ingrained in the constitution of all things born on planet Earth.

As creatures of planet Earth, it appears that we alone in the Family are provided with a special device whereby we can not only ‘hear’ that music but we can become conscious of our role and contribution to the Harmony. If we observe our solar system within the parameters laid out above, the Axis stands out among all other aspects of the System as a determining factor; yet so little is known of its own origin and the cause for its emergence at a given time and place. The purpose of this essay is not so much to uncover the origins of an axis but how a deeper understanding of the special assembly of axes in our solar system can help us fulfil the destiny of the Earth.

In the Vedic Age the axial function was understood in depth. The hymns of the Rig Veda are testimony to the fact that the solar system with its rhythms and harmonies was a living being and all its planets and living creatures were expressions of that particular ‘note’ the System contributes to the total Reality. While the ecliptic stable constant exists for the entire universe, it is the abiding truth of all its individual components. In our solar system the ecliptic stable constant is the eternal pathway of the planets around the solar Paterfamilias, whose own axis is truly the pole of our existence, the ultimate ‘centre that holds’ the Family together. For the ancient Rishis fulfilment was clearly connected to understanding the cosmic harmony and discovering a method whereby not only would that understanding come but the aspirant undertaking that special journey would discover the internal axis and thereby his or her place within the whole, commonly known as one’s inner truth (swadharma) and destiny. It was never a question of disengaging from the Harmony but rather to become evermore conscious of its ‘sounds’; and in the process the individual note each soul contributes to the symphony in praise of the Sun.

Regarding the Axis, macro- or micro-cosmic, we must take note of the fact that its origin is largely unknown because the axis is our link to the beyond – that is, beyond science’s singularity. When in the new cosmology we refer to compaction of the trinity in the Zero, expressed in Number as 9, 6, 3, and from that Zero the first point of space emerges, or in the number 1, we are actually describing the origin of the axis. It would be a further densification of OM. There are the three dimensions of Time whose fourth dimension is the first point of Space. It could also be said that Time’s fourth dimension is precisely the point of the origin of the Axis. These three dimensions of Time are properties of the side beyond the singularity of material science. Naturally they cannot be examined because, as we know, the laws of scientific cosmology break down at that threshold. The cosmologist stands before a closed door. Thus, however much he pushes his probing into the depths of the past, he will always crash up against this tightly-sealed door. Access is barred because his poise of consciousness is not a harmonious balance of time and space, or contraction and expansion. It is that balance produced by alignment born of centering which offers the possibility of access to that dimension on the other side of the Zero. Out of that Zero comes the Point; its pulsations (tapas) ultimately create an axis: Skambha of the Veda which in turn is personified as Agni, navel of the world, the Son of Force, and the primordial Fire.


The Contingency Plan

I have laid emphasis on the disease of Otherworldliness, which we have inherited from the Age of Pisces with its clear evidence of the Great Divide, because it demonstrates what the result must be when we reject our place in this material universe in favour of an unprovable Beyond disconnected from our solar system and its harmonies. The critical crossroad we have reached is only because we stand on the edge of the Divide and we must make a choice. That choice is not of one side or the other of the divide, i.e., spirit or matter. It is the greater harmony of Synthesis that must be the choice if we are to continue on this journey as a global society. To reach that synthesis we have to accept our destiny and place in the cosmic manifestation and cease fleeing from the ‘land of our birth’.

That land is our solar system. The ancients understood this by universalising their consciousness to the point where they experienced the whole world as their abode, kutumbhakam vasu….  Naturally today’s Indologists, historians and pundits cannot understand the records they have left of that vastness and wideness of consciousness because their approach is one of an a priori rejection, even in the best of cases. The key to unlock the door to the worldview they enjoyed is to retrace our steps and seek to recapture their acceptance of the cosmos as the only path to integral self-perfection, and thereby to the establishment of a society, now global, that can express the harmonies of the System and so to eliminate the cacophony we now know and attempt to prolong, though we all realise its death is near at hand.

Indeed, as I have written, evolution is not to be fooled. Therefore, the decline in consciousness and the poise of rejection had to have been a carefully crafted part of the universal Becoming of Being like everything else. The experience of Oneness makes this obvious. The Divide would necessarily bring quake-like disturbances: cacophony would be the result. But to help the evolving species survive the tumultuous breakdown, an escape route was devised. This was the focus of all religions and yogic systems of the Age of Pisces when the global disruption was destined to begin. It is often stated that religions are the major cause of discord in the world, incongruous as this would seem. But if we understand that they were part of a merciful ‘contingency plan’, we understand how this incongruence can be true. Buddhism is an example. It had to be a mahatma of the Buddha’s calibre, with his immeasurable depth of compassion, to introduce the reversed direction away from life and not flowing with it. Proponents of Buddhism may argue that it seeks to do just the contrary, to join the flow, as Zen Buddhism in particular encourages. The truth be told, there is only one vehicle available to the human being to ‘join the flow’. That vehicle is the Soul, and Buddhism disregards its place and purpose in the scheme of things.

This was a deliberate act because the Buddha’s only concern was to free human beings from suffering, from entrapment on the wheel of endlessly generated samskaras. Given the unavoidable breakdown after the Vedic Age, the method or contingency plan, which would carry evolution through the most dangerous period of its trajectory somewhat in tact until the arrival of better times, would be to preach the illusion of that suffering itself. It was unreal, or only as real as the subject’s poise of consciousness would allow. With the loss of the true and full Harmony and given the breakdown with its attending diminished awareness, those seeds of undermining were easily planted. They have been flourishing ever since.

The soul is precisely the element that can harmonise Being and Becoming in the individual. It is the compact essence of the Transcendent and Cosmic powers/principles as they become embedded in our universe and in particular in the consciousness of the highest species on planet Earth. The compacted Transcendent is born as the Immanent in each individual consciousness. But it stands that a world where Death is lord and master with the consequent suffering this lordship entails, the soul, the Earth’s very own contribution to the universal harmony of an integral truth, had to be rejected. This rejection continues into the present and can be identified as the root of the destruction of our habitat itself. Rather than free ourselves of suffering by this denial, we have become more solidly entrapped in this diminished state where Death is the sole master.

We must realise that the breakdown the Divide caused is not external to the whole; therefore, it too must ‘make sense’, as indeed it does. But the contingency plan is also part of the whole and its very existence points to the ultimate solution.

When the ecliptic is the foundation, the stable constant of our existence, the ups and downs of the evolution of consciousness can be understood as the increase and ebb tides of destiny. One follows the other, even as the Earth dips and rises below and above the plane of the ecliptic, similar to ocean tides. But plateaus are reached from time to time in the ascent of consciousness. The ‘downs’ are experienced from ever higher levels as we scale the evolutionary mountain. At this stage in our journey we are almost at the summit, the mountain’s apex from where a steady state can be attained: from truth to greater truth.

Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet

Director, Aeon Centre of Cosmology

17 November 2009 

© Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet 2009



[1] Floris Books, 1993.