The Miracle of Oneness 6

I had done so much, realised so much, but only now do I understand how little I knew. Without understanding essentiality and where it lies, how could I have had accuracy? Hanneke wrote to me this morning, quoting something I had written about Omanisol in a paper in 2011, ‘Visions Unrealised’ (how apt the title!). I had already seen that Omanisol was that ‘essentiality of being’. Clearly the ladder connecting her to the Time-Spirit was absolutely accurate because that essentiality is indeed the product of Time; or rather, it uses time as its tool for deployment.1

The deductions I had made, the conclusions, the explanations were all intuitively correct; but now it is the Knowledge, the correct deductions based on higher knowledge and the accuracy of Supermind that can put each thing in its place. It is only then that a repetition of the realisation is possible in some form or another.

Now I understand why filling the Void, centering, can place us in another dimension though still here. We do occupy this space along with everything else, but centering of the New Way creates a shift in time properties. That is, it is Time that gives rise to space in the extension of Itself. But when we are compressed to a Point in that extension, we connect with the Source of our world. That is where the Point finds its being. That is the realm of Sat, Being. With that, and only that, Being and Becoming are explained as simultaneous because in this expansion of Time we carry Being as upholder (0-1) with us and we are governed by ITS laws. This means that indeed we do not ‘exist’ for the old creation (of mortality). We are here, but not here.

I have known this from 1983. I have proven it in various situations, namely the attacks like at Brooklyne in August of 1983, just months after centering and ‘filling the Void’. Even without this latest, I knew exactly how that realisation would operate, how it would put one in another dimension, but occupying the same space. I understood the mechanism, this question of being here but not occupying the same ‘space’ as others who had not ‘filled the Void’. I ‘lived’ it deeply on 24 February 1992 – 9 years after the realisation when the attack was serious, physically life threatening: it was a matter of survival. My very life depended on being governed by other ‘laws’ and therefore in a different ‘space’.

What is clear is that this connection is described in TMC in Chapter 10 (see footnote). And in the Gnostic Circle it is in Capricorn after compression to a Point by the speed of consciousness of Sagittarius. This centering is what opens the portal to that ‘other side’ – or in the Gnostic Circle it is the final quarter of the circle. Indeed, it is had always been known as heaven, or something, somewhere DISCONNECTED from our space (and time) because truly it is. The golden globes the children receive (from the TIME-Spirit, it is to be noted) stand for the Core as it would be for any cosmic body. When compression and centering have occurred, the Void is filled by drawing the Point from the plane of essentiality – plugging up the hole, as it were. Thus is the Core born. And only then can immortality be attained.

During the attacks I knew that I was operating under different laws – the rules of the game were different for me precisely because there was no Void any longer at the centre of my universe. My attackers could not reach me because I was not THERE, in that same space as they – here but elsewhere for all practical purposes. Everything appears the same and yet is different.2 It is this mechanism that allowed Carlos Castaneda to jump into the abyss without danger. When his assemblage ‘point’ had been shifted, his world shifted as well. I lived the experience pointedly, poignantly on 24.2.1992, when it mattered most. Then it too was a life or death experience.

However, to be borne in mind is that the Solar Line descends into this material creation of 9 vertically. The rest, as described in the Mother’s chamber, ascend and enter through the horizontal, from below. We descend vertically into the Globe by the power of Time directly. Therefore, when we have these experiences and realisations, they are imprinted through the Ray (the year) into the matrix.


My realisation of 1983 I knew was a before and after – nothing would be the same again. In that ennead I ‘constructed’ the chamber, piece by piece; again by the power of Time – each year adding another element of the design. In 1983 (=3) I placed the Globe in position at the perfect centre. It was the hardest task of my yogic life. But everything changed then. From that realisation I knew that though I stood completely alone, the Work could not fail. Time would propel it forward. A unitary world had been born or set on its way to expansion by the laws of a new Time. Very shortly after this the binary world of the two superpowers collapsed in an unexpected and sudden ‘velvet revolution’; and everything since then has been the gradual evolutionary, organic growth of a new world governed by different laws from the old, a world in ceaseless contact with the Source and therefore always ‘full’, ever replenished. The old mortal creation consumes itself through the collapse of energies into the Void at its heart. When it reaches the reversal point, growth turns into the process of decay. Thereafter, it is just a question of time…


The process ‘beneath’ ground level rose above from 1998. The foundation stones (Gnosis) had been successfully laid in the trenches Sri Aurobindo and the Mother had earlier dug while they laboured through the mire of the Ages amidst the negation of the old creation. For if this was to be truly a NEW world and not the old simply transforming itself, as the Mother stated, then those trenches as well had to be new, of very special and exact ‘dimensions’. Also HERE, but not here. The foundation blocks (of the New Way) were placed therein between 1971 and 1998. Thereafter, coinciding with the onset of the third millennium, this new edifice (world) began to rise above ground, made especially evident in the first 3-power year after 1998, 2001. Each year that passes offers more solidity to that structure (of the new world). It is INDESTRUCTIBLE simply because it does not occupy the same space as the old, given that its ‘space’ arises from the new Time; therefore, it has to be different. The new aphorism is that Time creates its own space for extension of Itself. Time pushes space forward, ever expanding the seed of Itself, deploying It through universal corridors ceaselessly. Therefore, to change anything here, on this side, we have to connect with that ‘Omanisol’, immobile on the mountain peak. She, as TMC explains, offers impeccable protection because of the laws of her Being which create their own ‘space’. Truly, The Magical Carousel holds all the secrets of the new way, the new realisation, the birth and development of the new world, in perhaps the most exact and astonishing prophecy ever encapsulated in Myth.

Thus it is said that Supermind creates its own conditions for its manifestation – and is its own protection from within.

Because we ‘descend’ (vertically) down the Ray, we are carriers of the seeds of Time, the new Seeds. Therefore the space we create and occupy is also new, where the seeds will sprout and grow into infinity and for all eternity.

1  ‘Therefore, who is Omanisol?  Of course we can say it is the Mother. Yes, that is true. We have Sri Aurobindo as the Time-Spirit and the ladder links to them both. But Omanisol is more than an individual incarnation: she represents a state of being. And that state is best described as Immobility amidst the Mobile (the tornado). Visions Unrealised, 10.9.2011.
2 The ‘practical’ aspect is that the play of circumstances operates differently when centering is done. One stands at the centre of a different world and the circumstances then MUST serve the purposes of the One, the Centre. Therefore, when my most ferocious attacker came at me with his club, ready to strike in a furious rage, before reaching me (completely immobile amidst the mobile – this was essential) ‘something’ intervened and drew his attention elsewhere at the very moment he would have struck me. It was so clear: something intervened. We might call this luck, the Divine intervention, etc., but the explanation is far more ‘scientific’ – but science of the New Way cosmology.

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