The Miracle of Oneness 3

I understand the difference between this side and the ‘other’ and why Number is used differently here and there. In the ‘other’ the issue is essentiality of Being. Therefore whole numbers are used as the Measure and the method used is the Mathematics of Unity. We apply the same system on this side by reducing sums to their ‘seed digits’ in order to arrive at their essentiality. It is the way we connect to ‘the other side’, or the realm of Essence and essentiality of Being.

The proof of the accuracy of the system on this side is reached through application of the Formula, 9/6/3/0-1. This is done initially by following a series of births equalling those essential Numbers. The avataric emanations of Vishnu take birth according to that harmony because they serve as the Bridge to ‘the other side’. Without their births we have no non-speculative proof of that essentiality or the bridge linking Essence and Form of this material universe. Nor can those essential ‘tones’ be imprinted in our matrix of evolution.

The number system universally used is superbly suited to bringing the highest truth within the easy grasp of humanity. The Zero is of course the prime innovation. When that was ‘seen’ (in India) the seed was planted and the manifestation of Supermind was inevitable. The Zero, like the Shruti, holds the key.

On the ‘other side’ ‘whole tones’ describe accurately the Essence which is carried over to this side in the manifestation of the universe. There is really no separation between the two – essence or essentiality and form, or a creation in matter. We ‘see’ only the latter. The Sage ‘sees’ essence as originator, and then upholder of Form without division.

So, to discover essential Being in this material creation we reduce sums to their seed digits. That tells us the Note that resonates through the object or person. But the single-most important aspect of the New Way is the Solar (and Lunar) Line. This is how we prove that this harmony, the magnificence of the Formula, originates on the other side. Without the existence of the Lines, falling in the structure of the Formula, or striking these whole Tones on this side, in this expansion of that essential Being, there could be no empirical proof of the accuracy of the new cosmology. We do not require complicated mathematics to understand. We ‘see in understanding’ because we realise the function of the Vishnu Avatars and their periodic appearances to be that proof. With that key alone the proof is presented. Supermind not only creates the condition for its manifestation, it provides its own proof of accuracy through the simple understanding of the oneness of 0 and 9.

We ‘see’ the Zero as the womb of essentiality of Being. We ‘see’ that very same essentiality extended in the material universe from that Zero via the reversal that carries the vertical into and through the horizontal; and by this shift or reversal the Absolute engenders the material universe out of his own Being. We ‘see’ the Zero as rest, the 9 as motion – but rest born of compaction, and motion born of that compaction, not the sterility of statics. We ‘see’ both directions as simultaneous features of our universal manifestation – one without the other is separative and delusional and the cause of all our woes: the Void, Nothingness, static Peace all describe incomplete perceptions which, when the Truth-Consciousness is unveiled, when the lid covering the Sun is finally removed, constitute the very epitome of Falsehood. They prolong the reign of the Ignorance and subjugation to the Lord of Death.

That India lies at the centre of the Age of Supermind cannot be doubted. Her role was revealed when the Rishi first ‘saw’ the Zero. With that Fullness was ‘seen’ as the womb of creation. The reign of the Void had come to an end in the flash of that Seeing. For the rest the 9, or the power of Time, gestated that new Supramental Creation whose birth then occurred in this 9th Manifestation.

The entire saga is explained through the analogy of music: over there the 9 notes exist as whole Tones, in that essentiality they are like pulsations – indeed, the pulsations of the Sun, 9 in our 24-hour day, one pulsation each 2 hours and 40 minutes. The Sun carries this harmonic pulsation into and through its planetary family. But only the Earth, third in the system, is equipped with a mechanism that renders the tones/pulsations sounded on the other side audible, measureable here. After the reversal, because of movement harmonies are made possible based on the essential 9 tones. The Zero never ceases to be the upholding Womb – as even as its tones/pulsations expand in space in a ceaseless display of Harmony. Thus harmony is the property of the Third Principle. It is the contribution of the Third in the Line.

Only in the classical music of India of the Carnatic tradition do we find the most faithful expression of the Supreme Truth. Only in Carnatic music of India can we ‘hear’ the oneness of Essence and Form.

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