The Miracle of Oneness 8

‘We have then an identical apex atop the pyramid of Sri Aurobindo’s symbol proportionate to the one at Giza when the Great Pyramid fulfilled its function involving space. In the Mother’s chamber time is the issue, because of which consciousness is central. With time we are dealing with the other side, as it were, before the event horizon, pre-‘big bang’ or whatever, pre-space, or before compacted, compressed Time gave birth to the One, or the point of space. In Egypt the principle or the cosmic direction in operation was expansion, proper to space. In the Mother’s plan the direction is contraction, proper to time. Contraction in turn is necessarily linked to gravity. Perhaps for this reason secular science has not cracked the gravity conundrum as yet and cosmologists pin their hopes on discovering the theory that unifies everything for a breakthrough in precisely the question of gravity’s function. Hence the discovery of the exact mass in the universe is a burning question. Indeed, we are so much in the thickest darkness that in spite of our dazzling technology and mental prowess in mathematics, 96% of that mass is unknown, unaccounted for, and is thus called ‘dark matter’. It is out of the reach of our instruments of measure.
‘Indeed, the answers are beyond our reach because they lie ‘on the other side’. Not transcendental somehow, disconnected from the immanence of the time and space we know, but an involved transcendence yet ever ‘dark’ because this question of the three dimensions of compressed time (9/6/3) giving birth to the One through the compact 0 of fullness (0-1) is ignored. For this reason the Supramental Solar Line descends into Earth time – to imprint that code in the heart of material creation as a functioning, living and determining principle ever after. This is the foundation of the new creation, this simple equation: 9/6/3/0-1.’

The question of mass and alignment
‘The pre-Pharaonic Egyptians understood the question of mass. The Great Pyramid provides the proof. Science has not addressed this aspect of the colossus yet, mainly because it still refuses to accept that its builders possessed a science and technology far beyond ours. It is impossible, they sustain, and therefore they refuse to look at it, in spite of the ground reality.
‘The answer we seek in the Great Pyramid lies in its mass which involves the most baffling aspect of the structure: the size and positioning of the massive stones that tightly and accurately constitute this mass. But there is more, and this involves alignment and the core, which in turn are provided by shafts of great precision traversing the Pyramid, and the chambers at specific locations and of specific dimensions. . . .’

This quote from Chronicles of the Inner Chamber reveals how accurate perceptions were at the time, almost 9 years ago. But there was that telling piece missing, the same as it has been missing for scientists – this question of gravity, its origin and function which then allow it to be integrated. How fascinating that in my work it was also gravity/contraction that was holding out. However, this is Supermind in action, unlike with contemporary Science. Thus, this perception of gravity/contraction is withheld as a part of a controlled process of unveiling. That missing piece is unfolded in a natural organic order – and it is always there as part of the process but withheld or veiled. The veil is lifted when the time comes for its integration to make greater sense. Supermind moves from truth to greater truth. Therefore, unlike in Science, when gravity/contraction is unveiled as it is, there is no contradiction, no need to discard the perceptions so far: it is just another layer of petals that open making the rose that much more beautiful.

Gravity would necessarily be the problem because it resides on the other side. Without that connection this particular force eludes integration – as it had done for me and for physicists and scientific cosmologists. But simultaneity holds the key. I always held the perception to be true that contraction and expansion were simultaneous; but only now does it all fit into place, with contraction/gravity being the very element that can effectively ‘put each thing in its place’. This is the primary function of Mahasaraswati, the reigning Goddess of our 9th Manifestation.


All along I have been asking the scientific sceptic to explain how a series of births could unfold according to the Supramental Formula as in the Lunar and Solar Lines. None have taken up the challenge because their only conclusion would have to be to label the phenomena ‘coincidental’. This might have been true if it were just two or three such ‘coincidences’ – but over a dozen? Moreover on page after page of The New Way these coincidences are revealed. Each one goes to strengthen the original premise: the link to the other side of the event horizon or beyond the singularity. Therefore, in this simple manner, which requires no complicated math, the proof of Supermind’s controlling power is made evident.

I have also seen a decided coherency in this string of ‘coincidences’ on page after page of The New Way. These births with their respective dates and timings have furnished, if not proof at least confirmation of certain features of the new cosmology which are overlooked in other disciplines; and they all tend to highlight the role of the Earth in the cosmic harmony and how all measuring must be done from this third planet of the System.

The number of years in one round of the Precession of the Equinoxes is another case in point. They are 25,920. As noted in TNW2, each member of the fourfold Solar Line fills this 25920 ‘formula’ by the reduction of their birthdates to their seed digits thus: the Mother – 2; Sri Aurobindo – 5. These are then separated by the thousand mark to then continue with the third in the Line, Thea – 9; and the Fourth – 2. But what is overlooked when researchers employ the Precession with regard to ancient monuments in archaeo-astronomy for instance, is that the Precession is established by the slow gyration of the Earth’s equinoctial plane. They search in the beyond, thousands of light years away for the answers they seek, and become lost in that great womb of the past. They tend to view the constellations as the origin of the phenomenon, or at least as the ‘face’ of the cosmic clock wherein we measure the flow of the astrological ages.

Similar to the equal divisions of the Nakshatras, the sphere within which the equinoctial plane is tracing a circle in 25,920 years is simply the circle divided into 12 parts, the same way we divide the ecliptic plane. The actual constellations, each of greatly varying dimensions, play no role in the exercise. It is possible that a particular star in the constellation serves as a pointer or marker and can therefore provide a clue to the Age when, for example, the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid were built; but those physical constellations play no further role. The astrological ages (and the 12 Manifestations in a larger application) are simply equal divisions of 30 degrees each of the circle of the heavens circumscribing the Earth. That is, the heavens seen and measured from our planet. Again I must repeat, all measuring is done from the Earth.

In this exercise the mystery of the precise unfolding of the Ages cannot be solved as Nirayana Astrology seeks to do by trying to pinpoint a starting point in this circle with no beginning or end, properly speaking. The age-old mystery of mysteries is how to locate that Zero Point, because without it the heavens are devoid of meaning and can be all things to all men. After all, there are no equinoxes or solstices ‘out there’. Thus, the Earth, based on these Cardinal Points, can provide the accuracy that would be otherwise lacking.

The mystery is solved by sruti, hearing the sacred Word, or revelation. And this date is then confirmed by the Vishnu Avatar who takes birth precisely so that its timing will confirm the sruti scientifically, as it were. With the descent of the Avatars only every 6480 years, once in each quarter of the Precessional Round, that is when the cosmic clock can be re-set. Again we see that the birthdate, in this case of the Vishnu Avatar, holds the key to accuracy.

This re-setting has been done in our times through the birthdates of the members of the Solar Line which serve as ‘hands’ of the cosmic clock. But the Avatar is denied his birthright in the very land that treasures the legend of the Dasavataras. Therefore, Hindus cannot move along with the Time-Spirit and consciously assist in the transformative work of the Avatar. Their ‘clock’ is off by 23 days. According to the measure provided by the Precession, that would be 72 years per degree/day – a total of 2160 minus1656 years before the new Age will dawn for Hindus. It is so true that a prophet is never recognised in the land of his birth.


Thus a string of birthdates is the only formula required to prove the reality of the ‘other side’ with its determining power. Our physical universe is simply the extension of the essentiality of Being in this act of Becoming when the threshold is crossed. Space is the servant of Being, the fourth dimension of Time. However, there must be a truth-essence by which we can verify the process as one of truth-consciousness. This is provided by the 9th Avatar himself when he enshrined the sacred Formula at the heart of his own symbol: 9/6/3. It was then demanded of him that he continue the process through to its logical conclusion by becoming the Immanent of his transcendent Self as the 9 in the Formula. And thus, by his own birth and death and rebirth – in a continued line in time, from that side to this and back again to then be be re-born and thus to cement the highest truth of all times in the evolutionary blueprint: the complete formulation of Transcen-dence to Immanence, or 0 to 1. After his triumphant return the Formula stands completed: 9/6/3/0-1.
In the view of Plato creation is nothing other than God ‘geometrising’. In the vision of the New Way, his perception is given a practical application which was lacking in ancient Greece. He would not have been able to draw his vision out of the realm of philosophy. Therefore we refer to this as an applied cosmology.

With the final piece added to the formulation it becomes possible to appreciate Plato’s vision in greater depth because we perceive both sides of the divide – spatial deployment where geometry is the tool, and then into essential Being when Time alone is seen as the first cause, if you will. This in the New Way becomes subject to the measurement of the Geometry of Time, a formulation unknown in the ages prior to the manifestation of Supermind. God, in this New Way does indeed geometrise; but first and foremost with Time. When the threshold is crossed to materiality, spatial geometry can evolve; but for the New Way it is still the Geometry of Time that authenticates and concretises what lies on the other side. The key to this transcription – subtle to physical – is Harmony, the very character of a creation in matter, a creation of 9. That is, the full scale or all Tones enter into the play of the Many on this side of the divide. The difference between the Age of Supermind and former times is found in the number system utilised for measuring. In Greece, as in Egypt, Mesopotamia and elsewhere in the old world, the scale went from the number 1 to 10. This is made evident in the system Pythagoras introduced which was the basis for all formulation then. The symbol he devised to convey this scale was the Tetraktys, a triangle consisting of 10 dots. As I pointed out elsewhere, there was no place for the Zero in his system; that means there was no place for what the Zero implies: the essential upholder of the material creation is Time, and hence the passage from spatial to temporal geometry as a measuring tool.

To be able to incorporate the Zero we have to see the scale as India has done – 0 to 9, no longer issuing from 1. Only with that perception can we bridge subtle and physical. The 0 holds the 9 but as triads – this is important to note because then the persistence of the Trinity in all philosophies and the theologies of numerous religions is understood. As the physicist-chemist Dr Peter Plichta, understood, the triadic pattern is expressed throughout our material universe, from macro- to microcosm.1 But Plichta was not bold enough to carry his perception into the subtle plane of the Zero. He too, it seems, was bound by the limitations science imposes.

Our universe, being the extension of the Zero’s compaction, can only extend what is in the Zero-Seed. Therefore, its harmony must be perceivable with the same coherency we find through-out the new cosmology. The latest veil that has been lifted can allow for deeper dimensions of the Zero – and indeed of the entire scale – to express itself according to the supramental formula and its laws. It becomes applicable when we see the scale played out in our solar system (macrocosm). In that perception the 0 is the Sun (logically) and the planets are the 9 Tones that owe their being to the Zero-Sun. We wish to confirm the carry-over from the plane of essentiality as a projection of the 0 to 9 scale; moreover, it is not just a theory or an abstraction as it was for Plato, relying only on a subjective perception or realisation. This essentiality has to be perceived by all and measurable in a simple manner open to all.

Materialisation of the scale reaches the point where it passes beyond theory with the descent of Vishnu’s Avatar – precisely the 9th to complete the scale.

In the new cosmology the Zero is the Sun of our solar system. Therefore, when it is called into play we realise that we are interacting with what the Rishis called Swar – not heaven but simply the solar world. I have discussed this solar essence when analysing the number harmonies of the Solar Line. I explained that being of the essence of the Sun or having descended (vertically) into this material universe from the solar world, this essentiality would be reflected in their very births, via their date of entry as a whole triadic unit, the essence of 9 playing itself out here in the form of a harmony of 3, 6, 9. But being from the solar world it is only the year – the property of the Sun – that is required to transcribe the essence of the solar world into the material extension of itself; always on the basis of 9 and its triadic harmony. Thus the three years in question, in a descending order, are Sri Aurobindo, 1872=9; the Mother, 1878=6; and Thea, 1938=3. Their full birth digits are also used as I explained in The Miracle of Oneness 7, but the imprinting demanded in this descent from the solar world is attained when the years alone are counted – solar in essence, being of the Zero.

The Lunar Line, on the other hand, was not a descent from the solar world of Swar. Therefore the full digits of their births were required – day, month and year – because the Moon is like a relay station. It does not orbit the Sun directly as our planet does; its orbit of the Earth serves her purposes primarily. The Earth receives the Moon’s input as if from a relay station (reflected light) and places that at the service of the One in the form of the Zero-Sun which she orbits to map out the year.

This is the manner in which the Zero-Seed triadic harmonics become expressed in our universe. And for this reason our universe displays such an exquisite harmony, which science cannot explain and which theologians seek to explain as the work of God. However, that ‘work’ is far more ‘scientific’ and materially measureable than any religion cares to acknowledge. But it is its own science, the understanding of which cannot be grasped through scrutiny of contem-porary science and an attempt made to use the new cosmology to validate the former. It is the other way around. Sense is made of science’s limitations by the new cosmology first and foremost. One cannot reach truths of the solar world through contemporary science because of its imperfections and serious limitations. It ignores essentiality entirely which is the foundation of our material universe that it seeks to understand. To attempt to do so carries one deeper and deeper into the labyrinth of chaos.

1 God’s Secret Formula, deciphering the riddle of the universe and the prime number code, Element Books. 1997.

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