The Miracle of Oneness 4

We always marvel at the perfect harmony of our solar system, particularly displayed in the phenomenon of eclipses. But we must always remember that the 9 functions there as well – the cycle revolves around 18 (9). The spatial phenomenon simply displays the harmony of Time once again, from the other side – whole Tones transcribed here.

The exquisite harmony of our universe has no non-speculative explanation. We invoke ‘God’ to settle the matter – which explains nothing. It is all far more ‘material’. We must only refocus our lens to carry us into essentials and not take refuge in speculations and abstractions.

The universe is what it is because the creative upholding Womb is what it is. Therefore our solar system, for example, can only carry that essentiality into the extension of Itself in space. When we stand in awe of the harmonies that surround us, we are standing in awe of the face of God. The materialist, the spiritualist and religious dogmatic, will argue the issue for ever – and the twain will never meet. Both are right, yet both are wrong. They have not gone deep enough. The cosmologist believes that in the depths of space he will find the answer. Thus, he penetrates ever deeper into the past – moving thereby farther and farther away from that portal (in the present) through which he can gain entry to the secret chamber of his own soul, his very own laboratory, and touch the essence of Harmony.

Of course the upholder of Intelligent Design must sustain that only a God-like intelligence could create the perfection we see about us. Out of that equivalence, however, he must exclude the human being because his imperfections are anything but Godly.

It is all far more ‘mechanical’: whole tones of contraction – the contraction of the original triadic building blocks of creation – BECOME the universe. Holding within that compacted Seed the essence of Harmony, when expansion takes over only that triadic harmony can become the material universe.

There is no division – cut and dry. There is only reversal of the 0 to 1, which is the fourth principle of Integration. Indeed, without that 0 to 1 there is no universe, nothing binding and integrating.

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